Gods Eater Burst Sees Its Final DLC Update In Japan

By Laura . June 12, 2011 . 12:01pm

After a flurry of DLC being released for Gods Eater Burst, the official blog has announced that the latest DLC, ver. 1.5, will be the final batch of content released for the game in Japan. This update includes two new costumes, new Aragami, and new challenge missions. 


There is one addition to the wardrobes of each gender. Both costumes are collaborations with anime franchises. The one for guys comes from the Japanese anime store, Animate, character series, Anime Tenchou. The basis for the costume, Meito Anizawa, is the owner of the Ikebukuro Animate main store. He supports all who love anime, and in this game, he supports Gods Eater Burst as well with his enthusiasm. His design was done by popular manga artist, Kazuhiko Shimamoto.


The girl is from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★ Magica. Kaname Madoka is the protagonist of the anime series. As the blog puts it, “Decimate the world’s Aragami with your overwhelming magic power! Link-Aid your partners when they’re running low on strength! We hope you use this and fight like Madoka would!”


In addition, two Aragami (pictured above) are added to the roster for players to defeat. “Yaksha” is the god of the Earth in Indian mythology, and “Yaksha Raja” means “the King of the Yaksha.” The Yaksha Raja sports two huge claws emerging from its shoulders, and it also has the gun mounted on its right arm that the lesser Yaksha have as well.


These two are not based off any previously existing Aragami; their design and bone structure were designed completely from scratch.


Lastly, because this is the final update, some extra challenging special missions are included for the valiant looking for a difficult time. One of these seems to be called “Soulmate,” and when it’s cleared, you unlock the two previously-described costumes.


The DLC ver. 1.5 is set to go up on June 30, although this date will be flexible due to the continuous restoration of the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store.

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  • Wow and we haven’t don’t even have the game yet.

    • Who doesn’t have it?  US does. 

    • God Eater Burst? Yes, we do. Go order it now! It’s been out months ago

      • Has it? I didn’t even know it was already out. I’ll pick it up eventually but not now though.

    • Samken

      the US territory has the game, but no DLC :(. I think the publisher said they would not release any DLC for the US Market.

  • Lol, Anime Tenchou and Madoka Magica, these two were unexpected~

  • I vote for QB aragami. That’ll make everyone feel good

    • I approve of that, though we also need the whole Madoka costume set then!

    • oh please this
      QB aragami would be so awesome

  • The best DLC for God Eater Burst ever…
    QB aragami = Overpowered D:But that anime tencho costume look epic :D
    We just need to wait to get all the DLC for the american version :/

  • Code

    rar, I guess we have to sign a contract for this DLC opo? It’s a shame D3 didn’t go through the work of releasing at least more of the DLC here omo;

  • KotaroInugami

    Can’t wait till I see the article saying final DLC update for america. :/

  • Will they announce the remastered version for the PS3 next?

  • Hmmm I’ve had interest this game, but the clumsy controls for MH have kept me at bay. Also, the price. Is it worth it?

    • Bruce

      What clumsy controls ? GEB plays differently than MH . they aren’t the same .

      I think GEB is a fun game to play , but the repetitiveness might put you off . you’ll have to defeat the same enemies over and over again to make new equipment and advance the story … some people don’t like that ! lol

  • Exkaiser

    Anime Tenchou?

    Oh no, I have to resist the urge to play GEB just for that.

  • PrinceHeir

    Madoka!!!! :D

    haven’t bought the game, maybe later down the road.

    damn Summer School D:

  • Madoka is always used as a poster girl for Magical Girls these days, despite her series being unexpectedly dark…

  • eilegz

    while i liked the game and im in the middle of it, i find this game a very repetitive from the stages, quests and enemies, the shooting mechanics its broken and pretty useless. Kinda Hyped, but the more it tries to be monster hunter the more it fails… Now i want phantasy star infinity here fast… lets see if white knight chronicles origins its any good

  • DLC 1.5 Is Postpone, :(

    Read > http://ameblo.jp/project-ge/entry-10938756934.html

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