Super Sentai Celebrates 35th Anniversary By Adding Original Series To Wii Game

By Spencer . June 15, 2011 . 2:01am


Namco Bandai is working on a Power Rangers: Samurai game for North America. In Japan, they have a crossover game titled Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross.


supers1 supers2 supers3 supers4


The Wii game spans multiple generations of rangers including Goranger, the original Super Sentai series. Here’s a look at the five teams included in Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross.


Goranger (the original series)

superse1supersd3  superse2



supersd1 supersc3 supersd2


Shinkenger (adapted into Power Rangers Samurai)

supersc1 supersb3 supersc2



supersb1 supersa3 supersb2


Gokaiger (the current Super Sentai series)

supersa1 supers8 supersa2


Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross has robot battles too where you fight giant boss monsters. This mode uses a different battle system.

supers6 supers7 


Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross is slated for release on September 8.

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  • maxchain

    The current series is pirates?!  Oh man, the me of fifteen years ago would kill to see this.

    • It’s a franchise homage which also has harmless fun and humor for viewers without any prior knowledge about the franchise. It’s only 17 episodes in, so you won’t need a lot of catching-up if you want to jump in now.

      • maxchain

        I’m in.  I’m so in.

        • Oh, and they just introduced the Sixth Ranger in #17. Just a reminder.

    • And the Super Sentai Gokaiger actually brings back some from the past.

  • Let’s Go! Let’s Gokaiger!!

  • Guest

    Woulda liked to see Goggle V, Denjiman, Dynaman and Zyuranger of course

  • Don’t forget that Go-onger was adapted as Power Rangers RPM. I so wish this game’d come out in the US.

  • I honestly would love to see the classic Power Ranger games made like this. The original series was the best.

  • You mentioned how Shinkenger is Samurai. Go-Onger was adapted to Power Rangers RPM, a well-written and underrated season.

  •  If only this had my beloved GekiRangers as well.

    • daizyujin

      Exactly what I was thinking.  Seriously, dump Go-Onger or Goseiger and put in some teams that have some positives to them.  It seems silly to me that they stuck with the 4 most recent teams anyways given this is supposed to be a “35th Anniversary Game.”

      Goranger, Bioman, Liveman, Dairanger, Gekiranger, Gokaiger

      That would have been my personal pick.  I like Zyuranger a lot but I realize a lot of people don’t.  But these 6 seem to be pretty much universally liked by most groups I see.

  • daizyujin

    I know it may have been a daunting task, but considering that Gokaiger
    can turn into any of them, it really needed to have ALL the teams or at
    least a much larger selection.

    I just think it would have been more fun
    to have a game where you could change your team on the fly with ranger
    keys, maybe let you pick 3 ranger keys to take into a level and allow
    you to unlock new ones as you progress.  This is something that could have been so much more and the potential was totally there. It is sad to see it done in such a haphazard manner.

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