Tri-Ace Packed Frontier Gate With Partner Characters

By Spencer . June 17, 2011 . 1:23am

fgateStar Ocean developer tri-Ace’s take on the hunting genre turns players into a pioneers. While you’re exploring uncharted territory in Frontier Gate, you’ll have a partner. No, it’s not a cat or other anthropomorphic creature.


Frontier Gate has a partner character system and who you bring changes the story. Famitsu’s latest look at the PSP game shows beaches and even more partners. Before you decide to take a novice adventurer or a local girl, here’s a look at some of the other possible partners.


Mariaschellte is a knight hailing from Indaig Kingdom. She wields a spear and has some kind of goal on Frontier. Sigrid is also a knight, but carries a sword roughly his height. His orders are to deal with illegal pioneers, a job he is strangely interested in. Emilio is a swordsmith seeking legendary weapons from Frontier. Dundes is thought of as a hero by many. Hammer in hand, Dundes helped discover Froniter. Nike is a bow wielding native who is particularly interested in colonists. Volker is a mysterious knight who has a habit of appearing at the right place at the right time. Kurotoki washed ashore to Frontier after an accident. He appears to be tri-Ace’s take on a samurai.



Swing by Famitsu to see screenshots and take a look at Frontier Gate’s base system. Frontier Gate is scheduled to come out sometime this year on PSP.

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  • It’s hard to get excited about PSP games when publishers have seemingly given up on the system in the West. I’d like to see this make its way over here, but we’ve reached a point where Square is unsure of releasing a high-profile Final Fantasy game (Type-0) and games like Valkyria Chronicles III are MIA. Sad times we live in.

    Although, I guess we haven’t missed a tri-Ace game since Blue Sphere, so who knows!

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Have to painfully agree. The times are rather shaky for us that like Japanese games. Next generation gaming with no boarders my ass.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, it’s a pretty sad situation when Square Enix isn’t even sure about releasing a game with “Final Fantasy” in its title.

    • You just reminded me of how much I want an English version of Blue Sphere more than anything else coming here

      That’s probably my favorite Star Ocean game

    • kupomogli

      This is bs.  I’ll be pissed off if we miss out on Final Fantasy Type 0 because 90% of the people that own a PSP think it’s their right to download the game instead of purchase it because they have CFW. 

      I’ve been interested in that game for the longest time, and I’m not importing because I hate playing text heavy games in a language I can’t understand.

      • Guest

        Oh cmon now you’re being riduculousssssssh  ain’t now way SE is witholding a FF game. That’s their main pride n joy

    • Please tell me this is not true. SE’s not sure about releasing Type-0? I don’t think I can handle this info right now. Goddamit pirates.

    • malek86

      Did Squenix actually say they weren’t sure about releasing Type-0 in the USA?

      I mean, they released Tactics Ogre, FF4 Complete and KH:BBS, and you would expect this one to sell a lot more than any of those, bar maybe KH.

      • If this is anything to go by:–5423.html

        The fact that they released Dissidia 012, The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy IV Complete at only $30 makes me think their previous PSP titles didn’t fare too well in the West and that they were hoping a lower price point would improve sales.

        Judging by Kitase’s gloomy comments, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

        • According to the comment, it sounds like they’re just not sure about the format or perhaps distribution for Final Fantasy Type-0.

          Sadly, that’s not even the gloomiest comment about the PSP I heard during E3.

          • “Sadly, that’s not even the gloomiest comment about the PSP I heard during E3.”

            I’m almost afraid to ask… :(

    • I hope this is fixed with Vita, it isn’t fun seeing all these games passed and now is a very bad time when the PSP is still popular in Japan.

    • PrinceHeir

      yeah where the hell is Valkyrie Chronicles 3, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd(maybe they’ll bring the PS3 version instead)?

      hopefully they make it on PSN :P

  • Thank god i took some initiative and got into japanese classes, or i would be on a corner crying now.

    I dont think SE would bring this one at this moment… Still, nothing is sure, let’s keep a possitive mind!

  • leadintea

    Hunting genre? That actually makes me excited! Hopefully it turns into a real genre of its own and gets more varied games than Monster Hunter spinoffs (though this is a pretty unique hunting game).

  • Guest

    Monster Hunter series
    Fairy Tale Portable Guild 1 & 2
    Elemental Hunters
    Frontier Gate
    Nano Diver
    Kaijuu Busters 1 & 2
    Gods Eater Burst
    Lord of Arcana
    Monster Hunter Diary G
    Earth Seeker
    Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul
    Toriko: Gourmet Survival

    • Thanks!, can you please post all the RPGs genres games on the next rpg article and also first person shooter games on the next FPS article?

      • Guest

        Since you asked me nicely…

      • So “Monster Hunter rip-off” is now a genre?

        • Just in case, what i said was said in a sarcastic way, now answering your question, i consider that after all the games that have been out with that style, i can say this may be the beginning of a new genre, and its no more just ripoff, hunting style games.

          Monster hunter is the first one, like there was a first for action, plataformers, rpgs, fps, etc.

        • PSO came before Monster Hunter.

  • Another RPG that won’t make it our way? I hope not. I’m loyal to the genre so this would be a day one purchase for me.

  • Allerina

    It would have been better if it was an antropomorphic cat.
    Even better – an antropomorphic cat-slave, and with epic storyline, and such. But it won’t be, and that’s why I don’t like hunting games.

  • So Sigrid is the Border Patrol?

  • I wonder what kind of storyline changes they’re going to be. Something more hardcore, or is it just minor things like dialogue and endings?

  • Wants Lenneth as a bonus partner character.  Gonna be disappointed…

    • I sure hope there’s some kind of secret character. Perhaps a Welch cameo, or Puffy. Perhaps some celestial boss battles?

      Maybe some costumes?

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