More Screens Of Over My Dead Body’s Watercolor RPG Battles

By Spencer . June 29, 2011 . 2:35pm

Over My Dead Body has some things in common with Phantasy Star III and Compile Heart’s Record of Agarest War series. This PSP remake follows a family through generations of demon battles. The difference is each "generation" is two game years. A powerful demon cursed your bloodline and the goal of Over My Dead Body is to break the curse.


The game begins with you picking one of the eight weapon classes.


omdb2 omdb3 omdb4 omdb1



Fencer is one of the jobs you can pick from the beginning of the game. Balanced in offence and defense, fencers are the base class in Over My Dead Body. While you can place this group in the front or back row, you can only use sword techniques in the front.


omdb5 omdb6 omdb7 omdb8 omdb9 omdb10


Special Technique

omdb17 omdb18 omdb19 omdb20 omdb21 omdb22




Wield a Naginata and you can attack from either row. Standing in the front allows you to deal more damage, but if you favor defense you can place your character in the back row.


omdb11 omdb12 omdb13 omdb14 omdb15 omdb16


Special Technique

omdb23 omdb24 omdb25 omdb26 omdb27 omdb28


After two years, your hero will die, but you can pass down weapons to your children. The gods took pity on your ancestors and allowed them to "intermingle" with the gods. Each god has different elemental attributes like fire, wind, water, and earth.


omdb36 omdb37 omdb38


omdb29 omdb30 omdb31 omdb32  omdb33 omdb34omdb45 omdb46 omdb47 omdb48 omdb49 omdb50 omdb51 omdb52 omdb35 omdb43 omdb44


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will release Over My Dead Body in Japan this fall.

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  • shion16

    Looks like a medieval version of Lunar

  • Completely forgot about this game, shame on me.

    I doubt it that Sony US will localize, but I sure am hoping that Sony Europe does. The game looks great and I intent to give my PSP one great last bunch of new games.

  • Heh PS3, back when everyone was making RPGs like that. Fire Emblem, SaGa and Dragon Quest also had entries that spanned multiple generations.

    I’m really really really liking the game, and it flew totally under my radar. Might be worth grabing an import, sadly dosen’t look like something that would get localized.

  • “Over My Dead Body” though the title shows the tenacity of the characters, I can’t help but crack a smile when saying it xD
    But the concept is rather interesting, going through several generations of heirs in order to break a family curse

  • C’mon XSEED (or Atlus or NISA or Aksys).

    Considering the difficulty in selling PSP games in the US, I doubt I’ll see this in English on UMD. I’m hoping for a PSN release after the PSV is sold.

  • Over my dead body indeed… would be cool if Sony west throws us a bone before they focus on Vita.

  • Sexy story, just by reading the tittle im sold

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Like a painting that’s come to life. Stylish screens are stylish.

  • ShinGundam

    I just want a Hiragana and katakana edition of this game so i can deal with it :'(

  • DanteJones

    There’s something about that Japanese watercolor style that just makes attacks seem so much more… violent. I like it. >:D

    • Nothing better than japanese weaponry followed by watercolor attacks I say.

  • Hope it finds a way to the western world. Really interesting concept! C’mon XSEED.

  • Caligula

    I like how the backgrounds are drawn in such a way that they look like ancient Chinese and Japanese scrolls. ┬áIt’s a really nice effect.

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