Square Enix Looking Into Overseas Release Of Final Fantasy Type-0

By Spencer . July 5, 2011 . 1:07am

type013A more detailed summary of the Final Fantasy Type-0 interview is online. Most of the details were covered earlier, but this point is key.


Tetsuya Nomura said they are investigating a downloadable version and overseas version of Final Fantasy Type-0.


Other details from a rapid fire Q&A session with Famitsu note we’ll see famous monsters in the game, you can change party members and equipment at save points, and you will run into students from other classes who wear different colored mantles.


Final Fantasy Type-0 was slated for release this summer, but the interview says a delay is likely. Famitsu lists Final Fantasy Type-0 as a 2011 title instead of summer 2011.

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  • In this day and age you simply cannot make a FF game and not release it overseas.

    • maxchain

      Although you can apparently make, say, a Blood of Bahamut game and not release THAT overseas for some reason.

      • landlock

        Maybe because it sold poorly in Japan and would sell even less in NA/EU.

      • Guest

        Or Heavy Metal Thunder

  • imaguni

    I’ll admit I wasn’t fully worried about an overseas release, but things were starting to get a little… Well anyway, good news! I think that 2 UMDs will honestly be kinda troublesome, so I’m personally fine with a downloadable game even if I like physical purchasing more.

  • Awesome. I was kinda starting to get worried with all the focus on the new systems and companies not bringing Japanese RPGs over to the NA. *Glares at Nintendo*

  • mikanko

    Only way I could see them not localizing this is if there’s an upscaled “HD” PS3 release which would get localized instead, which does at the very least seem possible.

    Hoping for both though.  Kind of unfortunate PSP has become such a pariah outside of Japan.

    • I’d rather them do this than see it flop on the PSP AND the Vita is right around the corner.

      • thebanditking

        I really think they are delaying this for the fall because it may be switching or expanding platforms. I have no doubt in Japan that the PSP will see its version released but I would not be surprised if at TGS they announce the game for Vita  as well with graphical enhancements.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      As a PS3 owner, I’d be all for an HD remaster, but with all the people waiting for this, it’d still be a shame to not do a PSP release. I’m with a lot of the people here in that it never occurred to me that this wouldn’t have been localized.

  • It had never actually occured to me that they wouldn’t release it overseas! Good to know that they’re considering a downloadable version, although my PSP memory cards are all full up, and I’d probably wait for Vita rather than buy any more (or temp delete the games I’m currently playing).

  • May as well just make it a Vita launch title overseas, since the PSP is pretty much dead outside Japan.

    • Sorry, my beloved PSP wholeheartedly disagrees. If the average-at-best Crisis Core can become a Greatest Hits title in a country where the console is supposedly unpopular, I can’t see how this one wouldn’t be a guaranteed success.

      People will se it’s a FF and will buy it. 

  • d19xx

    I really hope this gets localized. It’s the only FF game I’ve been looking forward to. I bet this is going to be better than XIII-2 :D

  • The game took so long to make that they are now in this precarious situation. A downloadable version would be good but I wonder how much space we will get on the PS Vita for saves and its expandable memory.

    • thebanditking

      If I were Sony I would not have the games save to the game card but rather a separate flash card in the system. This way you leave more room for other data, does anyone know what Vita’s game cards hold?

      • malek86

        Uhm, I severely doubt a savegame for console would take more than 1MB. And that’s when you are particularly unlucky. Even the biggest open-world games will require 8MB at most. If a game takes anything more than that, it’s shoddy programming.

        Nevermind that it would force people to buy yet another memory card (didn’t you have enough with Sony’s overpriced Memory Sticks?).

        Saving to the cartridge is probably the best idea for them. The 3DS works like that too, for the most part.

  • malek86

    I would actually be more surprised if this game didn’t come. Though they might just switch the western release to PSV, with a sort of enhanced version like MHP3.

  • I really hope it gets a physical release. Kinda hard to be picky when its release in general is up in the air, but making it digital only, as either a PSN release or PSP Remaster, would be a very tough pill to swallow.

    • exhume

      Agreed. I’ll admit to being a bit old and unhip compared to the kids these days, but I still can’t bring myself to jump on the digital distribution wagon. Don’t think I ever will, either.

    • thebanditking

      Not to mention this title could be huge depending on how much of that second UMD they needed. That right there is one of the reasons I don’t like digital distribution, it assumes that you have the room for more and more titles and flash memory prices (for 16GB and higher) are still not that affordable. Personally I think they should release this on UMD/Digital and an upscaled version for Vita at launch (shouldn’t be too much work given Sony PSP remasters engine).

    • malek86

      Not as tough as not playing it.

  • blah blah

    I thought it would be automatic.
    I guess PSP being nearly dead would be a problem for Squeenix.

  • glemtvapen

    Wait, was there even doubt that a big franchise known as Final Fantasy will not be released here?

    • The game thats coming before FFXIII-2 has yet to even be acknowledged by Square Enix America, missed any press coverage, and was absent at E3.  Square Enix didnt waste any time with saying FFXIII-2 is coming out in the West.

    • All they said was that they were investigating how to release it in the west, and then all of a sudden everyone started flipping out.

      • Guest

        The game has been in development way before FF XIII-2 and XIV were even a thought and now their answer is “investigating”? It’s kinda strange.

    • I’d imagine it has to do with the US PSP market, but Square Enix seems to have fared reasonably well with its games here.

  • “and you will run into students from other classes who wear different colored mantles”

    Harry Potter rpg! :D

  • cmurph666

    Just up the graphics, add a few extras, and release it for the Vita. Overseas problem solved.

    • LynxAmali


      That would cause a lot more problems than it’s worth. For one, that would be an upscale which are not nice. and b) that would also require reworking the programming to work with it. Also; extras? When Japan isn’t getting any? About that….

      • kupomogli

        Japan gets enough extras.  It’d be nice if we got the better version once in awhile.  Only for Japan to get the Extra Special Final Mix Extended Director’s Cut Plus version a mere month after the release of our better version.

        Anyways. I’m definitely picking this up if it gets a release. Crisis Core gameplay ftw. ^_^

        • Barrylocke89

          That’s exactly what happened with KH1 though. Kurt Zisa was an American version boss, that was added to KH1 in Japan in the Final Mix.

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          Well it’s not like those newer “director’s cut” titles really get that many extras in the first place. Most of the time it’s just the same old extras we get in our versions except they may add an extra boss or the english audio, nothing special.

      • cmurph666


        It’s practically what they do with every damn release evar. Japan will get the “International” version a month later anyways.

        • LynxAmali

          That’s only to be fair. It’s a Japan-made game. Shouldn’t they get more? And often or not, stuff gets released in English gets  added which is thus comprised into said “International” version.

          See above. 

  • eilegz

    america release date would be nice

  • Why is everyone already talking about a Vita version? I would rather have the game released on a console I already own than being required to spend $300 on a new one just to play a remastered version.

    • I understand your sentiment, but I hope SQ at least makes some design additions with the PSV in mind. I would rather play this with two fully functioning analog sticks, after all.

  • Please don’t be for vita.

  • Darkrise

    No matter, it HAS to come out eventually…

  • I am honestly not even worried…Come on guys, it’s Final Fantasy! lol
    It’s my most anticipated FF game. It’s just so outrageous and amazing

    • Shinji Kazuya

      I’m going to be so disappointed if this one doesn’t get here. ;_;
      I’m looking forward to it a lot!

  • I find the fact that a U.S. version apparently isn’t a given highly worrisome.

  • KotaroInugami

    Hell yes you better be looking into release over seas >:/ Otherwise I’ll boycott you Square Enix… No j/k, just decided to use a cliche angry fanboy statement lol.

    • imaguni

      Saying the cliche angry fanboy statements so they don’t have to, lol.

  • we are still far from american release and bit disapointed there wont be a summer release for jp and fall seem so far away ; ;

    i cant wait to get on this game.

    as well cant wait to see a scan of shiva (summon) sexy

    but anyways this make my day http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/07/05/ff_versus_xiii_followup/

    we getting versus news possible next week!

    • imaguni

      Oh man, I really hope the Versus news are substantial…

  • Clarify, does the interview state the team is looking into a SIMULTANEOUS over-seas release or an Over-seas release in general?  In other words, US might not have been receiving the game at all?  That’s just stupid.

    Sure, the PSP isn’t as popular here as it in Japan, but that’s no reason to hold it back. Last I checked, the Dissidia titles sold pretty well.

    Also, they need to stop doing just Ad-Hoc.  Get those games online! 

    They need to stop putting these efforts on portables and make full-blown console versions.  Multiplayer is key for US appeal and they have it in these games, just not on the right systems with the right the features.

    Argh! SQEN!

  • j.

    I haven’t looked forward to a FF game since 1999, so they better bring it over. >:|

  • I sure hope they don’t mean download-only… 2 UMDs would be a pretty big file size!
    Also, when they say “overseas” I hope they don’t mean “just Europe”. Don’t forget, SE has been catering to them like Nintendo. They got a CE for pretty much EVERY SE release in the past year!

    • imaguni

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but SE has at least been releasing all games released in Europe in North America as well… Plus, if it’s an overseas physical release, the PSP is at least region-free, right?

      • The past Square Enix games have had special editions in territories not named North America.

        • imaguni

          I know that, and while I am pretty envious myself, I just wanted to bring up that at least North Americans are not missing out on the game altogether.

          • Yeah, I’ll definately happy if the game comes (in physical form) altogether! I know not to expect any fancy packaging/artbooks/soundtracks anyhow…

  • anxiousheart

    It will come to NA. I guarantee it; after all, type-0 is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis. They aren’t gonna just give us FFXIII and Versus because that would be incomplete

  • SirRichard

    It bugs me that Square Enix are giving more precedent to Final Fantasy XIII-2 than they are Versus or this. My own feelings on XIII aside, it isn’t very encouraging when the titles that have been in development for years now are quietly shunted aside for something produced in a fraction of the time.

  • kroufonz

    hey square i don’t mind not getting XIII-2 at all in exchange for type-0

  • Ravage27

    ‘Tetsuya Nomura said they are investigating a downloadable version and overseas version of Final Fantasy Type-0.’

    PSN release is a must, make it happen SE!

  • AnimusVox

    I’m ok with a delay especially if they’re thinking about localization. I don’t really like download doing the dowload only but if that’s the only option for it’s localisation than I’m alright with that.

  • darkfox1

    Huh Square Enix not localizing a Final Fantasy game is un heard of you guys, I would not worry too much about it. Gonna try to hold back mentioning Last Story….DOH! 

  • What!!! FF Type-0 has no news of overseas release?!!
    I’m shocked, I thought it’ll get localized since the day I saw the first info about this game. After all, this is a FF game.

    Well that really proves that PSP games sales are really that worse.

    • doomspeller10

      I’m just as surprised as you. I thought I’d read somewhere last year (or perhaps 2 years ago?) that S-E was aiming at localizing all their games in the west. Hopefully they do it, Type-0 looks like it’s gonna be the PSP’s swan song, I wouldn’t like to miss it (I won’t be able to buy a PSV anytime soon either).
      Next thing we’ll know is Versus *might* be coming to the west… duh

  • tesuji2

    The only other 2 umd game (trails in the sky SC) never got a psn release because it dosent work. That’s the reason xseeds US publication of the trails series is stalled.

    Also the psp is dead in the US. A lot of publishers have pulled support entirely.

    I think square will manage something but I’ve actually been worried about this title making it over for a whille.

    • Why would any publisher remain with the PSP even though the successor is coming this fall…makes more sense to focus on it. Plus, its not like the highest selling handheld is having a fantastic year for publishers not named Nintendo.

    • josh facio

      thats the first ive heard of xseed being stalled on the series. source please??

      • tesuji2

         this http://xseedgames.com/forums/showthread.php?110-About-SC

        My undrestanding is that they are still trying to release the game but that with  the dual umd to psn issue and the upcoming release of the vita they are not sure what they will do.

        Wyrdwad from the xseed staff actually addresses the issue in the tread linked above.

  • I was hoping this would make the trip to my country. I’m surprised that they’re looking at a PSN release, though. I thought PSN had size limits?

  • Please do I want to play as Nine in english. 

  • PrinceHeir

    would be cool if they released it also on Vita :D

  • can’t wait ><

  • Sam Jones

    Hmm… delay because they misplaced their marketing dept? Looks like they are trying to get the public to write their scripts for free… http://www.diedagain.com/one-offs-white-knights-two-worlds-and-a-commercial :D Seriously though, looking forward to this coming overseas. Would be interesting to see if they take a similar approach to promoting it elsewhere.

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