Catherine Art Book Shows Nurse Catherine And Alternate Katherine

By Spencer . July 8, 2011 . 3:05am

imageIndex Corporation and Dengeki are about to release a Catherine art book titled Catherine Visual & Scenario Collection ♀VENUS☆MODE♂. The 160 page book is split into five chapters: Visual, Theater, Cast, Nightmare, and Concept.


Read all of the dialogue and drama all the way to Catherine’s multiple endings in the book and see concept sketches. A tiny illustration shows, perhaps, an early version of Katherine, Vincent’s girlfriend. She looks similar, but her hair is red.




Catherine Visual & Scenario Collection ♀VENUS☆MODE♂ will be available on August 10 in Japan.

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  • urbanscholar

    Katherine was a red head huh? hnnnggghh

  • Aoshi00

    Wonder how beefy the US bonus artbook is.. the Jpn one that came w/ the game was just a thin booklet that doesn’t have much art and just some commentary… hope it’s not too expensive.. maybe less than $40…

    I like it how some of those sexy pics are actually in the game (sent to your cellphone) instead of just pics printed on the tiny bookstore cards as store-specific pre-order bonus in Japan, those cards are really small you can hardly see the artwork..

    • PrinceHeir

      well they always do this in japan ^^

      give people some sort of mini artbook to get a taste of the game art then a few months later release the whole thing at a price of a PSP game.

      same thing happened to Peace Walker etc..

      Catherine is sooo sexy in Nurse outfit O_O

      *Katherine looks angry at me

      um um yeah i also LOVE Katherine’s Red Hair and Bath Tub pics “:D

      *Katherine smiles happily to me

      whew “-____-

      already preordering Pizza Edition so this is gonna be good :P

      • Aoshi00

        lol.. yea, they always release the “official” one later.. sometimes when I think about it, the artbook cost as much as the game, the latest one I got was for Alice Madness Returns, it’s $35 but on sale on Amazon for $22, it’s a pretty good quality one..  the Katherine casual pics look cute, I think I’ll get this artbook too.. for the game, no LE for me, I just want the pizza box but not the boxers or pillowcase, I’ve alrdy spent a lot of money on Catherine.. (Jpn PS3/360 ver and the soundtrack..) and now the US game and possibly the artbook, so just regular ver for me..

        • PrinceHeir

          well im ordering the Pizza edition just for the boxers and pillows ;)

          you have alot of money O_O

  • I wonder if some company will pick this up on AMZN. 

    • OneOkami

      That was my first thought as well.  I noticed the other day the Soejima art works book is being localized.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        You’re talking about this one correct? My guess would be Udon Entertainment’s going to bring this one out in about 6 months to 1 year (or more) later, if you’re willing to wait that long.

        I swear, this summer has been pretty good for art book fans. Valkyria Chronicles, Atelier, Ar Tonelico, Tony Taka, Alice, etc.

        • OneOkami

          Yep, thats the one.  I already have a copy of the original version, though.

        • exhume

          It still blows my mind that artbooks are getting localised at all! I remember back in the 90s, when I had to special-order artbooks through my local comics dealer from Japan, and they’d cost about $90 a pop…

        • Locklear93

          Have you actually gotten your hands on the Valkyria Chronicles or Ar Tonelico books?  I’ve ordered and received the Atelier and Tony Taka books, but Valkyria Chronicles got pushed back, and Ar Tonelico, Amazon hopes to have to me next YEAR now. :/

    • Locklear93

      If all else fails, there’s  I ordered Takehito Harada’s upcoming artbook there just yesterday.  I don’t see a Catherine artbook listed there yet, though.

      • OneOkami

        Will they actually ship that to North America?

        • Locklear93

          Shipping is pricy, but yes. I’ve never had problems ordering print
          materials from before, and I live in Maryland, USA. The
          shipping on the Takehito Harada artbook was ¥3000, more than the book

          • OneOkami

            Ouch.  Pricey indeed.  I think I’ll order it from a different retailer.

          • Locklear93

            The problem is less the price than the lack of an option. There’s ONLY international express. It gets from Japan to me in 2-3 days, so it’s not really a ripoff… But it might be nice to say, “Take a week and save me $10.”

            Edit: I should note that I originally placed my order with AmiAmi, but they had to cancel because they couldn’t procure enough copies. You may not have much luck with other retailers.

          • Locklear93

            @Aoshi00 (Hit the reply limit again…): I pre-ordered the domestic version of the Soejima artbook from Amazon (.com, not for $25.  I don’t use PlayAsia that often, and never for figures.  It’s not that I don’t like them; they just never occur to me unless I’m after an import game.  I TRY to use AmiAmi, HobbySearch, or HLJ when I’m ordering from Japan. is usually my last resort, but it was useful for getting a copy of “Idiot’s Guide to Tokyo’s Harmful Books Regulation,” (Siliconera covered it here: ) some Koihime Musou manga, and the blu-ray of Hatsune Miku 39’s Giving Day concert…  (The last I could’ve gotten elsewhere, but I was impatient.)

          • Aoshi00

            I hear you, Amazon Jpn is my last resort now too.. I used to order many anime CDs/DVDs from them when they had the cheaper shipping option..
            before I thought of getting the Otogi Maturi manga (the guy who drew for Guwange and Deathsmiles) from Amazon Jpn since it’s sold out everywhere, but I waited and then it got reprinted into thicker volumes so I got from YesAsia..

            PlayAsia doesn’t have many items I want other than games, and I use them if I have like $5 coupon lying around.. 

            AmiAmi is the cheapest w/ their heavy discount but their stock run out quick if you don’t pre-order soon enough, especially for the LE of games.  I don’t know how much money I’ve given them over the last 2 yrs alrdy on 360 shmups and figures, I just got the Borrower Arrietty blu-ray from them and might order the Kenshin OVA blu-rays too, also all the Steins;Gate anime blu-ray (they’re like $100 each *.*)..  YesAsia is very accommodating in special ordering something at your request, now I get some manga from them that Kinokuniya doesn’t carry.. I use sometimes as well..

            Yea, I remember the Tokyo book regulation manga, but forgot about it later.. is it illuminating and a fun read?  I was kinda pissed about the subject I didn’t want to read about it lol..

            So my fav stores are AmiAmi -> YesAsia -> -> PlayAsia -> ->, something like that..

          • Locklear93

            I used to use NCSX. They’re where I got my Disgaea 3 import. They were out when I went to order the Disgaea 4 limited edition though, and so was PlayAsia. Oddly, considering you mentioned they tend to run out of limited
            editions fast, AmiAmi is the place that saved me on Disgaea 4. And I got a cute li’l Disgaea 4 Amiami phone card to boot! Not that that’s any use outside Japan. :P

          • Aoshi00

            I think Disgaea 4 was on sale from yesasia at one point too.. Sometimes the item turns up again if they have extra copies lying around, maybe some people cancel their orders.. Everywhere ran out of the Gyakuten Kenji 2 LE (not ran out but really jacked up the price) and I was able to get it from AmiAmi at a reasonable price, at first it was sold out, but I kept refreshing their page for a couple of days and got lucky.. I wanted the orchestrated soundtrack..

            AmiAmi was fire selling Ni no Kuni for half price too since nobody was buying them (made me regret getting it on day 1).. but for most cool LEs or figures I just pre-order first just in case and if I don’t want it I could cancel later.. I just like them not charging an arm and a leg for shipping in most cases, but not for some items like books, I wanted to get the Nodame Cantabile artbook but w/ shipping it ended up costing more than YesAsia, so…

            I know, phone or bookstore cards aren’t very useful for us, I’ve gotten two but I would never get them anymore if I have a choice because they’re just so tiny can’t even enjoy the artwork on them..

        • exhume

          Yeah, Amazon Japan is pricey but reliable, and really REALLY fast.
          Something else to note is I’m pretty sure it’s a flat rate of 3000, so order a bunch of stuff at a time, or split the bill with some friends who might want things!

          • OneOkami

            I tried adding another item to the order (cost about 990 yen) and it bumped the shipping fee up to 3300 yen.  While not flat rate, it still shows it can be more cost-effective to order multiple items in this kind of situation.

            There’s really nothing else I’d be looking to order from them right now, though so I’ll still go with another retailer.  (Indeed good to keep in mind, though)

          • Aoshi00

            I would suggest you gettting from Yes-Asia, their price is very competitive on most things (except figures), and if the order is $40 or above it’s free shipping, I got my Soejima artbook for less than $40 from YesAsia (actually I have a local Kinokuniya in NYC selling for about the same price too).. now I just order most things from AmiAmi, every since Amazon JP raised its shipping, I haven’t ordered things from them in years now.. now I mostly buy everything from AmiAmi or YesAsia.. Also Amazon Jpn doesn’t ship games overseas (the marketplace sellers don’t ship outside of Jpn either) so it’s quite annoying..

  • Klarktastic

    Heloooooo Nurse!

  • Confirmed: Costume DLCs

    • Klarktastic

      I don’t think this game will have dlc. If it did the japanese would have some by now (and they don’t) 

  • I’m diggin that red hair bro.

    • Reminds me a lot of Mitsuru with that hair. Not a bad thing!

    • Same here.. I love redheads more than anything in anime/manga/video games.

  • Hexen

    Ahh.. Sample.. we meet again.

  • imaguni

    I like Katherine’s current design but red hair would’ve been so cute!

  • giggity,giggity

  • Zero_Destiny

    Am I the only one that thinks Red Head Kat kind of looks like Kurisu? Maybe I’m just watching too much Steins;Gate though. lol

    • Aoshi00

      Red hair is nice, but too used to Kat being a brunette.. my Kurisu figma just came last night, it’s my first figma :)  I also got the Dorothy one form Big O too.. Christina is awesome indeed..

      • Zero_Destiny

        Very nice figures. I think Ash will be jealous. lol Although I’m a Mayuri fan myself. She’s so cute. T_T Man Steins:Gate can be so cruel can’t it?

        I don’t have that many figures. Most of the ones I do have are Robots though. I love my Robots. I can stare at them all day. ^_^ My favorite (or at least out of the few that I own) has to be my King Gainer. It’s one of my all time favorite Robot designs ever with it’s Fishbowl head and Dreads. :D I love it so much. It’s a great toy too.


        Other than that I don’t have a lot of human toys. I got my Yusei on his D-Wheel though from K-Mart. That’s a really cool toy. :D


        • Aoshi00

          Yea, Steins;Gate was really good, I just saw ep 14 last night, I got the first blu-ray alrdy and want to collect the rest.. they’re expensive, but the bonus artbook, drama CDs or songs are nice.. yea some parts are pretty cruel.. but I think you’ll like the ending.. the anime adaptation is beyond well done, so artistic.. after I finished the game I went back to watch the Back to the Future trilogy on blu-ray :)

          I used to collect plastic model kits or diecast chogokin toys for robots, mainly Gundam or Tekkaman Blade.. Revoltech does pretty good ones.. I only have two Patlabor robots now..

          I had this guy a long time ago, did a horrible paint job on it lol..

          I don’t know who King Gainer is, but he’s pretty cool.. the dread is kinda scary like Predators though..

          Sometimes if the faces on the human char figures aren’t done right they look horrible.. I finally took the plunge and got a couple of Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figures recently.. and of course there’s the cute Nendoroid which are expensive.. I got the Love Plus ones.. and pre-ordered both for Kurisu and Mayuri (her juicy karaage No. 1 :).. I’m tempted to get the Prince from Level E too, but I’m not so sure..

          I will try to not get so many figures since I don’t even have that much room to display them.. and it’s a very expensive hobby in addition to games *.*..

          • Zero_Destiny

            Most figures I get are from Amazon USA. They have some great deals there and no import shipping. This is a figure I’m think of buying once I’ve got some more Cash. Go Getter Tomahawk!!!


            And Gaiking too. I really love the remake and Started to watch Go Naggai’s original. It’s really awesome.


            Overman King Gainer is a recent Tomino Mecha anime. It’s cool. Nothing amazing that has to be seen but for Mecha fans it’s tons of fun. King Gainer (The Titular Mech) dreads actually move around to do some attacks later on in the series. It’s really cool. Oh and the observant viewer will see that the cockpit is made to look like a female’s uhm Naughty bits. lol It’s not in a gross or perverted way or anything like that. It’s just kind of cool how it was made to be like that. It’s symbolic about giving life and taking it away. Anyways I’ve ranted about the cockpit’s opening hatch too much now. lol It has a silly opening where the characters are dancing the monkey. lol You gotta love it. ^_^


            I’ve made some Gunpla (When Bandai actually sold them in the US) back when I was a kid. Some turned out all right some I just failed at. lol Zoids models too. I was older by then so my Zoids models actually look good. But I’m really sad because of my moving around over the past couple of years my Blade Liger Zero is literally broken up into pieces the sizes of crumbs. But I don’t have the heart to throw him away though so it just sits in it’s box. T_T At least my Berserk Fury is still in Tip Top Shape.


            Tekkaman Blade cool show. And the Opening is just amazing. :D


            Capcom vs. Tatsunoko actually introduced that show to me. =] I want find DVD’s but some sets have errors on the disc and they won’t play. Others have all the episodes scrambled up and all out of order. It’s very Frustrating. >_<

            WildArms keeps telling me about Steins;Gate as he plays it. No spoilers though. He told me that Feryls' end is his favorite so far out of the 2 or 3 endings he's gotten. I hope the anime will keep up it's quality. It's been very good. Can't wait to see how it all ends. :)

          • Aoshi00

            So it’s a Tomino show.. he’s made some pretty weird stuffs like Brain Powerd.. I love the dance lol..  I really don’t watch anime anymore other than a few exception, so I don’t know about the new stuff..  I think I had some Zoid models too..

            Tekkaman Blade was one of my fav series growing up even though the animation quality was all over the place.  Here it was Technoman and quite a bit was censored I think I don’t remember if they showed until the end, and D-Boy, aka Tekkaman Blade, was renamed to Slade, it always made me think of Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade lol.. the OP Reason was very good (the OP and the good episodes were directed by Fatal Fury’s Obari Masami I think).. it is hard to get all the eps now..   I wanted to play Tatsunoko mostly because of Tekkaman Blade’s cameo, but I have yet to unlock the new version lol..

            this was a pretty cool scene…

            I won’t spoil you, but I think the anime will have all the endings and the true ending for the end, it’s pretty epic.. since they’re doing 24 eps there’s enough time for that.. also the animation quality just keeps on getting better and better.  I notice no production is outsourced to Korea or China at all which is a rarity (even Death Note or Clamore a lot of it was drawn in Korea so you could see sometimes the animation is not as good), so they really went all out for the Steins;Gate anime unlike most anime adopted from games.. at first I was wondering if it would do the game justice..

          • Zero_Destiny

            @ Aoshi 
            Oh I remember that scene. It was very awesome. I loved it. D-Boy is the man. lol If I remember right from what I’ve read that Technoman US dub only covered 1/2 the show or something and there was another British dub that did cover all of the show. Something like that? Anyways it’s not too hard to actually find on DVD’s now. In subtitle format anyways. But like I said earlier those sets have errors on them. >_< There's another set too that's not too hard to find but it's all out of order. It's a complete mess.

            This collection has a messed up Disc 1. All the episodes skip around and sometimes it just over heats your DVD player and stops working period. :__;


            Anyways. I love Tomino's work. Brain Power'd was incredibly weird though. lol Gainer is very by the books though. Tomino has made some awesome series. And some not so awesome series like Garzey's Wing. lol They dropped the ball on that one. Oh well knowing it takes place in the same world as Aura Battler Dubine does make it seem not as bad at least. At least Garzey's Wing is good for a laugh. Especially with the terrible dub. XD



            “I Must somehow make sense of our convoluted
            lol It never gets old. Anyways Dubine was great.


            I can’t wait to see more Steins;Gate too. By the Way great Busou Renkin toys. That Tokiko toy is gorgeous. I’m jealous now. :D I hear you about not having space or money for toys. That’s why I only have a hand full myself. There’s tons of them that I do want though but I’ll live without them. lol Although I’m dieing to get my hands on a Reveltech Tauburn. ^_^ Though that’ll probably never happen. No way can I afford it. Especially after I had to cough up a good amount of money to fix my laptop.

          • Locklear93

             It really is an expensive hobby in addition to games.  I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with me sometimes. :P

          • Aoshi00

            holy, that’s a lot of figures!  The P4 ones are very cool.  Usually I’m not that into cute or moe stuff at all.. and I refrain from buying figures since I’m out of space to collect, store, or display them, w/ boxes and all.. unless I really like the chars..  so far I only have like 2 Saint Seiya ones and getting 3 more of them (hopefully the last *.*?), damn them for putting out the more detailed and posable EX edition :(..


            I got the nendoroids for the 3 Love Plus gals.. and 2 Steins;Gate gals.. I had a Tokiko and Mahiro figs from Busou Renkin (they look so good I don’t want to open the sealed boxes *.*)..



            and now two figmas, other than that I really don’t want to buy anymore.. it’s not very convenient if I have to move.. I have enough junk as it is alrdy, like books/games/CDs/movies.. I just spent a few days cleaning my place, everything just takes up too much room… so I have to tell myself unless I’m crazy about a particular char I wouldn’t get the figures lol..

            And it’s actually because someone recommended AmiAmi to me I started getting figures lol, dragged me to hell.. otherwise I wouldn’t think of importing from some sites which really jack up the price to ridiculous level.. but still they’re not cheap even from AmiAmi at this horrible exchange rate right now…

  • BGMcDF

    This book looks positively filthy.


  • puchinri

    I was so sure nurse!Catherine would have a giant syringe too. The devil.

  • vivaluis59

    Is this the same art book that comes if you pre-order Catherine?  

    • Champ W

      You mean Japanese pre-order? No

      • vivaluis59

        Not the Japanese pre-order but if you pre-order the American one you get a Art book and Ost, but i guess it should be the same as japans..

  • LezardValeth

    Wow when is this going to be available for pre-order via japanese amazon

  • vivaluis59

    Shigenori Soejima never disappoints! hope this is another beautiful art book! t  

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