Get Grand Knights History Early, Get Hardcover Art Book

By Ishaan . July 17, 2011 . 2:05pm

First-print copies of Grand Knights History in Japan come with a 32-page hard cover Grand Knights Chronicle visual book, containing art from Vanillaware. Here’s a look at the A5-size book:

Additionally, different stores get the usual phone cards and library cards you’re used to seeing. If you’re hoping to see naughty girly bits, you might be disappointed; Grand Knights History’s bonus goodies are pretty tasteful:


A library card (left) from Imagine, and phone card (right) from Sofmap.


Messe Sanoh’s phone card (left) and Wonder Goo’s phone card (right)


A phone card from Fammys (left), and library card (right) from AmiAmi.


An original portrait from Neowing.


A gift point card from Rakuten.

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  • I’m glad Ignition picked up Dragon’s Crown, but I hope somebody picks up this Vanillaware title. :(

  • SirSleepalot

    lets hope they remaster this onto the ps3, i love vanillaware hope they make more 360/ps3 games in the future

  • z_merquise

    That art book looks tempting. The people at Vanillaware are surely great artists. Now if only those were included if ever this get localized in English by a good publisher. 

    You know, I really wanted to ask this here for a long time:
    Why do Japan always get the good stuff?

    It’s just that they always got these exclusives that I’ll be mostly interested and make us drool with envy, making us wish that this should be also available in our country but it ain’t. Oh well.

    • “Why do Japan always get the good stuff?”

      Too many answers to give you…

      I’m wondering if it is like that the other way around, does Japan get envy with Western only titles?  Though I doubt they want our shooters but I”m sure they enjoy a western RPG or two.

      • To be honest I was surprised to see games like Call of Duty being localized for Japan. I’m not sure how envious they are, but it seems as though there’s a market for niche Western releases, just as there is with Japanese games in the West.

        I’m still pretty broken up over the fact that one of the most popular genres n consoles for the last 25 years is now borderline niche these days.

        • I remember a video of an old Japanese woman that “still” plays Halo 3. That alone told me that there are western games in the market, something I barely wanted to notice. Another noticeably popular western game in Japan is the Assassin’s Creed series. Don’t forget sandbox games are “very” niche there as well.

        • COD games routinely sell 300,000+ copies in Japan. No matter how good Grand Knights History is, I doubt it will sell nearly that much, nor will a lot of games released in Japan. That’s why you see these localizations.

        • Guest

          Western games in the 80’s 90’s and this early this first decade were considered CRAP in Japan. Yes in some Japanese game stores they would literally have Western only sections with ‘crap’ titled above them.
           It’s only in this gen with the rise of quality Western titles and the decline of quality Japanese titles has Western games garnered a newfound respect in Japan.

      • KotaroInugami

        From when I visted (or rather, was sent) there, they indeed seem to like shows, movies, and games we have here in the west, altho I doubt to the extent we like thier stuff. Saw our shooters localized on thier shelves mostly. I also saw subbed versions and dubs of sitcoms we had. Funny stuff to see them wanting ‘The Office’ and ‘Friends.’ Lol.

      • FireCouch

        Why do you doubt they would want western shooters?   That’s like saying “I doubt Americans would want Japanese RPGs”

        Many people play many different genres of games.

    • malek86

      “Why do Japan always get the good stuff?”

      Uhm, probably because they developed it themselves.

      Well, also because games are pretty expensive over there, so maybe they feel like they have to give out more stuff. And also, they might be trying to attract periphery demographics.

    • godmars

      Well, for one reason because they make it.

      For another, for too many companies, they just don’t have the resources to check up on the popularity of their games in other markets. Atlus and NIS are the only real exception, and even then one relied on the other for some time.

      And then you have Square that’s been aware of the fandom market, and yet is a company that more concerned with the customers it doesn’t have than the ones it does. 

  • IceRomancer

    Witches with glasses…
    *instant nosebleeds*

    • z_merquise

      Which is why lots of people love Bayonetta.

  • RagnaXBL

    Japan wins again…

  • glemtvapen

    Hardcover? I’m sold.

    • Room201

      So am I.

    • Rarutos

      Hardcover sells me too. :( But I’m low of funds. I must resist!

  • Bringing the artbook stateside will determine if I day one purchase/pre-order or not. 
    Either way I’m very excited for this game. :]

  • Yamaneko22

    I usually wait a bit till i can get a game cheaper, but if this will make it to Europe then it’s the 1st day buy for me.

    • Gestahl

      Don’t hold your breath – you won’t get any more PSP games outside of Japan.

      • Er, apart from the PSP games we are getting outside of Japan? ;) Don’t give up hope yet-there are still confirmed western PSP releases to come, and good ones at that (for me, anyway!).

  • If this is a first print bonus, would that mean I could get it if I preordered with Play-Asia? Or does any one know of any other sites that take preorders that could guarantee I’d get the first printing?

    • From my experience, Play-Asia usually mention on their page if they’re carrying a particular bonus or not. That’s usually with pre-order bonuses, though, so I don’t know if it would apply here. 

      Any time I want an answer to a question like that, I just use their contact page to write in. They usually reply in about 24 hours. Here’s the link:

      If they aren’t going to be carrying it, and you REALLY want the art book, here’s the link to’s product page:

      They mention the book, but I don’t know if they’ll ship the game to where you are. Amazon’s iffy with that sort of thing. Failing that, here’s a list of all the Japanese stores that are carrying it:

      You could try writing in and asking if:

      1. They ship overseas, and 

      2. If they’ll have the art book for online orders.

      • Thanks a bunch! I’ll try contacting Play-Asia directly since they’re one of my favorite sellers before going elsewhere

        • Gestahl

          Please write here when they answer you, Anne Lee. I’ll be monitoring this thread. Thanks in advance.

          • Sent them a message today and they got back to me pretty quickly:
            “Thank you for contacting I am sorry that we cannot guarantee a first print or a bonus for you.” It looks like they won’t be including the art book, which is disappointing, but seems like that’s standard since it’s a first print bonus and not a preorder bonus. I’ll be heading over to NCSX since they’re guaranteeing those who peorder an artbook on a 1:1 ratio.
            Hope that helps you!  

      • Good call. Also, if anyone is interested, I know of a reputable source in Japan that could pre-order at a particular place for you and send it when they pick it up. (It’s how I got different Culdcept Saga Pre-order playing cards).

    • Aoshi00

      For many online stores it’s a toss-up and there’s no guarantee w/ pre-order bonus, like YesAsia, Play-Asia, or, depending on how early you place your pre-orders or how many bonus items the stores get from their suppliers.

      Unfortunately Amazon Japan doesn’t ship games outside of Jpn (they ship DVDs, CDs, etc). But if you really want to pre-order now, AmiAmi has listed on their page that they would include this hard cover artbook,

      Their SAL shipping is reasonable too perhaps around 600 yen..  you can place order now and they would send you an invoice to pay upon release day, they are one of the best.

      There’s a more expensive ver w/ the extra bookstore card, but I have to say it’s quite useless.. just too thin and tiny for my taste… (I’ve gotten 2 bookstore cards so far and won’t get anymore..)

      This should be one of the more worthy and beefier artbooks, usually when they say artbook it’s a booklet that’s no more than several pages and don’t have much artwork in them..

      • Thanks for the help! I know Amazon Japan doesn’t ship games outside Japan, as I’ve tried that before myself, but I do have some Japanese contacts I could have it sent to if it comes to that.

        I did notice NCSX lists that they will be sending out the artbook with all preorders, so I might go with them but I’ll check out AmiAmi as well. I think I’ll pass on the library/phone cards. Thanks again :)

        • Aoshi00

          No prob.  Great, in that case, you might want to go w/ NCSX since they said game to artbook ratio is 1:1 (not sure if yen to dollar Exchange rate would get worse by Sept..)  Sometimes they say 50/50 chance or not list the bonus at all it’s like a gamble.  One time I pre-ordered Last Story very early I still didn’t get the bonus artbook/soundtrack and had to buy separately on ebay.. also I got both PS3/360 ver. of Catherine before and they were stingy and only gave me one soundtrack *.*… originally I had planned to sell to a friend..  Ever since then I don’t trust them w/ pre-order bonus too much..

          • Eh, that sucks about your Catherine preorder! I’m going to go with NCSX since Play-Asia basically told me they’re not getting the artbooks, or at least not guaranteeing them. Since I’ll be reviewing Grand Knights History anyway and was planning on preordering from the start, I definitely want to get the art book, too :)

  • Champ W

    I feel stupid for asking this, but what’s the library card used for?
    Is it used for being a member of any library in Japan or this is simply for a collection and I am just thinking too much?

    And yes, the art in the library card is really beautiful~

    • Aoshi00

      “tosho-card” are actually more like bookstore cards, they have prepaid values on them for you to buy books in most Jpn bookstores.. most of these bonus cards have 500 yen value on them, but they are quite tiny, smaller than a playing card, so the artwork is quite hard to see..

      • Oh, thanks! I had been wondering how Japan’s library system worked before reading your comment. I had an image in my head of people changing their library card every five minutes. ;) It makes sense for them to be national(ish) book gift cards, like the book tokens we get over here, especially since we have some cute illustrations on them too. That’s a shame to hear that you can’t really see the artwork though (in Japan even that is miniature?…*cough*). I guess the extra cost isn’t all that worth it? :/

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Beautiful prints. I think I’m starting to understand why people purchase from multiple stores for these pre-order bonuses. Now to give obligatory statement about “to start praying to the JRPG gods to bring this (and art bonuses) over in some form.”

  • How many hooters do you see in the picture?
    (A) 3
    (B) 1
    (C) 2  

    97.9% can’t pass.

  • PrinceHeir

    that some sexy art :)

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