Have A Burning Question For The Producer Of Dragon’s Dogma?

By Ishaan . July 18, 2011 . 2:01pm

Provided all goes well, Siliconera will be meeting Dragon’s Dogma producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi. We have questions of our own that we’re going to ask Kobayashi-san, but we also want to present questions from our readers.


You can get caught up on all of our posts on Dragon’s Dogma using our tag. We know the Siliconera community is an intelligent audience, which is why we host fan-powered interviews. Let’s stick to this standard. Thoughtful questions about the game’s design and world are encouraged. If you something you want to ask, post it in the comments and we’ll pick some of the best ones to bring up during our interview.


Finally, this goes without saying, but if you’re asking something that you think could be controversial, please make it a point to word it as politely as you possibly can.

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  • Haven’t been following the game, but here’s a good ice breaker for you:

    You usually are behind horror and supernatural games, how does it feel to work on a fantasy epic?

    • Hey that is pretty good! I’m going to use it, thanks :P

      • planetofthemage

        Following up on that, what elements did you draw from your previous experience in making this game?

  • The characters are able to hang onto giant, mythical beasts. Instead of riding beasts to do additional damage, are we going to ride dragons for, say, aerial combat?

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, a question huh. How about:

    What kind of interactions will there be between the party members outside of combat? Perhaps conversations between party members or other NPCs.

    ^ Something along those lines, couldn’t think of a better way to word it. ;D

  • This looks to have both an eastern style (Monster Hunter) and western style (Dragon Age) influence to it.  What inspirations did you draw upon and what were you trying to separate yourself from the most for this title?

  • What is Makoto Ikehara’s involvement with this project?

  • I would like to know more about the online aspect of the game. Will there be region locks (as far as playing with people in other countries)?

  • BGMcDF

    If I buy Dragon’s Dogma, would you consider bringing Sengoku BASARA back to the West? That may drum up a bit of interest in me for the former.

  • how exactly do classes blend traits? And can you say when it is available to players?

    *edit* and is their gender choice and character creation?

  • FireCouch

    How is the gameplay broken down?  As in, what would a regular hour of gameplay play like?  Is it more quest based than story based, or the other way around?

  • I guess this is going down at ComicCon?  

    How extensive is character customization, voice etc?

  • kashiwaba

    How long will it take the ordinary player to beat the game?
    will the melee classes have some unique abilities you know something like special attacks or Just melee attacks like Demon’s souls?
    There will be some towns with NPCs in the game or its too expensive to make HD towns?

  • HolyTemplarKnight

    How extensive are the RPG elements? Are there levels and when you level up, do you increase statistics and learn new abilities? Or are the RPG elements weak?

    How much equipment is there and what types of equipment can we expect to see? For example, are there two handed weapons, maces, hammers, crossbows and different armor types?

    Is there facial customization when creating our character and can we choose the character’s gender and race or do we play as a preset character?

    What is there to do besides the main quest? Are there caves to explore? Side stories to partake in and ancient treasure (probably guarded by vicious creatures) to hunt for?

    Are there different difficulties?

    These are all the questions I have. I’m certainly excited for this game as it appears to be doing something new and it’s a fantasy game where a lot of inspiration has come from Lord of The Rings (so said the developer himself in an interview), the combat looks great as well. I don’t see how this game could fail.

    — The Holy Templar

  • videoman190

    Will it have online co-op or/any online features? (Other than trophies & achievements)

    Are you going to do fan submitted contest on costumes/weapons/etc in the future?

    Will it have multiple endings depending on the decisions you make?

  • epy

    Why is this game no a Breath of Fire sequel?

    Ok, now. For us who enjoyed Demon’s Souls, what would you say is different and original?

  • Ben Tan

    will there be devil may cry cameo weapons?

  • Souji Tendou

    Can we have a Samurai class please?

  • Hmm.. Well, I’ve been following, but I’m worried that I might have missed something in the previous articles, so forgive me if this is already answered:

    Being an open world fantasy, what can you tell me about the story or plot? Is it linear, quest driven, or completely sandbox?

    What are some of the themes that you wanted to focus on for the plot? Or what are some of the themes that you wanted to present through the gameplay? (Revenge? Justice? Love? Loss? etc.)

  • D

    Has the PC community shown its support for this title? Shall we be expecting a PC version soon?

  • DarkWaterClone

    I would like to know if there is any chance for a Vita version? I would gladly play the game on the Vita.

    Not really Dragon’s Dogma related but I know he work on the series. So would Hiroyuki Kobayashi ever like to work on Dino Crisis again? Also if he could work on any Capcom series what would it be. I hope it would be Strider.

    How did the idea of this game come about? Was there many game ideas thrown around & this was the best. What was the thought process for this game? Was there many things you wanted to add right from the start of this game concept or was it more of a work in progress?

    I think it would be great to find out why Capcom green light this game over say making a know game IP already like Breath of Dragon. Like what was the thing that pitching this idea to Capcom made Capcom say wow we really need to make this game.

    Because I for one would like to find out more of the behind the screens stuff over hearing more on why I need this game. Because to me the game looks great & I don’t need to be sold on it.

  • Any chance for Vita and will there be Ninja or Samurai class? :3 hmmm

  • how big will be bestiary?  

    will there be split screen co-op?

    (yeah I know almost no one these days do that :/ )

  • badmoogle

    Is there a new game+ where we can carry all of our equipment,spells etc?

    Also can they reveal who’ll be the composer?

  • Syltique

    I want to know more about how towns work.

    I want to know how equipment works.

    I want to know if you can customize your appearance and gender.

  • Kris

    Where did the inspiration for the grab mechanic come from? Shadow of the Colossus aside, we haven’t seen that many games make use of grabbing, and I was impressed by what it adds to the bigger fights in Dragon’s Dogma (that I played).

    Also, I’m curious as to the ratio of smaller (human-sized or less) enemies to larger ones, like the Griffon.

  • Can certain environments be destroyed? Like trees burning from a magic spell, or uprooted, maybe structures as well?

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