Help Create Soulcalibur V’s Non-Playable CPU Opponents

By Ishaan . July 22, 2011 . 11:33am

The Soulcalibur V development team are letting fans participate in the creation of the non-playable CPU opponents for the game (think of the Quick Battle mode from Broken Destiny). You can fill out a brief questionnaire on this page (they only accept English and Japanese entries), and characters will be created according to the entries of select submissions.


Entries will be accepted until August 5th. You get a Soulcalibur V wallpaper for participating regardless of whether or not your entry gets chosen.


Namco say they won’t be making an official announcement regarding the winning entries, and if there are too many, they’ll pick entries at random. You’ll have to wait until you play the game to find out if your entry made it in as a character or not.


Food for thought:

We didn’t feel this was concrete enough to deserve its own story, but here’s another Twitter tease from director, Daishi Odashima:


You’re tempting me to spill more secrets lol RT @KayaneChan: I hope you are going to announce Xianghua soon!! I am so impatient to see !

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  • nyobzoo

    entered mine

  • None of the answers in Question 3 are anything like how I play SC. xD

  • WHere’s Seung Mina? She was my favorite!

  • raikage

    I wanted to take Lloyds weapon style, but he wasn’t in there.

  • Guest

    Since Namco is collaborating their SC characters with Queens Gate…..I say throw in some Queens Gate characters…

    • mikanko

      Ivy would be happy, finally guest characters who she can share clothing with.  She has the hardest of times finding things in her size.

  • Couldn’t put what the character was mostly like since they forgot to put Lloyd Irving as one of the characters…….

  • About the Food For Thought…

    What plot twist could they create to bring Xianghua back (you know they’d keep her young)? Is nobody allowed to age in this series except Siegfried and Mitsurugi? I hope he’s just hinting at a new character with a similar style.

    • Exkaiser


      Or something silly like that.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised.

        And you’re probably right.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised, but even so, Xianghua being my favorite female character, I think I’d kinda like to see how gracefully she’d age. 

  • Sent my entry in! Hope for the best!

  • Let’s see if a name like Valmos does anything for em.

    • I wonder what they’re looking at more, the name, the nationality, or the fighting style. Valmos is a good name for a fighting game character, by the way.

      • Thank you very much. I actually use the name for cleric or priest characters in games. I’m not really sure, I went with-
        Name: Valmos.
        Nationality: Ukrainian
        Style: Demuth (Fan)
        Hehe, wonder if they’re looking for names or just trying to gather data on liked styles. xD

        • Like styles? I would guess so. It’s not exactly cleverly disguised, but it’ll do it’s job. :P

  • Draparde

    Sent mine in. even if it doesn’t happen it’s still an interesting little thing i usually only hear having happened in japan lol

  • Sent mine in. Hoping he shows up in game!

  • I put a lot of thought into this… I want a Russian character. 8)

    Even though it hurts me to say this, it’s probably better if Xianghua passed the baton. I feel like if she doesn’t age either, then the plot’s going to get a little confusing. Then again, the plot was never really anything I paid special attention to in fighting games. I think I’m just excited to see a new roster.

  • mikanko

    Kayane-chan is an internationally known Xianghua player in tournaments, lately she’s better known for her Chun Li in SF4.  I’m not sure the tweet really means that much.

    While a mature Xianghua would be awesome, I’m hesitant to get my hopes up for what might wind up being a long lost niece with a different hair color something. <.<;

  • MCoelho

    Sent mine in. Hoping for the best!

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