Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Dreamy Theater 2nd Goes On Stage In August

By Ishaan . July 25, 2011 . 9:00am

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Dreamy Theater 2nd will be releasing well ahead of Project Diva Extend — Sega have announced that will be releasing on August 4th. In addition to rendering your vocaloids in high-definition, it also supports 3D displays.


Dreamy Theater 2nd will support edit data, additional songs and modules that are available as add-on content from the PlayStation Network. So far, Sega haven’t mentioned anything about it being compatible with Project Diva Extend.

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  • Christian Wright

    Dreamy Theater Extend will be a physical PS3 release along with Dissidia 3, Monster Hunter 4, Gundam Extreme Vs and maybe God Eater 2. fun to wish isnt it?

  • AzureNova

    My… body…. is….. ready! (Explodes from excitement)

  • Room201

    As much as I like my stuff in HD, Dreamy Theater was something I could never get behind. Yes, the 3D models look better than their PSP counterparts but the mouths (along with the hand/body/facial movements) when they move, they don’t look as distracting as those in Dreamy Theater. Not so much in the slow songs but in the fast ones…they could have done a better lipsync than their usual slow :o to :O.

  • Is it compatible with The [email protected] content?

    • Nope, not compatible at all.  They’ve been attaching that disclaimer to the Japanese updates for months.  A shame, really.

      • Xerain

        I wonder if this could change someday once [email protected] launches on the PS3.

      • BTA

        Wait, really? That’s sorta odd, isn’t it? For some DLC to just not work at all on it?

  • 128bitigor

    So what is Dreamy Theater? Is it just PS3 version of PSP game because this apparently heavy connection between 2 versions kind of confuses me. 

    • It’s a PS3 app that requires you to own a PSP and the corresponding Project Diva game (in this case, Project Diva 2nd). You hook the two systems up via USB and it lets you play PD in high-definition with better quality models and textures. 

      • 128bitigor

        Thanks – that makes sense! Interesting thing actually, more games could use that feature

  • And it’ll cost 3900 Yen. 900 yen more then the previous one. Well it does support 3D but don’t have a 3DTV. Pricing it at 3900 Yen…sometime I hate that 39 theme going on. (I know it stands for Miku but still)

    • It’s not a bad price considering it has all of Dreamy Theater’s content bundled in.  Too bad there’s no discount for people who previously purchased Dreamy Theater.

    • Aoshi00

      3900 yen is quite pricey indeed… I just bought 5000 yen from PlayAsia and it cost me almost $70.. so w/ the PSP game and Dreamy Theater it’s like over $100.. they should’ve just made a PS3 game to begin w/.. I never got the 1st one, you think Dreamy Theater is worth it, being able to play on big TV w/ dual shock 3?

      • Belenger

        Nope, because that’s mostly used for PV showcase and playing it exactly as you did on PSP, just with Diva Arcade gfx, it’s a shame because they could have perfectly ported the Arcade ver rather than going in such a roundabout fashion.

        Plus Extreme difficulty on arcade was incredibly fun compared to how it ended up in Diva 2nd, not to mention the songlist on diva 2nd. :/

        Anyways the best thing that will be for Dreamy Theater 2nd will be the ability to (i hope), play 2nd diva edit songs, user content on the second game was miles better than the stock content.

        Here are two old good examples:

  • Yumii 123

    Anyone here who got actually got Dream Theater? Is it worth buying?
    I’m interested in getting the 2nd, but I liked the first game and songs more than Project Diva 2nd…

    • Then you should be glad to know Dreamy Theater 2nd seems to contain all the songs from the first Dreamy Theater.  Between that and not having to connect your PSP every single time you want to launch the game, there’s no reason to own the first Dreamy Theater anymore.

  • I thought Dreamy Theater 2nd was out months ago 0.0

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