Devil Survivor: Overclocked Is Easier, If You Want It To Be

By Spencer . July 29, 2011 . 2:35am

imageAtlus clarified the news about multiple difficulty levels in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked. Players can start the game in easy mode, which was designed for strategy RPG newcomers.


For Shin Megami Tensei fans, Devil Survivor: Overclocked has a demon compendium with detailed information about the creatures in your COMP. The configuration menu has a couple of tweaks too. Players can turn voice acting on and off and adjust message speed.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is locked for release on August 23.


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  • I love easy modes in RPGs because not all of us have the patience or the ability to enjoy the titles on normal or hard difficulties. Atlus is at the forefront of making JRPGs appealing to all people with these options. The best part is that they don’t cut any content for those who play them on easier difficulties. Most RPGs that have easier difficulties cut out content or just make the player feel inferior. That’s just not right.

  • urbanscholar

    easy? Sorry my SMT experiences are from normal & upwards. Anything else wouldn’t be them the game proper. Devil Survivor wasn’t all that difficult from my experience with it anyway.

    • I guess I will play it on normal. I havent played Atlus games on easy in awhile, well Catherine on this first playthrough, though P3P on normal, which was challenging yet fun. 

    • MadHierophant

      The only way to play it right is to have fun. Not everyone needs to suffer so elitist gamers can feel good about themselves.

  • Saraneth

    Is there an extra-hard difficulty? After getting used to the strategies during the first play-through I kind of want even more difficulty. I’m a masochist, I know.

    • Moriken

      I want that!

  • Juho Vuolo

    After the Lucifer, I have absolutely no need for any harder difficulty with this game. Dear God.

  • I only have real trouble near the end, but it is nice to have easy for if I just want to do a story run.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    That’s good.  I’m the kind of person who plays through the beginner mode first to really enjoy a game, then take on the hard mode in my second playthrough.

  • XypherCode

    I already had a hard time playing it the first time :P

  • Although it’s a lot harder than most SRPGs, they really could’ve just done with levelling the difficulty spikes a bit. The fight with the vampire bel (which relied on AI) and the final boss spring to mind.

  • KeyCross

    Normally I always play on “normal” or higher difficulty levels. I still remember those days where playing in easy only rewards you with 

    “Congratulations, now play on normal!”

    or you need to play at least in normal to unlock the secret stages and get the best ending…

    At least it´s good to know that they made the game more friendly for those who don´t have the time to reset again and again the same stage.

  • Bunzi

    Good to see the Compendium come back.

    I’m not familiar with the difficulty changes in other RPGs. What factors are typically tweaked for difficulty’s sake in an Atlus game?

    • Nothing too drastic.  Good example being Trauma Center, may make GUILT weaker and patients drop in health slower but you still face similar events in an operation and still treat everything the same.

  • the good thing with an easy setting is that it really cuts through some of the necessary grinding required to be able to beat this game comfortably on normal. and some boss fights really are not very comfy fights. IIRC, the final boss fight was a total drag, even with well built teams. it just keeps on whittling you down, so you need to be powerful enough to dish serious damage, fast.

    plus, an easy setting is friendlier to the story–there’ll be little need for grinding, so no downtime when you’re getting excited about what happens next. :)

  • I’m definitely not new to strategy RPGS, but boy do I need to play on Easy Mode for this game. To this day I’m still stuck on the regular Devil Survivor. I can blast through Fire Emblems, but not this…

    • Likewise. Baldur is a huge goddamn difficulty spike for me.

      • Saraneth

        It’s not so bad if you have the right strategy. You know those enemy groups that Beldr keeps respawning? He doesn’t do that if you leave one member of each group alive. I just killed the other two members and used drain on the group leader. Beldr wasn’t too bad after that.

    • LynxAmali

      Yuzu’s route, apparently the easiest, is awful.

      “OK so I’m fighting level 40s…Let’s hit the end game.”
      “Holy Crap! Level 60 grunts!”

    • Guest

      Agreed. Fire Emblem is challenging at times but it’s always fair. I think Devil Survivor had design flaws and was cheap at times. Some people like that sorta thing and it makes em feel better about themselves which is fine but when the say things like “SMT experiences are from normal & upwards’ it annoys me.

    • Same here.

  • Wow and here I thought Devil Survivor was the easiest SMT game…seems I was wrong, personally the game was pretty easy and fun but looking at how people seem to have/had problems with it, it’s probably the best that way~

  • I heard that one of the issues of Devil Survivor, gameplay-wise, was that the game was programmed to stop you from leveling past a certain level, and it made some bosses incredibly difficult if you didn’t have the absolute perfect set of monsters for things or something. It’s been a while since I heard it, but I think that’s initially what put me off from getting Devil Survivor when it came out.

    If they put in an Easy Mode into this, then maybe that isn’t just a baseless claim. I think I’ll still be trying to get this, though.

    • Stop…from leveling past a certain level?


      They have Anti-grinding, but that’s it…If you’re 5 levels over, the EXP gets deducted. And that’s only in the first playthrough.

  • This will make multiple playthroughs go by quicker.

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