Square Enix Revive True Crime: Hong Kong With A Phoenix Down

By Ishaan . August 1, 2011 . 1:32pm

Earlier this year, Activision cancelled a game called True Crime: Hong Kong, in development at United Front Studio, who are known for their work on ModNation Racers. True Crime: Hong Kong followed the story of Detective Wei Shen, attempting to infiltrate a Triad in Hong Kong.


That game has now been picked up by Square Enix London Studios, and is still in development at United Front under the eye of its new publisher. Square Enix London Studios are also supervising Heroes of Ruin for the Nintendo 3DS and worked with Rocksteady to publish Batman: Arkham Asylum.


In an interview with Gamasutra, Square Enix London Studios general manager, Lee Singleton, reveals that Square Enix haven’t purchased the True Crime brand itself. True Crime: Hong Kong will be released under a new name, but details as to when it will be released and what it will be called haven’t been announced.


True Crime: Hong King is heavy on story. Back in May, we leaked pages from its script, describing a few short scenes from the game, including an interesting scene of Wei visiting an acquaintance in prison. If you want to get a feel for the game’s story, you can read those here.

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  • If only Square-Enix would use a Phoenix Down on the Chrono series.

    • Lich King

       I agree!

    • Threads of Fate for me.

      • They had the setup for it and everything. I still hold out hope for it, or at least that the IP is transferred to someone who will do something with it…

    • This, this this and a thousand times this. Being a later player of the Chrono series (Got CTrigger for my DS this may, I had to play Chrono Cross in a not-so-legal-manner), I am both fascinated and dazzled as to why can a series this great be forgotten like this.

      Both games definitely rose up high in my favorite games of all time list. And there are so many fans out there craving for a sequel…

    • If only Square-Enix would use a Phoenix Down on TWEWY and make that sequel.

    • With SE’s tendency to outsource and value graphics over game design, I’d rather wait a few more years.

      • ShinGundam

        And I thought the graphics were part of the game design :o

      • Most of Square’s releases this generation have been on portables where graphics are hardly a concern. The rest didn’t necessarily prioritize graphics over game design so much as them simply having questionable design choices in general. I’ve seen butt-ugly games with horrendous design.

        Besides, development these days is highly specialized. The folks working on a game’s graphics would likely have little say in the overall design of the game. Their job encompasses making a game as pretty as possible. If anything it means that at least one arm of the development team did their job well.

    • Vagrant Story! Ivalice! Do something substantial with that series.

      And let’s not forget about the SaGa series too!

      • Kibbitz

        I’ll pass on SaGa and Ivalice, but will definitely welcome Vagrant Story.

    • If only Square-Enix would use a Phoenix Down on Kingdom Hearts 3.

      • neocatzon

        It’s not even born yet! O_O

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Odd, because I remember a game that still appeared awfully rough for how far along it was. Can’t imagine anyone picking such a title off the dead pile, unless it is all but done.

    Certainly seems destined to be a budget title.

    • Guest

      go away

      • No, you go away troll.

        • Guest

          NO U

  • Mmmm… Sweet ;)

  • I will get this and pretend I’m playing Shenmue

  • kupomogli

    Square Enix has totally redeemed themselves, thanks to Eidos.  I’m glad we’re finally going to see this game.

  • Regardless of what people say, the ones at Square-Enix are still trying to do good while Bobby Kotick only wants to see bland games to become dominant.

  • WOOOO!!! I love you square Enix!

  • Guest

    Yeah muthafugga!!

  • I wish they would release/make more of their OWN games instead of everyone else.

    Not too convinced with True Crime Hong Kong tho. I haven’t seen much of it but it is odd that the game was canned. It’s a freaking True Crime game.

    • Guest

      You don’t think Guitar Hero series being canned was a bit weird?

      • Nope and I am happy to say I never bought/contributed to a Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or DJ Hero.

        • although I just picked up DJ hero and love the drums at a few parties  that had Rock Band, I respect your decisions. Dj hero is hard but though, so I give my full respect to it.

        • Guest

          Thats not the point. I could care less you bought it. My point was they abruptly cancelled a popular cash cow franchise

          • If you spent some time reading about the series, it got canned due to oversaturation of the market(really, 3 games in a year?) and the series getting really stale, thus why Dj Hero and Band Hero got ignored by many due to the attachment of the hero name. So, don’t go saying it was a sudden thing unless you want to keep sounding ignorant as you have been as of the late.

          • Guest

            FPS and sports game are oversaturated as well but they sell just like GH and DJ hero sold. Even if everyone and your grandma knew they were oversaturated, it still came to as a shock to many since they sell. Thats like cancelling Pokemon or Call of Duty.

            This game was pretty much finished so it wasnt as much of a shock but still it had release dates and everything. And like you said, it was a “True Crime” game so it had a following but my point is DJ & GH had ten times that following.
            So point your ignorant finger back at yourself pookie

          • Way to be ignorant as usual… The reason it was no surprise was because people were fed up with how much guitar hero games were coming out with new apparels coming out with every other released game. People just kept wishing it was DLC over more and more full price games bombarding the market every 3-4 months. The reason FPS and Pokemon(and similar games) don’t get canned is because of variety, huge following(like you thing guitar hero had) and they only come out once a year or every other year, thus giving people some time to save a penny for the next release vs getting nuked like they did with Guitar Hero.

    • CheckEmBrah

      “it is odd that the game was canned.”

      Activision hates video games. Is this really news to you?

  • Hexen

    Nice play S.E.

  • Canceled the game before, and I had it ordered, and this ticks me off.

  • SolNeko

    glad to see square picking up some free roamers, i loved just cause 2 :P

    • played just cause 2 too, and it turned out pretty good.

  • mikedo2007

    Yep and I bet Square Enix will probably add androgynous characters, giant swords, zipper and belts, and maybe an RPG-style gameplay.  I wonder if your character defeat a bad guy, will the Final Fantasy victory music play for True Crime.

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