Chaos;Head Maker Nitro+ Goes Multiplatform With Robotic;Notes

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 4:48pm

imageThis week’s issue of Famitsu brings us news about Robotics;Notes, a visual novel from 5pb and Nitroplus. While most of 5pb’s titles are for Xbox 360, Robotics;Notes will be multiplatform.


A PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release is planned for spring 2012.


For more about Robotics;Notes check out our interview with 5pb’s executive director Chiyomaru Shikura.

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    • Aoshi00

      It’s definitely better to play on consoles w/ trophies/achievement :)  I played Steins;Gate on my 360 and now I’m watching the anime on blu-ray on my PS3.. I’ll give Dunamis 15 on PS3 a try.. been too used to playing VNs on my 360..  Looking forward to both games.  The 3rd Science adventure is going to be epic!


      • Yeah, maaan i cant wait to see what it will be about! xD

        • Aoshi00

          From 5pb it should be awesome.. I hope the 3D models won’t be cheap looking though if that’s the graphics they’re using (like Ever 17 remake seems to be)..  I just saw the movie Source Code over the weekend, it was pretty awesome too :)

          Dunamis 15/Robotic;Notes/Instant Brain (though that’s no on PS3), not doubt they’d be amazing :)

          • Yeah, i cant say i dont welcome the change, but they didnt looked thaaat good, still, its from the ” ; ” series so wth!!!

          • Aoshi00

            You’re right, it is the “;” series so can’t be missed no matter what :)… I might get Ever17 later too if reviews say it’s good… the music is done by Steins;Gate composer too.. just a little hard to get over the new 3D graphics… which still remains to be seen..

  • I’d much rather see the headline nitro+ goes global and releases some of their damn games in other countries. I’d step over my own mother for steins;gate in english.

    • They just released Demonbane, and they have 5 more titles up for releasing in English.

      • solbalmung

        Im not talking about the official Nitro+ USA branch translating Steins;Gate , Im talking about a FAN Translation project made by fans for fans….

      • I had a really hard time finding out much about demonbane. I found out where to buy it which is cool, but does it have a good story worth experiencing or is the focus eroge?

        • Dokurochan

          Demonbane has an amazing story that is a mix of shounen and Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos meaning it is filled with action and comedy as well as dark and grim moments. There is 11 h-scenes which seems like a lot but seeing as it takes around 40 hrs to fully complete and the h-scenes only takes up about an hour or 2 of the game.

        • There is tons of information, reviews, summaries, everything about the title, Checked wikipedia example? The rest is super easy to find using google. 

          Example here is one, took 10 seconds to find:

        • Moriken

          Nitro+ titles usually have decent to awesome stories, no sex romps ‘_’; (although there is enough ero in them). I haven’t read the Demonbane titles yet, though.
          Interestingly even their newly announced PC title is all ages…Kikokugai got an all ages PC remake…I wonder if they’re planning to stop doing eroge because their console games are unexpectedly successful for visual novels.

        • SolidusSnake

          Ya, Demonbane is good, I just finished it. It’s basically a hot blooded super robot fighting story with horror motifs. It does have sex scenes, although they are not very frequent.

    • solbalmung

      Theres an ongoing fan translation project for Steins;Gate, so you can step over your mother now 8D !! Jkin ofc :3 

  • Dear Nitroplus & 5pb., 
    Yours in Christ, 

    • Aoshi00

      lol, I’ve always thought the ; btwn the title was weird.. and as Christina pointed out, it’s a German word + an Eng word :)  oh well.. at least the meaning Steins;Gates makes sense in the game, and very meaningful by the end of the game..

      • I’m curious how “Stone Gate” is meaningful in a game about time travel.

        • Aoshi00

          It sounds random and trivial at first, which it does, since it’s just a meaningless term made up by Okabe the mad scientist that sounds cool.  But when you’re done w/ the game, the meaning is very epic *.*…  Steins;Gate is epic!  If you’re watching the anime, you’ll find out soon… it’s good that this is on PS3 too since most 360 VN ports only end up on PSP so far..

          Whether the semicolon is contrived or not, the adventure series is really something (I have yet to finish Chaos;Head Noah though..) So the expectation for Robotic;Gates should be pretty high…

        • @aoshi00:disqus And everytime he mentions steins;gate the kanjis that appear are translated to “door of destiny” :3

  • At least I can import this one and play it. Now to solve the not being able to read Japanese problem.


    I hope this one gets an iPad release to go with the other games.

  • Horay, but even if i import the ps3 version, I cant read or understand Japanese, and you kinda need that knowledge for a story-heavy visual novel. 

    • That’s okay you can make up the dialogues as you play along and have fun that’s what I did with a lot of japanese games I used to play but somehow I ended up giving them hentai stories wonder why…

      • Lol. I never thought of it that way. Coming up and guessing the dialogue for the characters. Although i curious how the idea for a hentai story popped in your mind. lol

        • It wasn’t really that hard take a female character sprite, a male character sprite, then walk around and when they talk go all like: “yo girl I know I look girlier than you (classic japanese main character design) but let’s get it on in the next black screen while the game loads” and then go on and on and eventually there would be a cg or something that suggests your story idea is going well

          • FHOIW

            Ingenious, mate. I salute thee.

      • Historiata

        Do you do that same thing with regular books? O:

        • If it’s in a language I can even barely read I guess so, but it doesn’t really start as a hentai it can be a gag manga, like I did with the first volume of Death Note and the people who got misteriously punched in the chest by an invisible hand.

          • Historiata

            That doesn’t exactly explain what you do with ‘regular’ books…

          • lol well if there’s no imagery  I might as well just grab a blank page and create my own story , that’s why I leave regular books alone.

  • sandra10

    Not on the Vita as well? That’s a little strange, isn’t it? Or are their games just ported to handhelds later on?

    • Darkrise

      They usually make handheld ports after the home console ones.

  • Darkrise

    Overseas release for your semi-colon series please. =)

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :)

    will try to import this :D

    i still need to buy that Mamorukun game on PS3 T___T

    More info from recent scans. The PokeCom Trigger system is basically a jump from messages on phones to Twitter and AR on a tablet.

  • Moriken

    Hopefully they’ll port it to the PC too, like they did with Steins;Gate *_* (since poor me still can’t afford a new TV + a current gen console -_-)

  • niowwanke

    Not being announced for Vita. I think that i have to enjoy this series on my colleague console who has Xbox 360 with dual console. 

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