Another Episodic Final Fantasy Game Finished

By Spencer . August 8, 2011 . 1:06am

imageSquare Enix just released the last episode of Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness. Like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the finale was split into two parts. In the penultimate chapter, the light and darkness heroes meet for the first time and face four generals from the Avalon Empire. "Direction of the World" has both groups united ready to battle the Avalon Empire while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


The first chapter of Final Fantasy Legends came out in Japan as a mobile phone download in September 2010 with subsequent episodes released each month. Now that the game is complete maybe Square Enix will localize it? A few months ago Takashi Tokita the producer of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years said packaging episodic games into retail titles, similar to manga being released into novels, could be a new business model.


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  • I just hoped that it gets ported ala FFIV:CC.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Frankly, even without a port, there’s not much excuse for not releasing these types of games these days, what with smartphones becoming more common and all. It was understandable back when Japanese mobile phones were generally superior, but that gap doesn’t exist anymore.

  • i do hope this comes to the states!!

    i really really want to play this!!

  • Bring it, I just have too much of this darn “money” thing. Packaged would be good though, never been able to get on board the episodic wagon. That and I strongly prefer the physical media.

    I’m so behind the times.

  • I bought FF IV Complete, so I already did my part. Now hopefully SE gets the message and packs these episodes into a single retail game like they did with the aforementioned game.

    *Waits patiently*

    C’mon SE, you know you want to :3

  • Oni123

    Can we skip the Wii episodic version and just get the psp or 3DS one this time =O?

  • Oh I hope they release this game in NA and Europe. :<

  • kupomogli

    I’m another one who bought Final Fantasy 4 Complete Collection, but the main draw of it was Final Fantasy 4.  The After Years, or atleast what I’ve played of it so far(I’m trying to work my way through it,) is just boring.  If it wasn’t based on FF4 I don’t think I’d have played as much as I have.  So far I’ve completed two chapters and can’t say I’ve enjoyed any of it.  Prologue was decent though.

    If this episodic Final Fantasy is the quality of what I’ve so far played of The After Years, then I don’t care whether it’s ported or not.

    • I think the problem with The After Years was that some characters (the new ones) were dull and that in turn made the whole game dull. FFIV held up incredibly well though, definitely one of my favorite FF games.

      • That had to do mostly with the episodic nature of the game, in it’s original state, no? I mean, in small chunks, you don’t get to know the characters that well, nor do you get a real sense on how underdeveloped they actually were:P

      • Ryos

        TAY had a couple interesting bits but like you said, the new characters are incredibly dull and uninspired.  I think in the end that it turned out decently because of what happens in the last few chapters, but a lot of the early stuff is tedious.  It wouldn’t be so bad in spurts (like the original episodic nature), but marathoning the whole thing doesn’t hold up nearly as well as the original.

        This seems a bit more interesting but after TAY, I can’t really say I’m yearning to see it here in a compilation form. I’d still get it though… :P

  • Omikuji

    I will fling so much money at this if it did indeed get ported to overhere, because I have been diiiieing for this game since it was announced ;~; I really liked the After Years (honest to gwad I’m not sure why, I even like the new characters and thought they fit really well into the story and world of FFIV well. I bought CC for honestly the After Years, since course FFIV I went through first because gotta play all them FFIV that come out..)

     I will buy it if it was to come out, even for the wii. I just… really wanna be able to play it. I’m such a sucker for the style that FFIV:tAY did, make the teams your own and have at it in the final chapter and the characters… gehhh take my money square, I donno how you keep making me throw money at you but you clearly make games I waaaant ;~;

  • Barrylocke89

    I can see an episodic version potentially working in America too, but it’d be better for them to put it on a mobile format, not Wiiware like FFIV: After Years was at first. I did actually get about half of the episodes (but then I got sidetracked, and eventually the PSP version was announced). 

  • I dig the idea of packaging these downloadable, faux-retro (or “Throwback”, i guess) episodic games into retail. Whatever gets more games onto systems over here. Also, more stuff like 4 Heroes of Light. I can understand the hate some people threw at Matrix’s last DS Final Fantasy, but it was still a really cool game and largely successful at reviving the feeling of the classic FFs. I really wanna see Square attempt that more often.

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