Deus Ex: Human Revolution Stealth Edited For Japan

By Spencer . August 8, 2011 . 2:40am

imageSquare Enix noted the Japanese version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a few edits from the North American release.


During one cutscene a character’s organs are exposed and a sexual object was removed from one of the game’s fields. Both of these cuts were made because display of this material is prohibited in Japan. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still rated CERO Z in Japan, which is similar to an adult’s only rating in the United States.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out on September 8, two weeks after its launch in North America. The Japanese version has a little extra content on disc. The pre-order bonuses, weapons and additional missions, will be included in the Japanese release. Square Enix also added an English voice track as a bonus for the PlayStation 3 version only. Neither version has English text, however.

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  • Removal of a sexual object? I thought the Japan are used to seeing them due to the overkill of hentai games.

    • Ben Tan

      by removal i think they meant pixels

    • Eric Chan

      That’s an extremely ignorant comment…

    • Guest

      Your ignorance hurts.

      Everyone and their mother knows that Japanese porn is censored.

      So how exactly are they used to seeing genitals/sexual objects?

      • So looking at genitals of an adult is wrong it’s okay to put children in hentai games and harem anime? Double standard.

        Plus, most hentai image might be uncensored.

        • Guest

          Well you can thank America for this silly law.

          They are world leaders when it comes to double standards and want to share them with the whole world.

          I don’t understand what your last sentence is supposed to mean.

    • First Last

      You do realise the vast majority of Japanese do not play ‘hentai games’ and the like, right?

    • mikedo2007

      Japan has an odd double standard law.  They have problem with graphic violence in video game and it get censored, but yet when movies like Takeshi Miike’s film has the same graphic violence, it doesn’t get censored at all. I do agree the genital censorship is just ridiculous, because Japan is used to hentai and ecchi stuff, how is showing a genital any different. 

  • ::censored::

    But god damn This is going to be going up against a Nambandai game, It’s not gonna end well.  D:

  • AJ

    What do you mean sexual object?

  • thaKingRocka

    “display of this material is prohibited in Japan?”
    In video games only? Could you elaborate a bit on this, please?

    • I believe this is due to CERO’s guidelines. Even with a CERO-Z rating some graphic depictions of violence are prohibited. The edits are vaguely detailed, probably to prevent spoilers, so it’s unclear how gory this scene is.

      • thaKingRocka

        I guess CERO is simply a less permissive organization than that found in other media. Oh well. It’s still better than changing “holy” to “pearl.” :P

  • Bunzi

    So /that’s/ why Nine Hours only had nondescript shots of bloody walls for each corpse.

    It still seems kind of silly, though. Sure, we have can corpses, and stomach bombs, and we can paint an extremely vivid picture with words, but God forbid somebody drawing an organ or shattered rip. 

    Mortal Kombat’s got no shot in Japan, I suppose.

    • even without the violence, I doubt MK would ever do well in Japan >_>

      • darkfox1

        Wait Mortal Kombat is not in Japan?

    • mikedo2007

      I don’t think MK has a chance, unless if it was publish by a famous Japanese companies like Capcom or Square Enix or if Capcom does a MK VS SF (which maybe a problem because of Japan’s issue with graphic violence), then it might sell in Japan.

  • Is this a recent regulation? Snatcher on the PC Engine (old, I know) had uncensored shots of decapitation and canine mutilation, for example.

  • darkfox1

    Has this law always been there in Japan? I’ve been visiting Sankakucomplex for a while (don’t judge me lol) and it seems some guy Ishihara I believe his name is, and he is like ruining stuff like Hentai Manga and how their disputed censorship etc.  Like everyone hates him. I think if I were to live there I wouldn’t like him either. Someone want to tell me more about him? And does he affect decisions like this?

    • Azuku

      Last I heard, Ishihara was putting heavier restrictions on “inappropriate” anime and manga. The restrictions would put non-pornographic material that contained content considered inappropriate at the same level as porn. The restrictions wouldn’t actually effect hentai at all, since those are already 18+.

      The problem most people had with the law was that it didn’t specify what was worthy of restriction. Consequently, manga that contained mature themes, without actually being explicit, could technically be considered porn. Meaning the law could effect everything from Queen’s Blade to Goodnight Punpun, or really whatever lawmakers wanted it to. I will admit I haven’t heard of any recent developments, so something may have changed.

      With regards to Deus Ex, and taking Spencer’s comment into account, this sounds like something done to appease CERO? So it’s not so much that anything would be illegal, just that it would be refused classification, which would probably hurt sales, which I can’t imagine will be all that great in Japan anyway.
      Honestly though, if you want legitimate news, Sankaku is probably the worst place to go. I’m not saying it should be avoided like the plague or anything, just that they have a tendency to overstate and embellish things a lot, so treat anything they have to say appropriately.

      • You mean the ban that did nothing than backfire on him? That thing is long forgotten I’d say, this was done because the Japanese just like to cut out or censor some things in games, we may not get it but hey, it’s not like we need the Japanese version~

        • Azuku

          I did say I hadn’t heard anything about it in a while, so it’s entirely possible everything worked itself out.

          As for game censorship, I’m sure there are things that are more likely to get censored in games simply due to cultural differences, but publishers seem to really like jumping the gun on censoring things. I’m mainly thinking of Bethesda removing the Nuke from Megaton for Japan only.

          Interesting note, apparently Infamous (and Infamous 2) got a CERO Z rating, while Modern Warfare 2 got a CERO D.

          • mikedo2007

            Yeah Infamous CERO Z-rating was the reason I can tell Japan and US are no different when it comes to game rating.  Infamous CERO Z-rating is no different from Persona getting an M-rating where in Japan it get a T-rating (CERO B and C).

          • Aoshi00

            Catherine is also rated Cero C in Jpn but M here, I suppose one reason is the explicit cursing in the Eng ver there are parts the F-bombs just fly (which do fit and intensify the dialogue :)..  Nier Replicant and Heavy Rain were also toned down a notch to Cero D instead of Z.. Nier bleeped out the cursing (text and audio, some of Kaine’s lines are like &#[email protected] so up to players’ imagination) and Heavy Rain censored some frontal nudity.. Gears in Jpn kept Cero Z so decapitation was left in unlike RE4.. as long as something isn’t overly censored and doesn’t take away the atmosphere, I don’t think it’s too big a deal..

          • mikedo2007

            Yeah Japan censorship is somewhat ridiculous from time to time. I wish Heavy Rain was uncensored in Japan, that game might have sold like in 100,000 if they have left the frontal nudity intact.

      • darkfox1

        Thanks for that very detailed information. It helped clear things up a bit. And yeah I noticed that sankaku likes to overhype things and i’m pretty sure everything isn’t 100% right. I go there for the bizarre stories and etc. Also some comments make me laugh. Thanks again Azuku really appreciate it. :D

  • Jeez. Hitting DX3 with a CERO-Z rating? That’s not cool. Figured Japan would be all over it; it’s practically the same kinda thing as Ghost in the Shell. But now, hardly anyone will play it.

    Granted, considering it’s an FPS AND a Western RPG, I’m sure it never would’ve been a huge success in Japan anyway. But still…

  • PrinceHeir

    “The pre-order bonuses, weapons and additional missions, will be included in the Japanese release. Square Enix also added an English voice track as a bonus for the PlayStation 3 version only. Neither version has English text, however.”

    godly O______O

    aoshi kun import this now!!!! :P

    already pre-ordered my Augmented Edition(from gamestop so i only get the exclusive mission) kinda wish they just put all the content for those who bought it early(kinda like the Cerberus Network from Mass Effect 2)

    does japan have augmented edition of the game????

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