Key’s Little Busters! Converted Edition To See PlayStation Vita Release

By Ishaan . August 14, 2011 . 10:29am

In 2009, Japanese developer, Prototype, ported Key’s popular Little Busters! visual novel to the PlayStation 2, in the form of Little Busters! Converted Edition. This game is now being ported to the PlayStation Vita as well, Prototype announced this week at their “Prototype Fan Appreciation Day 2011" event.


The Vita port will contain a few new features, such as higher resolution visuals (even better than the original PC version, Prototype said), and the ability to play the mini-games using the Vita touchscreen. No release date for Little Busters! Converted Edition has been announced yet.

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  • malek86

    The original was 800×600, while this one should be 960×544. Not a mind-blowing difference, but still good to see that they are making the effort instead of simply porting it.

    • Guest

      I dont care about resolution. Increase the frames of animation

  • Every day the PS Vita keeps getting further and further from the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Seems who will have the larger game library is showing up. I look forward to these epic portable wars. But seriously, the 3ds is hurting with that region-lock. I would really consider buying it if it weren’t for that.

    • Ryos

      Considering how overwhelmingly popular the PSP is in Japan and how, well, lackluster the 3DS is, the generation is Sony’s to lose on the portable front.  Though it sort of depends globally since we all know how the PSP fares there…

    • Seems like the similar amount of announcements 3DS got in its launch time frame.
      Of course with TGS and Sony’s handheld popularity in Japan I do think companies are going to focus on this one but you never know it could be a draw in a way.

      • Frankly I enjoy the competition. I want both the 3ds and Vita to do their best. The better one does the better the other one will want to do. I really want the 3ds to get rid of region lock though. Its really a turn off for me. That and the use once again of friend codes. Sometimes I feel nintendo is going backwards with some features.

        As for the PS Vita I really look forward to what can be accomplished with it. It will be interesting to see what they do as well with the psp engine for bringing existing psp titles to the PS3.

  • I’m probably in the minority, but I could never get into Key.
    In regards to LB, I was simply too frustrated by how nonsensical the routes were. No, not talking about comedy, but how meaningless and empty everything felt after playing through the routes. Of course, that is to say, I haven’t played through the untranslated parts…

    • Not the only one, there was a similar thread about Key earlier this year~
      I can’t stand their stories and even less their characters, I’d say Little Busters was Ok, but I agree with you it felt that so much was lacking.

      • I actually haven’t touched much of KEY until recently, so I don’t think I really checked the thread out then.

        Anyways, I understand that the game essentially revolved around the four childhood friends… but it bothered me how essentially ALL non-important characters that came after […well, I guess you gotta have girls for a genre like this…] disappeared outside their own routes.
        It was like they were killed off, haha. Then again, I did get some of the points that they tried to offer, but… it was not something that like mattered. Oh well, I’ll probably finish it when the rest has been translated, since the only thing that can save something like this is the true route. *shrugs*

    • Crimson_Cloud

      I have to agree. While I love Key games, with their entertaining characters, storytelling and good humor, their endings are sometimes too bittersweet and unfulfilling. Clannad had better ending resolutions with an hearwarming feeling while Little Busters! was just… heavily lacking towards the end.

  • fanoultimate

    Is just matter of time, till some eroges jump into PSV… the touchscreen and touchpad have so much potential for a eroge

    • malek86

      They used to say that about the DS too… but, aside from that weird Majo Shinpan game (which didn’t even sell much), there wasn’t really anything.

      Maybe this time we’ll get luckier?

    • Mister_Nep

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Playing Baseball on Vita Touchscreen?
    If there’s an extra Baseball-Mode to be unlocked within the game,
    i would so buy it purely out of that Mode.

    The BGM, the baseball, and Rin’s squeals if you hit her.
    Everything combined is a maximum WANT

  • Never heard of this game before but its unfortunate that this game probably wont be localize out of Japan since most Western gamers never heard of visual novels except Phoenix Wright and a few other. Like to try this game without having to learn Japanese.

    • Dokurochan

      The pc version has a fan translation over on tlwiki

  • Yukito

    Key…. I love them. I want their visual novels localized. They have become pretty big in the anime world for Angel Beats and Clannad now.

  • I don’t know why, but I thought this game already had a PSP port – I know most of Key’s other titles do.  Man, I really hope Vita doesn’t get region-locked.

  • That large HD-ish screen is going to make the Vita incredibly popular for VNs

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