Disgaea 3 Return Transfer Student Is More Of A Delinquent Than Raspberyl

By Spencer . August 17, 2011 . 2:35pm

Disgaea 3 Return for PlayStation Vita includes all of the downloadable content plus four new scenarios each with a different lead character. Nippon Ichi revealed one of them today, which stars a transfer student that’s an even "worse" student than Raspberyl. In the Netherworld, bad is good and vice-versa so Raspberyl’s perfect class attendance and straight A’s brand her as a delinquent.


Raspberyl, meet your match. Rumor has it a new transfer student paid her tuition and board *gasp* early. Ruchiru comes from the human world, she’s half human and half nekomata. (I guess that makes her a quarter cat?)


dis3r1 dis3r2


Since she’s from the human world, Ruchiru (left) doesn’t know much about the Netherworld. The 15-year old girl has a gentle personality and comes off as the kind of person you can trust when you meet her. Stella Grossular (right) is a teacher from Ruchiru’s school. While she is 1,657 years old, Stella is often mischievous and can be childish. She has a slime and a zombie as pets.


Disgaea 3 Return will also utilize the front and rear touch panels, but Famitsu doesn’t explain how. You’ll want to check out their article which is peppered with pictures of revised character portraits (they’re more animated) and Tera tier spells. All the way in the bottom, the site hints that the Masked Hero class from Disgaea 4 may be in the game too. The Masked Hero class is in Disgaea 3 already.

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  • A cute cat Loli and a damn hot evil teacher, huh? Ok people seriously who read the wishlist in my diary?!

    • Finally NIS made a named character related to Nekomata. I was hoping for one since I saw how Asuka and Kyoko look like non-generic versions of Samurai and Ninja classes. Nekomata is my favorite monster class, see.

      But a Neko-Loli in Sailor Fuku? Totally didn’t see that coming~ And a washboard Loli at that – once again.

      • Historiata

        Flat is justice!

    • FireCouch

      That’s a scary diary.

  • They look like they can be Touhou characters (look it up).

  • IsaacGravity

    …Didn’t the Masked Hero class originate from Disgaea 3 to begin with?

    • Ah, you’re right! I’ve been playing so much Disgaea 4 I forgot.

      • Youre playtesting D4 already?! Please do tell when to expect it, I want to know how great the experience is! please!

        • I’ve been playing it, but you’ll probably hear about Deus Ex: Human Revolution first!

          • glemtvapen

            How good is the supposed map editor? Passable? Or is the whole creative system stunted?

  • Tommy Lee

    Nekomatas are bakenekos who were able to grow tails long enough that they split in two. Bakenekos are cats who have lived 100 years, weigh 3.75 kilograms, or are allowed to grow long tails. In other words… something that looks like Blazblue’s Jubei.

  • Ruchiru comes from the human world, she’s half human and half nekomata.
    (I guess that makes her a quarter cat?)

    Could be. She’s got only one tail, after all.

    • Historiata

      What would someone three-quarters-cat look like?

  • No peta tier skills?! *Sad face*. Oh well, Ill get this indeed.

    • Sal

      Atleast we get Tera tier.

  • AzureNova

    Meow =^_^=

  • Locklear93

    “the Masked Hero class from Disgaea 4 may be in the game too.”

    …the Masked Hero class was in Disgaea 3 in the first place.  Unlocks with a level 45 gunner/gunslinger and thief.

  • i told myself i wasnt going to get a vita at launch… but this is making it really difficult…

  • I am loving these two already.

  • AzureNova

    She is the real Nyan Cat =^_^=

  • Yu_TheKing

    Ruchiru is so adorable, I wonder what her attacks will be like.

  • LastFootnote

    This all looks terrific. It’s really nice that they’re adding extra scenarios even beyond the Raspberyl chapters, and with new unique characters to boot! Hopefully it’ll be released in North America. I’m also hoping that they’ll somehow refactor the game mechanics so that defense stats actually matter for the late-game content, but I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes too high for that.

  • MarkMario

    I can hug?

  • Ok NIS now you´re making it hard for me. Having bought a Disgaea 3 for PS3 and some of the DLC along with Rasberryls extra chapters I´ve spent a good amount of time and money on Disgaea 3.

    Now you´re telling me you´re going to release it again with all the old DLC bundled into the game and even more new stuff?

    Oh boy. For some odd reason now the PSP Vita sounds a bit more tempting…

  • Historiata

    In all honesty, I wasn’t at all excited about the Vita, but it really is looking like a nice addition to my happy game family now.

    I also think Ruchiru’s design is on the simple side, but it plays off of the schoolgirl uniform and nekomimi look surprisingly well. (´∀` )

  • Great. Time to throw away Disgaea 3 PS3, and get for Vita.

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