Record Of Agarest War Marriage Has Three Generations, One With A Female Lead

By Spencer . April 3, 2012 . 3:04am

agarem1Compile Heart and Gifu based developer Felistella are creating Record of Agarest War Marriage. While the PSP title sounds like a dating sim, it plays like a regular RPG… well as regular as a game can be with Soul Breeding.


Just like other Agarest games, Record of Agarest War Marriage has a multi-generation story to follow. The protagonist in the second generation will be female, a first for the series. Players will also experience "married life" (in quotes because I don’t think married life is anything like Compile Heart portrays it!) where you go on a honeymoon and spend time with your wife.


agarem3 agarem4 image image


Why do you have to get married and have kids? A long time ago, a man fell in love with a Rainbow Girl who came from the heavens. She gave him a Rainbow Sword, which the man used to defeat monsters and eventually became known as a hero. Then a demon king came and wrecked the world. The hero rose up and fought the devil king, but died in battle. To keep his spirit alive, three girls carried his soul to pass down to the next generation along with the Rainbow Sword so one day one of his descendants could defeat the devil king.


Rain is the first hero in Record of Agarest War Marriage. He’s been training to defeat the devil king and he’s destined to fail since the game has multiple generations. (spoiler alert?) He can fall in love with Paninya (a dancer who excels in magic and carries an oversized scythe), Farsia (his childhood friend) or Kunka (a catgirl with a childish personality).


agarem5agarem9 agarem6 agarem8 


While Aksys Games and Ghostlight picked up all of the Record of Agarest War games so far, this title may not come over. Just glance at the official site *while you aren’t at work* to see why.


Record of Agarest War Marriage is slated for release in Japan in July.

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  • Oh please, what I see is nothing all that bad, the US was able to allow a to have a girl, completely topless showing her brests with no censor bouncing off Hughe Hefner’s lap in Playboy Mansion, from what I see is just a slight graphic fix and it’s ok, look at one of Alice’s CG in Record of Agarest War Zero, and the images are deliberately chosen to cause controversy, we can get it localised if we push for it, let us show Aksys Games and Ghostlight that we want it and we will pay slightly more so they can cover the cost to change some of the CG images, it’s not like there is a full blown sex scene in it since Agarest is more about the role the next generation must take to follow the wish of their parents

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