Tales Of Producer Wants To Make Better Tales Games With Existing Hardware

By Spencer . May 3, 2012 . 3:30pm

Tales of series producer Hideo Baba answered for fan questions from Europe. This time he discussed the process of making a new Tales title and shows off a pack of Mabo Curry on his desk.


"Our team is always doing our best to improve the Tales of series," Baba responded to a fan asking if we would see more Tales titles for current hardware. "In that sense, what hardware we use is a very important issue to us. For now, we are looking at making better Tales of games with existing hardware. Of course, when the new generation of consoles appears, we will develop for those as well." The Tales series is multiplatform with titles on PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, PSP, and most recently PlayStation Vita.


Baba also said not to expect user created Tales heroes or heroines. "Changing the characters’ physical appearances would affect our design of the heroes and heroines. Given the nature of the Tales of series we don’t think we will see that sort of ‘character creation’ feature in the future." Decorating characters with "cute accessories" and dressing characters in crossover costumes is OK, though!

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  • Herok

    Glad to see some developers are getting still planning to continue with this gen.

  • RedShadoww

    Great news. I’m honestly fine with the current console gen hardware. I hate seeing devs sacrificing creativity/innovation/longevity just to make their games prettier. 

  • jc0111

    Well, he’ll have the Wii U, PS3 and 360 at his disposal soon, and the 3DS and Vita are roughtly on the same level, so…

    The only thing he should do more often is making true multiplatform Tales games; instead of releasing a Tales game on one platform and then re-releasing it on another as an enhanced version, he should release that same on multiple platforms simutaneously. For instance, the next Tales game after Xillia should come out on PS3, 360 AND Wii U at the same time… and each gets the same DLC support for additional stuff. Same goes with the handhelds, he should release Tales games on both the Vita and 3DS at the same time.

    If there is one thing the fans are getting fed up with is that they never streamline their releases. They NEVER released a game on multiple platforms with the exact same content.

    • SpecDotSign

      In a perfect world that’s how it would work, but I honestly believe they’re throwing money away whenever they make anything for the 360 in Japan. What they should do is go digital. Keep making games on the consoles and handhelds they’re used to, and just get deals on Steam. PC players like JRPG’s as much as console owners do. 

      • I cannot imagine that it actually adds that much to development costs to develop a multiplatform title at this point;  Unless you are doing Weird Things with the hardware, as long as you PLAN AHEAD from the start, there really isn’t THAT much overhead. 

        However, obviously, you’re not going to make up that overhead easily in Japan, where the 360 barely exists, so the question is whether the market for the titles abroad is sufficient on the 360.  The answer is…heck if I know.

        Also, I don’t really think the “leaked” ToGF sales numbers are legit.  What kind of industry/media link happens on the GameFAQs forum? That’s ridiculous.

        Edit: Also note: VGChartz (which, in and of itself is not a 100% reliable source, but still about 600 times more credible than “some guy on the GameFAQs forums”) puts ToGF at .19m (AKA 190k) in North America. Pretty decent for a JRPG over here these days.

    • C.C.

      I got a PS3 and I fine what they are doing right now. I got Vesperia, Graces f and Xillia!

      The reason they release enchanced port version for PS3 because there are more PS3 owner who demands Tales game for PS3 when Verperia came out on 360 in Japan and people outside Japan are still hoping that Vesperia to get localize, including me even though I already got the Japanese version.

      When they released Tales of Graces on Wii, the game were very buggy/glitches so they’ve decided to re-release the game on PS3.

      And they released Tales of Xillia only on PS3 and it sold well. But I think the game is too short.

      You can unlock most of the add on content in game and some costumes without buying them except costumes like Star Driver, [email protected]

      I’m currently playing Talea of the Abyss on 3DS and there is no add on content. I might get Talea of Innocence R on Vita.

      PS Vita is more powerful than the 3DS :P

      • puchinri

        I have a PS3 as well and things are just as convenient for me, but that’s still leaving out a lot of people. And as someone who has a Wii and a PS3, what if I don’t want to spend an extra $10 for a game I could have on a system I play more often anyway?

        The problem isn’t that there are enhanced versions, it’s that someone is always screwed out of something when they’re not truly multiplat.

        • jc0111

          * For Graces, why didn’t they re-release the game on both the PS3 and the Wii, for the latter by simply adding the F arc on a second disc that would read your save game ?
          * For Vesperia, why didn’t they re-release the game on both the PS3 and 360, for the latter by simply adding the extra stuff as a patch to be downloaded via XB Live ?
          * For Abyss, why didn’t release the game on both the PS2 and GameCube, especially after the acclaim Symphonia got ?
          * For Eternia, why didn’t re-release the game on both the PSP and DS ?
          * For Innocence R, why didn’t release the game on both the PSV and 3DS ? (If your handheld can run 3D imagery, I pretty certain it run PSV games as well)
          * For Narikiri Dungeon X, why didn’t release the game on both the PSP and DS ?

          Ok, I could go on about this, but seriously, it’s getting annoying. They should just pick all 3 consoles and make a multiplatform Tales game.

          Final Fantasy is streamlined, because it went from NES to SNES to PSX to PS2 to PS3, always upgrading the console. Tales, however, went from SNES to PSX to GC to PS2 to 360 to Wii to PS3 while going from GBC to GBA to PSP to DS to 3DS to Vita to even Mobile… It makes little to no sense, because they’re are gathering more fans, they’re dividing them.

          • puchinri

            It really, really bugs me that out of all the psp ports/remakes they did (like, at least three, right?) absolutely none of those were also a DS port. I mean, only two mothership titles and zero ports. In general, how they handled the portable titles was pretty bad (they could have balanced that better even if they didn’t go multiplat).

            Some of the games being on just one console, I somewhat don’t mind. But now that they’ve established this pattern already and been so all over the place, I feel like they really need to go multiplatform at some point.

            And that’s a good point. They build up quite a fanbase, but it is incredibly divided.

          • >Everything

            Because budget. They can’t be on every system because you want them to be. The developers aren’t as rich as you think they are.

  • brian yep

    Not to be an ass, but a lot of these characters are heavily derivative of anime, but that is a pretty common complaint.
    I hope someone asks him about Tales of Innocence R’s background graphics.

    • raymk

      When did he say that they weren’t though?  Even thought they are anime I guess he still doesn’t want to mess up the creation that they made.

  • Me an’ da boyz would like ta see a more orky character, we would likez more…..variety if ya will.

    even da gretchinz tend ta see da characterz comin’ a mile away, da gretchinz for Mork’s sake!

    Still, me an’ da boyz will still play da gamez if dey iz still fun!

    • Jesus Christ! try to type like a normal human being! I hardly understand what you are saying.

      •  i ain’t no humie, i iz a ork!

        • And I’m a bear holding a gun while riding a shark. You don’t see me talk like a…uh…ork(?)

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Dude he is just having fun leave him alone.

          • icecoffemix

            Is there any ignore user function on disqus? Would really love to leave him alone, but sometimes I can’t help but glanced at his comment.

          • You don’t know how many friends I have who type like that. It’s god damn annoying.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Your shark needs to get lasers attached to its head.  XD


        • I’ll just draw a laser cannon on my avatar.

          [edit – done. I hope the original owner of this avatar doesn’t mind me adding a laser]

    • Ladius

      Be careful of what you ask, they could very well build another racism-themed Tales game around the conflict between greenskins and humans :P

      I’m already imagining a party of anime-style Imperial Knights, dwarf slayers and goblin mages (with a Snotling mascotte, of course) united by friendship bashing the hell out of poor Emperor Karl Franz and some random Orc warlord in order to pacify the world XD

      …actually, while writing this post I have envisioned a Warhammer game with the Tales battle system and art direction, and I’m not sure if I desperately want it or if I desperately want to delete the idea from my mind, in a split second I was already thinking of having Pascal as a Nuln engineer cameo XD

      • Talez O’ Warhammer?

        Haha! dat would be a site ta see!

  • C.C.

    Tales of Xillia English version is what I want.

    • jc0111

      Under 2 conditions:
      1- That we get an enhanced/director’s cut edition
      2- That it gets released for PS3, 360 AND Wii U

      I swear, it will get a LOT of attention if these are respected. A DC edition will fix every or most flaws that the game has at the moment, a 360 release would appeal to the NA market and a Wii U release would make a great launch title, not to mention that the Wii U is apparently on par if not superior than the PS3, so there is no reason to neglect Nintendo’s console anymore in addition of getting another market.

      • Ladius

        I think we’re in no position to make “conditions” for Xillia’s release (or any Tales game’s, for that matter).

        Even with Namco actually trying to market it, Graces f apparently sold poorly despite years of fans clamoring for more Tales localization, thanks in part to the fanbase’s absurd infighting and sense of entitlement.

        If they continue to bring us more Tales games they will probably do so in a spirit nearer to NISA’s or Atlus’ catering to a niche audience than to Namco’s old expectations regarding the series’ sales back in the Vesperia days.

        • RedShadoww

          We don’t know how well Graces f did exactly. All we know is that it did under 230k.

          • Ladius

            Just after NPD released their March data there was a leak about Graces f’s sales, and they were in the order of 50k80k copies (or rather, below Abyss PS2 and above 50k), sadly.

            Being a NPD leak everyone is free to believe it or not, but considering the leaker posted all the Tales NPD data at the same time, and all of it was in line with previous leaks and rumors, I personally think that was pretty much legit.

            Of course Graces could improve its sales and end up with a LTD number superior to Abyss and Legendia, but still it was really disappointing to see this kind of result after years of clamoring for new localized entries in the series.

          • RedShadoww

            Yes, I know about it because I was at the forum where it happened. It wasn’t official or anything, just some random guy named RagingNerifes from GameFAQs forum said it was above 50k and less than abyss (which did 80k). You’re free to believe him or not and I chose not to, but you shouldn’t go around saying it did poorly when we don’t know for sure. I chose not to believe him at the time but then I got this message: 
            If you google RagingNerifes+gamefaqs you can see a thread that he says he is european and the link above is about a graces wii petition for eu, my guess is that is his exact source. He also have been moderated a few times arround and keep trolling namco and atlus. I think his info is bull, its very likely that Vesperia sold 1k copies in the entire year of 2011, specialy with the price drop, if that info was from some sort of IS from RPD, that number would have been updated. He also seems to own a wii since every multiplataform discussion he pops up and bish about the wii version, that would explain the trolling…

          • Those stats are interesting (and unfortunate if true). 

            I myself use the website VGChartz for reference, which has sales data. I’ve always thought it to be at least reasonably accurate (I could be wrong). For Tales of Graces F it listed a different number than what your source put out. In March, it sold nearly 128,000 the first week, 18,000 the next, then 9,000. The total of units sold for March were 155,657.

          • @twitter-43073595:disqus For future reference, VG Chartz data is always wrong. Their numbers are often made up and should never, ever be used as reference for anything. :)

        • That’s what happens when you continually screw over your fanbases across different platforms.

  • MrRobbyM

    If there was ever a character creator, I would always make the hero look like Yuri Lowell. We need more Yuri type heroes :/

  • TheDarkEmpress

    I’m glad there’s still interest in the current gen of console…In my honest opinion this generation simply has not hit a “Golden Age” of game releases like the previous gens before it….alot of the Action/RPG releases have been few and far between and many of them lackluster at best…this gen really needs a huge influx of good games in order for it to be even close to half as good as PS2 and 1/4 as good as PS1. 

  • Yeah, the Tales Series is oh so multiplatform when you release a straight up port for the 3DS and a buggy game for the Wii with no american release for the said console, and releasing a better version for the PS3.

    Not that it matters now though since Xenoblade completely destroys any Tales game this gen.

    • Ladius

      Pardon me, but how can you be angry both for Tales of the Abyss 3DS being a straight port and for Tales of Graces receiving an updated PS3 port?

      I mean, I can understand both the “every version of the same game should be equal in order to avoid forcing people to buy it anew” and “you should always add something to a new port to make it more appealing” kind of reasoning, and each of them has its own strong points, but I can’t understand mixing them up depending on your hardware choices. It should also be noted that Tales of the Abyss is one of the biggest, meatiest jrpgs ever to grace an handheld platform even without new features.

      Also, Namco fixed the Tales of Graces Wii edition doing something I don’t remember anyone else doing in years, since they provided newly pressed DVDs to previous buyers free of charge. In an age where some publishers don’t even bother to patch their games online, this kind of commitment should be praised, even if of course not having bugs in the first place is the best option.

    •  Uh, Xenoblade and Tales of games are in completely different locations in the grand scheme of all things rpg.  I enjoy Tales of games far more than Xenoblade, but I like Xenoblades grand scope and deep story, which is a far cry from what Tales of games do.  Basically, the games aren’t comparable as they are completely different types of jrpg’s, one using a lot of wrpg mechanics mixed with jrpg, while Tales of are pure jrpg goodness.  If you are like me and aren’t much of a Elder Scrolls fan, chances are you will enjoy Tales of more than Xenoblade. 

      For the Record I have 115 hours in Tales of Graces F and am playing Xenoblade right now, around the 55 to 60 hour mark.  Heading to the Valley of Swords.

  • ShinStar

    Wants to make better “Tales of” games eh? How about not releasing them so fast? I did a quick check with the release dates on the older games versus the newer ones, and it seems like there were anywhere between 2-4 years as opposed to nowadays, which seems like one or two titles a year.

    Kinda curious. Do you guys like the older games more or the newer ones?

    •  In what way is releasing a bunch of good games without making you wait half a decade for it a bad thing? And anyways, the last main series American release before Graces was Vesperia five years ago.

      I like the newer games. Anything before Symphonia was pretty unplayable.

      • ShinStar

        I’m just saying it seems like they’ve downgraded in quality a bit when the releases are more frequent, but that’s probably from outsourcing.

        I don’t like waiting a long time either, believe me.

    • puchinri

      I kind of prefer the older titles. As a whole, in regard to; story, characters, setting (as well as design and even gameplay/,mechanics to an extent), I have a preference for the older titles. But, as a more recent title, I like Vesperia and Hearts looks like a lot of fun and interesting enough.

      There are aspects of the other newer titles I like, but I often feel like something is lacking (character or story-wise, anyway).

    • Ladius

      This is kind of a moot point though, considering a lot of recent Tales games are outsourced spinoffs that have nothing to do with the mothership games’ development cycle or development teams. If you want to make a real comparison, you should confront the release dates of non-outsourced mothership games, also considering the split between different teams working in parallel.

      Mothership games till Xillia had different teams to work on them, and even with the post-Xillia NTS restructuring the multiple team structure will be in effect, even if in a more fluid framework compared to the Team DestinyTeam Symphonia dualism.

      Also, I think we should look at contents and quality more than release dates, and once we do that we will see that modern Tales games from the Namco Tales Studio have been some of the richer jrpgs in their own generations in terms of contents and depth. Graces f is a good example, being easily one of the longest, meatiest, more rewarding jrpgs localized in recent memory.

      Other than that, I think the Tales series has really improved with their modern entries, roughly in the days of Rebirth (for Team Destiny) and Abyss (for Team Symphonia), and since then I have loved every NTS mothership game. The old mothership entries in the Phantasia-Eternia period were kinda rough imho, and didn’t felt as polished as today’s games (not to mention how outdated they are compared to newer entries, both 2D and 3D). Symphonia had a really interesting world and a potentially great story,
      but I thought its cast was somewhat weak (with exceptions, of course)
      and that the bias many have against this series originated from that
      entry, especially since it was the entry point into the franchise for a
      lot of western fans. Legendia, an outsourced game, was a disappointment
      in terms of battle system, explorable world and characters, even if the
      OST was really good and I enjoyed the plot after the first 20 hours (but
      I can’t really blame those who dismissed it because of the extremely weak first hours, horrible dungeon design, backtracking, infuriating rate of encounter and mediocre battle system).

      •  I can agree with most everything you have said in this entire thread save the Symphonia stuff.  Everybody I know, even myself, find Symphonia to be one of  the, if not the, best Tales game bar none.  It was good enough for me to play through 3 times, and debating on doing another round.  But this is all personal opinion.

  • leadintea

    I wish he’d tell the developers to make the characters less stereotypical and the stories less about race divisions, though I guess you can’t expect much from Anime: The RPG.

    • Ladius

      The last Tales game that featured some kind of racial division was Tempest back in 2006 (and it wasn’t nearly as central as in Rebirth), though, and since then we have had five other mothership games with different themes, not to mention the spin-offs.

      Also, Tales characters are as trope-y as any jrpg (or wrpg, if you change the trope subset) cast out there, and often they play on those tropes not even trying to hide them, but thanks to the skits and lengthy interactions during story events and subquests they have a lot of time to develop their backstories and bring an unique flavor to their roles. The writers are well aware of the tropes they employ, too, and they often play with them with jokes, irony and various degrees of sarcasm, another trait that has endeared me to this series considering how many games out there aren’t only based on tropes, but take themselves far too seriously.

      Personally I don’t mind traditional archetypes when they’re handled in such a pleasant way, another great example of this kind of narrative approach is Falcom’s Legend of Heroes series (both Gagharv and Trails games), where you have clearly recognizable tropes for almost every pc or npc but they’re handled so naturally and coherently in regards to the settings that you couldn’t care less. On the other hand, we have some examples of “original” character concepts handled very poorly, so it’s ultimately a matter of execution.

  • LustEnvy

    Just make “Tales of Yuri Lowell: The Saga.”

    All my money and souls would go for this. Yuri is the greatest male JRPG character ever.

    Nothing typical about him.

  • Christian Wright

    still waiting on the rest of the DLC for graces >_>

    • Anime10121

       Probably not getting those since they’d have to pay for the license to use those costumes in America and most people already complain about the costumes costing too much.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Yes, Baba!

    And then you’d screw all of us over with an updated rerelease in another console we don’t have, thinking the one we bought first is a beta! *Sarcastic thumb up*

    •  I kinda felt like that with Vesperia, but then I realized that Vesperia itself was a full and enjoyable game, save for the crappy optional dungeon at the end.

  • CirnoLakes

    I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of Tales game they’ll end up making for the Wii U(I’m certain of which will happen eventually).

    I’m sure it’ll be a day one purchase.

  • Sure, just, whatever you do, localize it!

  • Localized Vesperia PS3.


  • KotaroInugami

    Was I the only one who thought for a second that this article was about a new Tales game called ‘Tales of Producer?’

    • Idolmaster x Tales crossover game?

      • LynxAmali

         I can’t press the want button fast enough.

        SCAMDAI. DO IT.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    it would be nicer if those accesories and customes havent turned all in dlc.

  • I wouldn’t mind another awesome Tales game on the PS3

    granted that it comes out in the west

  • Baba also said not to expect user created Tales heroes or heroines. “Changing the characters’ physical appearances would affect our design of the heroes and heroines. Given the nature of the Tales of series we don’t think we will see that sort of ‘character creation’ feature in the future.”
    So does that mean no more Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology-type game series then? I enjoyed making my own Hero/Heroine in the PSP titles, not a mothership title but still I think that feature is nice to have for the spin-off titles.

    Hopefully they’ll make another RM-type game for the VITA! Think of the possibility for it!

    Anyway it’s great they plan to continue the series on the current consoles and the next-gen consoles as well!

    • Ladius

      I think he simply meant that the Tales series (the mothership entries, that is) will never have wrpg-like character creation systems, I doubt he intended to rule out further spinoffs such as the RM series.

      • I understand, I just hope we get another game like the RM series… I love them so much! That’s what I like the most about the RM games and the fact you have other Tales characters crossover together!

        Hopefully they’re make the story even better than the last and further expand on the Tales character involvement! That would be awesome!

    • I think he means being able to fully customize characters in mothership titles, though even Tales of Xillia goes in the right direction with color palettes on the default costumes, so I can see them going farther with this.

  • Zanasea

    All the latest Tales of games have ranged from OK to average so they have a lot of work to do if they want to make it great. But these games are quite reassuring for old school JRPG fans, I guess, so if they’re happy with it, then so be it. But at least a bit of risk is always welcome…

    •  Every tales game is a bit different, so they always take risks.  They just don’t try to reinvent the franchise, which I am thankful for since I am one of those old school jrpg fans who feels reassured that any Tales of game I see incoming for my consoles, I know I will enjoy.

  • Jirin

    For me making a better Tales game would involve the following:

    Take the story ideas you had in the PS1 era, use the combat ideas you’ve had in the 360/PS3 era, and work harder on a story that can appeal to all age ranges equally.

    Also difficulty levels shouldn’t just be a stat multiplier.  Keep the stats the same, but give enemies more dangerous abilities and put harder puzzles in the dungeons.  Let people truly customize their challenge level without just making battles long and cheap.

    Also work on ally AI.  Seriously! Make them actually try to avoid damage sometimes, so they don’t die in two seconds on any level harder than normal.

    •  I don’t know, playing Graces F, my team keeps itself alive pretty good.  There are some instances of standing there, but 95% of the time my characters keep running, only stopping when they have to, and save for some bosses, I always play on the hardest difficulties.

      As for combat, I don’t consider the xbox/ps3 era the top dogs of the combat system, and I hope they always try something a bit new per game till they hit the perfect one, if it ever happens.

      And I like boosting of stats in difficulty.  I wouldn’t mind new moves and stuff as well, but if they don’t boost stats, too many monsters just die too fast for me to enjoy the battle system. 

      • Jirin

        Boosting stats is fine, the problem is that they just apply a constant multiplier to every single stat.  The result is, regular encounters are still extremely easy, but certain boss battles are disproportionately hard. It needs to be balanced separately on each difficulty level, rather than just balanced on normal then multiplied by 1.5.

        And the puzzles are all still insultingly easy.

        My favorite Tales games for combat are Graces and Vesperia, though Rebirth, Eternia and Symphonia are close behind.

        In Tales of Graces on normal, it’s true, your people will never die, the problem is when you crank up the difficulty.  They tend to exhibit the following behaviors:
        1)  Area effect spell being cast where they stand.  They stand still.
        2)  Enemy with strong short range attacks right next to them.  They stand right next to the enemy, sometimes casting spells standing right next to the enemy.
        3)  They are low on HP.  They behave exactly the same as they do with high HP, making no attempts at self preservation.

        I set my difficulty to moderate, because it provides some challenge, and on hard, your team can’t stay alive against bosses for two seconds (Though regular encounters are most fun on hard).

        •  I agree on early bosses, but later bosses are easy on hard, which is why as you play on hard, after you do so many fights on hard, insane difficulty opens up, and after you play on insane difficulty for a while, chaos difficulty opens up.  Whats fun about that is on hard, certain optional bosses have 250k hp, but on chaos, they have 999k.  It is fun.  Also, I think being able to play in a higher difficulty full time with no issues is in new game plus deal, though I havent tried that yet.

          When playing on higher difficulties, certain perks open up.  Like on hard or insane, the higher your combo count, the more xp and sp, was it, you get.  More items drop, rarer items drop more often, and so on.  There are more perks to playing higher difficulty than just difficulty, which is what is fun about the higher difficulties.  Plus new titles open up if you do so many fights at higher difficulties.  Only some of the normal mobs gave me real issues on higher difficulties, but most can be handled with a bit of strategy.

          Some bosses are hard, some insanely hard, but that is why they added items to the game that cut damage in half =)

          • Jirin

            That’s another thing notorious about Tales games, the reverse difficulty curve.  I don’t think there exists a Tales game that isn’t guilty of that, and it’s because by the end you get overpowered healing.

            Raising stats but also raising XP and SP isn’t increasing difficulty level, it’s just scaling up both your party and the enemy at a faster rate.  I want a difficulty level where you can still win at standard levels, but it requires better reflexes and a better strategy.  Same with new game+, its not a higher difficulty level, it’s just enemies with higher stats to reflect your higher stats.

            Difficulty levels should be about raising your necessary skill level, not raising your necessary stat level.  A well balanced ARPG is one you could potentially win at level 1, if you’re just that good.

          •  A bit late answering this, but just wanted to say one thing.  Playing on a harder difficulty changes how you play the game.  In this game, if you take on a golem on normal or hard, you sit there pounding on it and ignoring everything else.  On insane or chaos difficulty, you can’t just stand there and take the hits, you have to think of new ways to get those monsters down without giving them a chance to hurt you a good deal.  So in Graces F raising the difficulty does require increased skill and learning how to play more than just one character as you will find certain areas tend to have monsters that favor other characters fighting styles rather than just the same one all the time.

  • KuroiKen

    I’d like more games like Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Graces. Those had the best battle/blast caliber systems, and best storylines/characters.

  • I would rather have a HD collection right now. I haven’t played even one of them, just a demo of Tales of Vesperia for PS3…

  • But we had character customization… Radiant Mythology. ._.

  • Keichi Morisato

    “Baba also said not to expect user created Tales heroes or heroines. “Changing the characters’ physical appearances would affect our design of the heroes and heroines. Given the nature of the Tales of series we don’t think we will see that sort of ‘character creation’ feature in the future.” Decorating characters with “cute accessories” and dressing characters in crossover costumes is OK, though!”
    so… did you guys forget about radiant mythology? granted it wasn’t a true tales game but a tales game it was. the main character couldn’t talk and there is no romance sub plot which made my interest in the game wane considerably but it was a decent PSP game.

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