Mario Party 9 May Not Be Partying Hard Enough

By Ishaan . May 4, 2012 . 5:31pm

When Nintendo released Wii Party back in 2010, the game sold close to 235,000 copies in its first week in Japan, debuting at the #1 spot on the software sales chart for the week. Mario Party 9, developed by the same team and released last week, wasn’t quite as lucky.


Mario Party 9 sold close to 153,000 copies in its first week, and sales tracker, Media Create, report that this was a mere 40% of its first shipment. For further comparison, Mario Party 8 sold 265,000 copies in its first week and sold through 57% of its first shipment.


Something to consider is that Mario Party 9 was also launched right before Golden Week, a week-long holiday before and during which the sales of popular videogame hardware and software tend to see a rise across the board. Nintendo could simply have shipped excess copies of the game in preparation for strong sales throughout Golden Week itself.


That having been said, Mario Party 9 sales still compare poorly to Mario Party 8. Perhaps more casual gamers don’t require more than one Mario Party console game per generation. Or perhaps the unhealthy state of the Wii software market in Japan played a role in the low sales of the game. Or perhaps it’s both.


On the bright side, Mario Party 9 will likely see steady long-term sales. Since launch, Mario Party 8 has gone on to sell 1.5 million copies in Japan alone.

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  • LustEnvy

    The Wii has outlived it’s purpose.

  • hint hint

    stop making them Nintendo

    even those with Nostalgia for the older Mario Party games are too bored of them now. . .

    • Jahred Down

      More like *hint hint*

      Nintendo, go back to ye original MP formula.

      • They dont seem to have any spare Phoenix Feathers for Hudson.

        • MrRobbyM

          R.I.P. Hudson

          You gave me many great childhood memories.

        • A lot of the Hudson staff that worked on Mario Party now work at nd Cube, which is the studio that developed Wii Party and Mario Party 9.

    •  Even for that, I hate them. This game is responsible for breaking so many friendship and controllers (after throwing them to the friend).

      • MrRobbyM

        I think that’s the fault of the person, not the game…

    •  Funny enough, the gap between Mario Party 8 and 9 was rather long as the rest of the series was practically yearly.

  • Sakurazaki

    It’s quite possible that the market just favors single-player games now.

    • No, I don’t think this is true. Multiplayer and games with social elements are actually where the growth is happening right now.

  • …or maybe Mario Party 9 just wasn’t any fun. Waiting for what feels like half an hour to play mini games while playing party mode isn’t fun

  • I’m not getting it because all the players are stuck together and dragged around the board.

    And I’m sick of mini game collections.  Regardless of who is in them.

    And because I have no one to play them with.

    • HeatPhoenix

      If it had online, I’d play with you, dude.
      Alas, Nintendo and their antiquated ways.

    • James Beatty

      “And because I have no one to play them with.” Well there is your problem 

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Not enough MP money matches

  • Maybe Nintendo should I don’t know MAKE MORE NEW IPS?

    • James Beatty

      I don’t see how that has to do with anything. Fire emblem sold incredibly well, so did mario 3D land, mario kart, etc. Also, they have released about 4 new ips in less than a year. Freaky forms, pushmo, dillon’s rolling western, and dakura samurai. Also, Xenoblade is also a new Nintendo IP made by Nintendo.

      • raymk

        It doesn’t have to do with anything he was just wrong.  Look at his second post with him calling out nintendo for not making new Ip’s when in fact they have made new IP’s, at least about as much as microsoft puts out that’s worth playing. 

    • AuraGuyChris

      They did.

      You just ignored them all like a prick.

      •  well I also don’t give two pieces of human excrment about Nintendo anyway it’s always Zelda, Mario, Metriod, Kart game, some times kirby repeat.

        and where are these new Ips you speak of?

        No where?
        thought so

        • Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandoras Tower, are new IP’s by Nintendo 

          For the 3DS we have the following: Pushmo, Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive!, Dillons Rolling Western, Ketzal Corridors, Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. 

          • HeatPhoenix

            Also, Kid Icarus counts (a reboot of a franchise 20 years dormant)!

          • The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower aren’t Nintendo IPs. They were made by third-party developers, and Nintendo published them.

          • icecoffemix

            And that’s where you’re wrong, in most case, including this one, original publisher hold the right for the IP. 

            And Monolithsoft, who made Xenoblade, is practically owned by Nintendo anyway.

          • Were made by Nintendo owned companies. So they are Nintendo new Ips plus everything else Nintendo released on the Wii this generation. ExciteTruck, The Wii Series, Flingsmash, and Zangeki No Reginleiv to name even more.

        • takopako

          why are you trolling this post if you dont care about them? and they are actually currently developing several IPs.

  • They’re ALL waiting for Dragon Quest X this summer ! ^_^

  • WingsOfEternity

    1. The Wii is near the end of its lifeline
    2. Drastically changed mechanics with ministars and the whole traveling together thing
    3. Lack of any real “improvements” from previous entry

  • MrRobbyM

    Well, yeah. Most of Japan lives very compact, the last thing you wanna do is jam all four players in one car.

    Question. What is everyone’s favorite Gamecube MP game(4-7)? I’m in the mood to pick one up now.

    • HeatPhoenix

      Screw the gamecube ones, play Mario Party 2!

  • iz any of youz lot surprised? Da Mario Party gamez been getting worse each iteration (ignoring da 64 onez).

    • haqua

       Off topic, but is there a reason why you type like this…?
      …To be perfectly honest, it’s kind of annoying. u n u;;

      • Oi, i be talkin’ like a propa ork!

        • are orcs related to trolls?  :P

          • andref

             Perhaps, well I know trolls regenerate if you don’t use fire but can’t orcs regenerate limbs too but not as slowly?

          •  naw, dey be seperate creatures den da orks, goblinz (regular or night), Gretechinz, an’ snotlings

            dey iz recruited by we orks occasionally, although i’ve seen ’em work for da chaos humiez before.

      • HeatPhoenix

        Also annoying are those limitless emoticons people spam everywhere, yet people get on my case when I call folks out on those.

        • haqua

          People get on your case about it? That’s a bit silly… It is understandable why it bothers you, even if I can’t say it bothers me!
          Regardless, sorry that it gets on your nerves, but I’m not going to stop using them, just as I don’t expect Warboss Aohd to stop with that weird typing.
          If you would like an explanation for why I use them that isn’t “oh they’re cute”, it’s because it helps put a  sort of… tone in what I’m typing, sometimes? Something like that. Without it, I would have come off a bit more rude than intended!

          • HeatPhoenix

            That reason is also exactly why they annoy me. People don’t take the effort anymore to properly describe their intent and emotion, instead they just stick on a few emoticons and call it a day.

            I’ve been called condescending and patronizing in my speech, that is really not my intention. Maybe I come off a bit more rude than intended as you said, but that doesn’t mean I should add some emoticons, it means I should be more careful of what words and phrases I use when communicating my ideas and opinions.

          • raymk

            You don’t text a lot do you?

          • haqua

            But in my case I would have to add “I’m not that annoyed by the way, just KIND OF. I don’t mean to be rude.” to all of my posts and ech, no way. It’s much simpler to use an emote in my opinion. I don’t want to have to describe /exactly/ how I feel about something every other sentence.

            I suppose, but we all have different methods of going about things. This is mine, and this is easier. I’ve never been very good with words, and when I try to make them sound nicer they sound even more condescending. I’ll stick with this. You can do as you like! If being more careful helps you, then that’s good.

          • HeatPhoenix

            @raymk:disqus I had no idea there was a 160 character limit on Disqus comments, Raymk.

            This time ’round it’s my intention to sound condescending, @haqua:disqus.

          • takopako

            well, only so much can be explained with words. people can take anything you say and interpret it any kind of way without some sort of benchmark to set the tone with. and since we dont post recordings of our voices(which would work just as well), we use faces to help the other person grasp how we are intending to say it.

          • HeatPhoenix

            @takopako:disqus I disagree, words can explain everything. I’ve never seen an emoticon in a novel. Though I am inclined to agree that these faces make it much easier to convey your current state of mind.

          • takopako

            But guess what novels are? More than 150 characters long.Also, not everyone is a novelist. 
            Thirdly, I dont know how long conversations would last if if the participants were to type in such a format…
            ‘ “You are so crazy,” I said, with a bit of an aloof disposition. My eyebrows scrunch together as I tried to hold back a smile. “I do not know how much more of you I can take.” It was obvious that I was being sarcastic, as I enjoy your company and wish not for you to go… Sweat rolls down my forhead. ‘
            as opposed to: you are so crazy. XD I do not know how much more of you I can take! -_-‘i know which of those i would choose…

          • HeatPhoenix

            @takopako:disqus Taco, like I said to raymk before you, there is no limited character maximum on these disqus comments. You can type however much you want.

            And though I’m not telling you to write a novel every time you say anything I just think that “XD I do not know how much more of you I can take! -_-‘” looks incredibly dumb and garners extremely little respect or attention from me.

            I am also not implying that it is a valid reason to be rude to people, however, I do think that it makes you seem much more juvenile than intended.

          • takopako

            How do you know that the youthful aspect of the faces isnt intended? Its not like we(or at least i dont) write these faces in our college term papers, it is quick, it is online, and generally there are more people on the side of accepting emotes than there are people that abhor them like you do. Perhaps when conversing with your english major friends, you can talk freely about how much you hate emotes and emoticons, but im pretty sure that when defending your point online, its probably a bit futile.

    • MrRobbyM

      I haven’t played anything past the first two MP but I have seen some gameplay of every other one. Gotta say, it does look like it does get worse each time. Oh well :/

  • KingGunblader

    To all of those who saying that MP9 didn’t sell because of the Wii’s current status – by that logic, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Rhythm Heaven Fever etc. shouldn’t sell either – which may very well be true. Just something to think about. :P

    Mind, I’m not really jumping to defend MP9 here either. I stopped playing after 5. :/

    • WonderSteve

      But you got to consider how thirsty people are for the game types.

      There are probably way too many party games on the market these days, especially on the Nintendo platforms.

      An epic RPG with an EPIC story like Lunar coming out these days? Priceless.

    • Xenoblade and TLS didn’t sell all that well, actually. And this was as far back as 2010/2011.

  • Smashlampjaw

    they should of added online, atleast it would of been something new!

  • XiaomuArisu

    There is a differnce betwen improvement and changing things we liked.
    Old mp if you fail this minigame bowser steals one of your stars.
    New mp bowser throws a coin you lose a star.
    Taking the party out and replacing it with gamble?Not fun.

  • thebanditking

    This is not all that surprising, they need to do something to change the series up a bit (well as much as you can for a board game). Add a few new characters, change the board movement up and like others said adding online might help too.

  • HeatPhoenix

    I’d buy it with online multiplayer, but as it is right now I think we’re having a case of “Party fatigue”.

  • boundries_san

    Well, i am not suprised for this results considering that these game is not as good as the MP 8 here.(I own all MP here.^^)

    And this one really makes me feels bad as this game can easily crush ur victory position easily just by stepping on Bowser tiles. Hell how can i the one who is leading on a very far margin compared to all of my friends can easily fall into the same position with my foes just because BOWSER choose to divide my star equally to all players??? That makes all my hard work and luck earning those stars to be useless.T_T

    Hope the new MP won’t be these kind of gambling game anymore as i can said that i don’t like playing a game where i need to pray to the game goddess for each turn.
    (Fire Emblem RNG goddess is already more that enough here.T_T)

    • HeatPhoenix

      I haven’t played MP 9 but I really didn’t think 8 was very good either.

      • raymk

        Its not but at least you can move on your own and they had some decent minigames.

      • boundries_san

        MP 8 is quite good for the series but MP 9 just change totally into gambling party.T_T

  • SuigetsuHiramura ♥

    I felt that MP 9 was a gigantic step backwards from MP 8. Sure, it was fun for like 15 minutes but then it got boring really fast.
    The whole party traveling together was my first major irk. It kind confined the player to one place and ultimately made the game shorter than it was before.
    My second irk was the fact that they REMOVED characters instead of ADDING them. Sure, there were some “new characters” but they were mostly generic characters that most people wouldn’t want to work towards. What happened to Koopa Kid from MP 5/6? What happened to Dry Bones? Even Donkey Kong was a playable character back in the day.
    The minigames… ugh, the minigames. For the most part they were overly simplistic and boring. The “boss battle” minigames were pretty cool for a while, but they were so short that they barely need any mentioning.
    I’ve liked the Mario Party series since I was kid, but with this ninth entry, I feel they ran out of ideas.

    • raymk

      I agree you hit the nail in very deep with this post. MP9 is just a bad game for a mario party.

  • ivanchu77

    A game centered in multiplayed like this one needs online play, really bad desicion not to include it.

    • raymk

      That and this one just sucks.  You have to ride together as you roll the dice and that crap is dumb.  

  • eilegz

    nintendo really need to step up in their gaming, they dropped the ball releasing a non HD console until the wiiu arrive, the lack of decent online multiplayer, the lack of QUALITY in some nintendo first party titles (LIKE THE 3DS and wii).

    I hope they realize that they cant be competitive without those needed improvements they are going backwards in so many aspects (like region lock), downward in the graphics department (like 3ds games).

    Nintendo used to produce the best quality, best gameplay, simple and intuitive games…

    • “Nintendo used to produce the best quality, best gameplay, simple and intuitive games..”

      They stopped that?!
      *looks at Xenoblade*
      Nah they didn’t.

      Nintendo was falling behind in many features but publishing games isn’t one of them.
      EDIT: Localizing troubles aside, I mean in general what they do bring to the table

      • eilegz

        sure the last story and xenoblade are amazing games, one for monolith and the other by mistwalker…

        But look at some traditional games and how it is played on the wii its just horrible and awkward (example metroid other M, kirby, new super mario bros, zelda skyward sword)

        there are many that get away and did better with the input config was muramasa, xenoblade and the last story but still not better than having a “traditional controller”


        • There is a traditional control for the Wii…

          I understand Other M, as it was a frequent complaint.  Not sure for the others.  Kirby and NSMB has minimal motion use and I haven’t played Skyward Sword but I hear much praise for that.

          • eilegz

             and thats the point, for both kirby and NSMB you only can use the wii mote horizontally and no classic controller option. (not even GC controller option)

            And believe me the wii mote horizontally its not very comfortable, ergoomic wise its a mess.

          • It is just a narrower, fatter NES controller, same amount of comfort from last I played that console. lol

            I was okay with it, I cannot say I complained about the controls but probably because I played many games in that position on the Wii and got used to it.

          • eilegz


            edit 2: fixed
            well the nes controller its plan in the backside and not that long, ergonomic wise its just not cool, even the previous long n64 controller was decent, the GC its perfect for 3d games not for 2d ones…. the best controller was the snes…

          •  I’m not takopako. lol Getting confused by jumping back and forth between another member.

            N64 is my least favorite of the controllers, just plain awkward but I put up with it due to some cool games at the time.  Wii Remote I like for its “versatility” but like you said it depends on the type of game like the Gamecube controller.

    • Releasing a HD console has only cost them him 6 years later. The lack of decent “online” multiplayer hmm Mario Kart Wii, every Wii Title game is a multiplayer game in the traditional way. Oh and finally lack of Quality in some Nintendo first party games. Please point these blunders of software out my friend. Even if you want to use Wii Sports as a example. That game is still light years better than every clone created from it including Kinect games. So you may just dislike Nintendo overall, but please let not just troll for the sake of it.

      • eilegz

         sure maybe nintendo “still” dominates the shovelware market but that its nothing to be proud of…

        I rather have better AAA titles, the Wii U right now its so inconsistent and im afraid that its going to be relegated to current gens ports when its released, while next generation console will put again nintendo in an outdated place AGAIN.

        In the 3DS department its a shame that nintendo its not even pushing the power of the 3DS, so far the graphics from nintendo first party games have been subpar for a portable that can produce almost Resident evil 5 quality graphics its just dissappointing. The lack second of analog which nintendo have to fix with an crappy addon its just show how rushed and lack of future proof technology. Adding region lock on the 3ds was one of the worst decision they could have done

        And the online multiplayer wise they are still very behind the other 2….

        • AAA titles?  I hear people complaining left and right about these blockbuster titles on the PS360.

          • eilegz

            issue of this generation i guess, compared to ps2 era when japan was still the TOP in the industry.

            Multiplatform wise nintendo could win this generation if the wii could get proper multiplatform AAA games….

            Nintendo represent how outdated, crappy and single minded its japan industry overall, as i said before they need to step the game up…

    • takopako

      how did nintendo drop the bomb with the wii, if it was the best selling console in this generation…? and how are 3ds graphics worse than ds graphics? you are spouting nonsense!

      • eilegz

        maybe no worse than the DS but almost the same, for a portable that have more power than a Wii being relegated to sub PSP graphics like nintendo first parties games its just disappointing.

        Look at least capcom its doing a better job RE revelations.

        • takopako

          have you seen super mario world 3d? also, do you HAVE a 3ds to actually see what the games look like in the proper aspect ratio and in 3d? im starting to believe that you dont.

          • eilegz

             compared to mario galaxy, which its being made on a lower spec console you should realize that you cant cover the sun with one finger…

            look at icarus jaggy fest and lets not talk about mario kart. maybe they look “good enough” on the 3DS but still look lacking of what the portable its capable for.

          • takopako

            okay, so that means that you dont have a 3ds, thus meaning that you dont know what they look like in the correct aspect ratio with the 3d effect. sorry, the potential validity of any of your arguments has vanished.

          • eilegz


            whats your point i have friend that have 3ds, i play the 3ds when i can and the fact that its in every demo station….

            You cant cover the sun with a finger, so you mean that 3d effect its for to “Hide” the jaggies?

            the aspect ratio its irrelevant, games that looked good will look good just look at muramasa in a HDTV or the last story and xenoblade and mario galaxy among others….

            if it based o your argument, for a more powerful portable with less resolution screen the game graphics should be more detailed and less jaggies compared to outdated hardware in a BIGGER SCREEN and resolution….

          • haqua

            3DS =/= PSP/V.
            Just because they’re both portables doesn’t mean they should have the same capabilities graphics-wise.
            Nintendo isn’t the type to focus on graphics anyhow. I figured this was common knowledge…?

  • I think what ever is left of the core Mario Party games are the ones that bought the game.

    I myself have not played a Mario Party game in some time. While the Mario Party games are fun, I just have not had the desire to play. Perhaps it is because the lack of fellow gamers that want to play the game as well. This game is most definitely more fun with others playing along.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Mario and Sonic are going to be sharing the same bar stool at this rate.

  • Jee-Lok Yiek

    This is like Loco: Evo a freaking bad nerf…. The competition really has been reduced. It’s more a Co-op game than what it’s used to be a: FREE FOR ALL game. The creators should play dokapon kingdom as payback

  • At this point how many party games have been on the Wii. This year alone that Square Enix game came out 3 months before this. Nintendo is still selling Wii Party plus Wii Play Motion. Throw in the Mario and Sonic series, and 3rd party created games. Something was going to suffer it’s like creating a Guitar Hero clone 2 years ago. Your sending a game out to die even if it’s a good game. While I like the new twist on the game. Since Mario Party has been the same since the N64. We all know gamers don’t like or want change. That alone may have made people avoid the game. Still if you look at every game released this year in Japan, and US. Has greatly under performed on all systems.  People are just not buying anything right now. Mario Party would had a better chance if it was on a handheld.

  • @TheWon:disqus 
    Out of those three devs, Monolith Soft is the only one owned by Ninty.
    The other two are third-party, and Nintendo, at most, co-owns The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.

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