Namco Bandai’s Latest Best Sellers Are Dark Souls And Ace Combat

By Ishaan . May 8, 2012 . 8:30am

Namco Bandai have released their earnings report for the fiscal year ended March 31st, 2012, along with a glimpse at the sales figures for some of their more prominent releases. As previously reported, Dark Souls has crossed the 1 million mark in the U.S. and Europe. Counting sales in the U.S., Europe and Japan, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is a million-seller, too.


Here’s the full list of sales figures from Namco’s report:

Dark Souls – US/EU – 1.19 million

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – JP/US/EU – 1.07 million

One Piece: Pirate Warriors – JP – 940,000

Tales of Xillia – JP – 770,000

Dragon Ball Ultimate Blast – JP/US/EU – 700,000

Soulcalibur V* – JP/EU – 690,000

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. – JP – 570,000

Ben10 Racing – US/EU – 460,000

* No U.S. sales mentioned for Soulcalibur V.


For the ongoing fiscal year, Namco Bandai intend to publish 27 titles across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, 32 on the PSP, 15 on the Nintendo 3DS, and 10 on the Nintendo DS. A category for “Other” platforms includes 6 titles as well.

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  • I have both Dark Souls and Assault Horizon and I’m glad those two in particular are doing well because they deserve it.

    • I love Dark Souls myself.

    • Testsubject909

      Dark Souls, thanks to Atlus and Demon’s Souls, was guaranteed to do well.

      I was far more worried about Assault Horizon. Definitely an interesting take on the genre and a very interesting road to take.

  • riceisnice

    Geeze Namco. Slow down.

  • Barrylocke89

    I’m glad that Dark Souls sold so much. What I’m most interested in is how Tales of Graces and Tales of the Abyss 3DS did in the West. Hopefully it met their expectations, seeing as they did seem to put more effort into giving these games. It’d suck to find out that the effort wasn’t worth it, with all the clamoring the fans have done for the games.

    • andre.fobbe

       Apparently, Tales of Graces f sold very badly in the states (only a couple ten-thousand or so). It looks pretty dire, as it might make Namco-Bandai reluctant to release Tales of Xillia outside of Japan, as well.

      • Noo tales of graces F sold veryy well for a jrpg in the usa only beaten by  xenoblade.

        • Ladius

          So far we have absolutely no reliable data for Xenoblade though (if you were mentioning VGChartz number, be careful because they are absolutely unreliable and will get you banned on some sites for even only mentioning them), while Tales of Graces f had a NPD leak that, while all but official, was backed up by all the other Tales NPD data, and was fairly believable by itself (as sad as it is).
          According to that, ToGf is currently the worst selling mothership Tales game in the US with 50-80k copies sold, even if we must keep in mind that the other numbers were LTD while ToGf’s was only a first month number. Hopefully it will be able to sell at least decently in the upcoming months in order to beat Legendia and Abyss PS2.

          • It’s going to be hilarious if Graces F sells less than Xenoblade, considering the circumstances of both games.

          • Ryan Baer

            I fully expect it will. Xenoblade appeals more to the Western audience due to its MMO style gameplay and doesn’t have such an anime art style. These days the general public avoids all the moe art style games.

          • neo_firenze

            I’m not sure I understand your point, Ishaan.

            Xenoblade’s circumstances included a massive grass-roots campaign by the fan community that led to the game being the #1 selling game on from people showing their support.  It got a lot of buzz as the poster child for the “Operation Rainfall” campaign.

            Even being Gamestop-exclusive, I can completely understand why the high amount of hype surrounding Xenoblade may have helped it to outsell ToGf.

          • @neo_firenze:disqus 

            Tales of Graces F: Released on PS3, widely considered the “go-to” console for JRPGs by that specific audience that likes anime-esque role-playing games. Far healthier software environment than Wii. People have been asking for Tales on PS3 for years, and Tales fans vowed they would show Namco the demand, if they ever did bring a PS3 Tales over.

            Xenoblade: Released on Wii, a system often criticized for having bad games outside of its first-party titles and a few select others. Software market for core titles on Wii is in the gutter. Xenoblade was also released only via GameStop and Nintendo.

            Yes, the game was critically acclaimed, but there were also far more hurdles for the “general consumer” to buy it. If Xenoblade sells, it will be, as you rightly pointed out, due to word of mouth created by Operation Rainfall.

            I don’t know if I really had a “point”. If I were to try and approach this from some sort of “angle,” I guess it would be that this is a proper demonstration of how the loudest fans aren’t necessarily where your target market is. I hate to generalize, but this often seems to be the case with the Tales community, doesn’t it?

          • Opn

            actually no that would still mean graces did better then vesperia since i beleive vesperia did like 40K i dont know about abyss’s sales though. 

          • Pretty sad if it’s true. Honestly, if it really only sold 50-80k during March, I’d just tell Bamco to stop bringing the Tales of Games outside Japan entirely. I couldn’t care less about this fanbase that follows the series. The “fanbase” would go on for months and years about how Bamco are villains for not localizing the Tales of games. Then when they actually bring one out, everybody just goes “lol, we want Xillia/Vesperia. Give us that instead. Nobody asked for Graces”. Sure, it took longer than we expected (I remember the taleoftworichards site and how the game was “coming soon”), but it didn’t have much competition during the release date.

            It’s not worth the effort, and money to localize a bunch of games that their own fanbase refuses to buy. Heck, didn’t even Enslaved sold better than this? And that game became extremely discounted within a few weeks after release due to the disappointing sales.

          • don’t look at me an’ da boyz, we haz a copy o’ da game, we supported it.

            shame it iz, fun game.

      •  Based on pre-sales in NA, over 200,000 Tales of Graces F sold. In Canada, actually sold out on their pre-orders. 

        • Maybe because they got a small shipment due to low demand? Where’d you get the information that it sold over 200k copies? There’s not a single piece of information from anybody, and it didn’t even chart on the ‘Top ten best selling games of March’ report.

          • Independent information gathered from pre-orders from multiple companies.

          • I’m also gathering the information from all of North America, not just the USA.

          • Why not just post all the info into one post? No need to reply to me three times.

            1. Any from RELIABLE sources? I’m wondering how they got that info.
            2. I never said Canada or anything. I meant about for that one. As far as I know, ToGF didn’t even pop up on’s top 10.

          • Those pre-order numbers are from VG Chartz. They’re incorrect. 

          • The reason I didn’t add the info at the same time was because the fact I didn’t think of it at the time. But you’re right, rates ToGf as #562. Which I find respectable considering the number of games. lists ToGf as #182 overall, #8 in Fantasy, and #51 in PS3.

      • Also, trademarks were filed for Xillia in North America.

        • Doesn’t mean much. They trademarked a whole bunch of Tales games, and we never heard anything from it.

    • I wouldn’t count the chickens before they hatch or something…. Europe’s hasn’t been released yet and seeing Europe has gotten somewhat a special attention… I would wait and see how well Europe does first….

  • Goddamn Ben10 Racing sold a lot.

  • ddh819

    32 psp games? are they lumping in vita games with psp?

    • No, Vita games are likely part of the “Other” category.

    •  Technically speaking, you could also lump PSP games with Vita games….

  • Ladius

    Can’t wait to be able to improve their Xillia figure :) I’m really happy about Dark Souls, too, especially since the Japanese sales apparently aren’t included.

  • Seeing Soul Calibur V so low on the list makes me smile a bit, though I certainly wish its sales were not so high. The changes the team made to the series with SCV, aside from gameplay, were entirely unnecessary and fairly backhanded to its history. As selfish as it is to say, I’d rather see the Soul Calibur series dead and respectfully buried than carrying on as little more than bad fanfiction turned into an official product, same as I feel toward just about anything else out there. I supported Daishi’s petitioning for a new Soul Calibur game so I could actually play a new Soul Calibur game, not a timeskip alternate universe fanfic he dreamt up.

    On the flip side, I’m pleased Dark Souls was their top seller. The game truly deserves the accolades for being absolutely amazing. It’s also a nice sign to video game companies that they can be just as profitable or perhaps moreso by being genuinely good and original rather than just whoring out familiar name brands loaded with ideas that should just be brand new IPs. I just wish they would announce the PC version additions as DLC for the PS3. This is one of those rare cases where I think the DLC is actually justified, since it’s pretty clear these scenarios were created after initial development and a lot more work went into them to the point where you can make a strong case it couldn’t be made before the game launched.

  • 32 PSP Games. Meanwhile, PSP is rotting in the west.

    • l777l

      Yes. That’s rather absurd.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’m glad to see Dark Souls on top. Right where it belongs.

    Coming from the guy with a Dark Souls knight as his avatar.

    • popyea

       I always wondered if that’s what it was supposed to be. It’s cute!

      • Testsubject909

        And most likely viable to die, repeatedly.

  • Domii

    Dark Souls=best game this generation

  • amagidyne

    I wonder what the Japanese numbers are for Dark Souls. If only all games could be so gloriously incandescent.

    •  Probably a cult number in comparison to Soul Calibur 5, which flopped in Japan on its first week/month. SC5 stills wins the favor of the western audience, coming at the sales we see here. I assume Dark Souls has the same case, considering the attention NB has for the western sales.

      • See above post. :)

        • My “Faith” has been raised by +5. Praise the Sun! xD

    • As of the end of 2011, according to Media Create: 353,549.

      • amagidyne


  • Just a heads up, they don’t have the JP sales for Dark Souls because it was handled by From Software over there, while namco published the game overseas.

  • Anyone recommend Ace Combat: Assault Horizon?

  • Dragon Ball…argh

  • TheDarkEmpress

    32 on PSP…argh…

  • landlock

    R.I.P. Armored Core.

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