Capcom Expect To See Record High Sales This Year

By Ishaan . May 11, 2012 . 12:01pm

Capcom have two main strategies for growth over the next few years: releasing major games more frequently, and releasing more online and social games. PC online games and mobile games in particular are expected to drive growth of the entire games market, Capcom believe. Here’s a breakdown of their strategy:


Strategy 1: Enlarge games lineup

  • Shorten the development-to-launch cycle for series titles.
  • Launch brand new titles.


Strategy 2: Strengthen online games, which have much growth potential

  • Add more social games for mobile and PC platforms.
  • Expand the lineup of home video game download contents (DLC).
  • Launch online game business by geographical region.
  • Beef up development staff.


As mentioned above, in addition to releasing online games and mobile titles, adding downloadable content to games is a major part of Capcom’s online strategy. In fiscal year 2011, Capcom made 2.8 billion yen ($35 million) in DLC sales. For fiscal year 2012, they expect to increase this number to 3.5 billion yen ($43.8 million).


Capcom have some very high forecasts for the ongoing fiscal year in general. While fiscal year 2011 saw net sales of 82 billion yen ($1.02 billion) on the whole, Capcom hope to reach 105 billion yen ($1.3 billion) this year for the first time, and expect to see record high figures for all income categories. This is owing in part to their strong slate of upcoming titles for the year, including Resident Evil 6 and DmC Devil May Cry, expected to sell 7 million and 2 million copies, respectively, by March 31st, 2012.


Social games are a big part of the plan, too, with 15 games to be launched on mobile platforms this year, including Shrek’s Fairytale Kingdom. Capcom will also begin operating online PC game, Ixion Saga, this year, and will launch games such as Browser Sengoku Basara and Onimusha Soul in June as part of an effort to diversify browser games into new genres.

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  • FlameEmperor

    Capcom I’m surprised your expecting this much with the way you’ve been treating your fans lately x.x

  • MrRobbyM

    “Expand the lineup of home video game download contents (DLC)”

    And here I was, actually happy for Capcom.

  • GibbRS

    Unfortunately, I somehow doubt “make a complete game and not try to shaft the customer” is an idea that frequents a Capcom boardroom nowadays.  I’m tired of hearing about Capcom games releasing with a ton of content removed, hidden, or locked, only to sell it later as DLC.  Resident Evil Revelations seems like the only decent game the company has put out recently, and that’s partially due to the restrictions of the 3DS not supporting DLC, haha.
    Video games are big business, so it’s not like any of this really affects me in ways that matter… First world problems. :P

  • ivanchu77


    • Luna Kazemaru

       Lol no

      • ivanchu77

        They are trying hard to be like them, that´s for sure
        Especially when you see that they are planning things like:
        “Shorten the development-to-launch cycle for series titles”
        “Expand the lineup of home video game download contents (DLC)”
        The same model activision uses with COD, not to mention turning resident evil into a COD rip-off

        • Luna Kazemaru

           >Turning RE into a COD rip off….

          FPS=/=TPS How is that hard not to understand oh wait action= CoD, shooting= CoD, running while shooting = CoD, military action = CoD. By this logic let us label anything that has a hint to what I just said as a CoD rip off or clone. Jeez its amazing how people on this site rip on CoD and can’t even apply any logic to it granted that RE:ORC was an failed try to bring CoD gamers to RE but in no means is a CoD rip off. #firstworldproblems

    • MrRobbyM

      You think too high of Activision.

  • epy

    MORE DLC?! See, this is why… I don’t even…

  • Shadowman

    Let just hope so capcom cause right after that fighting game called SFxTK dug ya’ll into a big hole let see what game will bring you out of that hole. But hey revive megaman or help localize  Project X zone ya’ll might get out of that hole.


    • Anime10121

      Yeah uh no, I want Megaman and Project X zone as much as anybody (hell Im still not buying Capcom new anymore and also for crap like the SFxT DLC and releasing updated Fighting games less than half a year after the original and I’m a HUGE SF fan) but thinking either of those series would “save” Capcom as you put it is completely and utterly wrong.

      The reason games like Megaman (and probably PXZ too) have been put to the side is because sadly they DONT sell that well (although I never could understand why, as they are extremely tight platformers).

      Heck I wouldn’t even be as mad about Legends 3 not happening (cuz the series never did sell that well, be-it from Capcom’s lack of advertisement for them or other reasons) were it not for the way Capcom handled the whole thing.  They’d been saying for YEARS that they wanted to do the game and then gave people false hope when they announced the game.  When it was announced, they announced it like any other game, acting as if it was in active development.  It never became the Legends 3 “Project” until the rumors that Inafune was leaving came true.  The whole getting fans “involved” in the game only made it worse when they cancelled it.

  • Darrel Daley

    Umm, maybe i really will wait for the Gold Edition of RE6.

  • Brimfyre

    I never got on the Capcom hate train until Street Fighter x Tekken.

    Charging people for things that have always been unlockable killed it for me.  I had no motivation to go through that game at all knowing all I could unlock was some stupid text title bs I don’t give two shits for.  Man I really wish people would stop supporting their DLC.  

    • They already pissed me off with their “more-complete” game releases a year after launch (sf4, umvc3, etc).

      In those cases it would have been better if they had decently priced DLC rather than making people rebuy the game each time…

      • XiaomuArisu

        Yeah they gave us the option to update SSF4 to SSF4AE.thats why I thought they learned how to do it right.
        But then UMvsC3 happend.

    • TrevHead

      Im suprissed Capcom doesnt do free to play considering their DLC feels just like it.

  • A lot of those items sound like a recipe for disaster…

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    as much as i like to  complain about pre launch dlc, the thing is that most people buy it, but while it keeps making publishers money, we are just gonna keep getting more and more, some people even say in some cases that they buy it to help the developers, but that just gonna help keep the abuse.

  • Setsuna ♥

    Dear Capcom, I have the perfect strategy to make your dreams come true (and BTW it all revolves around Megaman)

    1. Release Megaman Legends 3, this will not only bring 3DS sales up so you’re helping Nintendo you’ll be giving the fans what they want for once.

    2. Megaman X Remastered Collection (or if you want to be greedy release them all individually on XBLA/PSN for more overall profit), obviously there’s one on the PS2 but what not make it look more crisp and increase the resolution for HDTVs. X was probably one of the best from Megaman history and w/ achievements and trophies aiding the purchasing of games nowadays who wouldn’t want it.

    3. Stop trolling with Megaman, maybe it would be funny if you were a successful company like you were years ago but now you have so much bad rep sometimes I wonder if you care for your fanbase anymore.

    You still have time as well to do this for the blue bombers 25th anniversary. Think about it … I mean whos word should you trust, the corporate heads who thought DLC already on disc wouldnt be a problem or the fans who are the ones who actually throw their money at you (fans which I may add are decreasing in numbers fast).

    • Luna Kazemaru

       still on that MML3 are we…Its time to move on people.

      • LynxAmali

        I can see the issue both ways.

        On one side, Capcom had tons of fan input for the game. They also had the game being openly developed and later came out to say “We wanted THE FANs to make the game.”

        On the other side, it’s dead. It was a terrible idea and execution, letting fans see the development.

        Either way; It’s dead and not coming back.

        ZX3, on the other hand, WHY IS THERE ONE YET?! You do not, I repeat, DO NOT, end a game on a cliffhanger like that. Get on it, Inticreates.

        -Resident Evil 6 and DmC Devil May Cry expected to sell 7 million and 2 million copies, respectively, by March 31st, 2012. 



        • Anime10121

           Um Legends 3 was ended on a cliffhanger too, (I would also like a ZX3 but I want Legends 3 more).

          I still think they are being overly optimistic with RE6 sales and underestimated Dragon’s Dogma.  If anything I expect RE6 to reach 7mil LIFETIME sales and not 7mil this fiscal year and DD to reach about 2-3 million this year.

      • Setsuna ♥

        I don’t much care of it, I’m basically saying that Capcom is making fun of their fans and quite frankly if they really wanted to make money thats probably a good course of action.

        I’m looking at it as what the demand is on the interwebs because its not like anything else theyre releasing is any better (except for maybe RE6)

        • Roubjon

          They REALLY aren’t making fun of their fans.  I 100% guarantee you that they aren’t a sadistic group of business men who don’t make a game because they want to make their fans feel bad.  It’s a business. They have meetings around a table and try to figure out what’s the best move to make the most money.  They obviously thought the Megaman IP wasn’t going to do that, so they haven’t made another Megaman game in a while.  It’s pretty simple.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Lemme simplify that for ya.

      Dear Capcom, “Just localize the Ace Attorney games”

      • Spider-Man

        You better add some Monster Hunter to that!

  • Just one more reason to give up newer games and dust off my nes.

  • Christopher Nunes

    They’re joking, right?

    “Shorten the development-to-launch cycle for series titles.”

    What is this, I don’t even…

    This is what I HATE most about game development! To make an excellent you have to put as much time and effort into them for them to shine! One year development ISN’T enough time to release a well-developed game unless the staff have exceptional game making skills. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same thing applies to game development.

    I hate when they remove content that was suppose to be there from the start, or hidden or lock content that can only by brought with DLC which is horrible and a bad idea. Why do I have to pay additional money to buy content that’s already in the game? Back in the day hidden content, were just that hidden and have to be found by investigation every part of the game which made it fun and amazing when you finally got the hidden extras (WITHOUT BUYING) and makes the game more enjoyable in the long.

    I can understand Capcom has big plans for the games in the future, but they need to slow it down and think from a consumer’s perceptive. This isn’t what we really want and this is hurting them in the long way. Sure some games were great in one year development, like Mega Man X6 for example even though there was some flaws but it improved X5’s features and beyond which is what X5 should’ve been with features, but it’s not the same for all games.

    I hope they reconsider their plans, I do like they’re going to focus on online games for the PC now which is great! But Capcom hasn’t been doing great nowadays unlike in the past. Maybe one day Capcom will return to that golden moment of glory that once had and beamed with. 

    • I think you’re overreacting. They haven’t said one year of development anywhere. Don’t puts words in people’s mouths. Also, from what I can see of their financials, their “golden moment of glory” is right now. :P

      • Christopher Nunes

        Guess I am a bit, sorry about that. But I’ve seen Namco Bandai and their “One-Year” game development for some of their recent games (Soul Calibur V and Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi) has gotten me concern about their shorten development which I think is close to that.

        Sorry for putting words in people’s mouths, I’ve been feeling a bit cautious with development especially with Namco’s games, with the games I like.

        And they’re golden moment of glory is right? I think some fans would think otherwise… ^^;

    • boundries_san

      Umm… i thought Megaman X6 is the worst X series due to abomination level design and forced story here?

      • Christopher Nunes

        Level Design aside (true, it got super challenging at some point, but I liked it still), quite a number of fans agreed that X6 had a superb storyline especially after X5’s somewhat flawed storyline.

        And many fans liked it because it had the BEST characterization of X in the series, how he gotten more battle-harden and willingly to do what must be done while still being the same gentle person as he is.

        Plus I think a number of fans will strongly disagree with you with X6 being the WORST game in the X series. I think a lot will say X7 (which I liked as well, mind you) consider they made the main character of the series a UNLOCKABLE character and messed up his characterization with him taking a backseat and acting a little too whiny.

        • boundries_san

          Well X-5 should not have flawed story as Inafune designed that as the last X series however Capcom comes and just announced to the public that they are going to release X-6 a week after Inafune finished the game.

          on X-6, X character is probably expand more but by sacrifising Zero storyline For example: Saying that Zero is repairing himself after all those damage??? How can it be? But well X-7 and X-8 is probably those non canon Megaman which i totally don’t love to played anymore.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Actually Inafune didn’t really have ANY involvement X5, he basically ask the staff/team to wrap things up as the “final” X game in the series and went off to start developing the Zero series games. He didn’t direct the story, just asked for it to be done and over with.

            If Capcom DIDN’T make X6 we probably would of have the “Revived” Zero VS Original X in Zero 1 as Zero was left for dead after X5 where X6 makes a little bit more sense with Zero’s revival. Also Omega probably wouldn’t have existed either.

            Many fans would argue with you saying that X5 has the WORST ending in the X series, especially Zero’s death as he dies in a boss explosive (and he dead from it once before but got revived). True it was a giant Sigma body that did it, but in X’s version Zero still gets blown even though X is right now and not a scratch on him.

            And about Zero saying he “hid himself to repair” that was a lie to assure X he was alright. In X6 when Zero enters a Light Capsule he asks Dr. Light who repaired him, which Dr. Light denies who. Sadly X6 suffers from some poor translation which is the cause of misunderstandings in the game, but it’s regarding as a better story than X5 and a better ending than X5 as well. I see Zero’s ending in X6 as a place sometime in the future and not IMMEDIATELY after the events of X6.

            Read this topic please:

            The fans there debate over it and explained from source books and the like about everything involving both X5 and X6 and why X5 wasn’t the last X game. They explain things better than I do and you get a better understanding the development behind the X series games as well.

            Also X7 and X8 ARE CANON. In the Official Mega Man Zero series Clockwork/Source Books that stated the Orbital Elevator from X8 exists in the Zero timeline and make vague reference to the New Gen Reploids… however they never cleared up the “Axl” issue and ZXA serves as a link to Axl from the X series, even if it’s a homage instead of a direct link.

          • boundries_san

            Yeah i understand what u said about Megaman X-5 flaw especially X ending where he is unscratched however if u think for the bad ending, Dr Light save him by repairing him so we can also said the same for X best ending.

            While for Zero’s dead, it is quite different as his dead in Megaman X is granted however a certain group called X-Hunters repair them especially “Serges” who updated all Zero weaponry too. While in X-5, there are no more people who is able to analyze or even rebuild Zero.

            Well what done is done lol and by the existance of X-6, we evaded Megaman Zero series where Zero(or Omega here?) will fight againts X which had been going wrongly due to his own ideals. (Which sounds cool too here.)

            About why X7 and X8 is not canon in my view as it is mostly said by most fans knows that Inafune totally had no hands in both series(At least in both Megaman X-5&6 he still mention he had little things to do in the series), and the thing is wX-7 happen in far future from Megaman X-6, Zero being not sealed even after knowing that his existance cause this whole war is just logically wrong for me.

            And about AXL existance, ZXA never ever mentioned AXL name as it is mentioned that model A= model Albert which is the opposite of Model W even in their shapes.

          • boundries_san

            Lol first here, i never said i hate Megaman X-6 lol. I just said according to my own personal feelings, i like X-4 and X-5 much more than X-6.

            And yeah i have read the topic u give me and the info inside also had people who think that X-5 is supposed to be the last for X series and it is supposed to directly continue to Z series. It is just plain opinion as many people loves X-5 more than X-6 which is why people support Inafune first choice here.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I see, but I like X6 a tad bit more than X5.

            EDIT: My bad… wrong spot to post this! Is there a way to delete your comment?

          • Christopher Nunes

            Did you read the topic at all, in the link I provided?

          • Christopher Nunes

            I see, but I like X6 a tad bit more than X5.

  • Revorse

    Damn…..expectations are pretty damn high.

  • pgover

    Capcom, i love you, i really do. I’ve been a Capcom fan for quite some time and even now i still try to support you. But something is obviously going wrong with you as of late. Unrealistic expectations for game sales, business tactics that make the fans rabid and focusing on making games for only a small portion of the franchises that people love you for,these are all major problems and stuff like more DLC and Social games are not gonna make them go away (in fact, they might actually make things worse).

    What will actually help is if you make less DLC for your games and include more on Disc Content. DLC is ok to a certain extend but too much results in fan backlash. You also need to release games from your other franchises, not just Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. Stuff like Darkstalkers, Mega Man, Viewtiful Joe, Ace Attorney, Breath of Fire, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Dino Crisis and Rival Schools. Heck, even try giving some franchises that didn’t do well another shot like Red Earth, God Hand and Plasma Sword.

    There are a lot of ways to turn your situation around Capcom, you just
    need to be willing to take some risks and start listening to your fans

    • Hello Pgover.
      You are totally right and I totally agree with you I love Capcom with all my heart, but just like you said Capcom needs to give their other franchise a chance and they really need to listening to good fan like you that looking out for them. Hope that Capcom staffs check out this site and see all the good things fans like you have to said. My friend by any chance you should write Capcom directly maybe they would listen to what you have to say believe me.
      Well take bro and may GOD be with you always!

  • Too bad, everyone. People buy DLC all the time, whether you like it or not. It’s here to stay for good or ill and nothing short of a complete failure of the model is changing that. But again, people have historically bought into even the most unfair DLC available today and companies have profited from them, so you are all in the minority.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       >DLC a failure of a model

      lol no its just abused some companies have used DLC what its been intended on being used for.

    • malek86

      You know, when most of the people here keep buying all the DLC pieces NISA puts out for their games, I don’t even know if you can really say they are in the minority. It seems to me like they enjoy them like everyone else, perhaps even more so if you consider that NISA releases ten times the amount of DLC as Capcom.

      So yeah, I don’t even know if they actually have any rights to complain.

      •  I’m probably being naive but doesn’t NIS release a lot of that DLC for free?

        • Compa/IF games, yes. NIS games no. The cost of all DLC in Disgaea 3 rivals the price of the game itself.

          •  I’m afraid to even go look, I hope the Vita version bridges that issue. But yes, the double standard for fans who get treated well with a company and DLC compared to another company that doesn’t along with their DLC doesn’t help much especially when they complain about it either costing too much or getting screwed over. I’ve looked at the content for Disgaea 3 before, I may need to go look at it again to see how everything is priced.

          • malek86

            Disgaea 3 Vita already includes all the downloadable content from the PS3 version, so that’s a plus. Then again, it’s effectively a port of a 5 years old game, they needed to include something to sweeten the deal.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Don’t you think it’s a little presumptuous to say that people who are opposed to DLC are also the people who buy DLC for NISA’s (or any other) titles? Or that they even buy NISA titles at all, for that matter?

        This may be a website with a primary focus on (niche) Japanese games, but that hardly means that most people here are NISA’s customers.

        • malek86

          Well, there are many companies that take the same approach. NISA, Koei, Namco, you name it. I guess it’s not hard to think that most of the the people here buy games from at least one of these companies.

          As for whether they buy the DLC too… I don’t really see anyone complaining when a post comes up about DLC for games from those companies (not even for the incredibly overpriced costumes from Namco), so I assume they either buy them, or at least don’t care – something which seemingly can’t be said about Capcom here, since everyone is whining.

  • I don’t see Strategy 3: Listen to fans and act like you still care about them :/

  • Xmas Lopez

    oh Capcom, getting a little too excited there, aren’t you?

  • 1000 dollar special edition for Leon’s SWEATSHOP jacket

    up yours capcom, how about some nice on disk dlc and day one dlc baby!!!

  • canarinta

    This is probably the only time I felt sad that a company got high sales.

    •  Sorry to say that, but you’re a selfish loser if you felt sad when a company have high sales.

      • brian yep

        Selfish loser for feeling sad that a hellishly greedy company such as Capcom did so well?
        Uhh, methinks you may just be having fanboy bias.

      • canarinta

        Really? Do you /like/ on-disc DLC or what?

  • Jake Deerberg

    Capcom… come here for a second. Just sit down… we need to have a talk. Alright. I love your games. I really do. I still love them to this day. I didn’t even give two damns about the on-disc DLC and the day one stuff. As long as the game was fun. But let’s be realistic here. You’ve made some bad choices. Now now I know you had good intentions on some decisions. But let’s be honest. You’ve pissed some people off. Most of them maybe Whiney Megaman Fanboys and anti-DLC people who have no scope of anything related to video game marketing and how DLC is done and cry out ‘CONSPIRACY!’ the moment someone mentions DLC plans. But none the less you’ve pissed people off. You’re being optimistic. That’s good. But you’re not going to hit record sales. Sure Resident Evil 6 will be a big hit for a lot of people (like me) as well as Dragon’s Dogma. But… going onto say ‘We’re going to make record sales’ just makes you seem like Michael Bay… and no one likes Michael Bay. Now onto the strategies. For the most part I like it. I really do. Now let’s bring Megaman Lege- Oh don’t give me that groan. Okay think of it as… Getting those people to shut the f*** up? Okay cool. But yes let’s have a Megaman Collection on XBLA and PSN, hell maybe Steam perhaps? Also, Now I’m not saying you’re abusing the DLC model but you’re getting close. If you want to do DLC, put it at a moderate price. Nothing too expensive. Like the costumes for SFxT being just a buck. That’s perfect.  Bring in some new titles and franchises and… don’t make $1000 collector’s editions. Like… seriously do I even HAVE to explain that. Capcom, I don’t want you to go bankrupt. I don’t want you to disappear like so many of people want. But I do believe you need to make some changes in your game plan. So. Please listen to journalists, analysts, and of course the fans. Sure you’ll get the ‘F*** CAPCOM NANNYNANNYBOOBOO!’ but hey everybody gets that. We want to help you Capcom. Just open your ears and be ready for criticism.

    •  They just had record sales in the last year.  You want them to not do what they are doing and listen to you? Why?

      • Jake Deerberg

        Oh they did? Ah crap I mis read that…

      • By record sales you mean sales declining by 29% and profits declining by 47.2%?

    • Hello Jake.
      Well I hope that Capcom would read your beautiful comments take notes and make their games better. I myself is a big Capcom fan who collected all Capcom games and Resident Evil favorite and will always be. Really hope that Capcom see your comment and learn from it because you give good ideas and just like you I don’t want to see my favorite game company Capcom go bankrupt and hopefully Capcom can shut all those haters, fools that talking crap about Resident Evil 6 already. Well take care and may GOD bless you always my friend.

  • Guest

    I say to myself “Hmmm…..” when I read Strategy 2 because those are some risky decisions they are making IMO. Also Strategy 1 sounds like they’ll just rush in developing games, which isn’t good. Doesn’t mean they absolutely will, but it sounds like it. Anyways, one thing that could possibly help IMO is that they should be as unique as they were back then by releasing much more games in a different genre. Back then they released so many shmups, beat em ups, 2D platformers…..I mean they were definitely on a roll, but now all I mostly see from them are fighters and FPS games. This is risky too, but if they were to do something like this then I think they’ll have even more people supporting them. :)

    EDIT: Fixed errors

    • I believe Strategy 1 is already in effect, as they point out that Resident Evil 6 is appearing just 3.5 years after Resident Evil 5. Cutting down on devtimes is something that they had mentioned in their previous reports, too, so I wouldn’t be concerned.

      • Guest

        Oh, then Strategy 1 isn’t such a big deal, as they made some mighty good games in those short developmental times.

  • i been buying capcom games since the nes days i loved them during the
    psx age and was amazed by the ps2 days so i’m glad their doing their
    thing…but since SSF4 my love for them isn’t as strong, don’t get me
    wrong i still get the games but the dlc just crazy…man i miss the psx
    days where they felt like they could do no wrong, but hey maybe one day
    this DLC stuff will get balanced properly so it wont feel like such a

  • Domii

    Ishaan describes this time as the “Golden moment of glory” for capcom, and I totally agree with him. I been gaming for a long time, and I don’t remember a time where the most anticipated or talked about games of the year were from Capcom. Never. Capcom have been making piles of money this generation from what I’ve observed and read across the web. So there’s no reason why people should keep saying that they have unrealistic expectations when they have the marketing muscle to maximize their profits.

  • Hello.
    Honestly I would like to know why everyone talking so much crap about
    Capcom that putting out good games out there like RE, Monster Hunter,
    Dragons Dogma, SF and etc with dlc for us to play, but instead
    complaining about it. Other crap companies like Namco, Atlus, EA, THQ, Konami, Activision, Uisoft, Warner Bros Interactive all do the same and no one ever complaining at all so please, all those Capcom haters get off their nuts. Thank You!

    • boundries_san

      Well there are always haters here but Capcom itself is not without wrong move here.

      The SFXTekken DLC in the disc fiasco utterly destroyed their reputation, cancelling MML3 and worst blaming the reason on the fans.

      While i do understand they had lots of good games which i myself bought them. Ghost Trick, MH and probably Dragons Dogma in future, they need to rethink their strategy on DLC here as their DLC strategy is pure abomination.

    • brian yep

      No no no no no no no, Atlus is undeserving of being called a “crap” company along with particularly EA and Activision.

    •  Last time i checked DLC were Downloadable Content not Disc Locked Keys for stuff already on the game besides some of the companies you mentioned aren’t as bad (expect Activison and EA) and last time i checked this was an article about Capcom…now if it was another company then we’ll talk.  Bashing Capcom on a Capcom Article…PFFT MADNESS

    • mirumu

      Your comment seemed reasonable until you went off on a tangent bashing all those other publishers. And seriously…Atlus?

  • Crevox

    Capcom Expect To See Record High Disc-Locked Content Sales This Year

  • I look at all DLC as a rip off.Congrats Capcom, you’re one of the best companies out there at ripping off customers with DLC.

    In the previous 3 generations of gaming I always had “full games” and DLC was not needed period.

    I never buy games with DLC unless it’s a game that comes with all of it like those Game of the Year Edition things or it’s in a Steam Sale that I can get everything for cheaper than when the game came out originally.

    Now that Nintendo is doing the same thing, there’s gonna be a lot of games I won’t be getting Day 1.And I doubt Nintendo will make GOTY editions of their games.

  • brian yep

    They expect to sell 2 million of DMC and 7 million of RE6 by March 31st 2012?
    GREAT SCOTT, does that involve time travel?
    So they invented time travel?
    So if I bought a time machine from them, would that require some extra fee to actually use it?
    Man, that would really suck.

  • s07195


    Just a smiley face to brighten up the mood here.

  • ->Shorten the development-to-launch cycle for series titles.

    This could definitely backfire on them if they aren’t careful. Best example of a game getting screwed because of this is Dragon Age 2.

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

     “Shorten the development-to-launch cycle for series titles.”

    AKA more unfinished games will ship and more on Disc DLC

    Yeah capcom you won’t make money nobody is stupid enough to be ripped off by you anymore.

  • Roubjon

    I guess I’ll be one of the few people here who doesn’t give a crap about Capcom’s DLC practices.  Do they release DLC that is one the disc?  Yes.  But do they release really good games at the same time?  Yes, they do.  So guess what?  If I feel like the DLC is worth buying I’ll buy it, and if I don’t then I won’t.  Either way, I have a really good game. 

    And like said in earlier comments, Capcom is not the only company that does this.  So many of them do and yet Capcom get this crazy amount of hatred every time a piece of news pops up about them.

    Alright, here comes the wave of comments that say I’m sucking up to a game company and take me way too seriously.

    • mirumu

      There’s always someone who brings up other companies doing this and suggesting Capcom is the only one getting punished, but they say exactly the same thing in Square Enix threads, and in forums discussing Ubisoft games, and in Bioware threads, etc, etc. Not everyone’s a fanboy, and “Everyone’s doing it” isn’t really a good argument.

  • Göran Isacson

    Brand new titles is kind of expected, since it seems to me that Capcom either milks a franchise ala Street Fighter or just doesn’t take care of them and tries to move on with creating something new instead. Lost Planet was a surprise in that I thought they had let that franchise out to pasture for something new, but I guess every rule must have an exception.

    Not sure how wise those forecasts are, since I personally believe that Resident Evil 5 and ORC are the kind of games that make people turn “meh” on a franchise. RE5 was decent but felt very ‘narrow’ and linear to me, it felt like you never really had time to breath or think and ORC… it was just boring. I’ve played far better shooters in my time that didn’t ride on a franchises coat tails, and I’ll stick to those. I personally don’t think they will meet a seven million sold projection, simply due to recent titles not being up to snuff and thus lowering demand and excitement for another title.

    Can’t say if that will apply to DmC though. Even if 4 wasn’t as fun as 3 it was still decent, and the change in looks have obviously drawn in a new crowd. But I’m not ready to say the new crowd can replace or even outnumber the ones who withdraw due to doubts of the franchises new direction, so… we’ll just have to see, there.

  • I don’t think those are high expectations. Well, maybe just a tad bit for RE6, but I guarantee you, with a big red bow wrapped around it, especially with as much time the game will get coverage from eve-ry-where, they’ll get close.
    I guarantee it.

  • TrevHead

    Einhander HD / 2
    Monster Hunter
    Progear (on Steam)
    that is all

    • mirumu

      Einhander is owned by Square Enix, not Capcom, but yes, they should do that.

  • Sometimes I wish companies would stop trying to overproducing everything and then wondering how come they’re losing tons of money.

    I’m sorry but I’d rather see them do more with less than do more with more and then go bankrupt because they “surprisingly” failed to not make Call of Duty or Skyrim numbers.

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    Strategy 1: Release unfinished games and complete them with DLCs.
    Strategy 2: Release decent products and sell lots of DLCs.

    DLCs are the future!!

  • “This is owing in part to their strong slate of upcoming titles for the year, including Resident Evil 6 and DmC Devil May Cry, expected to sell 7 million and 2 million copies, respectively, by March 31st, 2012.”
    By March of 2012? But that already happened…

  • Valtiel Ikari

    hmmm… for RE6, maybe it’s posible but I think maybe they perform RE 5 numbers, as for DMC, I just don’t know, Tameems attitude definetly has hurt future purchase, from people I know where ready to give the game a chance that where fans of the classic game, and from people that didn’t know DMC, I predict 1 millions, maybe 1.5 millions, and I’m being generous.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    Well, with Ono outta the picture, I’m sure the new person would do so.  But I rather see it to believe it.  :/

  • Wen Pin Chua

    we need to educate the daft majority of players who still buy Capcom’s overpriced DLC (think costumes). seriously

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