A Look At The Colourful Cel-Shaded Style Of Capcom’s E.X. Troopers

By Ishaan . May 16, 2012 . 7:45pm

Capcom have released the first trailer for E.X. Troopers, an upcoming game by Shintaro Kojima, one of the producers of their hit Monster Hunter series. Set in the same universe as Lost Planet, E.X. Troopers is a shooter that takes place in a school setting. Take a look at the game’s trailer below:



E.X. Troopers will be released on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3—yes, those are the platforms—sometime this year.

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  • James Beatty

    Damn, that’s pretty awesome. Hopefully it will be localized 

  • Of course getting PS3 version which you don’t have to buy another device to play certain region games but I’m pretty sure this game will get localized.

    • Herok ♞

       getting it on 3DS because you don’t have to be tyed down to a t.v. to play it, and for all we know they could be complexly different games on the ps3 and 3ds

      • I mean I don’t need to buy a Japan 3DS to play this game. I think the only thing that’ll differ is graphic. But yeah sure you can play however you like.

        • James Beatty

          Well that’s obvious. But, it does look like a game that would come over.

          • Yeah but either way I’m getting PS3 version :D

          • James Beatty

            I’m getting it on the 3DS because the 3DS is awesome 

            (and my ps3 broke) :P

        • Herok ♞

           I see what you mean now.

  • Shadowman

    This looks interesting. I might like it.

  • Roubjon

    That looks pretty damn awesome.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    I’m so HYPED ! Instant Day ONE for me babyyy ^_^

  • The manga inspired visuals are interesting enough. 

  • The game looks low budget.
    Welp, still looks more interesting than the Lost Planet games though.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s “low budget,” exactly, but I would say it’s a pretty good indicator of what the lead platform is. And it makes sense if you think about who’s spearheading the game’s development, too.

      •  Hopefully the version in the trailer is the 3DS one.  It doesn’t really look like a PS3 game especially from a big publisher like Capcom.

        • Well, what I suggested was just a theory, haha. But yes, assuming this is the 3DS version, we have no idea what the PS3 version looks like. I would imagine the textures will be higher resolution, and that there’ll be some additional special effects to make the game look smoother and “console quality”. 

          But again, this is all conjecture. My point was just that I wouldn’t pass this off as “low budget” because it may very well be fairly high-budget for a 3DS game.

          • I believe this is the PS3 version if this person is correct http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w-FyMW-UD0

          • Guest

             Thats the same video

          • @Galactor:disqus I know but in this video it says PS3

          • That video’s from an “unofficial” source. Ours is direct from Capcom’s YouTube channel and they don’t specify a platform.

          • Zal_Yagun

            Video Still Ends with PS3 and 3DS on top

  • Palmer Nyako

    looks like this random doujin robot girl browser game rofl.

  • Christian J. Prokop

    Color me intrigued, I hope this comes to the states.

    • Zonic505

      Considering the name got trademarked in the US & Europe, perhaps it’s a sign it’ll come to the US. Maybe we’ll get some confirmation at E3?

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Is the artist Tatsuya Yoshikawa? Maybe the cel-shaded visuals just made me think of Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter, so I may be wrong…

  • Andrew Austin

    Thats some pretty cell shading.

  • Heidenroslein

    Oh man this looks AWESOME :D

    I am absolutely LOVING the stylized visuals here~

  • wonder why they would make this and not that mml3 game everyone was in a up roar about they seem sorta similar.

    • kylehyde

      Legal issues with Keiji Inafune.

  • Kind of reminds me of S4 League. Looking forward to seeing more of this. :P

    • KotaroInugami

      Had the same thought.

  • ShinGundam

    Looking forward to this game, HQ looks fun and promising.
    Not a big fan of cell shade, I don’t know why but it looks flat probably because of texture work and geometry looks too simple.

  • takopako


  • Setsuna ♥

    …. Why is the protags hair pink ?

    • puchinri

      It’s a sign of manliness. And being comfortable with his masculinity.

  • Zal_Yagun

    Damn you capcom. Dissappointing me with MML3 cancellation, making my only reason on getting a 3DS moot, Then making a Lost Planet game that reminds me of MML?

    ****, now I’m actually considering getting a PS3 or 3DS now…..

    • KotaroInugami

      …Kinda shocked that this game is deciding wether you should get a system created in 2006 with tons of other great games on it…

      • Zal_Yagun

        I really love my Lost Planet… Seriously, No other game has on-foot Shooting and Mech combat mashed so well together and I like the weightiness of the movement. LP2 only disappointed me in Campaign length and Broken MP. (**** Buster Grenades)

        The only two things I don’t have is a PS3 and a 3DS. 
        None of the exclusive PS3 Titles make me want to rush out and buy it Day one, Just Shooters . I played most of the worthwhile games when during my temporarily time with a PS3,basically just Valkyria and MGS4 and infamous (Protoype won me over). Everything else were Mutiplatform games. Though I really do want Gundam VS Extreme and to replay Shadow of the Colossus… 

        3DS doesn’t impress me much, but I rather have something on the go than sit at home to play..

  • ‘school setting’

    ………well dats new an’ exciting.

    Humie Translator Robot: did he- was the ork sarcastic just now? i didn’t know orks were capable of sarcasm.

  • dahuuuundge

    >school setting
    >school setting
    >school setting
    >school setting
    aside from that the game looks pretty fun. This needs to have Lost Planet 2’s level of multiplayer.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      school setting…ok problem?

      • Aside from it being possibly the most overused setting for a Japanese game/anime in the history of video games?

        But yeah, terribad anime cliches aside, this looks pretty decent.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Better then guy who lost his memory or must save that girl I don’t know for no reason.

          • Oh the old cliche protag with memory loss~

            Heh, I guess Lost Planet never really was very original, plot-wise.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Lol 2 wasn’t any better lulz

        • ShinGundam

           School setting can be interesting and the best part of this game is HQ but Visually it doesn’t look interesting.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I liek miniskirts :)

  • Nyandroid

    I LOVE the look of this! Definately gonna check it out if it comes our way!

  • do we have to play as the guy in the bright orange-yellow vest. . ?

    . . . He even has pink hair. . .

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Reminds me of star driver lol.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I was thinking that too.

        Gingira Bishounen.

      • puchinri

        Now I want it 1000x more. I hope his mecha can use flashy, ballet-like moves too.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Haha Now you got me thinking about it.

          • puchinri

            Haha, sorry. x’D
            The image just being in your mind does make it even better though, right~?

    • puchinri

      I do like his design (and what we glimpse of his personality), but I do see a number of other characters that I would want to be able to play as.

    • We probably don’t HAVE to. He looks like he has friends. So maybe you can drop him in the backseat later. xD

  • Yesshua

    Wow! When I read the first announcement of this game I thought it was bizarre and wasn’t interested. This trailer has changed my mind completely. The game looks energetic, colorful, pretty, and I love what they’re doing with the full motion comic frames and overlays for exposition in the trailer. That also looked an awful lot like multiplayer near the end, which I think could be way cool especially from the Monster Hunter team.

    This game looks super Japanese, but in a good way.  You’ve got the school setting, you’ve got the anime characters, you’ve got the giant robot mech suits.  Lost Planet never looked interesting to me as a semi-realistic shooter, but this Lost Planet may be another matter entirely.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I am looking forward to this.

  • Why does this game remind me of Mega Man Legends? Capcom must be trolling us by having the same type of game on the 3DS. Their both third-person action shooters and while the character movement is a bit different, it is similar.

    Edit: There’s nothing wrong with it. I just really want Mega Man Legends 3.

  • kroufonz

    please tell me that gameplay footage is from 3DS version not the PS3 one!

    anyway i’ll buy this if i can play as the miko girl!

  • This looks like something the 3DS can do easily so I hope the PS3 version isn’t restricted to be the same as the 3DS version….

  • Zonic505

    I’m not really a Lost Planet fan, but this looks really interesting. Okami-style graphics set in the LP world with a dash of Project Justice with the school setting.

    • puchinri

      I was interested in the series, but I’m not sure it’d be my thing, and I feel the same. 

      By the by, I like your avatar/icon. What is it from~?

      • Isn’t that… the same character as in the video?

        • puchinri

          I thought so, but I couldn’t tell immediately. I think I kept seeing Takuto or some lovechild. . .

      • Zonic505

        Yup, it’s Bren, the main character. On the official site, you can get Twitter icons of the characters.

        • puchinri

          Okay, thanks, just makin sure. x’D

          Ahh, I vaguely saw those. I might have to go back to nab some now.

  • solbalmung

    Wow, this looks rather good! Is there any hope for a localization? Or is it out of the question 8( ?

    • boundries_san

      Pray for the Localization Devil lol. As…… just hope here.T_T

  • Solomon_Kano

    Those visuals, man. I need this game. YESTERDAY.

    But no, really, I’m getting Clover Studio vibes from the art. I don’t expect the gameplay to be on their level, but this is off to a great start.

    Now to decide which platform to get it on…

  • Suicunesol

    I don’t know… I think it looks really good for a 3DS game. :O The blockiness of the models in my opinion isn’t so much a consequence of graphical limits as it is a design decision. I wouldn’t even say they’re blocky models. They look really nice, and not being satisfied with them is just demanding too much.

    I want to see this come over! Come on! 3DS needs more good third party games!

  • Is it me or does this remind anyone else of Phantasy Star Online?

  • Seink

    A nintendo portable having the same game as a last generation sony console… never thought this day would came.

    Well, we are in 2012, end of the world, so anything goes XD (just kidding)
    Ok, one more to put on my to buy list ^^, but looking at the list’s current size, I think it will take a few year before the time comes =p 
    Too many good games, too little money……cruel world T_T

    • puchinri

      Well, the end of the world rumor was dispelled recently. But I still feel like the joke won’t ever end really (like the world was supposed to).

      And indeed. Too many good games, too little money. And time. ;u;

  • Kyle Fedora

    Am I the only one who thinks the visuals look awful? I’ve seen cel-shaded games before, and they’ve been beautiful… but this looks like a cartoon character vomited.

  • rinalicat

    I am such a sucker for cell-shaded graphics…so I’m kinda praying for a EU release ^-^;

  • I’m more shocked to see Capcom doing a very-Japanesey game again.

  • I’ve said this elsewhere, but the whole project feels like they took the team from Mega Man Legends 3 and plopped them here. Not necessarily a bad thing if that proves to be true. I imagine they’d want to make use of whatever engine they put together for that game.

    I’m totally on board. This is the kind of super stylized crazy game we don’t see from Capcom anymore.

    I should also note that Capcom has trademarked the name E.X. Troopers in America and the UK as well.

    •  I agree first thing I actually thought of was how this reminds me of Legends

    • puchinri

      I was thinking the same about it being the super stylized and wild game we don’t see from them anymore. I didn’t think of MML at first, but now it does remind me of it too.

      And yay~! Even if it that doesn’t mean anything for sure, a trademark is a nice start.

  • Okay, if Capcom announces a localization for this, I will harass my local game shop until they let me preorder it. This game looks like a ton of fun and the art style screams out as a “Must Buy!” for my 3DS. I will definitely be supporting and following this game from now to release and (hopefully) onwards. 

  • Wow. I really want this game. That trailer looked like ten different types of fun. Interesting choice of systems to release on though. I suppose this style for graphics isn’t as intensive for rendering, but I didn’t think the 3DS would have much overlap with PS3 games ever.

  • Silver Citizen

    Good lord does this look great! Really excited! I didn’t want to watch it though for that exact reason. Who knows if something that looks like this even has a chance of making it over. :(

  • puchinri

    Lovin the music and diggin the visuals. It looks a little bright plus washed out, but I love the general style and look. The music is so much fun too~. Is the music in Lost Planet at all like that?

    The gameplay looks like it’ll be pretty fun, and I like how diverse and animated the cast looks. So excited for this game~! Even more than before. I really, really hope it gets localized. >u<

  • Game looks cool but wouldnt the ps3 version be bad because its also a 3ds game?

    • Not necessarily. This is the same company that up-ported Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to PS3 and it looked/played just fine.

      • Save for the icons and that kind of stuff. Those looked terrible.

    •  Game developers shouldn’t have to see that as a barrier to make a fun game.

  • DeaththeKidXIII

    wow looks good and that girl with the pink hair kinda reminds me of cheria from tales of grace f somehow…. or is it just me? 1:43

    • puchinri

      She reminds me more of the girl from Arc Rise Fantastia. I really like her design though.

  • kylehyde

    If this is the 3DS version I have to say good job capcom developers (their ceo’s are another story). However I can’t stop to think that this reminds me mega man legends 3. Certainly thet trailer has left me with excitement and with the feeling that someone has put salt in a wound that has not healed at all.

    • boundries_san

      Plizz stop opening that “Blue Bomber” wound here. Lets just enjoy this new title here and hope tha it is going to come.

    • British_Otaku

      Normally, I wouldn’t refuse a new IP which looks promising but resembling Megaman Legends 3 and coming from Capcom… Well, I’ll just hope they don’t cancel it for now…

    • Anime10121

      It actually IS Megaman Legends 3 just without Megaman and the proper conclusion it needs.  If you have played any of the Lost Planet games already, I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that they have basically the EXACT same controls just a tad more refined for todays controllers.

      This game is probably using the engine that they were building for Legends 3 as the art style and (yet again) gameplay look extremely similar.

    • thebanditking

       This was my first thought yesterday when I saw the early magazine scans.

  • Souji Tendou

    Oh Em Gee, the gameplay already looks way better than Lost Planet 2. O_O
    Now I’m interested but, why pink hair? Arrrggh. -_-

    • Main characters can still be cool even with pink hair, think Natsu from Fairy Tail

      • Souji Tendou

        Natsu ain’t cool, at least not in my book. :p
        Lett from Rave are way more cool than Natsu, and he’s a fire (dragon) user too. :D

  • This is canon to the Lost Planet universe? This looks like an anime parody, with a bit of Valkryria Chronicles in it as well.

    Also how is the playable guy can go around like that, on an icy planet, without instantly turning into ice? I know how it works in Lost Planet, by collecting those orange things from those creatures but still.

    • boundries_san

      Well they are collecting “thermal energy” which is the same things as heat which will allows u to survive in that ice planet.

    •  It’s a game thats how.

  • boundries_san

    Ohhhhhhh, This game looks hell of fun and it seemswe can play multiplayer too.^^

    Capcom as long as u bring this game here, i will said i forgive u for ur mistake here.

  • A manga styled Lost Planet? 

    That’s pretty sick. I gotta say. 
    If this has multiplayer and comes out here in the US, you got yourself a buy. ;0

  • This …… actually looks interesting.

    Though I will reserve my enthusiasm until I hear about what DLC it has.

    It *is* Capcom after all.

    • shuratan

      inb4 neko meido, bunny suits, and swim wear ;D

      • puchinri

        For the main character, of course~.

  • neetyneety

    If Capcom announces this and Monster Hunter – Tri G for localization, I just might be interested in them again.

  • Julien_N

    The game looks very stylish, I love it! Cell shading is a great art style and it is a shame too many people consider it a cheap graphic trick, ’cause it isn’t.
    The Lost Planet series was made with a Western audience in mind, but you could feel it had Japanese aspects with all those giant mechas.

    I wonder if the 3DS version will need the CP Pro or not…(Oh, and also if Capcom will go completely insane with the DLC…)

    • boundries_san

      Well Nintendo did said that game released on their consoles must be fully made so…. there will be lower risk of DLC nightmare again.^^
      It is just like how FF Therythm game DLC is allowed by Iwata only if the game capacity is used to the fullest there.

      • Julien_N

        So this does also apply to third party publishers, uh? I thought only Nintendo-developed games would have to follow these consumer-friendly guidelines, but the Theatrythm example is reassuring.

        • boundries_san

          Yup.^^ So we are quite safe here on 3DS. Well i hope that Nintendo will keep upholding this policy here.^^ So that we will still be able to able play game completely from Capcom.

  • Kai2591

    At first I was like ‘dafuq?’ after reading ‘school setting’.

    Then I watched the video and thought “hmmm interesting…this might work…”.
    I wished the graphics isn’t cel-shaded like that though…I prefer a more normal kind of graphics but still colourful and anime-like…

  • usagi_san

    First things first, I loved the music in this trailer. 

    Secondly, if the PS3 version looks as good as Valkyria Chronicles then we are in for a treat (I know VC was made by SEGA). Never played the Lost Planet series but this does look interesting. 

  • If both versions get localized, I’mma get both.

    It looks really Cool and I’m getting this Old anime vibe from it

  • Ohoho~! Cel-shaded and manga-styled? Color me interested! [Rimshot]

    The use of a school setting seems rather unoriginal, but guess I’ll wait and see.

    (A little past the halfway point in the video, the background music starts to remind me of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”…… Is it just me?)

    • Oh my god, I can’t unhear it now.

      The graphics are really nice, I think. But I’m still confused about the whole Lost Planet thing.

      • I’m not even caring about the connection to Lost Planet – although I should mention that I’ve never touched a game in the series, which is probably why. If it’s good, I’ll try it.

  • Ronald Bixler

    Jeez, did every manga writer/anime producer/Japanese game developer live vicariously during there high school and/or college years? What did I do wrong?

  • Go2hell66

    wow i completely lost interest in this when i heard about the lost planet universe but after seeing the trailer i really want to see how this game turns out, graphics are amazing

    • boundries_san

      So this is the way Capcom for getting back the love of Lost planet fans after outsourcing the game to some terrible company lol.

  • Lost Planet in anime/manga style………. Hard to say…..

  • isfuturebright

    I didn’t like the ideia at first but I gotta say that this video changed my mind… and it’s funny that Capcom will release it on PS3 and 3DS o.o

  • Chim_era

    Hmm when it said cel shaded I was expecting something more in the sense of Valkyrie Chronicles. I’m not a huge fan of the graphics but they aren’t bad.
    Don’t really know what to think about this one…

    But woot woot for the PS3 release. The lovely world of region free gaming

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Interesting that they were able to expand the series’ universe in a more anime style, but they definitely won’t be earning any artistic awards for this effor, that’s for sure…

    • boundries_san

      Well if u ask me, I would rather had a better game experience rather than having artistic award here.^^

  • MrKappa

    What an odd combination of systems to release this on. Has Capcom just finally lost it after all that is going on?
    I can’t imagine the PS3 version being decent since it will just be a port of a handheld game costing $10-$20 more.

    • puchinri

      Well we did have Ni no Kuni on the DS and PS3, so I imagine that this would be an even better. But we’ll see, I guess.

      • thebanditking

        Yeah but Ni No Kuni was completely re worked from the ground up for PS3 and has a different story from what I remember reading. This however will likely be a quick port between the two which may not turn out as well.

        • puchinri

          Yeah, that’s true. I mean, they could make or add some distinct differences/changes here between the two versions, but I doubt they will.

  • Göran Isacson

    Nnnnnot sure WHAT to think. I mean, space battles with flying mecha and people running around baring arms and thighs isn’t exactly what I think of when I think of a frozen planet where survival is the top priority. I’ll give it a shot, but it seems so far from the themes that drew me to Lost Planet to begin with that I’m not sure I’ll be able to enjoy this.

    Also, that grappling hook game play looked really limited, if you can only grapple from a specific place AND you don’t go all the way to the top but have to arbitrarily grapple twice. Nit-picky? Perhaps, but they DO make trailers so that we can nit-pick about them…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Thats right, Its an Lost Planet Spin Off.

  • Its like they hate Inafune or something…oh thats right they actually do. 

    • How does this have anything to do with Inafune?

    • puchinri

      Because it looks like MML?

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    I hope they work on the character animations a little. They look a little stiff. 

  • eliel

    i wonder if the ps3 version gona have 3d support?

  • JazzWithAttitude

    Looks nice to play
    but this is really a Lost Plantes spin off?
    The enemies is the same but…

  • To those people hoping for a localization, Here’s a reminder on a trademark that has been made in US and Europe “last November”…


  • dragoon_slayer12

    Despite the fact that I don’t currently own a ps3 at the moment, I am so getting this on the 3ds

  • Repede91

    I`m getting a real PSO vibe (guess that`s to be expected with the MH connection) with just a pinch of Persona.

    • Mago Iichi

      You’re not the only one.I felt PSO soon as a I saw the artstyle.

  • So, uh… are we looking at awesome graphics for a 3DS game, or underwhelming graphics for a PS3 game?

    • sonicgamer4

       underwhelming ps3 lol

  • Istillduno

    Looks amazing I’ll buy it day one if Capcom can lay off the ****ty business practices.

    (Yes I know they’ve said they are laying off the whole on disk dlc thing after the next few games that already have that bs, but saying and doing are two different things)

  • Seijien

    I’d want the 3DS version, but I’m afraid of how a PS3 game’s controls translate onto the 3DS…

    • kroufonz

       i don’t think you should worry knowing capcpom this probably made as 3DS game and just up ported to PS3 similar to basara 3

  • I really liked Lost Planet 1 & 2 ( despite its problems ) and after seeing this… i can´t wait for a release date :) .

    The style reminds me a lot to Valkyria Chronicles and PSO ( i hope im not the only one haha )

  •  Set in the same universe as Lost Planet, E.X. Troopers is a shooter that takes place in a school setting. Take a look at the game’s trailer below:


  • Now i try not to judge a game before I can play it, but every thing I’ve seen and herd about this game makes me hate it. It’s a complete bastardization of the Lost Planet franchise the whole premise is cliche, angsty anime teens in school who hasn’t seen that a million times. People comparing it to PSO and Valkiria Chronicles 2 and Persona as if that’s a good thing, whats wrong with Lost Planet having its own identity why does it have to be a knock off of those games all of a sudden. So yeah I’m passing on this game, I refuse to support mediocrity

  • Guest

    I love the artwork of this game and the potential, def has potential to be in a marvel or TSK crossover the main hero (the next jin with robot) and the silver haired dude with the rifle 

  • Kynbros

    I hope its multiplayer

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