New Characters Max And Douglas Join The Crew Of Anarchy Reigns

By Ishaan . May 24, 2012 . 2:01pm

PlatinumGames have revealed two more characters for Anarchy Reigns—Max, who uses Positron Blades and a Tesla Blitz as weapons, and Douglas, who uses a pair of hand-mounted weapons dubbed “The Twins” (AKA Romeo and Julio). Watch clips of the two characters below:








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  • GreekGod88

    Max Leo and Zero for me

    •  Man, I don’t even know who to main.

      Either Baron, Big Bull, Nikolai, Douglas, or Ai Rin. F*** it, I’ll play them all. xD

      • Solomon_Kano

        Same. Too many cool looking characters. Guess I won’t who I’m maining til I’ve got the game in hand.

      • Code

        Same, I’ll have to play a few characters and see how they all feel owo~ On top of that if color edit is fairly flexible it might widen the pool of character’s I’d typically try owo;

        •  Black Baron:

          It’s Green for the Money!
          And Gold for the Hunnies!

  • Code

    Man can’t wait for this, looks like it and P4U will be making up my games of the summer >w< And from the sounds of it already have a few people from SE to play with, looks like it's going to be great owo! 

    Not sure who I'll be using use yet but so far character selection is satisfactory in my books, everyone looks like they are interesting and have some potential~ Also was surprised learned last night the game has a color edit mode, which I didn't know about o3o

  • Shadowman

    Sega where do you keep getting these rocking music from?!

    • Jake Deerberg

      All original music. They get underground rappers like Ox and Sick YG and a few others to rap.

      • Shinigami__san

        Same ppl from Madword OST 

    • Code

      It’s really Platinum that’s handling the game, Sega is just Platinum’s publisher. 

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    1) About time they reveal the guy who was in one of the earlier trailers. Definitely see him as the main villain for Leo’s side of the story.

    2) Overall, I like Douglas’ twin pile bunkers though the first thing I thought of while he was fighting was “Big-O style character? Sweet”.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Put Knuckles from Sonic hahaha then you got a great game *joke*

    • Muffum

      Didn’t someone jokingly edit Wikipedia to say that Knuckles and Doctor Who would be playable?

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        >:} well.. looks like the cat is out of the bag

      •  Oi, playin’ as da Docta would be a orky time!

  •  It’s a shame that Sam probably won’t make the roster then, given how close it is to the release date, but I really can’t complain given the sheer variety on offer. Let’s hope the netcode is up to snuff, I’d really hate something like that to mar what appears to be a pretty unique entry into the current fighter scene.

    •  Who’s Sam?

      • Göran Isacson

         The main character of Vanquish, another Platinum game.

  • jesus. MORE characters?!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Romeo and Julio sounds like an alternative version of a Shakespeare tale lol.

    Anywho, I can’t wait to play this. I figured they were done showing off characters, but I’m glad they aren’t. Max looks fudging awesome.

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    Hell Yeah more beast-like characters for Anarchy Reigns!!!! I know one of my friends that’ll definately get this for Douglas. (cuz he sounds like Dizzy from “GOW”) lolz

  • I was waiting for you guys to post this, anyway these 2 guys have my 2 favourite pieces of music now, they also seem really awesome to play as.

    I really like hard hitting chars that still look awesome, so I’ll prolly main these 2 guys and mathilda (dat bat!).


  • Max is clearly the final boss and thus the most overpowered character. If that’s the case, I hope there’s an option not to make him available in online matches.

    • Code

      That’s rarely the case now a days o3o~ Almost in all fighters this generation boss characters have additional buffs for single player, but their multiplayer equivalent are rebalanced and tuned against the rest of the cast, similar to Seth from SSF4 owo; Just because he’s a boss character isn’t any indicator of his balance in multiplayer.

      •  Seth’s not overpowered just annoying and seeing how this isn’t exactly like a fighting game doesn’t mean he’s be overpowered

        • Code

          Exactly what I’m saying u3u’ Seth isn’t overpowered even as an arcade mode boss, but he does have buffs and is balanced differently then his multiplayer counterpart. What @Diego Oliveira seems to be getting at, is characters can’t have alternate balances between single and multiplayer, which is rather silly. SSF4 I figured was just a decent example to pick from owo;

          It might not be exactly like a fighter, but it’s still carrying a lot of the same qualities/mechanics as fighters; the fact is, having character vs. character will always have some level of statistics to balance out if they want to have long term gameplay.

  •  Also I want this game’s soundtrack so bad. Soooo baaaad.

  • Göran Isacson

     Max is so much the main-villain that it’s kind of GLORIOUS. I mean, he even has Leo’s weapons for crying out loud, can you SAY evil counterpart much clearer?

    Wonder who Douglas is though, if he’s bad or good. I know that an old bearded guy with robot arms and a laugh like that PROBABLY isn’t very nice… but I would like to dream of a world where a bad-ass old cyborg dude can still be a rigtheous man.

  • dat 2nd humie looks zoggin’ creepy.

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    Why was I listening to the Girl Gone Wild Remixes by Madonna on itunes while i was watching these trailers!

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    I never understood those verify your age things they put before rated m trailers if a kid really wanted to see the trailer he would just put the earliest year they had thats what i did before i was 18!

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I must say I’m pleasantly surprised that, for the first time, I’m not annoyed by the music in the trailers for this game. These two songs actually didn’t sound that bad, which is more than I can say for the rest of what I’ve heard.
    That said, it’s still a day one purchase, just because it’s Platinum.

    • raymk

      Meh to each his own on the music, some people don’t like rap,heavy metal or rock so I can’t always go off what others have to say about music.

  • SLick123456789111

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Uh oh. Looks like Platinum are saying that Sega has delayed the game in the West!

    That sounds like more of the Sega financial problems rearing their ugly head. I know they say it’s not canceled, but it’s a bad sign when a developer starts encouraging people in the West to import the Japanese version.

    “We break the bad news about Anarchy Reigns US/EU release date – Sega has decided to change the date to TBC,” reads the post.
    “While our work on the game is finished, localised, and ready to go, as publisher, Sega gets to make the final decision as to when it is released. The Japanese release date, however, remains unchanged for 5th July 2012.”
    In a video a Platinum representative said: “That means ‘to be confirmed’, not ‘to be cancelled’. We worked really hard to make sure everybody could get the game on time. The game is fully localised. If you buy the Japanese version or any version, it’s going to have all the languages in it. We really wanted everybody online around the world to play together at the same time, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.
    “In the West, Sega is looking for the best time to put it out. It will still be out in July. There will still be ways for you to get it if you know where to go. We’re still 100 per cent behind the game and we still want to connect with you and play with you and have a good time. So let’s make sure that happens no matter what bad news we get.”

  • Linhua

    … hohoho boy… Big-O Enters the fray… o_O;; … and he done mutated a little…

    … I warned you about dipping your bananas in Dijon Mustard, Joe…

    … now you’s just a Big-O mutating Douglas.

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