Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Performs Secret Police & Melancholic

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 12:18am

The video for "Secret Police" is what I imagine an underground Hatsune Miku concert would be like. Well, if it wasn’t set in jail. "Secret Police" and the Dark Angel module are in Hatsune Miku Project Diva f along with the song "Melancholic."


The gameplay looks a lot like the PSP games, but there’s a new technical zone (around 55 seconds in) which rewards players with a huge bonus if they can complete a combo. If you want to increase your rank you have to master each song’s technical zone.


Hatsune Miku Project Diva f makes its debut on PlayStation Vita on August 30 and is set for release on PS3 early next year.

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  • Lovely :D

  • Luna Kazemaru

    how cute.

  • Peace Legacy

    Gosh, these little score bonus section gimmick must be stopped already
    It is frustrating to perform so well in the game, only to get distracted from the pressure of these special zone, and slipped up
    In PD1, this can cost more than half of your highscore, where it was tone down significantly in PD2, but it is still there
    Just have all part of the song have equal importance

    • malek86

      No kidding. In Shinobi 3DS, the kunai minigame at the end of the level counts for a whole extra 2 millions, which can make or break your S rank at the end.

      It’s particularly annoying because that minigame doesn’t even have anything to do with the rest of the game, and after sweating blood to beat a level with the best time and combos, slipping up at the end is a rage-worthy experience. Fortunately, the minigame is easy enough that it does’t usually happen, but it’s still an annoying prospect.

      • boundries_san

        And to think both of the game is make by Sega here lol.^^ Sega especially their point game never really had any good point balance here lol.

        But all of them is damn challangeging and fun lol.

    • boundries_san

      As long they balance the bonus section into equally importance with the other section, i welcome them as if they don’t put anything new inside, there will be complaing by other gamers that said the game is not evolving at all.

  • Rasec46

    Looking good until now *_*
    the pre-order i done it’s still a safe bet seeing how the game is turning out

  • ShugoTakahashi

    Hell YES. Secret Police is one of my favorite songs. I was already sold at World’s End Dancehall and Cat Food, so this is just more icing on the cake for me!

  • boundries_san

     August 30th can’t come faster here.^^

  • The 2nd song reminds me of one of those Bakemonogatari song and I LUV IT!

    Well, import is too expensive 4 me….. and I need a PSV….. Sub plz!?

  • This could be the sole reason that PSV sales are going to skyrocket due to hatsune miku fans.

  • Tatsumarii

    Fingers crossed that Play-Asia restocks the Miku LE Vita soon! This game looks so good!!!  

  • I hope they got some Gumi songs just like in Project Mirai. Happy Synthesizer is easily one of my favorite Vocaloid songs. Also, can’t wait to try out Melancholic.

  • AzureNova

    I can’t wait until the white Vita is available, and thank goodness the Vita is region free. I cant wait to play this! =^_^=

  • nekoCiel

    i hope they make the songs and modules from this game into dlc for extend T^T

    • Xerain

       Extend is basically the extended DLC support for 2nd. It seems it was made as a way of “finishing up” on the PSP so they could move onto the Vita.

  • Can’t decide on pre-ordering this or Zero no Kiseki Evolution. 

    It’s nice to have a region-free console.

  • Xerain

    The Technical Zone is not new. It’s just the continued refinement of the long broken chance time. In The original PJD, you score went up exponentially during chance time combos. it was such a huge chunk of your possible score that your grade for the song was based solely on the chance time. You could full combo the first half of the song, the miss one note in the middle of chance time and woudl only get a standard clear. Or you could constantly miss notes throughout the song, but perfect combo the chance time and end up with a Great clear.

    So in PJD 2nd/extend they nerfed it…. to the point where no one cared a bout it anymore. it’s a flat bonus of up to 500 points per note.

    The Technical Zone seems to be a more transparent version of PJD 2nd/extends chance time. Same scoring, but now they let you know how many notes are remaining, and give you an additional bonus for doing well. Also they removed the rainbows.

  • ……
    I don’t even know what to do with my excitement (●´⌓`●)

  • … Just what do they think BIG, FANCY, PINK “F”‘s mean over in Japan?!
    (Tales of Graces F)

  • CirnoLakes

    That SEGA intro should be the intro to ever single SEGA game ever. And should be placed into every single modern release of their games right now. Including their Western developed games like the Shogun series. … if only that probably weren’t too expensive to do the rights for.. If not though that’s what they need to do, right now!

    We need these games in the West, seriously.

  • Apparently if you do well in the technical zone/ chance time you get a different ending to the sound. More pressure T_T  …. lol can’t wait :D

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