AIBO Lives, Sony’s Robot Dog Is In Tokyo Jungle

By Spencer . May 29, 2012 . 4:30pm


Tokyo Jungle, an upcoming PlayStation 3 game from the PlayStation C.A.M.P. team, takes place in the future where the bustling metropolis is only populated by animals… and robot dogs. Sony’s defunct pet AIBO found its way into Tokyo Jungle as one of the "animals."




Players will find a couple of AIBO models in Tokyo Jungle


erc_003 erc_2000 erc_x


…along with other extinct creatures like dilophosaurus and a saber-toothed feline. Meganeura (kind of like an ancient dragonfly) and the winged raptor are two more neat animals players will find in Tokyo Jungle.


dilophosaurus saber_tiger


"Peking Man" or Homo erectus pekinensis and the office worker are in Tokyo Jungle too. I wonder which one AIBO likes more…


homo_erectus_pekinensis office_worker micro_raptormeganeura



From AIBO to zebra, here are a bunch of other animals in Tokyo Jungle. Tokyo Jungle comes out on June 7 in Japan.


alley Cat axis deer beagle beagle_b bear blackbuck boss Cat Buffalo cheetah chick chicken chimpanzee chimpanzee_b crocodile crow dear deinonychus golden_retriever elephant gazelle giant_moa giraffe goat hato hippopotamus holstein  horse_a horse_b horse_c horse_d horse_l horse_l2 hyena hyena_leader red_crowned_crane salmon sheep jackal kangaroo kangaroo_baby leopard lion lion_child lion_enemy lion_enemy_boss lion_f lycaon mammoth ostrich panda pig pomeranian_a pomeranian_b porcupine pteranodon rabbit tiger tosaken_a tosaken_b wild_boar wolf yokozuna_l zebra


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  • SirRichard

    I remember having a robot toy dog that looked almost exactly like that fourth one, there, only smaller.

    I’m probably going to import this at some point just for how weird it is. The cover art is basically a talking point by itself, and the sheer range of animals available is great. I remember hearing about a T-Rex being in there? If there is, it better be playable.

  • Hatsuu


  • This is the exact kind of madness that I need. I just want to play a game full of wackness like this. I mean, c’mon, some of these guys have cute little clothes!

  • Godmars

    So the only thing that survives after humanity are cockroaches, extinct animals, dinosaurs and…office workers? 

  • Suicunesol

    Dibbs on the Cheetah.

  • Code

    I want this game so badly >A<;; I can't help but feel though, if it does get any localization it’ll go the way of Malicious; super slow and drug out, and probably get canned. But I’ll give it a few months for an english announcement just in case owo;

    • moogle nine

      I’m with you regarding any (US) localization, but I do hope that’s wrong… otherwise I think I’ve found my first import PS3 game.

      • Code

        Yeah I hope I’m wrong too o3o;; But yeah it might end up being a good import from the looks of it. Although I’ve been really avoiding importing any amount lately given how expensive it’s been T~T;;

  • Spider-Man

    Fucking GOTY, somebody toss me their wallet!

  • Kitestwinblades

    I’m very curious to see how AIBO will fair in this game. There Must be a catch XD
    The screenshot below the dragonfly looks absolutely epic.

  • boundries_san

    …..Office worker??? They are count equal to animal now????lol

    And that fluffy dog is also so quite.^^

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