Jet Set Radio HD Contains Nearly The Entire Original Soundtrack

By Ishaan . June 1, 2012 . 1:30pm


Sega have managed to procure the rights to nearly the full, worldwide Jet Set Radio soundtrack for the upcoming HD re-release of the game, they announced today. This includes Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” and “Improvise” by Jurassic 5, which were missing from a recent build of the game that we got to try out.


A couple of songs like Deavid Soul’s “Yappie Feet” and O.B. One’s “Many Styles” appear to be missing, but most of the tracks from the original game have made it back in. You can view a new trailer for the game above, and here’s a tracklist for the game that Sega released today:


By Hideki Naganuma (SEGA)
“Grace and Glory”
“Humming the Bassline”
“Let Mom Sleep”
“Moody’s Shuffle”
“Rock It On”
“Sweet Soul Brother”
“That’s Enough”


By Guitar Vader
“Super Brothers”
“Magical Girl”


By Deavid Soul
“Dunny Boy Williamson Show”
“Miller Ball Breakers”
“On the Bowl (A.Fargus Remix)”
“Up-Set Attack”


Also including such popular tracks as …
“Electric Tooth Brush” by Toronto
“Everybody Jump Around” by Richard Jacques
“OK House” by Idol Taxi
“Bout the City” by Reps
“Funky Radio” by B.B. Rights
“Mischievous Boy” by Castle Logical
“Yellow Bream” by F-Fields
“Just Got Wicked” by Cold
“Dragula” by Rob Zombie
“Slow” by Professional Murder Music
“Improvise” by Jurassic 5
“Patrol Knob” by Mixmaster Mike
“Recipe for the Perfect Afro” by Feature Cast
“Funky Plucker” by Semi Detached


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  • That’s great news. I cannot wait to try this game out when it releases on PSN and XBL. 

  • @SEGA I hope you’d get a new deal with those artists’ respective recording labels and offer the missing songs as justified DLC.

  • Joom

    Please release Jet Set Radio Future too. I need that game on my Vita NOW!

  • Solomon_Kano


  • SirRichard

    Sega should be commended for getting as much of the original soundtrack as they did, given the amount of rights-hunting they had to do. Can’t wait for it, definitely getting it on the Vita.

  • Barrylocke89

    LOVE On The Bowl.

  • zero254

    I’m buying this to support sega despite still having a flawless copy for my dreamcast. Not to mention the extras.

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       If enough people buy it we’ll see another sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • takopako

    so is this a skating and dancing game? or a skating game with characters who dance?

    • It’s a spray-painting and skating game that has characters who dance.

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       It’s an awesome game STFU and give sega your money

  • Cue for “Jet Set Radio Soundtrack COMPLETE REMASTER EDITION” release.

  • Guy Wesley

    Oh Sega, you guys are the best! I will definitively download it and support the series.

    Who knows, maybe you guys could re-release JSRF?  

  • kiacan

    The Supa Brotha song is on! :D this is a good day, that song is so funny. If it had that last Deavid Soul song it would be perfect.


    Sega is finally getting their game on! ;) 
    All we just need is to wait. Hmmmm… this justifies my use for headphones on the VITA then. hehehehe

  • Shadowman

    “Improvise” by Jurassic 5 was rocking.

  • Awesomes news :) !! Just having Hideki Nagamuna and Guitar Vader songs was alright, but now it´s almost complete :D

  • Zonic505

    Great to see pretty much all the songs return (though I don’t get why they couldn’t get the 5th song by Deavid Soul when the other four are in. Maybe different record companies own the rights to said songs?). Either way, this makes me anticipate the game even more.

  • LustEnvy

    I need this NOW! When’s the release! ARGH!

  • gumby_trucker

    just listened to the two missing tracks on youtube, doesn’t seem like a huge loss that they aren’t included.

  • LustEnvy

    *unchecks all songs except ‘Dragula’ while playing*

    ya srsly

  •  Sega is now my SUPER BRAZAA

  • I won’t miss anything, as I’ve never played it before. It’s good to be a noob

  • I think when I played this game it was the first time I got exposed to a variety of different music including some japanese artists.  Also Guitar Vader FTW :D !

  • Göran Isacson

    One of my earliest encounters with this franchise was a trailer for the sequel with a song about a Butterfly. I haven’t played the game, but DAMN if that trailer and that music didn’t make an impression. I’ll definitely be picking this up when it drops, so I’ll finaly be privy to all that I missed out on!

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    There are some new songs too if I recall 

  • Total_Overdose

    supposedly Sega is working to get Yappie Feet and Many Styles liscened before JSR’s release date.

    If it happens, I would be so excited! (and even partially forgive Sega for stabbing a knife through my Valkyria Chronicles dreams).

  • rockmanZXE

     Will “Birthday Cake” and “Aisle 10” also be on there? I can’t remember, but those may have only been on JSRF.

    Anyways, can’t wait for this to come out. JSR and JSRF are what turned me on to Japanese music and pop culture in the first place. This game brings back a ton of memories. Kudos to Sega for bring it back.

    And please, make a sequel already!

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