Hands On Platinum Games Wii U Title Project P-100

By Spencer . June 6, 2012 . 2:54am


Bayonetta developer Platinum Games is working with Nintendo on a Wii U launch title. Right now, it’s tentatively called P-100 and has a style that’s more like Viewtiful Joe than Platinum Games’ more visceral titles. P-100 puts you in command of a group of heroes who have to work together to fight off alien invaders. You’ll control heroes like the famous Vending Machine Man and Toilet Bowl Man, a Nintendo rep explained, as he emphasized the game’s humorous tone.


I played P-100 with the Wii U controller and moved the rag tag band with the left analog stick. Pressing A makes the heroes do a weak scramble attack. Basically, they’ll hit what ever is in front of them, but the heroes are much more effective when they "unite."


On the touch screen, you can draw a straight line to make a Unite Sword, which much more range and deals even more damage.



Draw a circle to make a Unite Fist. This is like a slow, but heavy attack.



Drawing a gun makes the Unite Gun, which fires a green blast. Pressing the trigger buttons makes the heroes do a Unite Dodge where all of the heroes turn into a gelatin blob that jumps left or right.


Using unite moves drains a battery and like Deus Ex: Human Revolution only the first battery recharges on its own. Players have to find more batteries which are hidden in garages and on balconies in nearby homes.


After defeating an alien, I found a bunch of unconscious dudes lying on the pavement. I made the heroes wake them up and in return they joined the group, which also made the Unite Sword just a little bit longer. The demo went from one alien fight to the next with a new giant alien to take down every third screen or so.


P-100 is slated for release on Wii U this year.

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  • Code

    Awesome stuff, hope your having fun at E3 Spencer >w3<~ Hands-on's this year on SE have been stellar so far, keep up the good work!

  • pgover

    Well now this looks like a promising title. Out of all the Wii U titles I’ve seen, this and Tank! Tank! Tank! look like the most unique ones.

  • z_merquise

    So you need to draw some objects on the pad to activate different power/abilities? Looks similar to Okami then.

    This game is the biggest E3 surprise for me. Looking forward to see more of the game.

    To the Siliconera staff, would you also post a hands-on for Metal Gear Rising too?

  • Zonic505

    This is sounding like it’s gonna be an excellent launch title. One of the best surprise reveals at E3 so far.


    I find the bland art style a bit disappointing coming from someone like Kamiya whose games are usually very stylish.

    • z_merquise

      Art-style closely resembled Viewtiful Joe to me so I don’t have any issues with it.


        The only thing even remotely reminiscent of Viewtiful joe is some of the character designs.

        The art style and aesthetic of the world look nothing alike. If anything this is much more closely placed to the general bland Wii casual game aesthetics that Nintendo started with Wii sports. The muted pastel colours and rounded architecture is very much in line with the continuation of it on Wii U with titles such as New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo World.

        I was expecting better from a legend such as Kamiya, I wonder what went wrong.

        • Nothing “went wrong”, they’re just choosing to go for a simple (but well-rendered) art style. In a game like this, being too visually complex would be detrimental to gameplay.

        • Code

          I’d hold out a little longer before getting to into the graphics, the title is still pretty early, and will likely get some real polish closer to release. Even Bayonetta’s early prototypes were pretty lackluster compared to the final product. I’d just hold on for the time being owo;

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Why they didn’t show this at the conference I’ll never freaking know. People would have went nuts.

  • The more I see of this game, the more fun it looks. Not quite system-seller material, but certainly promising.

  • Platinum games are best games.

  • eilegz

    not hyped, for this game coming from someone like kamiya san and platinum games i expected a more like AAA title, sure maybe it will be good addition for viewtful joe, okami, zack and wiki, spyborg and madword games that have weird art and gameplay design.

    But this looks like its gona flop like previous mentioned titles, not very mainstream and very weird

  • Still very interested in this game, though I kind of feel like some short of cell shaded visual may have fleshed it out abit more.

  • Göran Isacson

    Have to say I’m not really getting the reason for having multiple heroes since it seems their individual powers, if they even have any, don’t affect your actual move-set. You mostly just use the dudes you pick up to create giant gelatinous fists, so why not have the one hero who has the power to turn other people into highly moldable jello and then have the game be about that hero? Eh, nitpick at this point but still- when you tease me with a character like Toilet Bowl Man, I want his toilet bowl-related powers to matter darnit.

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