Tank! Tank! Tank! Is A Game For Godzilla Fans Who Also Love Heavy Artillery

By Spencer . June 7, 2012 . 5:20pm


I first saw Tank! Tank! Tank! in a Japanese arcade. I saw it again today at Namco Bandai’s E3 booth, which had the Wii U version available to play. Tank! Tank! Tank! is essentially a kaiju shooting game you can play with your friends.


The game begins by taking your picture with the camera on the Wii U’s tablet. Sort of like Ridge Racer on the 3DS or Mario Kart GP, Tank! Tank! Tank! uses that photo as an icon to identify each player’s tank. After I took my photo, I started blasting giant ants. Four "players" (three were computer controlled for the demo) raced to blast giant ants. The tank was easy to control using the two analog sticks and the trigger buttons to fire shells. Power ups like a faster firing machine gun were scattered around the stage for other players to compete for. The battlefield in Tank! Tank! Tank! is destructible so you can demolish buildings and make a new route to drive through. After the mission ends, a score meter shows how many ants each player blasted.




A three headed dragon that emerged from the water in the next level and all four tanks scrambled to takedown the giant, fire breathing creature down. I drove around the arena and scrounged up power ups. The machine gun worked OK, but a Namco Bandai rep suggested the missile pod was a better weapon for the fight. The dragon retaliated by lunging forward and grabbed another tank with its metallic teeth.



The neatest feature in Tank! Tank! Tank! wasn’t available to try. One player can control Kong, a giant monster, and the other players have to shoot you down. Tank! Tank! Tank! also has a single player mission mode, but really this feels like the kind of game you want to play when you have friends over. I asked if the game would have online play too and a Namco Bandai rep couldn’t confirm if it would or not.

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  • Metal Cap

     This reminds me a bit of Earth Defense Force, which is a good thing.

  • boundries_san

    I have always played this game on Arcade here lol with most of my friends and it is a hell of fun.^^ Here hoping that Bamco will be able to deliver that frantic but fun pace to the Wii U consoles.^^

  • Spirit Macardi

    The game does look rather enjoyable. I mean, who doesn’t love blowing up tons of stuff with their friends?

    However, I can think of a ton of Namco franchises that would be better fits for Wii U launch titles. Ones that could no doubt make better use of the new technology at that.

  • Tank Tank Tank aka Japanese for Shovel ware!

  • This thing just came to my minds once i saw the screenshots :´)


  • I’m really really really glad they dropped the cheesy actors thing from the Arcade version. xD Now I can finally stop laughing and appreciate that this is coming to the WiiU. It’s actually pretty fun.


  • This game is a lot of fun but I really hope they include the levels from the sequel (update rather) that added out of city locations and insane new bosses. Looks like this is just a lazy port of the original which isn’t worth full RRP in my opinion, would suit better as a discount retail or DLC game.

  • Mixkon

    Didn’t they say the Wii U only supported two Wii U GamePads.. if so do the other two players need to use wiimotes and a tv screen? Or is the game entirely played on the tv screen and not on the gamepad?

  • Looks like my kind of game. Better support these while they are out, as they are not the type of game that wil show up after the middle of a system’s life cycle.

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