Bravely Default Heroine Is Ordered To Crush The Rebellion, But She Switches Sides

By Spencer . June 11, 2012 . 12:46am

edeaEdea Lee, one of the lead characters in Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, grew up in a strict Eternia family. She’s only fifteen, but already developed a strong sense of justice.


Her orders are to crush the rebellion and capture Agnes. However, Edea has a change of heart when she meets the other Bravely Defaut heroine. She changes sides and joins Agnes’ group and is seen in a scan from Jump as another playable character. So far, Jump has revealed three party members: Agnes, Tiz, and Edea.


A new Bravely Default: Flying Fairy demo will be available in Japan in just a few days. This demo will let players try out the game’s battle and job change systems. Bravely Default is slated for release in Japan sometime this year.

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  • leadintea

    Fithos… Lusec… Wecos… Vinosec…

    • Yeah, couldn’t help but think that either.

  • malek86

    Is there any RPG where we play as the empire and actually do crush rebellions?

    No, games with multiple paths don’t count.

    • In an RPG? Don’t be stupid!

    • I’d love to see a JRPG story where the Empire is actually the reasonable side and rebels are just blind, self-obssessed idiots.

      • malek86

        I’m sure if I check around, I’ll find something like that. I mean, no way it has never been done at least once, right?

        Edit: well, I guess some strategy games do that. Those are quite impersonal though. I was hoping for something where crushing the rebellion is actually part of the plot and played in character.

      •  Or they could at least muddy the waters a little bit.  The empire is always full of soldiers that go full retard over every situation (“MY TEAS IS TOO HOT!  I BURN DOWN YOUR VILLAGE AND EAT YOUR CHILDREN NOW!!”).  I guess it’s just something devs do so you don’t feel bad about killing them?

        • It’s likely. Abuse of power is not something outside the range of probability, but rebels can be just as ruthless, depending on their cause and views; both sides are armies, after all.

    • boundries_san

      I really would love those kind of rpg there.T_T However, don’t u think that will makes the game kinda easy? Considering you will have superior number and power?

      • malek86

        Perhaps the rebels are better organized than you think. I mean, they seem to always win in any other videogame!

        • boundries_san

          Haha thats a good idea there.^^ It makes me remember on “What did i do to deserve this? Badman” series.^^ Where we help a dark lord to conquer the world by killing heroes lol.^^

        • They should make an rpg where a ragtag group (of about 7-8) have become self aware that they’re the destined “player controlled” heroes who can’t lose and you have to stop them because they’re starting to go power mad.

    • dcs

       first chapter of FFT

    • Jonathan Keycross

      Nr.133 “Last Rule of Politics”
      Kingdoms are good. Empires are evil.

      The problem is that empires normally are labeled as such because of the amount of political and territorial power they have. Normally a story is interesting when the odds are against you, so it makes sense to play a story where the main characters develop with the odds against them by fighting the empire.
      Kingdoms, though, are a different story. There are games where the main hero/heroine must fight against conspiracies, revolt and rebel factions (supported by monsters of course), or simply try to restore the political power to the well-intentioned nobility.

  • Prinnydoom

    Miss read the title as Heroine is ordered to Have a crush on the rebellion. Arghh early mornings they mess with my head >.<

  • Suicunesol
  • ShinGundam

    I wish the expression on her face was more emotive, she looks really bored.

  • Sounds like Hexyz Force.

  • pekikuubik

    However, Edea has a change of heart when she meets the other Bravely Default heroine.

    Sounds like love at first sight. ;)

    This game looks more and more amazing every time I see it. Hopefully its chances of getting localised are higher than Type-0’s.

  • dammit, I’m already getting yuri goggles from the whole “getting a change of heart from meeting Agnes”. Don’t blame me, they’re a strong pair.

    But on a serious note, she looks pretty cool, and I like that we might just have a more female dominated party, a  la FFV (those who’ve played far enough know what I’m referring to. . .). I’m also digging her hair for some reason

    • puchinri

      So glad I’m not the only one who saw it (and wanted to say it). I hope they realize what they’ve done and go with it.

      And yes~! I’m really hoping for a party a la FFV. 

  • WyattEpp

    Yoshida Akihiko!? Somehow I only just noticed the character designs for this.  Interested in it (and a 3DS) now!

  • Anime10121

    I hope this game gets localized and they are just waiting on it to have a release date for Japan before its announced, but SquareNA seems much more interested in hyping/marketing their western releases like Heroes of Ruin, Hitman, and Sleeping Dogs. 

    Even at E3 Kingdom Hearts and Theatrythm seemed to be getting the cold shoulder and so are many of SE JP’s other titles (Bravely Default, Type 0, Versus XIII, FFXIV, DQX, FFX remaster).

  • I….I’m in love *_* I adore Yoshida’s character drawings. But this…gawd she’s perfect:

    • CrimsonalCore

      She’s already perfect in everywayw<

      •  I love the sword she’s carrying! Makes her look tough, but she’s still feminine. I love that in my videogame female heroes, both feminine and tough at the same time.

    • rebecasunao

      I’m not a fan of her really thigh pants, but her outfit overall is beautiful. Not particularly girly but not manly either. The red top also fits her and makes a nice contrast with her blonde hair.

      • I can’t point a single thing I don’t like about the character, really, I think she’s perfect and really interesting, I totally want to know more about her. I’d say the sword definitely stands as a great contrast to the rest of the outfit, and makes the character balanced and interesting!

  • MAO

    This game is looking better and better each time I see it. Urge to buy 3DS… rising…

  • I really hope that in the near future I’m gonna see Bravely Default with European release date. Man I love Akihiko Yoshida’s chara design, and even in BD he show why he’s one of the best artist in this business (of course for me :])

  • rebecasunao

    She sounds awesome! And she wears a red top. Perfect.

    • And surely is a tsundere, uhum, cant wait

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I’m quite sure she will be more tsun than dere.

      • rebecasunao

        She looks like a good character so no, not a tsundere

        • She will be tsundere, and moe, you will see, mwahahaha!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Don’t forget loli-desu!

      •  You complain about tsundere’s but you have Kurisu’s Man as your avatar. albeit she did have a lot more dere than tsun.

        I share your aversion to tsunderes either way

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Sadly he’s got no aversion to any sort of dere, or anything else. 

        • Wait, i like tsunderes, cant see how you misunderstood that lol

      • puchinri

        I actually kind of doubt she’ll be tsundere (and sorry to say, but thank goodness). She does seem like the cool yet passionate action-girl type~. That’s exciting! ♥

  • Göran Isacson

    Fifteen year old… man I hope that the other MC’s are older than that.

    I mean, I know what that sounds like: “Ooh if the MC’s are all children then I, an elitist who thinks games with younger characters are baby stories for babies who cries and then shits their diapers and then cries some more, shall automatically pan it”, but if this game wants to emulate more “classic” Final Fantasies… well, even the classic Final Fantasy games protagonists were close to or older than 18. And even then, the older characters tended to be the ones in charge, the ones who got the plot moving. I’m just saying that a 15 year old being in charge of a military unit, presumably with members far older than her… it doesn’t fill me with confidence of the games writing, and I really hope she’s just a very exceptional person.

    • ShinGundam

      I don’t think this game is trying to emulate the “classic” Final Fantasy instead it feels like what if Final Fantasy Tactics became a traditional RPG then that is what Bravely Default will be.

      Classic FF/RPG is an alien at this point even if someone portrayed that vision, it will feel weird to the people that is probably why developers try to twist them into kiddy/chibi/puppet show or fill it with parodies and cameos.

    • Suicunesol

      I do not agree. I think the age of characters in Japanese games is more irrelevant to the plot than in Western games. I think the Japanese tend to put young characters in a lot more adult/dangerous situations. The fact that games featuring young characters are less compelling is a stereotype that I wish would be abolished. There are so many great games starring young characters, and there are so many young characters in Japanese culture who are just put in the most dire situations ever (for the reason that young characters are easier to develop, and because the targeted audience is intended to be young.)

      Might I also bring attention to the fact that young people in olden times grew up very quickly? Back in the American civil war, we had fifteen year-old boys who looked like they were twenty-five fighting in uniform and getting killed by the hundreds in battlefields. (I learned this in history class :P) What I’m getting at is that the young people in the plot don’t necessarily act like the young people of today because the world they grew in is completely different from ours. Give ’em a chance.

      That said, this character Edea is clearly an exceptional person, coming from a strict family with a military background. Maybe she’s a person of rank because her father is a person of rank, hm?

      • Göran Isacson

         Oh, that I know about. But here’s the kicker- do the majority of young protagonist in anime stories ACT like young people who have been in war situations? More often than not, no. They act like regular teenagers, because the developers aren’t interested in telling a story about how young people are truly affected by war. They want to tell a standard fantasy story with young people simply because they aim their games at a younger audience, thus they write characters who don’t feel realistic or compelling to me. They’re young simply because that’s what their perceived market wants- not because that’s the best way to tell the story.

        Granted, this may be different, I am willing to give them that chance. But if this girl basically acts like a regular, modern time teenager despite having been brought up in a medieval type world and given all these responsibilities and what-not, then my frown will not be unfrowned.

    • Actually, some of the main characters in the classic FF games were children. The heroes in FF III for example, are all pretty much young teens. I think they’re supposed to look younger in the original version, since they’re commonly adressed as children. There’s also Relm in FF VI, who is even younger. So, age really doesn’t matter much, I think it only adds up to the feeling of fantasy that they’re trying to recreate.

      And actually, if you go back in time….history has it’s share of teenagers actually being in charge of important stuff. People back then (in the medieval era, mostly) didn’t live that long, and as such, teens were considered to be in the prime of their lifetime, and were tasked with stuff we wouldn’t even think they’d be able to pull off, but they had no other choice. One of the kings that ruled Portugal (an european country, for those who don’t know) was no older than 16 years old (he didn’t live that long). Back a few centuries, ofc.

      The western media and even western fantasy lore tends to show older people in charge of huge armies or occupying higher political positions in their kingdoms and whatanot, but I personally believe that’s not always correct, since people didn’t even live that long back then, you’d usually be dead on your 30’s, if you were lucky….So a teen being in charge of such an armada doesn’t come off as something that weird for me. We’re just living different times ;) When you think that back when, there wasn’t such a thing as “teenagers”….as long as you were able to stand and fight and had hair growing on your chest, you were an adult, ready to have kids of your own and start working to get food for your family. As rough as it may seem now, no one complained back when because no one would ever think children would go through one other phase before becoming adults….Teenagers are something which was born with the 20th century ;)

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, but Relm was surrounded by adults, AND she didn’t exactly move and shake the plot around. The ones who did that were all adults. And see, that’s my point: I’m not saying Relm was useless, but she wasn’t realistically the kind of character that would move the plot forward. That would be Terra and her quest for identity, Locke and his compulsion to save pretty ladies, Edgar financing the Returners, Banon LEADING the Returners, Celes defecting and working to bring the empire down. Relm EXISTS in their world and their story, sure, but she’s not leading armies. She’s a “regular” little girl leading a regular little girls life, barring the whole “magic paintings” thing.

        And here’s the thing. You’re not WRONG in what you say, sometimes teenagers WERE in charge of things and sometimes quite well. Sweden, for instance, had a teenager king named Karl XII, and when his father died and he had to become king Russia decided to show up and give us a whooping because, hey, It’s Sweden and Russia and fight is what we do. Except Karl turned out to be an ass-kicker extra-ordinaire and trounced the Ruskies… granted, he later on turned out to be a war-mongering prick so it wasn’t all good, but I am aware that sometimes teenagers can be far more competent for their age.

        But that doesn’t prevent the fact that the vast, VAST majority of his generals, his advisors, his vassals etc were beard-sporting older men. And that the majority of kings and leaders generally weren’t teenagers. And what is more- the teenagers I see in these fantasy games don’t really feel like the teenagers YOU talk about. Karl XII was paranoid and constantly aggressive, even as a child. Most teenagers I see in these games are as laid-back and relaxed as modern-time teenagers. They are written as young people not because that’s what would REALLY serve the plot, but because that’s what the men in charge thinks the market wants.

        Now I do admit, I really do, that this is complaining about something before I have any kind of hard evidence that my fears are warranted. But I have seen trends come and go, and I don’t think I can just dismiss my experiences in how these type of stories usually turn out. My fear is that I will see this fifteen year old girl who has somehow been given the authority to undertake a dangerous mission of great strategic importance, and when I see how she behaves and I see the context of the world around her, my questions will be “why did they send a kid to do a grown-ups job” and “why was a young kid even given a task like this in the first place?”

        • I understand your concerns, but I guess it’s something we’ll definitely have to see for ourselves. Here’s hoping she’s an interesting character that manages to be up to the task she was given!

          And thanks for the history trivia on Sweden, I had no idea you guys also had a teenager king :D

          • Göran Isacson

            Yeah, it’s definitely something we’ll have to wait and see in order to TRULY judge. I just wish I had more faith in Square-Enix, as there was a time I felt like they could take a trope and do something really interesting with it. As things stand right now, I’m… hopeful deep down, but it’s easier for cynicism to take over.

            It’s kinda funny though, because Karl XII isn’t really known as a ‘teenager king’. Mostly because he really only got famous once those first defensive wars with Russia were over and done with, and he could take his army and go out and conquer stuff and by then he was in his mid-twenties. Where the ‘teenagerking’ of Portugal ever that succesful or longlived? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him.

    • puchinri

      I didn’t have the assumption that she was actually in charge of a military unit or anything. Since she grew up in a tough household and she has a strong sense of justice, I feel like she’s BD:FF’s Beatrix; her sense of justice and age maybe made her easy to manipulate (even though it backfired). She was probably dedicated to the cause of getting rid of Agnes/Anies because of her background and disposition.

      I’m mixed on her age. I kind of like the stories with young military personnel that are level-headed and such, but still have learning to do (but can also find their way).

      But, I do assume and hope that any other characters will be varied in age. Most of the games did have fairly young characters, but still a varied cast overall (like IV, V, VI and IX). I just want to see really distinct features in their design and especially personality.

      • Göran Isacson

         Mmm, I suppose I just see the fact that she was given the mission to bring in the leader of a rebellion, and wondered “why would they even give that mission to a fifteen year old, is she part of the military or are her parents just so harsh that they won’t write her in the will unless she takes down at least TWO enemies of the state single-handedly”.

        Your speculation on her personality does make sense, I guess I’m just kind of baffled at how someone at that young age is given such an important mission. It could be that she’s just really exceptional, but my worst fear is that she’s a teenager solely because someone out there thinks the game won’t sell unless it has a teenage protagonist in it.

        • puchinri

          Yeah, I’m wondering if they actually left it to her (because we do see another group that could be from Eternia, or were they confirmed to be someone else?), or if they sent her out on the job as well solo, because she’s like a back-up? (Or first up, I guess?)

          I’m pretty sure that someone on the team felt that the game just had to have a teen protag. x’D
          But I’ll hope that the ages are balanced and that they don’t feel they need a teen protag to sell the game.

  • pleeeeease bring this game here, Squeenix!

  • puchinri

    Yay~. I was waiting for the Lee Edea stuff to pop up here. I’m looking forward to everything about this game so much~. 

  • Solomon_Kano

    I wish SE would say something about the game coming to NA. It sounds incredible, and it’d be a pity to miss out on both of SE’s more recent triumphs (I may be forecasting this one a bit, but you know the other. You dooo~).

  • Levin_Scorpius

    Edea, girl, seriously, get rid of that stupid thing that’s on your head, it looks terrible. I also have repercussions about that name, but, eh, it doesn’t other me that much.

    Yeah, in my opinion, she feels kinda the low point character right now. I like Tiz and Agnes’s names and designs a lot better then hers. Edea’s name is already a notable Square Enix character and just lacks that certain something Agnes and Tiz have, and that big blot of red and blonde hair doesn’t fit in with Tiz and Agnes’s more neutral colored designs.

    Her story arc here is also an issue. For her “change of heart” to be fairly effective, it would require her to constantly fight Agnes over the course of the game while slowly coming to her realization that she’s on the wrong side and then turn traitor, which plot wise would make more sense to happen around mid to mid-late game. Her age feels just kinda bleh for the position, just a few years older at the very least would seem a lot more appropriate really, because a 15 year old being ordered to capture somebody of relative importance implies that she was probably a child soldier of some kind, which (at worst) is kind of going to completely be ignored with any possible kind of trauma or psychological issues that would be presented with that.

    Sooooooo… yeah right now she’s kind of my least favorite BD protagonist for less than dramatic reasons.

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