Tales Of Xillia 2’s Battle System Lets Players Switch Weapons On The Fly

By Spencer . June 12, 2012 . 5:35pm

0430tvksr2One of the main gameplay elements in Tales of Xillia 2 is the Weapon Shift system. Players can change weapons in the heat of battle by holding L1 and pressing R1 to cycle forward. Pressing R2 goes back a weapon, so it’s possible to quickly switch what sword Ludgar has in his hand.


Ludgar, as explained in Famitsu magazine, is kind of like a homemaker. He 20 and lives with his older brother in Trigraph, but since his brother is out most of the time Ludgar takes care of the pad. He also watches Lulu, the cat, and cooks food. Because he cooks delicious meals for his brother, Ludgar has become quite a chef. When he’s not cleaning up the house, Ludgar daydreams about working at the Clanpios corporation. This giant building is the heart of Trigraph’s industrial infrastructure.


Elle is the other main character in Tales of Xillia 2. She’s eight years old and described as pampered and shy. Elle is on a quest to the legendary land called Canaan. Legend says travelers that arrive in Canaan will be granted a single wish. Elle plans on using this to help her father. She meets Ludgar while traveling through Trigraph. While Elle is a key character, she will not fight in battle.


After the events in Tales of Xillia, Liese Maxia and Elenpios are moving towards a reconciliation, but cultural differences keep the fire of conflict kindling. Channeling spirits to cast elemental magic was a key part of the story and in Tales of Xillia 2 a technology called Origin is in development that lets users cast spells without killing spirits.


Tales of Xillia 2 is slated for release in Japan this winter.

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  • I expected the loli to be playable. I mean, Elise, Sophie and Patty in the last games were playable. u.u

    • LynxAmali

      Sophie was classified as a loli?

      Damn. Just damn.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Because of her body… she’s older than Asbel without revealing much. Seriously any girl with a young body and small chest are consider loli these day.

        What’s wrong with some people?

        • Tien Ron

          suzu is the youngest tales character to date but this girl comes along and dons;t fight lol
          but i hardly see hentai of suzu if any at all

          •  And the point of you’re trying make was?

          • xavier axol

            he clearly wants to see a hentai of suzu. it’s not so hard to decipher, just read between the lines. ;-)

        • cedx123

           So does that mean the lovable Anise is also a loli/gold digger?

  • Unemployment Master

    Why won’t Tales of give up on the lolis… It’s sad that they’ll never grow up because of their own target market.

    Anyways, has Xillia 1 even got released outside of Japan? Last Tales of I played was Abyss…

    •  The first Xillia wasn’t. And It will probably take a while to see it here

      I mean, Graces f was released in the US this march

      • Christopher Nunes

        Wasn’t that girl with the talking doll a child, even though she’s older than Elle I believe, as well?

        • Speedo Redempteur

          You’re talking about the xillia 1 character Elise with the talking doll Tipo.
          Yes she was a child AND there is nothing wrong about it ..

          Once Elise character develloppement starts , elise is pretty much perfect as a character…

          So many complainers about lolis when Tales of games have those since Eternia at least and all of them have been fine as characters.
          There is nothing wrong with one character OUT of many being a loli-type …

          Don’t like it ? don’t play it !!

          • Christopher Nunes

            I hope that last line is targeted at haters or people who are uncomfortable with loli-types… ^_^;

            I don’t mind, and I look forward to Xillia 2.

  • takopako

    oh wow…i wasnt expecting her not to fight. :O

  • Brandon001

    wonder if there will be more party members

    • raymk

      People asked the same thing about tales of graces.  Tales wouldn’t be tales games without other party member to join you.

      • Tien Ron

        well…. we all remember tales of smyphonia 2….so

        • I doubt they’ll repeat Dawn of the New World when (if I remember correctly) it was the most critically and fan reviled game in the franchise. Much like Gundam Seed Destiny… I am so sorry that I just threw that in there…

          Back on topic, they’ll probably look at what went wrong there and attempt to prevent from repeating that. At least that would be the best thing to do…

        •  1. Not made by the main tales studio
          2. Tales of Destiny 2

        • LightZero

          I’m getting a bit tired of telling people that ToS2 is a spin-off sequel. It’s not a mothership title. The better comparison would be Tales of Destiny 2 (the real one) which was both a main title and a sequel to another main title. 

  • She’s 8? Dude, when I was 8 I didn’t know anything beyond my times tables and she’s looking for a lost world.

    • Christopher Nunes

      The kittens, WilyKat and WilyKit, from Thundercats 2011 would like to have a word with you. ^_^


    Can’t wait for more info.

  • Alphabet Soup

    You know I’m kinda liking the departure from standard Tales gameplay.  

    • MrRobbyM

      Me too. Vesperia is all good and fun, but Graces’ battle system is where it’s at.

  • Elemiel

    Elle will, without a doubt, be shipped with Ludgar like no tomorrow.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Unfortunately… unless she was MORE older, than it wouldn’t be a problem. But still… that’s Japan for you, then again in the past over 30 year old men married girls 10 – 20 so I guess that part of the tradition is still there… unless I heard wrong.

      • Kevadu

        “In the past” people did that in Europe too.  There’s no reason to write this trash here.

        • Christopher Nunes

          And not limited to just strangers…

          Are you referring to my post or to the game’s plot and characters? Or people’s assumption?

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Tales May Cry

    • MrRobbyM

      I prefer Devil of Xillia.

    •  Xillinetta?

  • yes yes that’s all fascinating but does the cat fight. that’s all i need to know.

    with its own skill sets and special moves. 

  • RmanX1000

    Boy the hentai they make for this will be insane. Whether thats good or bad… well, not my personal preference. 

  • Christopher Nunes

    And so… why is the girl consider a threat to the world? Kinda curious about it since Elle is trying to save her father, or did they fear that the little girl’s wish could cause the destruction of the world? Not enough info to get a theory going.

    Anyway this sounds interesting, but is Ludgar the ONLY character that does this weapon switching and how many different weapons does Ludgar besides the three we saw in the trailer?

    If wonder if Ludgar’s brother is also going to be a party member of the cast from the first one will be returning to the party? I’m interest to know!

    •  You don’t have to be playable to be a threat to the world or become a key point in the game’s story. I believe the MC’s lover in Pandora’s Tower is not playable, but she’s the main focus of the overall adventure and/or story.

      Chances are Elle is “suppose” to go to Canaan, as if her existence or blood dictates it. That, or she has plans in Canaan and she will use anyone at her disposal to get there.

      • Christopher Nunes

        She’s 8 years old, I doubt she’s evil at heart. Just a lost girl trying to save her father.

        • She doesn’t have to be evil. She wants to help her father, but whatever is in Canann, it shouldn’t be no mere coincidence that something is there for her.

          I’m just drawing more practical lines to this story, because the question that NB asks us is obviously subjected to a little girl (par for the course of some JRPGs). Original or not, all I want is to be impressed by this at the least.

          • Christopher Nunes

            True… there could be a price for the wish she wants to make to save her father that could destroy the world. Not everything is what it seems.

  • Souji Tendou

    Elle > Elise > Estellise



    Back on topic. So, the “Are you prepared to sacrifice the world for a girl” thing refers to Elle huh?

    •  Naturally.

    • Don’t say you’re surprised.

    • xavier axol

      i would so leave her there to die and safe the world, she infact already annoys me. i’m also taking there won’t be any romance in this entry, unless —

      • Souji Tendou

        Well, it’s a Tales game. where the romance existensies is as good as nonexistent. But I agree, if I have to sacrifice her for the world, I’d be gladly to.

      • boundries_san

        Even though they haven’t show anything about the little girl personality here?

        • xavier axol

          i’m ok with the little girl, just not her been the female lead character. it would be awkward and hard to have a 8 year old girl with some twenty year old guy runing around, their relationship have to be like father&daughter cause otherwise people will criticize it. don’t belive me? i been following a little game from daughty dog called: the last of us (a survival-action driving game, that follows an old man who is incharge of protecting a girl and are on a journey across the u.s.), and they went as far as to change the look appearance of the female character. she went from teenager to a child, and that says something. it will stay in japan and never come over-seas, it will have a half baked story (if they don’t take my suggestion which is, make the lead protagonist’s relationship be like a father and daughter relationship) make me feel like i would actually care about these people and the choices they make.

          • boundries_san

            Umm… The Last of Us is developed more into Western taste, u do know that don’t u?

            And like i said here, whats wrong with a MC having a relation with a young girl? It is not that they are dating now? Hell even in RL there are males on their late 30s who married with an early 20’s girl. Is that wrong here?

    • boundries_san

      I would so going to sacrifice the world for a girl though.^^ Imagine the possibilities when this girl grown into a mature girl.^^?

      • Souji Tendou

        Ikari Gendou plan! :D

        • boundries_san

          I approve that plan.^^

          If u wanted to know, this plan comes from Genji Monogatari though.^^

  • Chiupon

    Tales of Disappointing

    • xavier axol

      they should just replace that little girl with the chick from xillia, she seems more appealing.

      • Chiupon

        Milla ranks pretty high in terms of popularity, actually; she was more popular than her male counterpart, too.

    • KuroiKen

      Tales of REALLY Disappointing, actually. In many ways. I don’t even mind the main heroine, it’s okay. Just not the battle system and the world. Xillia was worst Tales of… in years, and they make it’s continuation…well, probably cause stupid fans bought so much of it, and only then complained about all the things Bamco left unfinished/undone.

      • Speedo Redempteur

        Xillia was disapointing on some points but in NO WAY was the worst tales in years…

        Xillia sold so much so it must have done something right
        -Like the link artes
        -Like the character unique habilities
        -Like the 2 paths setups
        -Like the cast ( gaius, rowen, mila , alvin ) ( agria being awesome too )

        Let the “worst tales of” title for things like twin brave , versus or legendia or tempest ..overexagerated statements like these are nothing but stupid.

        Bad “tales of” games exist and xillia isn’t in that category.

  • So… How bout some gameplay footage, Bamco? You KNOW that’s what we came for, right?

  • epy

    The fact that this loli is so central to the plot kinda puts me off. Stock children characters in JRPGs annoy the hell out of me (Anise, ugh…) with a couple of exceptions. Suzu is like 11 but she is so un-loli I keep forgetting. If they write this character like Suzu I wouldn’t mind but you can just see from her character design she’s going to have the stock character traits all annoying loli have (bratty, spoiled, tsundere, etc.).

    • KuroiKen

      You see, “loli” has nothing to do with character. A definition of “loli”(from “lolita”) would be “a girl with an underdeveloped body, despite her age or according to it”(chest size doesn’t really matter, actually, since there’s a definition of “oppai loli” – a loli with big breasts).
      And a “loli” character can have pretty much any archetypical traits, so I wouldn’t really get so upset over it.
      What I am upset about, is that they make a continuation of the most crappy Tales of… in years. Changing weapons? Okay…but how about a decent battle system, like Graces had? Even japanese fans are disappointed in Bamco’s decision to make this game, and I’m with them on it. 

      • xavier axol

        wait what? are you telling me that what most upset you is the battle system (the thing that could be tweak in late development), but you are fine with these lead characters (the ones that drive the story) the thing that can’t be fix once it’s in it final stages in development.

  • xavier axol

    WHY!?WHY!? just why did it had to be a freaking 8 year old girl!? i thought that we were making progress here. what ever happen to a strong female lead character i so long for? i don’t want a father-daughter relationship, i want a romance about two strong lead character trying to fight against all odds just to be with each other.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      So you know her attitude just because she is a loli ?
      Before complaining, can you at least let her act her role in the game ?

      The lolis in Tales of are hardly one dimensionnal , so before complaining that she isn’t a strong lead ( when you know nothing about it ), give her a freaking chance first .

      Patty was the prefect follow for raven , anise was a capable fighter with her own issues, meredy was hardly a bad lead by all means … ( all of them capable on their own )
      Just because it’s not what you want doesn’t mean it’s bad ..

      • xavier axol

        you have a very strong point about those characters, but it’s not so much about her personality and what she can bring to this entry (seriously, she 8 years old!!! she is not going to be resonable and if she is, then why not a 18, 17, or 16 old).  she a CHILD not a teenager, tales character may sometimes look young-child like but in reality (most of them are) TEENAGERS. they had  at least experience a tiny portion of something called life and it’s hardships.

        • Speedo Redempteur

          and that’s why i say “give it a chance” ..it’s something different , it’s something they try to do …
          Let’ them try and complain once you see the end result
          having a child in a story doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad

  • xavier axol

    i want a hot mature women, not some loli pest of a child.

  • Canaan, LOL.

  • AceWildCard

    Every time I read more about this game, It reminds me of all the great Continuations/spinoffs of beloved games, FF 10-2, ToS2, FF 13-2 call of duty black ops 2!? Cause why end things on a good note? NAH REUSE THAT NAME AND PUMP IT UP~ Can’t wait Bamco you guys always know how to make me smile <3…

  • boundries_san

    As usuall lol. Tales thread is always filled with conflict here with some hating the game and the char here.T_T

    Well i will just wait till the game come here and decide how is the game.^^ Anyway, to all complaining about Elle, we don’t even know how her character personality is going to developed during the story here and you guys already judge her as something so bad?

    • xavier axol

      is not that we hated her, is just too much of an important role she and her partner are playing. what is their relationship between these two?

      p.s. i like her, i want her to be in the game (as a playable char), just not the main role. that’s all

      • boundries_san

        “playable char” can also be a main role girl u know? And there are also chance that this girl is much mature than other older girls?

  • NorthernPatches

    Still need to get around to getting my hands on the first one.   I’m still holding out hope for either late this year or early next year.

    Course importing it always an option I guess.

  • s07195

    All the dislike in the comments here is getting me down… :(

    …Well, I’m still interested, at least. I like what I’ve seen so far, and it looks quite interesting, with the people falling dead bit yet to come into play.

  • Sergio Pinheiro

    I want Xillia in english…Namco, can i have it?
    Pretty please?!?!

    Tales of Xillia in english, with original theme song (one of the best of franchise -all time-) and dual language option.
    Make IT HAPPEN!!!
    Fans UNITE!!!


  • LightZero

    I do wonder if the mask man and the dude in the title is actually Ludgar’s older brother. I’m sure he will be a playable character or at least an important NPC. Some reason I get the feeling the corporation with be evil. Hopefully there will be plenty of content in this game and cool characters. 

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