One .hack//Versus Fighter Bends Time While Another Drains Data

By Spencer . June 14, 2012 . 2:05pm

Namco Bandai shared more details about .hack//Versus, a PlayStation 3 game bundled with the .hack movie The Other Side of the World. CyberConnect2 developed the fighting game, which includes characters from the entire .hack series.



hackversus13 hackversus14 hackversus16 hackversus17 hackversus15 hackversus12

Kite has a number of techniques ranging from blasting an enemy with projectiles and using his Twin Blades. After executing his Exceed ability, Tri Edge Flame Mark, Kite gets fired up with additional moves. Dual Moonlight Edge and Data Drain, his ultimate skill, are two other moves.



hackversus20 hackversus19 hackversus21 hackversus22 hackversus23 hackversus18

BlackRose is a power character who can break an enemy’s guard and is good at throwing other characters. Rose Trigger, BlackRose’s exceed skill, lets her fire projectiles. She can also hit her opponent with Harpoon and her ultimate skill Meteor Strike.



hackversus7 hackversus6 hackversus8 hackversus9 hackversus10 hackversus11

Tokio can freeze time with his exceed ability Time Overlap. Tokio also has hand to hand abilities like Unison Combo and God Dragon Fist, his ultimate skill.


.hack//The Other Side of the World + Versus Hybrid Pack comes out on June 28.


hackversus2 hackversus1hackversus3 hackversus4 hackversus5

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  • Arcm

    Well, looks like I’ll be screaming “Za Worldo” every time I play Tokio… Awesome!

    •  And I’ll be making Sakuya (Touhou) and Tokio cross references along the way.

      • neocatzon

        “ZA WARUDO! Toki o tomare.. ” *knifed*

  • kuroneko0509

    hopefully there’s costume function…. wanna see kite in his xth form from .hack//link

  • OH EM GEE (Can’t believe I used that. Blame the excitement) Tokio~~ Waant! (●´⌓`●) I must say he looks rather hawt… I mean awesome… ( ._.) /fangirl moment.

  • Rishtopher

    Tokio is the only one I haven’t seen before. I don’t know anything about .hack though, is he an OC or new to the movie at least?

    • He’s the main character of .hack//LINK, a jap only game for PSP. Although he’s older now in Versus because he’s a PC body ( means his real body is in the game)

      • Rishtopher

        Ah thanks for clearing that up for me!

  • I want this soooo bad. HNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG! >_<


  • Mr_SP

    Am I the only person a little put off by Kite suddenly having Tri-Edge powers? I mean, Azure Kite’s flame, sure, but Azure Kite never used the tri-edge mark as an attack. Since he’s, you know… lacking the extra weapon.

    • Actually Kite was able to use those moves in the .hack//XXXX manga he also used those moves in the //link series

  • AzuNo17

    No matter how the gameplay works out, it’s just so stunning seeing the fluid actions of every attack. This game sold me on aerial combat alone :D

  • Manuel Estela

    I really like the way they’re making this game however they really should add more characters maybe some that won’t make it to story mode including fan favorites

  • One qtn, why certain characters look alike?

    • Curan_Altea

      Because Kite be the most popular avatar….. There’s also story relevance.

  • Zeidge

    Getting this NOW.

  • Mister_Nep

    Is there an explanation to Tokio’s new look? He never wore those clothes in the game. Is this a game character version of him, or is it still his human body in the game?

  • ZBaksh386

    what the hell happened to tokio?

    last time i saw him he was neirdy and not in a good way.

  • Anthony James Moffett

    In a bit of a love-hate relationship here. The price does not merit purchase. It looks fun as all hell, and being a .Hack fan I would LOVE to own it…however it costs around ~$170….Still, Nice to see Tokio Grew up a bit! He looks much more attractive and not so much of a Digimon-Tai-wannabe.

    Also, weapon change? Sleek new ALTIMIT OS? Some sort of comment….BBS thing? This is starting to feel more like .Hack than I expected.

    • It’s not 170$. Just buy the asian version OR buy the Japanese version without the whole World Edition.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Absolutely wicked.
    Kite with the infamous Data Drain and BlackRose bludgeoning people.
    Just the way I like it XD

  • Kyle D. Johnson

    Oooh, so 9 was Tokio? That’s cool too…

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