Bravely Default’s Composer Is Sound Horizon Lead Revo

By Spencer . June 19, 2012 . 4:18pm


Square Enix is working with a new team of people on Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Silicon Studio is making the game, Naotaka Hayashi from Steins;Gate fame, and Revo from Sound Horizon is composing the score. Sound Horizon makes fantasy ballads like Geneology of Raijin and Rein’s World.


Square Enix will release a Bravely Default soundtrack and before that Revo will produce an album called Linked Horizon on August 22.




Bravely Default’s third demo, the one that lets players try a bit of combat, will be available sometime this month.

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  • Time to take out my Sound Horizon albums, I guess…

  • SirRichard

    They’re really pushing Bravely Default, aren’t they? It’s good to see that they want to try and build up a new IP, even if it hasn’t strayed far from the tree.

    • puchinri

      Yeah, I kind of like that it feels very Square (and SE), but it’s still something fresh. I think this is a good route for them. (And with Gyrozetter in development, and the Agni’s Philosophy tech show, I’m feeling pretty positive about SE right now~.)

      I would like to see them go toward more of their other older works’ though. Something akin to Dewprism/Threads of Fate or the Chrono series in feel and/or gameplay would be very nice.

  • Suicunesol

    Thanks for the links of Revo’s music, Spencer. They give me a really good idea of what the game’s music will sound like. And I like what I’m hearing.

    Also, a new Bravely Default music track:

  • WyattEpp

    How is the sound on the 3DS? The DS and GBA weren’t really standouts in this area, so I’m a little worried… :(

    • pedrron

      The 3DS speakers IMO have been greatly improved. Much better then the DS speakers. This should give you an idea of the quality and power of the 3DS speakers:

      • WyattEpp

        I must concede this point; that sounds like proper 24-bit PCM. Much less worried now, thanks.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Hmmm, they were? Since video game composers were doing such an awesome job composing music for them, I honestly couldn’t tell:

      • WyattEpp

        Oh, absolutely. They were partially sample-based, which ended up really showing the limits of the hardware:
        – GBA had two idiosyncratic 8-bit DMA channels with 8-bit samples, two square channels, RAM-backed 4-bit samples channel, and a noise channel. Unfortunately, my experience is that the PSG channels didn’t get as much exercise as on earlier GB models because it had to go well with the DAC channels. It’s not like the OPL4 or Namco 163, where the PSG and FM blend pretty seamlessly. Moreover, CPU time constraints and especially memory constraints were tight. And then the speakers weren’t well-optimised for the non-PSG audio, so it was often muddy and distorted on top of the problems it already had.
        – DS is much better off; it has sixteen 16-bit ADPCM channels! Great! Only problem is you need to keep in mind your RAM constraints (4MiB total) and your ROM constraints (16MiB-64MiB). Consequently, a lot of the audio was downsampled heavily.

        I won’t debate that there was a lot of marvelous composition; virt, Yamame, Sakimoto, Iwata, Ito, Wise, Kimura, Shimomura, the list goes on. It’s simply a matter of the quality of the hardware itself that the sounds were muddy and muted.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Well, I won’t debate that the sound chips in the GBA and DS were technically extremely limited. I imagine certain concessions had to be made in order to keep the hardware cheap.

          That said, in most cases, Nintendo hardware has been about “lateral thinking with withered technology”. And for most end users, as long as the music is awesome, the technical constraints really don’t matter. Obviously, though, it’s still good that the 3DS has a better sound chip.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Sounds great.
    Does anyone know when the battle demo will be released? Or has it been released already?

  • puchinri

    Oh, my goodness. That looks beautiful. ;A;

    And that’s some talent they got together. I rather like the route they took in who they got to compose it.

    I’m definitely going to buy this OST, and I’m really looking forward to the game~. I desperately need a 3DS.

  • Solomon_Kano

    “Naotaka Hayashi from Steins;Gate fame”

    He’s writing it, right? Because right now, that statements kinda incomplete.

    Anyhow, this is sounding great. I really wish SENA would confirm it for release already. Ah well, getting the OST either way!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol. This game is looking better with each news here.^^

    Here I cant wait for the localization news here^^

  • Alexandra Cordes


  • Awesome news. Now I’m just waiting for Square’s announcement that this game is getting a Western release. I’ll definitely be picking up the soundtrack though. If the BD OST is as good as the tracks linked to the article, I’ll need to own this soundtrack.

  • Exkaiser

    My wife is a huge Sound Horizon fangirl, and the both of us really enjoyed Four Heroes of Light.

    I do hope they localize it. I’d hate to have to translate it on the fly for her.

  • This looks really epic. I hope a localization is imminent for this =^_^=

  • Endy Operin

    Heh, Linked Horizon cover shows the 4th main character which hasn’t been announced yet.

  • And SE announced a fourth playable character without even knowing it :P We should know more about the girl (?) with the Grease hairdo soon (the one in the cover of the Linked Horizon cd, on the far right :D)

    • irzbos

      hmmm, I thought that was a guy. I’m most interested in the story of the girl who switches sides.

      • Judging from the character’s facial expressions, I’d say it looks like a girl with an attitude…but then again we won’t know until it has been officially announced. That girl is also the character I look forward to meet the most (Edea Lee, right?)

        • irzbos

          You may be right. The look of the character just reminds me of Nash from Lunar (excluding hair color) and that may be what is causing me to think it’s a guy.

          • We’ll prolly know for sure next week, since SE is revealing new bits of info from this game on a weekly basis ;)

  • Skyrius


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