• Anime10121

    Preordered through Amazon! While I HATE the art/graphic/ direction (and major gameplay change) of MvC3, I love the old character art from the games prior. The instruction manuals for the games had AWESOME character art for each character (especially MvC1 and MshvSF).

    While I extremely dislike Capcom nowadays, as the way they run their company by catering to western tastes (when they themselves are an eastern company) and abandoning many of their I.P. because they aren’t western enough or changing them completely to make them easier, I will pick this book up for the old art alone.

  • http://simplephilistine.wordpress.com/ Arla

    $45 is pretty steep.

    • Anime10121

      Its $32 on Amazon (which is pretty good for a 200 page art book) and the price is likely to drop even more if you go by the examples set by other UDON art books on Amazon.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I’m a fan of the series, so most def’ I’ll be buyin’ this. :)

  • Solomon_Kano

    The hardcover is exclusive to Comic-Con!?

    Ah well, I’ll settle for the softcover. Capcom’s Marvel games are practically my favorite games ever, so I need this one way or another. I mean, it has art from Marvel Super Heroes. Marvel Super Heroes!

  • Fidelis

    Nothing concerning MVC can excite me anymore.
    I’m just all burnt out. It feels dead to me

    Which is sad because MVC3 was my life’s dream, and when it was announced, it was the most excited I’ve ever been for a game since Brawl..
    Because of it, I read hundreds and Hundreds (literally) of issues of comics to get ready. I turned into a huge comic buff, a huge fan and hung out on comic boards all the time. I marathoned every single Avengers release in one week. over 500 issues.

    All for MVC3

    Kind depressing that dreaming is a lot more fun than fulfilling your dream

    I haven’t even touched *cough downloaded* a comic in months..

    • Anime10121

      Probably because MVC3 plays NOTHING like the games prior to it and is an exact clone/copy of Tatsunoko vs Capcom (which was a good game on its own, but was no MVC). Its the same reason I despise MVC3 even though I’m good at it, I just hate that its more TVC2 with Marvel characters and not MVC3 proper :(

  • Zonic505

    Man, not a big fan of the prices (though $32 on Amazon for the softcover isn’t bad), but I seriously want this as a fan of the Vs. series.

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