Meet The Other Troopers In Capcom’s Lost Planet Spin-off E.X. Troopers

By Spencer . June 20, 2012 . 5:36am


Set in the Lost Planet universe, E.X. Troopers follows Bren who joins an academy to become a Vital Suit pilot. While traveling through space, unknown enemies attack his ship forcing him to pilot a prototype Vital Suit.


extroopers6 extroopers7

Chris considers Bren his rival. He’s a Vital Suit pilot who is also skilled in hand to hand combat. Chris consistently returns from missions scoring high marks and believes his firing skill is one of his best strengths. He has a cool and collected personality and hates practical jokes.


extroopers12 extroopers13

Luan was admitted to the academy before Bren, so he’s Bren’s superior. He’s usually quiet, but if you bring up the subject of EDN-3rd, the planet you’re on, Luan will chew your ear off.


extroopers8 extroopers9

Julie is a cheerful mechanic who know a lot about Vital Suits. She’s really into machines, but is cold to things she isn’t interested in. Julie is also the group’s mood maker.


extroopers10 extroopers11

TeeKee is a native of EDN-3rd. She is a snow pirate and also next in line to be a snow maiden. TeeKee is gifted with languages and while she looks kind of demure, her personality is exactly the opposite when she’s in battle. Bren meets TeeKee in a fortuitous way when E.X. Troopers begins.


E.X. Troopers is slated for release on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 sometime in 2012.


extroopers2 extroopers3 extroopers4 extroopers5

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  • XiaomuArisu

    So…are this pictures from the ps3 version?Because they seem better then the older pics.
    Sounds a little like a cliche manga but a lighthearted Lost Planet could be fun.

    • puchinri

      It’s really hard to say. I wonder if they’re focusing on one version more than the other and we’ll see images of it predominantly or what.

      The very first picture looks about the same quality to me, but the one after that does look a little cleaner, but everything else starts to look the same again. (And I guess there’s also that we don’t know if the quality of the caps compares to in-game or what.)

  • Jule reminds me of Ayase frm GC and Fumi frm DeSu 2 lol. Maybe you could put Asuka too.
    Since when Snow Pirates hv a maiden?? Can we recruit her??
    Luan is propably one of the cutest senpai one could have.
    And Chris is your typical rival.
    Once again, Bren looks lk a chick in certain shots…. Still got me.

    I wonder will this game eventually go Darker and Edgier lk wut GC or EVA did??

  • The art direction is interesting to me, anyone else like the color scheme? Hard to explain but it looks like the coloring you find in color pages of a manga. So cool.

    • Zonic505

      It’s one of the reasons why I’m interested in this game. It’s a rather cool art style that I don’t see very often.

    • isfuturebright

      I really like it too! Hope they bring it to the US!

    • puchinri

      I love the art style~. It feels simple and dynamic.

  • Detrimont

    the graphics look like a mix of jet set radio and wind waker to me. meaning its a double positve.

  • XypherCode

    I’m really gonna get this :D

  • ADiSiNS

    This game is looking really good. The art-style fits the overall atmosphere of the game. Lost Planet was more serious, but this is looking to be over-the-top and crazy.

    BAH, I wish they would’ve put this on the Vita too.

  • Shadowman

    The art work is simply amazing truly outstanding I can’t wait till I get my hands on this game.

  • Localization please! >_<

  • neetyneety

    Seems very attractive and enticing so far. Wish we’d get some news about a localization though…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol This game is getting better from each news.^^ Especially with its colorful style there which is quite a new moves by Capcom considering Lost Planet color is quite limited.
    Hope that this one will be one great game.^^

  • Enma_Kozato

    Nothing says, “I’m a tough hot shot rival” like thigh high boots.

  • puchinri

    The characters looked like a lot of fun on the website, so it’s nice to see some translated info (some of it isn’t too new from before though, right?). Chris is so smexy, too bad we can’t play as Julie and woo him. (Cuz they’d look together, blast it.)

    I really love how animated, energetic and fun the game looks. I really hope it gets localized, because it’d be shame to miss out on it.

  • epy

    Look how great that looks, all vibrant and full of color. A fresh of breath air in this generation of dark, gritty visuals where the palette only has shades of brown in it.

  • Guest

    Chris looks like he’s from Terror of the Stratus, Luan looks like he’s from Steambot Chronicles, Julie looks like she’s from Space Channel 5, and Teekee looks like she’s from Xenosaga

    • SPACE CHANNEL 5! That’s the exactly how I’d describe my first impression of Julie.

    • puchinri

      That sums up how I saw/see them. Which is kind of a large part of why I enjoy the character designs and love them so much, so far. (And that Bren is like Takuto’s lovechild or something.)

  • British_Otaku

    I like how the game project looks and all but how is this game project linked to Lost Planet? I only got a chance to play a demo for the first game (pretty fun) and but the only things in common seem to be the snowy cold setting (which these guys don’t seem to go even 1% as far to maintain heat) and that there is a tool which hooks onto ledges and lifts you up… And Batman has that… >_>

    I’m going to be that guy again and say that this game seems to be better seen as a standalone project with similarities. Like Kojima never said that Boktai is set in the Metal Gear universe (okay, that may be a bit more different but yes).

    • puchinri

      I haven’t played a LP title yet (I’ve wanted to though!), but it seems like the setting and the monsters are directly linked. I’m not sure if any other connections were shown or made official though, yet.

      It sounds like it’ll be a lose but well enough connection/link.

  • I love the Cel-Shaded graphic style. Always have and now to see a Lost Planet title using it is awesome. These characters, while all very cliched, could turn out to be a very enjoyable cast. That or just pleasing to look at.

  • Darrel Daley

    Finally a game that feels like a Capcom game!

  • Göran Isacson

    Kay, so the “cool” rival, the genki exposition dude that probably just sticks around to be cute, and then an outgoing girl who’s social and girly and… a hot-blooded battle miko?

    You know, the last one just might be the spice I didn’t even know I needed in life. Keeping an eye out for her in the future.

    • puchinri

      I don’t think Luan will be a genki exposition dude actually, supposing he was who you meant. He feels like he’s going to be more of the down to earth, techie. I don’t know if I’d call Julie girly, either. She seems more bubbly and casual more than anything. I do like the sound of hot-blooded battle miko. Then again, these are just the impressions I get of them going by art, screens and what we see in-game so far.

      Kind of enjoying the diversity in design though (okay, really enjoying), so I hope it shows through just as much if not more in personality as well.

      • Göran Isacson

        It should be noted that when I say “girly” I’m thinking “valley girly”, which to me means bubbly, peppy and outgoing. But yes, this is all speculation until we get a few more trailers to really develop and fill out the characters. Still, mindless speculation can be loads of fun too!

        • puchinri

           Ahh, I see~. We just call that valley girl, here. I think girly is a fun trait, but valley girl has to be handled very well or it can be detrimental (I have faith here, either way!).

          It’s definitely tons of fun~! >u<
          And since you mention it, I kind of want a genki exposition character. (Julie's art made me think she would be that role actually, but the description above and trailers kind of do say otherwise.)

    • IMO, Julie is more lk those “rude and/or b*tchy action girl” lk Asuka or Ayase….. But I don’t think it will be as extreme as Asuka case…. And Luan is going to be your Moe moe Senpai IMO. But we haven’t even got an english trailer so we can’t judge too much. (Count me amuse if this go into GC or NGE lvl on the second half though)

      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha, oh man if this goes THAT much anime and we’re suddenly like… fighting some ancient consciousness that is behind all the Akrids and we have to overcome our own inner hatred in order to quell it’s anger, I don’t know if I’ll laugh or cry. I don’t know if I’m seeing much tsundere in Julie TBH, but… eh, if it’s gonna be anime, the likelyhood of tsundere is high.

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