Final Fantasy XI Expansion, Seekers of Adoulin, Brings Two New Classes

By Ishaan . June 23, 2012 . 12:20am

Square Enix have announced a new expansion for Final Fantasy XI, titled Seekers of Adoulin. The game was given away by a trademark earlier in the week. Seekers of Adoulin adds two new classes to the game—Geomancer and one more unrevealed class. Here’s a trailer for the new expansion:



Square Enix will release Seekers of Adoulin on the Xbox 360 and PC in 2013.

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  • leadintea

    Reactivating account. Now.

  • RmanX1000

    Not trying to sound like a jerk but… They’re still supporting this?! o_0

    • leadintea

      FFXI brought SE the most money ever of all its games, so of course they’re still going to support it. I even heard that the original Everquest is STILL being updated, so I doubt FFXI is going to go down anytime soon.

    • neo_firenze

       Why would they NOT, when it’s a steady stream of income every month?  As leadintea mentioned, FFXI has been the most profitable game in history in the Final Fantasy series.

  • WyattEpp

    I love Geomancy (and Chinese Astrology in general), but I’m pretty amazed that they’re still rolling out new content for FF11.

    I mean, FF14 isn’t doing so hot, last I heard…. >_<;;

    • Jesse Thompson

      FFXIV not doing so hot is the reason they’re gonna keep FFXI around even longer than originally planned I would imagine…

    • SE originally announced that they would still make new stuff for FFXI even when running FFXIV. FFXIV’s current version is much better than the initial release and the upcoming 2.0 looks promising.

    • Last you heard, when? 6 months ago? The game is doing just fine and servers are always full. The legacy campaign and the free week they gave made a lot of players come back and 2.0 will do even better.

  • Anthony Black

    This is why FFXIV doesn’t need to exist. They already have an MMORPG, which they can update as much as they like. There was no reason to make a brand new one and give it the title XIV.

    • SirTeffy

      FFXIV was supposed to be more expansive – SE was limited by the PS2’s abilities, which was why the inventory and storage caps were so small, along with a lot of other features limited by the hardware. FFXIV was supposed to be limitation-free in that respect, with the PC version being forefront and the PS3 version being able to handle whatever they threw at it… then they ran into difficulties…

    • Paradox me

      Just because an MMO can be updated doesn’t mean they don’t deserve follow-ups. A sequel offers the opportunity to create wildly different styles of play, cater to different audiences, create a new online community, etc.

      Final Fantasy XI is ten years old at this point and not only have games changed a lot since it launched, singleplayer and online, but the title has long since peaked. No amount of updates or expansions are going to bring in a significant number of new players, nor will it keep old players for too long.

      • Anthony Black

        To be honest, it’s not so much the fact that SE made a new MMO that bothers me so much, it’s that they decided to use up a slot in the main game numbers for it. Having one MMO in the main game line is alright, because they’re always trying new concepts for the main games, but having two of them just feels cheap and unoriginal. Having given it a name like FFXI-2 or FF Online 2 would have made it bother me significantly less. I know it’s a silly thing to get worked up over, but it still bothers me.

        • Bhunivelze

          why exactly should it matter whether or not a main numbered final fantasy game is an mmo or not? How is another mmo cheap and unoriginal when all the other main numbered games have been single player jrpgs? If anything, having another mmo is more original than having another single player rpg entry. That’s 12 single player games vs 2 mmo’s. Which type is more saturated? 


          • Anthony Black

            That’s exactly the point. It’s 12 vs 2. 12 is way more. Why not keep the series going in that direction? It feels like it’s not really a true FF game when it’s not, like it’s a spinoff. I’m not saying spinoffs are bad, but imagine if they called Super Mario RPG “Super Mario Bros. 5”? Doesn’t make much sense. It’s one of the reasons people didn’t like Zelda II at the time.

            In my opinion, FFXI really should have just been called FF Online in the first place, and didn’t belong in the main series line, but I can accept it once. Twice is going too far.

      • neo_firenze

        I’m sure any reasonable person understands that an expansion isn’t going to cause sudden new interest from a lot of people who didn’t care about FFXI before.  But it will keep people around, and cause some lapsed FFXI veterans to return.  People who will pay the monthly fee that had made this game SE’s most profitable Final Fantasy title ever. 

        I still play XI, and without question every person I play with on the game is very excited about the news of this expansion, especially given that the game has been pretty stagnant for the past year or so.  Just the jolt of excitement needed to keep people paying and playing.

    • Wiccan1109

      I think XIV is really their attempt at providing a nextgen MMO installment for the series. They had the choice of shutting down FFXI, reformatting in to HD and losing their Japanese PS2 playerbase OR creating something entirely new.

      Numerical Final Fantasy is their hardball, and with XI’s history, it was guaranteed interest even from console gamers who dont play MMOs. The game itself, (regardless of its terrible past, mixed reception present and potentially good future) is very different from XI in so many ways. Some good, some bad. It may share themes, names, aesthetics, all things that one might consider longstanding cameos of the FF genre, but they are two different games with entirely different stories and systems.

      2.0 will be bringing about new genders and races, taking it further from XI’s origins. They’ve also said many, many times that it will be heavily FF influenced, as they are aware it really isnt in its current state. Areas from previous games such as Crystal Tower are being incorporated in XIV’s vision. Maybe the newer version will surprise you with some things? We can hope. :D

  • Ricewarrior

    Anyone remember when Final Fantasy XIV was coming out, they said they were going to release new content for one more year then stop? 

    sigh… I should’ve never sold my account…

    • leadintea

       SE was counting on FFXIV to succeed when they said that. Big mistake…

    • powerlessbump

       They also never said they would stop providing content for XI. In the Vanafest where they actually had XIV content alongside XI content being revealed, they showed a road map and a statement saying they would continue to release new content for both XI and XIV. They also revealed breaking 75 cap in this vanafest, which was more than a year long effort.

  • Mago Iichi

    It looks so bland and ugly

    • Reno Evangelista

      Don’t all of Square Enix’s recent developments look bland and ugly?

      • MrRobbyM

        Lol no.

      • HAHAHAHAHA– No.

      • Godmars

        Bland maybe. Ugly, no.

        I’ll at last give them that while they forget what the “final” in Final Fantasy means.

        • Rhayve

           It stopped having a meaning the moment they made another game after the first Final Fantasy, though.

          • Godmars

            It was always my impression that the series took place on different worlds with similar elements. That it was a retold yet changed story.

            Guess I was the only one.  

    • Draparde

      well it is for a 10 year old game~ 

  • Lyh Scully

    :DDDDDD  new places to explore *________* 

  • Where’s that Gymnast job you promised?!

  • Robert Brady

    Is there new music every time they release these expansions.  If so, does Uematsu still do the music?

    • Exkaiser

       Each new expansion has new music, but Uematsu has only ever done a minority of FFXI’s music.

      • Robert Brady

        I had no idea.  I guess today will be as good as ever to start this game.

    • neo_firenze

      FFXI’s music is mostly composed by Naoshi Mizuta.  He has been in charge of all of the expansions’ music, and the original FFXI release he was involved as well as some input from Uematsu and from Kumi Tanioka (most known for her work on the Crystal Chronicles games).  Mizuta’s work on FFXI is consistently awesome though.

  • Every time they update the game I reactivate my account. Dammit. 

  • Detrimont

    that voice acting was TERRIBLE. that is all

  • Charles

    If only my account wasn’t hacked back in 2009 I’d still be playing this.

    /sigh I miss you, Vana’diel.

  • Jesse Thompson

    Honestly…I too have considered going back to this game, I’ve played it off and on for years, never really did any of the Dynamis or other high end stuff, hardly even got through much of the story as it is very deep, lengthy, and designed for people to do together as a party.  However, I do truly missing the graphics, music, and best of all the way the job system is set up.  FFXI got a lot of things right and it’s still hanging in there like Everquest.  I may have to finally get a Steam account and get in on this too.  FFXI is one of the best ways to simply WASTE your time, and who else is waiting for the apocalypse?  (~.~)/ To add, my latest time waster has been League of Legends, and I’m becoming unimpressed with their handling of the server issues while still attemping to rake in ever dollar they can from their customer base via the Riot Points system. Think it’s time to move on, and Diablo 3 is just bleh.

  • Carocaro4

    Ya know it

  • neo_firenze

    Best weekend for FFXI in a looooong time.

    A whole new full-scale expansion, two new jobs (Geomancer and Runic Knight), AND a new director.  That last part might be the most exciting, Hiromichi Tanaka is retiring.  He’s the guy who ruined FFXIV, and was then exiled back to XI and subsequently ground the excitement in FFXI from the EXCELLENT Abyssea expansions to a screeching halt with outdated and stubborn design philosophies.  Now, Akihiko Matsui will be in charge of FFXI – he was also in charge during the Abyssea renaissance in 2010 while Tanaka took a leave to go work on FFXIV. 

    Supposedly Tanaka is leaving for health reasons (though some are skeptical that’s just a cover story for a graceful exit), and if so I wish him the best of health.  But for the sake of FFXI, I’m also glad to see him go.

    Tanaka was instrumental in launching FFXI, and did some awesome work on single player RPGs in the past (Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana).  But in recent years he has become increasingly out of touch with MMO players, and seemed to actively TRY to impose his will as opposed to listen to mounting complaints from players.

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