Ragnarok Online To Reconnect With Its Roots Through “Classic” Server

By Ishaan . June 28, 2012 . 3:30pm

Ragnarok Online has been been one of the more successful long-running MMORPGs, having operated for 10 years so far, since its original release in 2002. Throughout the years, the game has also seen major updates in the form of changes to its game systems, world and story. The most major of these was titled “Renewal”.


Released in 2010, the Renewal update added third job-classes to each job category and made stat, skill, experience, and monster placement changes across the entire game. While the changes made by the Renewal update are still in effect today, Gravity Interactive are now also giving players the option to play the original Ragnarok Online through official means once more.


This is being done through a new Classic server that will run completely separately and use all the original game settings and physics. The server will launch tomorrow, on June 29th, and you can keep abreast of the status of the Classic server through this page.


“The Ragnarok community has been asking for years to give them an option to play the game the way we all remember it, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to grant that opportunity,” said Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. “Players can now dive into the classic Ragnarok Online experience they originally fell in love with so many years ago.”

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  • Geez. It’s been that long already.

  • Suicunesol

    I remember when I first played RO… I had no idea what was going on, but it was free for 30 days and ran well on my machine. 30 days later, I had made anime-geek friends and joined a guild. Alas, my time expired abruptly while I was killing zombies in Payon cave. And my parents wouldn’t pay 10-15 dollars a month.

    Good times.

  • kuroneko0509

    Didn’t expect for this news to be here :P

  • kool_cid414

    That brings me back. This was the first mmo I played. I didn’t get too far before the free trial ended, but I enjoyed it. Saying that I never played with anyone and that’s still a challenge I have when trying new mmos.

  • $36598391

    that’s nice, now only if Blizzard would release an official classic WoW server

  • Interesting, I used to play a lots of this game back in 2008, and I abandon it just before they announced the renewal updates…

  • Now if only they’ll make it a 3/3/5 server…

  • Ah Ragnarok, the game that got me into PC gaming. So much fun, the only annoying thing is it’s too much grinding. Other than that, it’s a perfect game.

  • tubers

    Man I remember the old days back in the Philippines where 16,000 people were playing all at the same time on a single freaking server. Most didn’t even know what a bot was so it was safe to assume most of those population weren’t.

    Once you enter Prontera it’s super lag fest.

    Most people from grade school to high school in the capital also played it.

    It sure was fun! If only I could go back and experience that again with your whole batch. :'(

    • bring back the memories.. i remember saving up my allowance(which is 500 pesos a week) just to load up my game. Ahhhh so much nostalgia:D

  • Chiupon

    i didn’t even know people still played the official RO
    with all the private servers and stuff… 

    • Testsubject909

      I stopped years ago… I know that much.

  • PoweredByHentai

    I was in the iRO beta in 2002 and played on official servers up until around summer of 2003 when my account was hacked because of Gravity’s shitty security.  I ditched the official servers and stuck with private servers up until Lineage 2 Chronicle 1 officially rolled out.

    I personally prefer Lineage 2 but Ragnarok Online is still a lot of simple fun.  Simple being relative here.  

    I’ve never had any problems with my Ragnarok Online hybrid builds for my assassin characters.  Not that hybrid sins are easy to make or use, but they require a lot of planning in terms of stats and skills to invest in and an even greater amount of patience before you can be really good at it.

    Making money in RO, however, was always something of a pain in the arse.

    • Testsubject909

      You remember those times when there was only one path for each classes?

      I remember a time when we were anticipating and waiting to see what the alt classes were like, and myself, trying to scrounge up some info on what Bards would be like.

      • PoweredByHentai

        I kept playing on private servers even when 2-2 classes and 3rd job classes were available.  My assassin cross and eventually the guillotine cross were great for a wide range of roles, tanking bosses amongst them.

        Thing is, I had many years of hiatus between playing, usually 3 years each time.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I remeber RO. It’s fun for a little bit, but it quickly overstays its welcome. Not only does it pretty much force you to party with others only a short while into the game, but the stat system is EXTREMELY min-max heavy, the experience rates in later levels are almost non-existent, there’s bots everywhere, and there’s some items that pretty much encourage griefing (dead branches).

    The only good parts about it are that the art style is nice to look at, and the in-game music can be absolutely beautiful at times.

    • WyattEpp

      I spent some time digging into the guts of the game at one point.  Suffice to say, once you know how badly the numbers are stacked against you, it becomes rather terrifying to realise there are people with max-level ascended characters.  Experience rates after about 45 or so, I think it was, quickly resemble a wall function.

      It’s cute and iconic and I can nostalgia pretty hard about it, but the illusion runs out fast.

    • ShinStar

       The music is probably my favorite and most nostalgic thing about this game..! Remembering those Pronter and Morroc field songs as a wee Novice makes me wanna cry….. ;_;!

  • The nostalgia…
    I remember my Super Novice still has an Emperium to sell :P
    But that was a long time ago.

  • Yes! this is what Ive been waiting for, hopefully this will be launch in philippine Ragnarok as well. Its been 6 yrs since i left pRO, but now with this classic server  makes me wanna play this game again. back to basic with no bots! just like the good old days! Hahaha. Cant wait for this. 

  • Chido55

    Still playing this on a private server and well, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Kevin White

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    dont worry it is nothing like warpportal ro1 ^^

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