Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World Crosses Into Tales Of Xillia 2

By Spencer . June 28, 2012 . 12:03am

Two Tales sequels will crash together in Tales of Xillia 2. First print copies of Tales of Xillia 2 will include codes for three downloadable costumes. Namco Bandai revealed one of them, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World protagonist Emil’s outfit for Ludger.




The other two bonus costumes will be revealed at a later date. Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on November 1st in Japan.

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  • D’oh! Bad CHoice!
    Emil doesnt really suits him, if i have to choose Zelos is the closest

  • Niermyico

    *reads headline; clicks link*
    *sees imagine “…..”*
    *makes and post this*
    *goes back*

  • ragnarok989

    He almost looks like an adult Emil who didn’t realize that he looks ridiculous in that at his age…also not very comforting to bring up comparisons to a sequel/spinoff that is generally considered “meh” by most fans…The game still looks great though and I will be preordering.

  • epy

    If you take off the scarf that’s almost a dress. Funny how I never noticed that before. Emil’s costume actually would be a good fit for a female character, this… doesn’t look good.

    • Yay for gender equality…? [Shrug]

    • Arrei

      It’s a flippin’ evening gown, it IS a dress.

  • Okay, that is kinda awkward… *scratches cheek*

    Well how do I put this… I… am probably one of the few people who did not like Emil nor Martha at all… so seeing Rudger in this Outfit makes me kinda uncomfortable. I really hope that his character isn’t anything like the real deal.

    That aside, t’s nice fanservice and the controller that comes with the game is almost as amazing as last year’s PS3.
    Tales of Xillia 2… damn it we still need one and here we are already waiting for the sequel of Xillia itself! THIS is so … sad. So sad in many ways…
    *need to catch up on my japanese studies*

    • Arrei

      Plenty of people here didn’t like Emil and Marta.

      But somehow Emil is really popular in Japan.

      I guess they just really love the wimpy protagonist archetype, even if he’s a total Gary Stu.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I’ve seen people say that before, but just how is Emil a Gary Stu? A Gary Stu is a character who can do no wrong and who everyone loves, and that is SO not Emil. He messes up stuff constantly and pretty much everyone hates him, even people in his own home town and especially the one person he idolizes. The only person who ever really sticks up for him is Marta.

        Now Ratatosk could be argued to be a Gary Stu, but he isn’t Emil.

        • Arrei

          Since they’re one and the same, you have to attribute some, though not all, of Ratatosk’s qualities to Emil. Most notably, the fact that he turns out to be a demigod, a previously completely unmentioned spirit who somehow has powers over every element the other spirits presided over, and can rewrite the very laws of the planet on his own, a la Origin. The writers took all the summon spirits and mashed them into one ultimate spirit whose presence dilutes the importance of the entire first game’s journey and struggles. They even gave him greater control over the Sorceror’s Ring, of all things, for little apparent reason.

          Beyond that, the only people who hate Emil are Richter and the people in Luin, who are all written to only hate him because they’re jerks. Marta hangs all over him from the moment they meet, and later decides she still loves him despite her love being completely based on a wrong impression, and the entire old party has no problem with him becoming a completely different, unstable person during battle.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Umm… No, they weren’t one and the same. Emil was a creation of Ratatosk, but the story made an explicit point of showing that they are not the same person. They even separated from each other completely in the good ending. Objectively Emil is a completely normal kid with no more abilities than any of the other main characters, while Ratatosk is the all-powerful entity in control of the world’s Mana.

            Really, if you want to talk a Gary Stu in the Symphonia/Phantasia universe, Lloyd Irving takes the cake. Expert swordfighter, tons of friends, always saves the day, rebuilds an entire town using his own money, and his father is an angel. I like Lloyd too, but if it turned out he was an author-insertion character I wouldn’t bat an eye.

          • Arrei

            I meant “one and the same” as in they are still technically one person. They have different minds and personalities, but as Ratatosk is a summon spirit, so is Emil. Emil just happens to turn out to be an alter ego of an all-powerful demigod with the powers of every spirit in the world and the ability to rewrite the laws of mana as they know them. The world established in the first game twists itself to accommodate him and Ratatosk. That’s pretty major Gary Stuism.

      • Thank you for answering and at the same time my apologize for replying that late. *bows*

        I did not know that there actually are a lot of people who dislike Emil since I did not have to look anything up from the game and most of my friends (weirdly enough) really liked him at some point. Thanks once more for clearing that up, it is quite baffeling that the japanese gamers enjoy him so much.

        It could also be possible that they just -liked- him because he was completely different from Lloyd and Kratos, Luke, Cless and Veigue. OR they are just completely into apparent Schizophrenia… or well… more or less gods.

  • AokiShizuku

    I swear to god there better be a decent amount of in-game costumes or I’m going to flip.

  • animeftw999

    please play with courage… when u have this costume on

  • Souji Tendou

    Dammit BaMco, of all characters, why give him Emil’s costume? Dammit. >_<

    • sd28

      i belive its the same artist 

  • Dokurochan

    Wearing this courageous outfit will give Ludgar the power to turn dreams into reality. :P

  • Astrid Huang

    dafuq is ludger doing with emil’s dress?

  • Gideon de Groodt

    Should’ve given him Richter’s outfit instead.

    Would fit a little more in their time as well. And a LOT more manly than Emil’s dress.

    • Arrei

      That does make me wonder – there’s a character in the previews with glasses, thought to possibly be Ludger’s brother.

      Mmmmmmaybe he’s a party member and will get a Richter costume?

      • Gideon de Groodt

        Heyyy now that you mention that..

        Yeah, a guy with glasses would be more fitting to get Richter’s outfit, of course.

        • Raharu95

          Then again, who’s to say Ludgar won’t get glasses as an Accesory? If i remember correctly, Judith Did.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    I know! Give him Reiji Arisu’s outfit from Namco X Capcom!

  • Looking forward to wearing this costume. Dawn Of the New World’s battle theme is amazing.

  • that looks a little weird…but still super sexy.

  • I think Ludgar would look better as Richter.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      i agree Emil clothes doesn’t work on … anyone  not even himself

    • Now that would be awesome!

      • Wouldn’t it just? I think it worked for Judith.


    Nice, it looks good~~

    • xavier axol

      yeah and it would look great if any female character wears it, just take the pants off and you got yourself a pretty dress. ;-)

  • Courage is the…something…that turns dreams into reality.

  • , , , we don’t talk about DotNW in this household

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……… This looks awkward lol…….. even with my courage power here.T_T

  • xavier axol

    at this point, (namco) you can keep tales of xillia 2. i just want the first one, you know the one that has more mature characters like milla maxwell (she is soo hot and MATURE!!!), rowen.j ilbert (he is very likeable character) and alvin (aizen good twin). yeah because having emil’s outfit on a twenty years old DUDE!! and walking with an infant (love interest ?) will set the tone for a mature tales game. “are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of one girl” hahahahaha!!! :'( WHY why why!

    • Nee Nee

       First off, Baba mentioned that the infant is not a love interest.
      Second, we haven’t even seen all the characters yet so chill.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Not a love interest? :(

        • Anime10121

          It would be kinda bad for a 20 somethin yr. old Ludger to be in love with what looks to be a pre teen.

          Although I hope he does have A love interest in the game, as I’m a sap for even decent love stories, but no pedophillia.

          • xavier axol

            a love romance would a plus for me, because it wouldn’t be called tales if there no romance in it. and to be able to see ludger with leia rolando (she is going to appear in the game) would take all my douts to rest, knowing she a more interest character than the child.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Wow, you reminded me of that girl in Cardcaptor Sakura who was in a relationship with the teacher lol. Though the relationships in that manga is a bit over the top…

        •  What was going on in YOUR head? xD

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            lol I was just joking… though love can come in all sorts of ways and forms, right? Maybe I’ve been reading too much romance manga lol

    • Solomon_Kano

      > i just want the first one, you know the one that has more mature characters

      > she is soo hot and MATURE!!!

      . . .

      • xavier axol

        there gotta be a balance ( what’s wrong for wanting a mature, good looking lady that have some character) that’s what we need in our industry (and for this game, i want to play as). there’s a reason as to why for most of the time we played as a male character. ” are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of one girl” that 8 years old girl better be freaking amazing, but most important relatable to me as a gamer (that little girl will be like a daughter figure and there won’t be any romance involved). she’ll be a forgetable character, that’s why in our industry we have only three female types: the lolli-tsundere(japan), the sexy but no brain (western & japan), and the sidekick (doesn’t play a meaningful role). guess what role she will play as?

    • Radiosity

      I actually used a couple of attachments on Alvin to make him more like Aizen :D Couldn’t believe how uncannily similar he looked.

  • keithmaxx

    So… Ludgar is the new Emil here? His pose in this photo is rather… unlike my image of him.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Emil is easily my favorite Tales protagonist, he just felt the most real to me. He wasn’t an idealized hero, he was an (apparently) normal kid trying to deal with all sorts of weirdness that had been thrust upon him. The only way he even manages is by allowing himself to be taken over by a bloodthirsty alternate personality.

    Plus, his English dub is what gave me all the respect I have for Johnny Yong Bosch. The first time I heard him I thought his two personalities were voiced by completely different people, but come to find out it was all the work of a single former Power Ranger x3

  • Woooow. It doesn’t even look like Ludgar’s wearing Emil’s costume. That’s how different it looks on him. xD

  • Jirin

    I’m always surprised how much money Tales games make over just paying for new costumes.  *shrug*  More money for the company that doesn’t come out of my pocket.

    If they want extra bucks from me though they’ll need meaningful extra story or bonus dungeons.

    DOTNW is probably my least favorite Tales game.  Besides the clunky control Emil’s personality seems even more directly-from-anime than the usual leads, and characters instantly change their personalities after hearing motivating speeches. And they spend all their time coming up with stupid nicknames for each other.

    I’m totally okay with playing Xillia through import, but I wish Namco would just go ahead and say “We’re not bringing it” if they’re not bringing it so I can do so without fear that I’ll just have to buy it again a year later when it comes in English.

  • Elemiel

    I’ll be blunt, this looks incredibly weird on him.

  • Ludger looks incredibly fruity wearing Emil’s costume.

  • Lugar (❤_❤  )! But this outfit… I don’t know… It’s a bit… odd to me? It looked good on Emil not so much on Lugar. Maybe it was a variation? Like with sleeves and no gloves. More a long jacket… but then it wouldn’t be Emil’s costume… Maybe Llyod’s or even Zelos’ would have been better.

  • Andrew Austin

    This is probably the worst incentive to preorder I’ve ever seen.

  • Brandon001

    Hopefully these outfits will be the only similarities in between these two Tales

  • Alphabet Soup

    I saw this and thought it meant they were trying to tie Symphonia/Phantasia to Xillia.  Mind you, I haven’t played Xillia the First, but when I heard “spirits” in the first trailer, that was my first thought.

    •  Most Tales games involve spirits though…

    •  Pretty sure they’re done with Aselia for now.

  • xavier axol

    that’s what i want!! it would be awesome, if ludger has some love connection with leia rolando. she is older and she going to appear in the game. i also want to see milla in the game.

  • valshiv

    I don’t think you people know what the Tales series is all about,wishing for more realistic, mature characters. It is supposed to be the way it has been for the past 17 years. If you want a game that is unlike anime and more realistic then perhaps you should not take interest in a fantasy franchise inspired by anime, drawn by mangaka, with anime cut scenes. Haha.
    I think xillia is my least favorite so far. Xillia 2 looks better even though they made it even more realistic it looks more fantastic, if that makes sense. ToS 2 is my favorite game. The story was the best and the characters!! The antogonists were amazing. Emil was the best lead character in any RPG I have played.( Take that cloud strife you are only third). I wish I could play as him in a new game but it will never happen.
    Ludgar looks fine…kinda. Let’s just say this isn’t the outfit he will be wearing when I get my hands on this game.

    • raymk

      IF TOS2 is your favorite tales you’ve got problems. I was with you until you said that,that game was teriible and xillia although not all that good either was 50times better than TOS2.

      • valshiv

        The game play was a little lame I know, it could have been better but I really care about story and characters when it comes to a game like this. I have to admit it let me down but it delivered exactly what you should be expecting from this game. A great plot( although not as good as ToS) better than any of the newer games. It starts of interesting, and stays that way through out the game. The story and the characters is why I kept playing where as in ToG I just wanted to get Abel strong and finish everything. So yeah its my favorite. You can get great jrpg game play out of any tales of game but these days its hard to find a story like that. I miss the old games so bad. T_T
        I don’t know why everyone hates ToS2 so bad other than the obvious reasons. I mean the good out weighs the bad to me.

        • Rocket D

          To respond to your comment before: I know what to expect from Tales of games. I said nothing of expecting more realistic/less anime-rendered appeal or graphics. I was commenting on the comparison of ToS2 and Xillia 2. If Xillia 2 is going to be anything like Symphonia 2 there will be major issues beyond all you went on about. I enjoy the Tales of series but I can’t be a blinded fan to not see this game’s flaws. I only mentioned I would hate to see history repeat itself then the US and UK miss out on future games because of it.

          And for ToS2…I’m not saying your opinion isn’t just for you may seek different tastes in games but ToS2’s story was not neatly crafted. It was not delivered well, it wasn’t good and it was nothing more than a huge plot hole the entire way through and was a lazy excuse to cash in. I know, you don’t feel this way and I respect that but if you are so curious as to why this game gets sand kicked in its face by fans I will name a few points. You may not agree but I’m sure that based on my experience with the game that these flaws were present. Here are just a few of many flaws the game had and it didn’t NEED to:

          -The soundtrack/sound quality. This poor excuse for an OST for a game (or anything for that matter). The composer did not only recycle almost every tune from the first but then he horribly remixed them. They were watered down copies of the originals. And the sound quality sounded like it was recorded from a cellphone at times with bg music and voice acting. I couldn’t believe that crappy OST was actually greenlit as okay. Seriously, Tales of series needs a better, more talented composer for their games. Speaking of sound quality although Emil’s VA wasn’t horrible I think his shy, weak nature was TOO emphasized n the voice acting. It made Emil hard to like for many because of this. The very first battle is hard to bare for many based on what I heard from those who played this.

          -Graphics. No, the anime look is not the problem. I like anime styled games just as much as I like realistic or western styled ones. I’m a gamer after all. I don’t divide by the small stuff. What WAS the issue were the bulky, unnatural movements of all the characters. They all struggled to hold their heads up or so it seemed. Like a constant struggle with gravity. Everone shook nervously when they moved and the expressions didn’t exist in this game. Seriously, the GC ToS did a better job than ToS 2 and that’s saying something. The engine could not support the look they wanted to portray on the Wii. To me, this game may have been a little better if on another system. No, I’m not dissing the Wii or promoting the PS3 or Xbox 360 but facts are facts. The later 2 have more power and space with their format of games. This game needed that space or at least 2 discs worth of game.

          -Laziness. They went through the trouble to hire a new artist for the designs of the new characters only to recycle artwork form the previous title. It looked awkward and conflicted to have two styles. The quality of the prior game’s art was lower res as well, it was awful. They couldn’t spare a few extra dollars to pay for new artwork with the updated style in every part of the game? Same with skits. Previous characters sprites were recycled and lower res and it looked forced and awkward. They also could’ve hired the artist from the first ToS to possible design some new threads for his characters for 2 years later. I found it odd that they all still looked the same from hair to clothing. Especially REGAL. It contradicts his actions from the first game. Not to mention the centurions didn’t even have a form outside their crystal, let alone being able to fight them. You only saw 2 and that was only because Tenebrea helped you (and he didn’t even engage in battle as a party member) and Richter had one as well. All the others didn’t even have names or presence. And Ratatosk was not shown in the game. One would assume for fan interpretation but again to me it was a form of Namco Bandai’s utter lack of dedication to make this game what it “could’ve” been. It’s was ridiculously lazy and poorly constructed.

          -Gameplay. Wii controls were the worst investment for this title because it was poorly crafted. Attacks didn’t work when you tried or they activated from the wrong combination of motion and buttons. The constant movement and struggle with the controls could make even the most in-shape person tired and frustrated. There wasn’t an option for the GC controller and the game was too easy. That and the lack luster monster system. I would have preferred a full party of actual characters than monsters; especially if NB was going to be so lazy about it. That, and when prior game characters made an appearance they were useless. Bulky, slow movements, poor AI, locked equipment, levels and attacks. Lloyd, the quickest character form the first, could barely keep up with the slowest enemies on the sequel. Let’s not forget the repetitive, useless missions they instilled to try to increase gameplay…They also took out the world map feature to save space (probably but based on their other actions this too was out of laziness) and that cut the game’s overall time to beat it in half if not more.

          -Characters: Personally, I liked Emil although he whined a lot in the beginning. But it showed that not all deemed to save something or someone have what it takes to be that; heroes. Marta was alright. Overbearing with her declarations of love towards Emil and her conflict of “which one” she liked. Still, it beat the usual “I love him but I’m not going to say anything until he likes me” bit or whatever. I also liked Richter because if he was actually developed as he should’ve been he’d have been the best part of the game (but that is not saying much). You also apparently like the new characters based on your responses. However, based on western standards the cast wasn’t favored as much as they were in Japan. So, a weak cast of characters is just another flaw. Not to mention their lack of development and their poorly executed back history. Alice and her “pet” were nothing more than a weirder, super powered Team Rocket. They didn’t add to the story at all. It’s a shame too because their designs were nice.

          -Last but not least: the plot (or should I say plot hole). Your argument is that the plot was good? Probably if it were a new side title that had no relation to ToS. The game’s premise started strong with problems after the world had become one again. Climate changes, uprisings, war, conflict, ect and our prior hero Lloyd stood in the middle. The conflict and doubts Lloyd’s friends and those who looked up to him was threatened and that was a nice build up. Even Emil having something or other to do with it gave him purpose. That was an interesting start but too bad it fell apart before the game could even begin. And the ridiculous, predictable “twist” of Lloyd being set up by the enemy was weak. Reason being they found out by the lamest way possible: cologne. The heavy theme of racism between Human, Elf, and Half-Elf barely held a presence although it was a major conflict even when the wealthy were against the poor. Richter’s back story fell apart when the racism theme died out within this sad excuse for a plot. Even the whole Ratatosk, original Emil fiasco was just ridiculous. The multiple endings could be gained through one playthrough of the game as well. This game has so many problems that to cover them I’d have to write a research paper so I’ll stop here.

          TL;DR: The good out ways the bad with ToS2? So…if that’s true where’s the good? Because based on the experience with the game it barely exists if at all. Deemed by most fans we have a DMC 2 situation, the sequel doesn’t exist chronologically for ToS. Hopefully Xillia 2 will not kick fans in the crouch like ToS2 did.

          • valshiv

            I get what u r saying, I’m not saying this game should be your favorite… but it is definitely not as bad as people make it out to be and will not ruin this game by association.
            Your reply is super long so i will try to address as mich as i can while making this short.
            I’m saying namco bandai would not have to keep the series in japan if the western audience can accept all that it is. Which we obviously can’t. If we can’t see the good in this game. I admit I’m a fan boy and that’s why I welcome the tales series trying something new …most people don’t have the balls to make a sequel to such a great stand alone project like ToS, and they did their best and it should be enough considering all the amazing things they did for fans of the original.

            Soundtrack: it sounded muddy because it was an early project on the wii a lot of games still sound muddy in 2012!
            Every Tales game is just recycled from previous games, this one more than the others to keep its identity as a sequal/spinoff.

            Graphics: not to be rude or anything but attacking graphics on a wii game is petty, and you are exaggerating. The graphics weren’t that bad. The expressions were though lol. Terrible.

            Laziness: equals are meant to be lazy they have a foundation already u don’t have to do any work and you just rake in the money from the popularity rather than the quality. But yeah they were pretty lazy I can’t argue their but a lot of it also had to do with hardware problems on the wii.

            Game play: my only issue with the game really. I don’t like the characters from the first game being so inflexible, having set equipment. I didn’t like the map stuff either, I love to roam and explore, its kinda fundamental in an RPG.
            I didn’t like the lack of exclusive party members. Or how they thought by adding monsters it was ok to leave the party so plain. The AI was bad but it was on wii so it could really be helped. And I miss the unison bar and other specific traits that gave ToS its own identity. But I liked the combat I liked the move sets and the controls were fine I would have loved a joystick though haha.

            Plot: look at Tales of graces, and vesperia and tell me this had a bad plotwrite a summery for each of these and read over them it is obvious which has the best story. This game tried to keep the story flowing when main events weren’t taking place unlike my examples. Although it is common in anime it is not so common in video games, like its predecessor this games story is fantastic with great unsuspected twists.

            Characters: this game has the best characters by far. Anti heroes (Emil) and “team rocket” rip off( Alice and Decus) and girls like Marta who don’t take any initiative are all very common and well received traits in modern anime. And Japanese rpgs you can even notice the themes repeated in the newer games (Yuri, zagi, fiery Joe and company, and cheria etc) and besides having these stereotypical characters the cast was very unique and everyone had their own identity. Great voice actors, plus the revisiting characters got hi ougis I loved it. This game has the best characters and that’s why they were reused (richter, duke, Richard) (ratatosk and lambda) very similar!!

            This game didn’t do as bad as people think go back and look at the reviews and sales it doesa bit more poorly in the west than other tales games but not by much excluding symphonia which did great. Also let it be noted that I didn’t play tales of games with sprites because I was never able to get in to sprites… I kind of hate them.I want a normal sized Red in a Pokemon game on a console!! Hypocritical I know but still.
            Sorry I could keep it short…oh also I tried to put a lot of the good in my argument but I will list some of the others briefly
            Extended hi ougi, exciting antagonists you care about, YUAN return, further information on the characters we know and love from the original, monster catching( even if it sucked I love it, I love time stalkers!! And Pokemon) the whole story, even if the whole ‘Lloyd is a bad guy thing’ had a bad conclusion, hi ougis for returning characters, Emil, Emil punching that one dude in the face I left it there for like 5 minutes, air combos, altered rates, tenebrae!! Omg I love this game play it again it is so much better than u give it credit for!!

          • Rocket D

            Don’t worry about keeping replies short with me. Look at mine, it’s a freakin’ book and I’m sure this one will be a book as well lol Same with grammar or errors; I don’t care about that as I can get what you’re saying and respect is still given and received by both parties. But to address I wish people were this accepting of companies that actually try and still fail. (Their are companies that have way more guts than NamcoBandai but their efforts sometimes leads to wasted investment. Ex. Sega, SquareEnix and more) Even this Xillia 2 is not an “gutsy” move but NB trying to make money from a successful name. It’s not a crime but I hope they do it right this time.

            I think we’re both right concerning this game. Let me explain: As we both mentioned the Wii was not meant for this game because its capabilities are less than the other systems of its generation. Tales of games always have a lot in their games in terms of space and they always have a specific way they want their games to look so I think if anything this title would have had more of a chance on a new system. You made great points about the game’s strength’s and reasons for it’s weaknesses but at the same time the problem are the weaknesses are deeper than just a first degree burn. Like you mentioned the game having foundation. Exactly. ToS was the foundation for ToS2 right? So why couldn’t they add the effort to put forth what the new elements needed? Everything else was done. That kind of proves my point with laziness. I won’t argue that with the Wii they had less to work with but it can’t be an excuse either. It didn’t have to be a Wii title if they felt the game would not be its best on it and even if they were unaware of the limitations before starting there were ways to make up for these flaws.

            To say criticizing the Wii’s graphics is petty, I don’t think so. There’s are plenty of games on the Wii that even with lower res and less to work with still present the games and the graphics/movements/ect in a acceptable manner. I’m not a Wii/Nintendo hater or anything or a Tales of/NamcoBandai hater. I’m just being realistic. As a fan my opinions will not be biased based on my personal feelings for the game or series. Prime example: FFXIII. I loved it and even if it sold well with name alone it had many flaws people didn’t like that I (as a huge FF fan) was not blind to. See what I mean?

            I wasn’t really comparing ToS2 to any other Tales of because it’s a shorter sequel. Let’s say it was critically acclaimed and people loved it, right? Even so you still can’t compare a sequel to games that stand alone. I am in the process of playing Vesperia and I have to beat the future arc of Graces BUT I will vouch that Graces’ plot was weak (I’m not including the future arc in this opinion because I didn’t beat it yet, just the standard part of the game). It was one of the weakest of the series. It was very predictable with where the plot was going but I’ll admit I really enjoyed the characters and battle system A LOT. That does not make up for a poor plot though because an RPG is just that: the plot. You know this of course because as you informed me you’re a huge fan of the series so I’m sure the plot means a lot to you to. And I agree, the best of Tales of is in Symphonia and Abyss in terms of a deep plot and developed characters (although Abyss with characters not as much. I will say Symphonia is the best I’ve played of Tales of. I would have preferred a Symphonia HD remake over Abyss and for a better system but I digress)

            And to add, cliche’s don’t bother me much sometimes. It depends how they are executed. Even if cliche’s are a foundation to who a character is it shouldn’t remain just that by the end of the game or the character is stale and not interesting. And they are foundations of characters in JRPGs, that much is clear. I’m not asking for characters to change or the voice actors. I will add though that this game had so much more potential and it started with a great foundation. It was just constructed poorly. I know we both have conflicting opinions but as said we’re both right. The game wasn’t the biggest sin of the earth BUT it had avoidable flaws that NB failed to address due to the Symphonia name racking in the money. I can’t compare Western and Japan sales since I lack the information but it could be possible that like FFXIII it sold by name alone. Sales does not always define a game’s worth. That sounds like an oxymoron but I think about it like this: If people played ToS2 and FFXIII BEFORE buying them a lot of them would not have bought them. See what I mean? (well since I liked FFXIII I would have but I’m sure many would not have based on it’s negative response from fans) Same with ToS2 I’m sure.

            Don’t take it personally though that I feel this way. It’s just my opinion. Like I mentioned we have different tastes, that’s all. My opinions do not define how you enjoy the game and yours will not define how I dislike it. Just an exchange of views is all. Sorry again for this long reply. I’m not one to summarize my thoughts. Well that’s the tl;dr version is for.

            Tl;DR: We both made valid points and ToS2 is not the worst game in the world but it definitely had inexcusable flaws. Especially for it to continue where the first left off. As I originally stated I hope Xillia 2 will not meet the fate of ToS2 for more reasons than one. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d like to at least get a chance to play the first one. That won’t happen if this sequel ruins it before the first can even make it over here.

          • valshiv

            For some reason it won’t let me reply to yours, so I replied to mine.
            You are a pretty cool person. I love arguing especially when Its like this.
            I agree, yet I disagree as well. There are plenty of gutsy companies in the game industry but I wouldn’t list Sega as one they are just as lazy as NB. That’s why we haven’t seen over many accabtable sonic games. Square enix I think they are usually pretty brave when coming up with new games and sequals. But like any company they fear failure and don’t want to ruin a good thing. Take kingdom hearts for example both did well. But now there must be a third I think it should have released by now. But I think they are stalling because they are scared the hype for kingdom hearts is to big and if they fail they really messed up. But I guess they are brave or stupid for making a Ffxiii-2 after no body liked ffxiii including me. I liked the story kinda. But the combat was lazy and lightning annoyed me so bad I didn’t even finish. I didn’t like her design she looked fine but for being based on cloud she sorta failed me. Lol. I did like snow and hopes little thing and when hope was about to try and kill him. Off topic!! I think ubisoft is pretty brave.
            I disagree with Nb not being brave. I don’t think ToS 2 was just to get more. I think they are proud of the game, otherwise I don’t think they would acknowledge it this many years after sales have surly stopped.

            Him I think the reason for this is because they had to port everything they had for ToS on to a new system and then add more it actually seems like a lot of work. Considering I think they might have been in a rush to relaease the game while their was still a huge crowd from symphonia.
            I also think they had to release it on wii for Nintendo. Because although the game was ported to PlayStation it was a game cube exclusive title. It is common to make the equal exclusive to.if xillia 2 was a wii u exclusive many people would be upset ( not me because I love Nintendo and can’t wait for wiiu) Plus wii sales were better than the other systems. It probably seemed like a solid idea.

            This is true some games on the wii had some pretty good graphics but you also have to keep in mind rpgs take a lot of space with 40-50 + hours of game play, plus extra content and side quests. I don’t think they could have pulled the graphics off on wii so early on. ToG looked fine on the wii! But that was much later games tend to increase in graphics a lot overtime even on the same system I almost puked when I played xbox 360 games from launchperfect dark zero looks like pixel vomit.
            And I see what you mean with the biased. I see the flaws the game has if I could have a remake done better I would but this is true for any tales game because the good usually out weighs the bad. I would have loved a more new characters and a larger party and a map and for the characters from symohonia to be more natural. More anime cut scenes.And for the Japanese opening. Even though misono sings like a bat. And the 3 combinations of ratatosk and Emil to be different in some way.
            But I still think the game was good (the best in my opinion). If I heard they were redoing any game this one would excite me and others the most because although its not ur favorite you can see all the potential. I wish for a mothershio title featuring Emil and the others. Seems how this one is considered a spinoff.

            I am at the end of the future arc and I’m still not liking it much. But I love these characters and the game play is the best so far. But plot is the most important to me after characters when it comes to an RPG. Which is why this game won’t get a second play through from me. ( I want more insentive to do a second play through how about you? Wouldn’t beating vesperia have been cool to come back and play again as duke or Flynn. I think tales should include characters for second play through alone for an obscene amount of grade. In dawn of a new world being able to have tenebrae as a monster, pay as Richter or decus…eh? Second play through exclusive arts and weapons)

            I’m playing this game right now( leaving off from an old saved file in my 4th playthrough if it had its own anime I wouldn’t have to play it once every 2 years or so lol) anyways I’m just looking at some of the stuff and really its not bad at all other than the points we agreed on. The voice acting is great compared to ToG. And I just realized how fast Emil can run and he can run in circles!!
            Anyways I brought this up because I’m about go fight decus and Alice just for fun… and I remember they didn’t die in their cliche they died in the name of their love for each other which is lame but very different from the hopeless antagonist failure role…also Marta and Emil killed them which is kinda crazy.
            Anyways yeah you are right this game had many flaws but even now it interests me while ToG does not and I haven’t even finished ToG.
            I would have to say that this game doesn’t deserve to be the equal to symphomia and probably would have done better ( but sold worse ) better with out the Tales of attachment like if it was just a stand alone game because we had our expectations raised for it being a equal to symohonia if symphonia never existed the game would not be so deeply criticized…I would love for them to remake the game and fix all the flaws but it will never happen.

            You have good points and when it comes down to it this games is my favorite simply because my love for the characters and plot I don’t really like it as a game but as a story I want an anime so u r right, but the game still is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be….but I do like playing as Emil he is so amazing compared to even Lloyd ( who was great) his fighting style is pretty sweet, and he is kind of the king of beasts. Nice character deserved his own mother ship title for sure. I hope he makes a cameo in xillia 2!! Like an optional boss battle or in a tournament or something. What do you think?

          • valshiv

            Excuse all the spelling and grammatical errors I am on my tablet and I hate this keyboard.
            I love every tales game I have played. I love graces and vesperia. Just didn’t like the stories much. But they make up for it in other ways just like ToS 2 did.
            Symphonia and abyss were the most balanced in story game play and content, and are probably my 2 nd and 3 rd favorites. I hope xillia 2 is well balanced it looks great so far I can’t wait to play it, I hope it can differ from ToS 2 by adding its own original party and not pulling Jude and the others in again.

  • Rocket D

    I don’t know of Xillia since it’s a Japan Only title still and not even up for this new sequel yet (maybe not ever, seems like a load of bull so far) but this is not going intrigue me anymore than I was (or should I say wasn’t) since last news of this game.

    Reason? As much as I liked Emil as a character the actual game was terrible. Poorest of plot, soundtrack and poor excuse to ring up great characters from the first to sell the second. I wonder why NamcoBandai would want any fans to associate this new sequel for Xillia with ToS: KoR? It sends the message “We cashed in on the ToS sequel enough despite it not worth its name so maybe we can do the same with Xillia” since the first one was apparently popular in Japan. I can only hope that this DLC is as close as this sequel gets to be like ToS:KoR…

    I’m not normally a pessimist with companies but that’s just how horrible that ToS sequel was. If this Xillia 2 turns out to be another KoR we’ll never see a Tales of game outside of Japan again.

    As many have stated already these clothes do not suit this character either. I would have preferred this new guy sporting Lloyd’s clothes, to be honest. Or Yuri from Vesperia even if that DLC already hit Graces f.

  • Rogerrmark

    An adult man using this is so gay,soooooo gay.It’s worse than Asbel using Kyle’s Clothes. It’s like strapless clothing with pants.

  • … it looks a lot sillier without Emil wearing it… 
    I hope he get’s Jude’s clothes too. Those would look good on him, I think.

  • If “he” were a “she” it’d look a lot better.

    That pose even says “You know I look fantastic.”

    • LOL well can’t deny that, also this pose kind of reminds me of Tear and Chloe…

      Somehow you now got me to the following thought: Even though Rudger has a striking resemblance they should’ve put Emils outfit on a female character since… it’s true… that would actually look really nice on a female protagonist.

  • Beware of trap!

  • isfuturebright

    Nice…can we play Tales of Xillia now Namdai?

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