New Monster Hunter 4 Beast Wants To Monkey Around

By Spencer . July 4, 2012 . 6:30am


Famitsu revealed one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter 4 and Kechawacha is different from the usual scaly creatures players fight. The kanji in front of his name translate into "strange monkey fox" and, well, Kechawacha is pretty strange looking.


Monster Hunter 4 has been in development for two years. The team at Capcom was working on Monster Hunter 4 while developing Monster Hunter Tri G. Capcom says this game has the largest amount of Monster Hunter staff in the series history.


While Monster Hunter 4 supports 1-4 players via local wireless play, Capcom wanted to make this game just as appealing to single players. That’s why Monster Hunter 4 will be more story oriented with the largest cast of NPCs. Players will travel in caravan called Barubare. This acts as a moving base.


Altitude is an important factor when fighting monsters since attack patterns change depending on how far above (or below) they are.

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  • riceisnice

    Gonna have to bring some tainted bananas.

  • “Then, you can view your night on the town usinga h elicopter,”

    @Spencer:disqus This line doesn’t make sense to me (I know there are grammatical errors). Can you elaborate more, if you can, on these “helicopters” you mentioned?

    • Yeah another post got merged with this one somehow. There are no helicopters in Monster Hunter, that I know of yet!

      • Awesome. Would’ve been a real game changer for the series if there was.

  • leadintea

    The game has a very wild west theme:

    • Exkaiser

      I like it. Big change from the classical Japanese theme of Portable 3rd, which was also nice.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    Monster Hunter wireless local  play only? It sucks for people like me that dont have any friends to play with.(because they dont own the console, not because im forever alone, which i am.)I thought this MH would finally reach an online co-op through the infrastructure mode.

  • Showmeyomoves

    Wait. What’s that last part, Spencer? You’re break ing u p,

  • Mago Iichi

    Even if you make single player more story focused the game is still based around farming materials to make weapons and armor.

    Monster Hunter Tri was my first Mon Hun game and after beating all the quests I couldn’t stand playing it anymore.I didn’t get any feeling of accomplishment, only repetition.

    I thought customization was supposed to be a big part of the series, but all the I could barely see the differences between players online.The character creation is useless since there is no zoom in option.I can barely see my character’s hair or face.

    I can’t change the colors of the armors or weapons, only some little 3 part small lines or something dumb.

    The gem crafting is almost as useless.

    I just don’t get the series and I can’t see how this new gameplay that seems to only add a new way to fight against the monsters will change much.

    • An Tran

      Guess you’re just not a very big fan of hunting monsters. And to correct you, there IS a zoom in option in the character creation. Go check again sometime.

      • Mago Iichi

        No I meant as a whole, you can’t zoom in during the game, not the character creation screens, I owned the game bro lol.

        I went into the game expecting a similar experience to Pokemon as far as trying to be the best Hunter and going on some sort of adventure defeating all of these monsters.

        But no such thing happened.There was no adventure.There was only boss rush.That’s what the game felt like to me, a giant boss rush game with the goal being farming weapons and armor.

        The manga Monster Hunter Orage, made by one of my favorite mangaka, Hiro Mashima, does a good job at giving Monster Hunter a sense of adventure.

    • Asura

       Gems were really important.

      MH was never ultimately enjoyable due to the customization. If you’re not enjoying fighting the monsters for the sake of fighting monsters, it’s not your game.

  • Peace Legacy

    but will there be wireless online play
    Please have online play T_T

  • “While Monster Hunter 4 supports 1-4 players via local wireless play, Capcom wanted to make this game just as appealing to single players.”

    I can imagine this game will have a hard time coming out of Japan… 

    • Would it be difficult to tweak the game for a Western release, though?  Like change it to a more robust 4-player online multiplayer?

      • Depends on Capcom willing to do that or not….

        Does the cartridge got enough of space to include that??? If it does, it would have included it from the beginning already… I also don’t think they will just simply remove the local multiplayer for the sake of online multiplayer…
        If I knew Capcom well, they wouldn’t even bother tweaking it after it was released(ex. SFxT)… Let alone know they will consider bringing this game out of Japan since 3G didn’t make it out as well…

        • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was given online play for the West, while the Japanese version didn’t have it. Monster Hunter Tri was given voice chat support, which was also not present in the Japanese version of that game. Capcom are well-aware of changes that are required for games to succeed in the west and have shown that they’re willing to make them.

  • Alf? What happened to you?

  • Everything was logical and coherent until this part: “Then, you can view your night on the town usinga h elicopter,” I guess that is when the pills kicked in

  • Wow I must say that I am impressed with some of the details that have been shared.A moving caravan yes please!

  • Carocaro4

    d’oh who’s the cutest monster ever! Ohh I bet you’ll make the cutest armor set!!Bwhahaha!

  • Code

    I’m glad to see monkey’s finally return >w<; Although is it too much to ask that crabs return, they were possibly the most fun monsters to fight T3T~

  • Spider-Man

    Kechawacha looks silly. Mostly likely a Pelagus. From what I saw in the trailer, I assume Kechawacha is an ice element monster, seeing how it threw ice balls at the hunter. I look forward to killing it, carving it, and making weapons/armors out of it. Give me more, Capcom. I want to kill everything!

    Oh, and for me, story is just icing on the cake when it comes to Monster Hunter. Glad to see it, though. Hopefully this’ll shut my friend up who expects complex stories from Monster Hunter games. 

  • zeta

    yeah freaky monkey is awesome

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