Sega’s Grand Phantasy Star Online 2 Roadmap

By Spencer . July 4, 2012 . 2:30pm

Sega outlined plans for Phantasy Star Online 2 all the way up to the PlayStation Vita release currently slated for spring 2013.


In the middle of July, Phantasy Star Online 2 will get its first update Awakening of the Giant Battlecruiser. This package includes:

– new field: subterranean mines in Riripa
– new enemy: armored type
– new bosses: Big Verder and Tranmeizer
– new drop items
– new client items
– new interrupt event


Also coming this summer, there will be a festival update with new costumes, accessories, hairstyles, voices, and lobby actions.


Later this summer is the Soaring Crystal Dragon (temporary title) update. Sega will add more fields, enemies, bosses, interrupt events, story quests, a fashion update, and an event lobby.


A massive update dubbed Call of Mortality is planned for fall. Phantasy Star Online 2 will get three new classes, five new weapon categories, new photon arts/techniques, very hard mode, rare enemies & bosses, interrupt events, emergency quests, story quests, and changing the level cap to 50.


In mid-fall, Sega has another update that adds a field, enemies, voices, interrupt events, fashion update, event lobby update, new systems, and a story update.


A smartphone version of Phantasy Star Online 2 will be available this winter. More content like a giant boss, new field, new systems, fashion update, and another event lobby. Finally, a PlayStation Vita version will come out in spring 2013.

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  • Xapth

    Excited for all of these upcoming features in the future updates, but I just hope the crowd stabilizes, since it took me a long time before I could finally log into my character on Ship 2 today. It’s jam packed!

    Granted, it IS the first day of the game’s official launch.

    Can’t wait (I really can’t) for the Vita version to launch… and maybe… just maybe we’ll see an international version of this game…

    • KuroiKen

      While international release is highly UNLIKELY, an english patch WILL be done for PSO2 pretty soon(AFAIK). And well, I’d prefer it like this. English text is all anyone needs, and though I can do fine without it, it’ll make things a little easier even for me.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I don’t know about highly unlikely considering we’ve seen most entries in the series, but you’re right about an English patch likely being on the way.

        That said, why would you prefer the game only get an English patch? An actual full on localized release would get more people to play it than a simple patch and, with an MMO or any game, that’s always the goal.

      •  International release will happen. There is an option to choose language at the start up (Japanese currently available). It will be silly for SEGA to not make worldwide release where they can make money.

  • They could at least do an english beta to gauge popularity overseas

    • cj_iwakura

      Sega don’t have the money to do an English beta of a tutorial screen.

      • As funny as you make it sound, it is probably true. So I am laughing and crying simultaneously T__^

        • Andar

          Heck, we can barely even play Portable 2 these days, outside of Europe.

  • PoweredByHentai

    Sooooo excited for this game.  Then again, I should probably get a new laptop or PC before getting in on this.

    • Have you tried running the PSO2 benchmark, or the Japanese client to so how well your computer can handle it?  The game actually runs surprisingly well on less powerful hardware.  Maybe you won’t even need to get a new laptop. =)

      • PoweredByHentai

        I ran the PSO2 benchmark and got a sort of low score on it.  Either way, this gaming laptop is about 2 years old as it is so I’m not surprised about it.

    • KuroiKen

      try running it on the lowest settings, if your current PC is bad. I know people whose PCs are really not suitable for PSO2, but they lowered most or all the settings, and they can play fine(though, without all the graphical beauties). 

      • PoweredByHentai

        Right now it’s just a matter of timing for me since I have enough of a backlog of other games to play that I can afford to not go out and pick up a new laptop.  I have, however, been looking at this laptop: 

        Fully decked out, I’m looking at maybe being down the hole by almost 5000 USD, but at least I’ll be able to stick with it for about 5 years or something.

        Or at the short term, I can be out by about 2k and be in decent shape for 3 years.

      • And yet they still look pretty nice :P

  • Oooh, the level cap isn’t even 50?  Thaaat explains why gaining EXP takes so long! Good to know

  • Silver Citizen

    I sure hope this gets translated into English. I’ve been looking for a new MMO to get hooked on. I just need a new computer to play it on. v_v

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I can’t wait for the new classes

  • Good to see they have a lot planned for the game.  Still keeping my fingers crossed for a release in the West.  =D

  • ZEROthefirst

    Can’t wait for the new weaon classes, areas, difficulties, character classes and I’m assuming at this rate the level cap will probably end at 100 (wanted 200 like most of the games but the original pso was 100 and a few other ps games, so no big deal).

  • Solomon_Kano

    Can’t wait to see the Vita version in all its glory. That should be great.

  • Nitraion

    Jump in PSO is like “Hell yeah i can jump!!!” XD

  • Kai2591

    I already have sufficient computing power to handle this game; now all i need is a localization :)

  • Who need Monster Hunter On Vita 0_o !!

    • I’ll take this over MH, but both would be nice ^_^

    • Nitraion

      is like modern vs historic is it? ^^”

  • Need english translationnnnnn!!

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