Ghostlight Teasing 3DS Game, Update On Digital Devil Saga For PSN

By Ishaan . July 6, 2012 . 11:00am

You may recall that European publisher, Ghostlight, announced that they would be releasing Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga and Digital Devil Saga 2 over the PlayStation Network in April. April came and went with no Digital Devil games to be seen, but today, Ghostlight shed a little more light on the situation.


A blog post from Ghostlight’s Ross Brierley explains: “I’m afraid that due to a few technical issues, they’re still both in the pipeline at Sony and as yet we unfortunately don’t have a release date.  I’ll keep pushing for details here and if I find anything out I’ll be sure to let you all know.”


In other Ghostlight news, Brierley says that Ghostlight are making “excellent progress” on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and Devil Survivor Overclocked, and that more news on the European releases of these games will be shared soon.


Finally, Ghostlight say they’ve acquired another Japanese 3DS game for release this year, but it isn’t a JRPG. A European release for Code of Princess, perhaps?

  • malek86

    Interesting, however with just “it’s not a JRPG”, it could be anything. Hopefully we’ll get a few more hints later, or maybe just the outright announcement :P

  • Revorse

    Someone needs to put them games on the US PSN

  • Since Digital Devil Saga 1/2 are digital titles, I can wait a bit longer for their releases.

    I can’t wait for news on a possible release window for DeSu 1/2.

    This third title, that isn’t a JRPG, will be interesting to see what it is. It mostly likely will Code of Princess. If so, Ghostlight continue to show their awesomeness time after time.

    Lastly, I love Ghostlight.

    • Suicunesol

      Agatsuma Entertainment has already confirmed Code of Princess is coming to Europe. So it can’t be published by Ghostlight, can it?

      EDIT: Actually, maybe Agatsuma is dealing with Ghostlight on it…. ~_~

      • I could be wrong and it could be a different game entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see. Unless @twitter-271956027:disqus wants to make it a Siliconera exclusive? :D 

  • SirRichard

    Code of Princess seems like the safest bet, given that they’ve been working with Atlus a lot (especially lately), but in the comments section one of the employees mentions that it’s “rather leftfield and something I don’t think people will associate with us”. I guess that could also be Code of Princess, but what else has the 3DS gotten recently that would be unusual for a publisher of JRPGs (mainly)?

    (Some crafty git linked that spelling of “leftfield” to a pair of British electronica artists called Leftfield, thinking it’s a hint at a music game like Project Mirai. That seems to be punching above their weight a bit and quite a tenuous link, in my opinion, but I guess we’ll find out!)

    • malek86

      I’m pretty sure it won’t be Project Mirai.

      It would be really cool if it were Puyo Puyo, but that’s not happening. I doubt Sega Europe would give someone the license, even if they have pretty much given up on smaller retail games I don’t think they’ll work with other developers for a while.

      What if it is a visual novel? Or, I guess it could be one of those casual games.

      • SirRichard

        It could be a visual novel, maybe it’s Virtue’s Last Reward? Except, they haven’t mentioned the PSV version, I doubt they’d leave it out even if it isn’t doing very well right now. Same goes for Level-5’s Time Travellers, so I guess it has to be a 3DS exclusive. It might not be a VN because of the amount of text involved, either.

        See, it might depend on their perspective. Code of Princess might be out of the left field for them, for instance. To us, that would be something like VLR or TT or Guild01 (there’s one that would definitely be out of the left field). It not being a JRPG makes it harder to guess, I suppose we’ll have to wait for more clues/the announcement.

        • malek86

          It’s possible they still don’t have a license for the PSV, just like they didn’t have a 3DS license until recently. However, if that were the case, they’d probably not even bother with the game until they can get it, so I guess it’s not VLR.

  • I hope to see these games (and Persona 3) on EU PSN soon, I can’t stand how the PS2 games released are boring sport games like darts and cricket.

    • amagidyne

      P3:FES is already on the NA PSN. Although buying an American PSN card will drive the price up a little, you would be getting a 60hz version for your trouble. Licensing problems aside, I really wish they would just desegregate the PS2 classics and have the PAL/NTSC games available in every region of the PSN store.

      • I have no idea what the heck you are saying, I wouldn’t know this “60hz” nonsense. I wouldn’t mod my PS3 because I’m afraid I would end up ruining it and even I wanted to, I still couldn’t with hundreds of numbers and codes to remember.

        I do agree that we European should be able to get American versions of PSone and PS2 games like some of the Resident Evil games and yet still none of the Spyro games are present in EU PSN.

  • Vampiric

     code of princess is a jrpg.

    And that stinks for devil  saga, which is why i use my own copies

    • No, it isn’t.

      • Vampiric

        its a beat em up jrpg

        thats how atlus describes it

        • kylehyde

          Well is a beat em up with RPG elements, but certainly not many people could categorize it as a JRPG. Is like many castlevanias games, which have RPG elements but they are considered mainly as action/adventure games.

          • Vampiric

            funny I am in the castlevania is a jrpg camp…….

  • Ross said the game is rather leftfield and you wouldn’t think it would associate with ghostlight. If I remember correctly leftfield are duo artist in electronica so…a rhythm game maybe?

    • Ghostlight_Ross

      I fear you may be overestimating my knowledge of electronica :)

      • I thought so myself. I’m going to be delusional and believe it’s a rhythm game! my copy of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy didn’t arrive today (thanks amazon) so… I’m itching for anything rhythm game related. Oh by the way…damn you :<

        • Did you go for free or 1st class delivery? My was only dispatched on Thursday so I didn’t expect it to come on Friday. 

  • Likely will be Code of Princess.

    PS: It’s a classic beat em’ up, not a jrpg.

  • amagidyne

    Sounds like it will be Code of Princess, but I don’t see how that’s something you wouldn’t associate with Ghostlight.

    I hope they get their problems with Sony sorted out. Oh, and that they get Lucifer’s Call up there too. And that Midas Interactive stops re-releasing terrible budget/sports titles and gets Maken Shao onto the PSN instead. It’s underrated!

  • darkfox1

    You guys are loucky the only PS2 classic that’s SMT is P3FES. I wish we could get DDS 1 and 2 and Raidou. I want Nocturne as well :( hopefully in do time or something.

  • Maybe it’s an adventure game?

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I have waited far too long to play Devil Survivor. I still remember when the first game was featured in a the Official Nintendo Magazine UK almost 3yrs ago and they said something along the lines of, “we cannot wait for this game to head over here!”….

    …Too long indeed. Then again I have no complaints they were DS games I could so easily have just imported them but oh well.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Ghostlight…you came out of nowhere and became our hero.
    Ghostlight to the rescue!

  • News that may or may not be related: Agatsuma are planning to release Code of Princess in Europe, but are “taking some time to close the deal”.

    • malek86

      Ghostlight said they “have acquired”, which makes me think the deal is already done. So maybe that’s not it?

      • Could be, but it could also just be that Ghostlight see it as a done deal, whereas Agatsuma don’t consider it done until it’s announced.

  • I would find it fun if they are bringing over either Time Travel(l)ers or Guild01. Maybe even, as @SirRichard:disqus said, Virtue’s Last Reward and then bring over 999 too.  

    •  Omg. omg omg omg. The sequel to 999 in Europe?

      Just the idea is making me tear up with emotion. 999 is one of my favorite adventure games evur, and to be able to play the sequel to that amazing game would make my day! :D

      • It would be awesome if they did. For one, the Vita needs more games, but overall it would be awesome if they pull a DeSu on us with this. :D

  • Ladius

    Ghostlight is really wonderful, if they managed to localize Code of Princess they would help a lot of Europeans :) I’m also interested in the DDS PSN editions, and I hope more publisher take notice of the opportunity of bringing PS2 jrpgs to PSN.

  • I have never played this game before but i just read it Shin Megami Tensei game ! 
     Im buying it no questions asked this is a under the table purchase  for me !

  • Not a jrpg? When I saw the title I thought it’d be Soul Hackers :D But I can wait Ghoslight, I can wait.

    I’ll be sure to get whatever that may be though, I love Ghostlight and I’ll always try and support them in any way I can, so bring it on :D

  • Prithivi

    If I didn’t own both DDS on PS2 I’d be thrilled by this news, best story and characters on a jRPG ever!

    I’d preffer that they release Lucifer’s Call on PSN though, it’s a hell of a game and really hard to get nowadays!

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I don’t really mind since I already own these for PS2. Maybe an HD set someday, though? :0 Would definitely buy.

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh Ghostlight, you can take your time fine gentlemen- whatever you have to serve us is fine by me whenever you feel like serving it up.

  • darkfox1

    Ghostlight pls…. 

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