Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters Coming To Consoles This Month

By Ishaan . July 6, 2012 . 4:13pm

The PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken was supposed to see 12 new playable characters before they were added to the console and PC versions of the game. However, there’s been a slight change in plans, Capcom announced this evening—the 12 additions to the roster are coming to consoles this month.


Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy, Sakura from the Street Fighter side and Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack-X, Lars Alexandersson, Lei Wulong from the Tekken side will be available as DLC on July 31st for $20 (or 1600 Microsoft Points).


For folks holding out for the PlayStation Vita version of the game, the first print run of all retail copies of Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita will come with two free download for DLC. One code will net you the 12 new characters while the other will get you free alternate costumes for the original 38 fighters. You’ll be able to share all DLC between the Vita and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.


Additionally, pre-ordering Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita will also allow you to avail alternate costumes for the 12 new characters.


Finally, along with the Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters for consoles, Capcom will release a balance patch for the game that addresses issues such as Rolento’s jabs, re-balancing of the auto-block gem and more.

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  • Well I guess since the cat’s out of the bag they might as well just release the characters now

  • Herok♞

    Wait so for the vita version it will also be a code to unlock the characters, wow that just lost my potential purchase.

    • That code is for the PS3 version, they’re already included on the Vita version.

      • Herok♞

         I thought they were doing a thing where you can sync your games, without the need for a code, which is why I have problem with this because it is supposed to be sharing not unlocking dlc which is free on vita.

        • Yup, they’re still doing the whole cross play thing.  There’s actually a video on it, still needs some work though, kinda laggy.

          No code needed either, to my knowledge.  The code only unlocks the other stuff on your PS3 version.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          My guess is that it’s to stop people from just getting a used copy on Vita, unlocking the characters for PS3 and returning the Vita game.

          • Herok♞

             Well at the very least hopefully the code could work for the 360 version as well even if that is wishful thinking

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            That would make absolutely zero sense. The PS3 and Vita versions feature cross play. The 360 and Vita versions do not. There’s no reason for there to be any sort of 360 code in a game for a Sony system. It would be completely counter productive for them to help you if you bought the 360 version.

            And even if there wasn’t a code, how exactly did you think they were going to sync up, anyway? By playing the game on the same Playstation Network ID on both the Vita and the PS3! I am shocked that wasn’t obvious to everyone.

  • SoulEmbrace2010

    Don’t know what to feel about this…

  • Guest

    I think they should just release them for free to save face for this embarrassment but whatever

    • GreekGod88

      agree with you
      but Crapcom will always be greedy cant change that..
      Im glad i didnt buy this piece of **** i would be very pissed with the locked content!
      Whatever im buying TTT2 day 1 !
      atleast 1 Game where you have to pay 1 time to get the whole package lol

  • Luna Kazemaru


  • ivanchu77

    More like months ago

    and they still haven´t released the patch to fix Rolento glitch? lol Capcom

  • akeboshi

    This game is such a train wreck.

  • Natat

    It’s too late to save this game Capcom.

  • Yet IMHO, another UN-wise decision by Capcom. 

    Now, some people are still trying to get over the fact that these characters are already on disc, fully playable, complete with costumes and movies… but fans decided to accept open hand and waited for the VITA version, so they can get these characters for free to their PS3s. So, why do they suddenly announce an early release before the Vita then? and not a sign of date for the Vita one. I think those Vita fans will be annoyed greatly with this decision. Sure they will get additional bonus in form of the costumes, but they were initially happy that these characters were supposed to be Vita-exclusive, that they would get a hand on them before any other (excluding hackers including yours truly XD). That’s what Capcom had PROMISED all these months right? Wow, speaking of disappointing MORE loyal fans. Has Capcom failed to deliver what they said earlier on their promos/marketing before? Well, we know the answer to that…

    I haven’t played the game since last month, and that’s because I got bored with it already (while still playing AE2012). The only thing I’m still waiting from this game, are those new characters new episodes that are being released online, and NOT (and will never be) available on the game. Definitely won’t be needing a console and the game disc to get my hand on those T_T

    Sure, you can explore these new characters, but let me tell you a quick spoiler, not all of these 12 characters are even worth the DLC (Cody and Guy are great, but they felt lost compared to SFIVAE. Elena, Lei and Christie are awesome but training their movesets caused me terrible headache with that weird command list. The rest? Mehs overall.). I don’t think sending out the 12 characters early would benefit and extend the replay value greatly. They won’t even help to the already terrible balance issue and glitches here or there (even with the patch). From what I know, many fans have avoided Capcom and sold away this game already. I can only predict that somehow this decision will only worsen the situation.

    Seriously, I’ve been trying so hard (perhaps too hard) not to hate this company, but it’s like they initiatively pushing customers away, and in a way sending out message, “Shooo… we don’t need to care about you, we do things OUR way… (added with Bryan Fury’s maniacal laugh)”. I won’t be a hater, but I’m already drown too deep in skeptical view with the values and the way they run this company. This company need to be reformed! Well done Capcom, you’ve made us really ‘proud’. I must agree that it’s too late to save this game, so please, just let Namco take over and do the work with TKxSF…

    • I do agree with you on the whole Vita/PS3 thing.  Doesn’t make sense for Capcom to keep them locked and say it’s for Vita exclusivity, then turn around and release them way ahead of the Vita version.  Not to mention if you own the PS3 version and want the new characters and get the Vita version, you’re out of luck on taking advantage of the free deal.

      However, this game has A LOT to offer in terms of gameplay.  You have to keep track of a lot more than you do when compared to SF4, you have two characters whose health you have to maximize on and a meter to manage in a game where meter is super important.  You can punish that fireball with a full screen super, but is it worth it to save the meter and try for a more damaging combo?  Do you hard tag and take the extra hits?  Or do you risk going for a safe tag.  Is it really a good idea to tag in your partner during that combo when it means all of their recoverable life is lost?  Do you activate Cross Assault to get the advantage and rebalance your health bars?  Should you do that Cross Rush to remove your opponents recoverable health despite the damage not being really worth it?  These are things you have to consider in this game in addition to Gem setup and character match ups (which is obviously double compared to SF4.)  Boring, this game is not.

      While I don’t agree with how Capcom’s PR handled this game, it is by no means a bad game.  People are just too blinded by the hate to give it a chance.  Nearly every gameplay issue is such a minor issue that other games have had worse. 

      Complaining about how some things are overpowered like Ryu/Rolento/Raven jabs, Ken’s air tatsu, and Hugo in general are completely baseless.  It was like when people complained about Sentinel in Vanilla Marvel.  Those are just tactics that are easy for newbies to take advantage of, every fighting game has them.  Jabs unfair?  Back dash and punish/reset the situation (jabs are really ALL Rolento and Raven have, they have crappy mix up games.)  Ken’s tatsu a problem?  Learn to anticipate the cross up (it’s getting nerfed anyways…)  Hugo problems?  Zone him out, he does big damage, but his mobility is TERRIBLE.  Time over issues?  Learn to maximize damage, when MVC3 was first being shown, people said the same thing about time because nobody knew how to do damage.

      The only issue I’d even consider an issue is the super duper auto block gem, and that’s being nerfed, along with a ton of other changes, one being the clock.  

      Saying that the new characters have nothing to offer is also nonsense.  The game is only a few monthes old and we’re STILL finding tech for the original characters.

      Whew, okay, i’m done -_-‘

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      They have never said the characters were Vita exclusive. Just that Vita was the only version they’d be unlocked Day 1 on.

    • Guest

      I dont know what you are talking about with these “episodes”. What episodes? The story mode is completely lame and nearly non existent. If anything, the only interesting thing about this game was the cinematic story trailers which aren’t even a part of the game.

      And yes I agree its too late to save this game but I think pretty much everyone knew Namco would handle the project better from the start anyway.

    • Tee Niitris

      Actually, this was a better choice. Releasing the characters after Tag2 and DoA5 (mainly the former) would’ve ended any chance of saving this game. Besides, you still have to pay for the Vita version to get the characters for the PS3.

      The new characters will help the game, but probably not by much. For one, none of them are “headline characters” that would single-handedly revive interest in the game. Secondly, it’s how the characters are executed; will they truly bring something NEW to the table in terms of moves and playstyle or will they just be glorified re-skins? Finally, it’s the construction of the game that’s not up to snuff; new characters are not going to change that.

      It’s not Capcom as a whole, as some of their other titles outside of fighters have enjoyed success. But they need to manage their release strategies better. SFxT was their 8th fighter in 6 years that carried the title “Street Fighter” or had SF characters. In that same span, Tekken has only had two (not counting the PSP-exclusive, Prime for 3DS, and the Sony-exclusive Hybrid, and it’s STILL less). That isn’t the only issue, but Capcom is cannibalizing their own titles. Time to give Street Fighter a rest for 2-3 years and work on something else (like the highly rumored Darkstalkers 4)

      Besides, not every fighter can be a “5-year title.” It is disappointing because people’s expectations were pretty high (mine included) and I do see flashes of a potentially great fighter when I do watch matches. But there are just too many issues with the construction of the gameplay for me to “get hyped” (it mostly comes from catering to casuals, which was blatantly evident in SFxT).

  • While I’m pretty happy they’re doing an early release, this really does screw the people who own the PS3 version AND want to get the Vita version.  

  • And mmm if i get it from the PSN for the Vita ?

  • kupomogli

    “Street Fight X Tekken characters can now be unlocked on your disc locked game this month, unless you’ve already done so through other means.”


    $20? Metaphorically I’d say that Capcom doesn’t believe in lube.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Still waiting for Tekken X Streetfighter!

  • Unlimax

    So its not going to be free even they know that the fans are really pissed off about the on-disc characters … “price confirmed” Are  you kidding me Capcom !!?

  • British_Otaku

    So, not only has the console version been damaged by the reputation that the leaks brought and their poor response to it. They have decided to add onto it by charging us when the game has bugs which crash the game and a slow community.

    Aside from those who thought “I’m getting the Vita, it’s gonna be the best version, new exclusive characters at least for a few weeks or months” now have nothing exclusive for their version. Not even a timed exclusive if you ignore the rage and wanted a legit copy.

  • Hinataharem

    I’m glad I got this game for $8, so I don’t feel ripped off.

  • Tee Niitris

    Every time I look at this game, I shake my head and wonder what could’ve been. I don’t hate this game (in fact I’ve never played it), but I know it could’ve been much better than it turned out.

    In any event, at least they’re now releasing the characters before Tag 2 comes out. The game still has a small chance, considering the only reason a good number of people got the game (despite the entire storm of problems) was because of the Tekken characters fighting Street Fighter.

  • Shadowman

    uuuhh…Awesome..But no. 

  • eilegz

    after what i saw at EVO, and the capcom panel this thing flopped really hard

    this its how greed, slow reaction to fan input and bad decision screwed a good potential game 

  • Never buying a Crapcom game again. Rent first and then after all the versions are released, buy used!  And if I detest, leave it on the shelf at the store!

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