Marvel vs. Capcom Origins To Use GGPO For Online Play

By Ishaan . July 18, 2012 . 3:31pm

Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken use their own online infrastructure but for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins—a re-release of Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network—Capcom have opted to go with the popular GGPO solution, as indicated by the game’s website.


If GGPO (short for Good Game, Peace Out) detects lag, it compensates for it by rolling back, checking inputs from both players, then going back to the current animation frame. While this may cause jerkiness in framerate, it’s considered more accurate as far as input detection is concerned. Capcom also employed GGPO in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition.


Marvel vs. Capcom Origins will be released in September. Both games will be updated with online play, new achievements, spectator modes and replay-saving.

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  • Herok♞

    Really I can’t wait MvC3 is a massive disappoint, so I can’t wait to be able to play the best MvC again.

    • Anime10121

       Agreed, 3 was NOT Marvel vs. Capcom, it was Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 -Tatsunoko + Marvel, I mean it played EXACTLY like TvsC (dedicated launch button, only 3 attack buttons, the way to swap characters, etc) and nothing like the MvC prior.  And while 2 was good, balance-wise it was a complete mess!  Marvel Vs. Capcom 1 was great (although MSHvsSF was PERFECT)! 

      • Internet is Crash

        not rly TvC’s launcher was 3H and the 4th button was an assist plus everybody had an airdash and double jump (except Alex and Giant Robots). But the thing about TvC it was way more balanced than MvC3. Hsien and Wright stand no chance against Top Tiers while in TvC Frank and VJoe can still par up to Volnutt, Zero, and TB.

        I agree MSHvsSF was awesome but too many Shotos :(

        • Anime10121

          True true, haven’t played TvC in a while (since I didnt know most of the characters barring the Capcom ones), but yeah thats another problem with MvC 3 it was just as unbalanced as 2 was, which is sad considering it had less characters to work with.  I didnt buy UMvC3 because I felt extremely gipped that they actually released an update to one of the vs. games (they never did that before so I stupidly felt “safe” in my purchase of the original) and also because of the Legends 3 thing, but I wont get into that here.

          MSHvSF did have a lot of shotos, but it was just so amazingly awesome that it didnt matter!  The speed, balance, Marvel characters, soundtrack and Mech Gouki more than made up for any short comings the SF’s shoto-filled cast induced.

          And dat opening!

          Its the most AMAZING TAG TEAM FIGHTING GAME EVER!!! lol

          Still though, I cant wait for this and this’ll be the first time Capcom’s gotten my money in years!

          • Roubjon

            Uh, no.  MvC3 is much, much, more balanced than MvC2 was.  I don’t want to sound like a jerk here, but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

          • Anime10121

             Uh, yes.  It may be more balanced than MvC2 was (which I admit I exagerated a bit on) but its still a mess compared to the previous entries in the series,not saying that these games were necessarilly known for great balance anyways but nonetheless, MvC3 vanilla was god awful, ESPECIALLY Sentinal and his non stop Hyper Beam spamming.  10 years ago Capcom would have never put out a game this bad,  I know its had quite a few patches since it came out (and a whole “new” Ultimates version), but it still doesnt change the fact that the original version was a mess.

            And the way you said that, you were trying to sound like a jerk, there is a better way to get your point accross with wording better than “you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about”.  I’ve been playing SF/fighting games since SF2 (the original one) at the arcades, in fact I’m quite good at it, so I think my opinion is quite valid. 

            Are you upset that I “insulted” Capcom by stating its newest game isnt as good as its previous entries, or are you just one of those fans that hates on anyone who mentions Legends as a reason to no longer support Capcom? 

          • Roubjon

             Dude, I’m not even going to bother explaining myself, because no matter what I say you are going to make some stuff up that makes no sense at all. Go back to SFII and leave me be. 

          • Anime10121

            Thats fine you can do what you want, but I haven’t said anything that makes “no sense”.  I haven’t “made up” anything, and I wont go back to playing SFII as there are FAR better (and incidentally more fun) fighting games out there. 

            I’m finished here too, but remember, I didnt bother you until YOU started with me by your original statement so in that sense, “I will leave you be” because I only replied ONCE (this being the second) to you and with an actual response explaining my stance, and not with an insult that questioned your gaming knowledge.

            And thusly, Im out (walks out).

          • EmperorChroniclesKaiser

            Hey man, I don’t think he’s upset that you “insulted” Capcom, i think he’s just clarifying that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Honestly Mvc2 more balanced than Mvc3? There were only 6 really played characters in that game because it was so gawd damn unbalanced. and Mvc3 does not have Sf-esque art, If it did Everyone would be fucking as muscular as clark and ralf from Kof.
            And Honestly, It sounds like you’re just bandwagoining the Hate Mvc3 train. From your personal experience, or lack of it seems like you haven’t even given Mvc3 a chance, considering you don’t even know how to get away from Sentinel, he gets owned from zoning. You might play a lot of SF, But that doesn’t make you a versus expert =D
            Next time do your homework first and then offer your opinion.

          • Anime10121

            Are you serious, first of all he never “clarified” anything because he never actually made a reply to what I said.  NOWHERE did I ever say that MvC2 was MORE balanced than 3, what I said was both games were as horribly balanced as each other (which I have admitted to overexaggerating quite a bit on in my reply to Roubjon).  Also I never said MvC3 had SF-esque art, I said it had SF4-esque art style (I mean where exactly are you reading all of this, your reading comprehension is completely off) which is kinda what Capcom said it was similar to, and no sprites would not make everyone look as “fucking muscular as Clark and Ralf from KoF”.  Look at the art from ANY of the vs. games prior and you would see that.

            I dont “hop on the bandwaggon” with anything, if I did I’d buy CoD every year as its the most “popular” game, and I wouldnt watch anime because its still cool to hate on it.  Again READ what I’ve said, I never said that Sentinel was hard for ME to attack, what I said was that he was annoying to people who were just trying to play the game and regardless of what you say, if you can beat the whole Galactus boss by spamming Hyper Beam over and over, it was BROKEN.

            I have already admitted to not giving MvC3 half the time I’ve given previous entries in the series because it played so vastly different from the other games.  It was not the MvC game I was expecting.  I do NOT have to like the game just because YOU (or anyone else for that matter) are fond of it, its not called “hopping on the bandwagon” its called having an opinion, and my opinion is and forever will be that ALL the vs. games prior (and the Marvel games like MSH and Xmen Children of the Atom) were better built games (barring MvC2 but as I said, didnt really care much for that one either), and FAR more entertaining than 3.

            And one more thing, I never claimed to be an “expert” at anything.  I just said that I’ve been playing SF and the Marvel fighting games for a LONG time, and that I’m pretty good at them.  I love the vs series and am actually better at the Marvel games than I am with SF.  Just because I dont like MvC3 does not mean that I’m not “good” at the vs series.  Especially considering MvC3 plays drastically different than the other titles in the same series.

          • EmperorChroniclesKaiser

            Lol, I believe Galactus was made easy as hell on purpose, you could kill him with repeating jump loops, Kudos on the reply though. 

            I know that they’re not as muscular as Clark or Ralf, but i’m just saying if it was SF-esque style art thats what they would look like. Disgusting lol
            And I meant bandwagoning the Hate train for Mvc3, just like everyone bandwagons how bad SF x T is, only played it a couple times and I didn’t really like it, so i don’t have much of an opinion to it. To be honest the only reason i dislike SF x T is because of Capcom’s dedication to it, i wish they payed as much attention to Mvc3 then they did Sf X T. Was obviously the most hype game @ evo. I never remember people hating on Anime, unless they were white I guess, I never suffered discrimination based on watching that. But I guess it’s just cause I’m asian.

            And Honestly, What do you expect Capcom to do? Contiune with the same formula until everything runs dry? No after 10 years they have to try something new to grab people’s attention. Marvel’s all about flash and unfair gameplay, and I’d say they accomplished what they were seeking to do. 

          • zero254

             I’m sorry but it has 5 shoryukens too many in it.

            it was stupid with the changes they made and it was a really lazy game that people wonder why it even existed.

      • zero254

        X men vs Sf was better than MSH vs SF.

        • Anime10121

          Balance wise yes, and probably character wise too, Rogue actually being able to steal the powers of the people she kissed was just beyond awesome (dont know why they changed it in MvC2), but the speed was just too slow for my tastes. Dont get me wrong, though as its my second favorite in the series, but it was just so God awfully slow to me!

          My ranking from Best to worst respectively:
          10.MvC3 (This game does not feel like it belongs with the others)

          • I’m sorry, there is really no way for me to say this without sounding rude but, if you have trouble getting around Sentinel’s hyper beam, then you are nowhere near as good as you say you are.  

            Sentinel is an excellent assist and a decent anchor, but he severely lacks in several areas and isn’t always an ideal match up.  People complained about him when the game first came out, then everyone realized everything that’s cheap about him is easily countered, so people got over it.

          • Anime10121

             I never said I had trouble getting around his hyper beam (though it was still annoying), but even still for beginners, it was undeniably a cheap and easy way to win.  Hell it’s so broken you could nearly beat Galactus and his two fighters beforehand by single-handedly spamming Hyper Beam.

            I’m not going to sit here and lie and say that I’m the best MvC3 player in the world, because I am nowhere near it (not the greatest at 2 either, though I’m much better there than with 3), I didnt spend enough time with 2 or 3 as I did with previous fighting games from Capcom.

            Where I excel is all the fighters before 2 and any Street Fighter game, you know the ones that had a larger variety of movesets that werent cut in half (or in MvC2’s sake cut down a third).  People may say that 3, and to a lesser extent 2 had no drawbacks from there simplified control schemes, but to me, after it having been the same for so many years, to have those controls cut did actually make the games worse by limiting what kind of attacks you could do (and the speed variables in attacks such as LP, MP, HP haduken or LK, MK, HK cannon drill).

      • I’m sorry, but MvC3 was not a massive disappointment.  Having just come back from Evo2012, the Mvc3 finals were PACKED, with the room erupting every match, nearly 100,000 people were watching via stream.  Watch the video below, if not for the gameplay, just the crowd reaction.  This game is far from disappointing.

        And if you think MvC1 isn’t unbalanced, you really, really, need to play it on GGPO.  Switching from 4 attack buttons (2 also being launchers) to 3 attack buttons to 1 launcher, does not make it a bad game.

        • Anime10121

          Im not saying MvC3 was a massive disappointment to everyone, but it was to me.  And I never said MvC1 was completely balanced either (but it at least TRIES more than 2 and 3), because it wasnt (and if you read one of my reply to Roubjon earlier you’ll see that I pointed out that barely any of the “vs” games were balanced fighters, well besides XvsSF).

          I also disliked MvsC 2’s switch to four attack buttons, as all the previous entries had 6 and you had to figure out how to do each characters “launcher” on your own, not have the game do it for you with a single button press.

          I’m not saying that people aren’t allowed to like MvC3 as there are many
          who adore the game, and I know that its a popular game at Evo, but it
          just didnt feel like MvsC to me. 

          And Popularity doesn’t mean that a game is good to everyone.  Heck I was hyped from day one of them announcing the game for release, as I had been waiting years for a new Marvel vs. game.  But when I bought it and played it, it was fun, but it was not Marvel vs. Capcom to me (I also wish they would have went with HD sprites instead of the SF4esque artstyle it had, but that’s neither here nor there as a major complaint).

          • Absolutely, not everyone is going to favor this game.  But if you look at how many people have been drawn to this game compared to it’s predecessors, it’s clear that it’s doing something that works a lot better.

            Reducing the amount of buttons says nothing about the gameplay.  Look at Blazblue, it uses a 4 button system and many would say it’s even more technical than Street Fighter.  You also have to consider that in MvC3 has moves based on what direction you hold.  It wasn’t so much as ‘figuring out’ someones launcher as it was either hold df.HK or df.HP, it might as well have been a launcher button at that point.  Not to mention MvC3’s launcher button has multiple purposes than just knocking characters up and down.  Sure, the game does it for you (like all the other marvel games) but that’s it, you have to practice a ton to get full damage off of it.

            I’ll point out Ryu as an example, in past games really his most damaging combo is about 4 hits into super.  In MvC3, he has waaaaaay more options than that.  Also, Sentinel’s hyper beam can be easily be beaten, even a novice player who knows how to use a teleport or a super jump can get passed it.

      • Istillduno

        MvC3 was not TvC either, similar in control scheme and being a team based fighter maybe, but not in how the games actually played.

        TvC was actually enjoyable (or would have been if it wasn’t dead on arrival with rubbish online on the wii)

        Edit: That said Sentinel was not really a problem in MvC3 even pre patch, most teams had at least one way to deal with him as long as you were sensible and didn’t jump into his launcher.

        • Anime10121

           Yeah, admittedly my memory may have been abit hazy on TvC’s play style.  I just played it again a few hours ago to “reboot’ my memory.  It may not have played exactly like MvC3, but it still seems more like that game than previous Marvel games. I never really played TvC that much to remember it properly.

          I probably would have enjoyed TvC far more had I actually knew some of the Tatsunoko characters, but even with me being a big fan of anime, those characters were completely unknown to me.  I mean sure I’ve heard about them and seen pics of them and what-not, but none of the shows looked interesting enough to try out.  I just basically played that game for Capcom’s characters.

          Yeah I know Sentinel wasnt a problem for people who were good or even mediocre at the game.  But it still didnt stop it from being overpowered and a pain dealing with the MANY people who used him online just for that purpose.

    •  Nothing beats the classic they say.

    • Asura

      Best MvC is Skullgirls.

  • Clifford Michael

    I wish this were coming to PS Vita…!

  • Shadowman

    You can’t beat the classic.

  • Hopefully a better version than 3rd Strikes :P


  • zero254

    R.I.P. Breaker’s Revenge room if they take this off of ggpo.

    It will suffer the fate of Karnov’s room.

  • “Know my name and fear it! I am ONSLAUGHT~!”

  • Go2hell66

    I love how ppl think GGPO netcode is the solution to all of our lag problems, rofl

    • Asura

       If implemented properly, it’s the solution to minor lag problems. Which IS an amazing thing because it means how you play online and offline is exactly the same minus the rollbacks that may occur.

    • d19xx

      I think people are just happy they’re using ggpo instead of capcom’s crappy netcode…

      • I can tell you right now, Capcom’s netcode is waaaay better than SNK’s.

        IMO, Blazblue had the best online netcode.

        • d19xx

          I agree about BB. The Vita version is amazing.

  • This is nice to hear, I wish GGPO can be used outside of fighting game.  A lot of FPS game could benefit from this for their multiplayer component (COD, Battlefield, Halo, etc…).  Also MMORPG could also benefit from GGPO.  I wonder if they can make something like GGPO for FPS and MMORPG, that would make online gaming a lot better with very little lag.  That would be awesome if that ever to happen.

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