A Look At The Very Sleek Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle

By Ishaan . July 25, 2012 . 12:02pm

This November, Microsoft will release a Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle. The bundle, which will cost $399, will include a 320 GB Xbox 360 and two wireless controllers with a custom Halo design. The Xbox 360 will come with custom Halo 4-themed sounds, while the wireless controllers will have blue LEDs.


The bundle will also include a black Xbox 360 headset, and of course, a copy of Halo 4, with exclusive DLC codes for a unique armour skin, weapon skin, a unique emblem, and matching avatar accessories.


Today, Microsoft and Halo studio, 343 Industries, gave a detailed look at the custom Xbox 360 and controllers, along with some insight into their design. You can read more about the design here, and also find more details on the DLC you get with the Xbox 360 bundle.



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  • very pretty

  • That is a pretty cool looking Xbox.

  • Luna Kazemaru

     That looks pretty sweet.

  • Code

    Although have no interest in the Halo series have to admit the controller is kind of sharp and wouldn’t mind grabbing a controller, especially since they changed up the control pad o3o; I was glad to hear they’ll be selling the controller separately too >w<; I haven't used one of the new adjustable control pads, any good owo?

    • Aoshi00

      Wonder if the Halo 4 pads would be sold separately, I would like to collect one even though I’m not a huge Halo fan either.  Seems like there are two diff designs?  It looks a bit busy, but pretty cool it’s transparent and the blue LED is cool like Star Wars system’s :) 

      The adjustable d-Pad is much better compared to the original, like when you navigate the dashboard or choosing commands/options in a game menu..  I love my Gears & MW3 controllers, Gears has a smoother matte finish, and MW3 has a rugged matte finish.. I got the C3PO gold controller too, looks cool and shiny but I just stashed it somewhere as a collectible since it’s a fingerprint magnet..

      This system looks pretty cool, but not a big Halo fan.. and alrdy satisfied w/ my Gears & Star Wars system. The Star Wars system is the most stylish :)

      • Code

        Yep word is I heard they are selling the controller separate too, although form the pictures I’ve seen it looked like it might be a variation of the design that comes with the console, but it still looks really similar >ww<?

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, the new transformable d-pad is much better.. nah, I still my US Gears system as my main, I should use the Star Wars one since the R2D2 beeping sound is so cool :) I’m just using it to play Jpn games, but have been playing it a lot of Lollipop Chainsaw and now Robotics;Notes on it..  I’m using both systems so both have enough space to install diff games :)

  • clear plastic ‘in’ again as opposed to the bold reds, blue and blacks of the last few? not sure I like it, actually, but I suppose the reflective nature of it is sweet.

  • malek86

    Looks much better than the sickly green 360 they made for Halo 3, that’s for sure. But I don’t like the controller much. Looks too confusing. I prefer a minimalistic design.

  • SirRichard

    Well, my Reach 350 is looking quite plain and grey now, but I still love it all the same. This is looking pretty gorgeous, though, I must say.

  • SaberSaurus

    Looks like an alien threw up on the console, lol.

    • Sakurazaki

      At least their puke looks pleasing.

      Can’t say the same for us humans.

  • AnimusVox

    I still prefer the ‘sickly’ green HALO 3 system.

  • Godmars

    How is it any “sleeker” than a standard Xbox? Besides from the plastic of course.

    Seriously, if this were the old original system, it would have been the exact same thing, only a faceplate.  

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    For me…I’d only get this because i love halo but I still have a first generation white xbox….(I’m poor lolz). I have to admit the design for the console is very…halo-like. It looks alright. The controller on the other hand is a little there on the -WAHH?- side but its not to bad :)

  • Its still just a box =P

  • Barzh

    It doesn’t look good

    The previous Halo 360s have looked a lot better than this.

  • Matthew Brannock


    that looks like crap

  • Solomon_Kano

    I liked the Reach one a lot more. Still, if I didn’t already have a 360 that I never used, I might have gotten this.

  • Nitraion

    Cool but the transparency on the battery storage is killing it XD

  • Looks kind of childish? I don’t know, it just looks like blue plastic with lightnings to me :/

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