Sony Post Q1 Loss, Lower PlayStation Vita And PSP Sales Forecast

By Ishaan . August 2, 2012 . 8:30am

In May, when Sony published their annual earnings report for the year gone by, the company reported a loss of 456.7 billion yen ($5.7 billion), blaming the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, a PlayStation 3 price cut, and the currency exchange rate.


The upside to Sony’s report was that they predicted an upswing in PlayStation hardware sales for the year head.


For their ongoing fiscal year, Sony projected they would sell 16 million units of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 combined, and another 16 million units of PlayStation Vita and PSP combined (split as 10 million Vitas and 6 million PSPs).


Things aren’t quite on track on that front, though. In an earnings reports for their first quarter, Sony reported combined PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 hardware sales of 2.8 million units, down from 3.2 million during the same period last year. At the same time, Vita and PSP sales were also down to 1.4 million, compared to 1.8 million during the same first quarter last year.


Sony have also revised their hardware sales forecast for the rest of their fiscal year. While they still hope to sell 16 million PS3s and PS2s by March 2013, the Vita and PSP forecast has been reduced from 16 million to 12 million. Total software sales for the four devices are expected to remain approximately the same as 2011 (unchanged from their previous estimate).


Overall, Sony reported revenues of 1.6 trillion yen ($19.18 billion) in their first quarter, up 1.4% from the previous year.They also reported a loss of 24.6 billion yen (approx. $312 million) in their first quarter, up from last year’s loss of 15.5 billion yen during the same period. The losses are blamed primarily on the company’s Mobile Products & Communications division, which posted operating losses of 28 billion yen.


Meanwhile, Sony’s games division posted an operating loss of 3.5 billion yen ($45 million), down from Q1 2011’s operating profit of 4.1 billion yen, as PlayStation hardware sales continue to decline.


Sony’s revenue expectations for the full year have been lowered from 7.4 trillion yen ($92.9 billion) to 6.8 trillion yen.

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  • Ayaka

    Sometimes I have the feeling that running a huge-like company like Sony has its negative aspects. Nothing to blame about it, but seeing how smaller companies work in a state of… how can I explain it? Joy? Love for what they do? (Ghostlight, Xseed ect)

    It’s kinda sad for the bigger-ones. I hope that money aside, they still enjoy to do what they’re after: make people happy with good products. That should be the aim…

    • xavier axol

      it’s almost laughable really! these guys were punch in the face, kick in the groins, and dumped in the sewer all at onces. but they had made bad choices with (supporting 3d, the awful lack of advertisement-those people should be fire!, the lack support of vita and move games).

      i see how the tohoku earthquake, psn breach, and the transaction from yen to dollar affected them greatly which i hope they can recover. sony has been in the game industry for a long time now that without them, this industry wouldn’t be the same. it just pains me to see them introduced all these great peripherals and handhelds with the most horrible lack of support. how come they don’t advertise anything? who are these people incharge? what happen to KB?

      anyways….while the ps3 started slow with the lack of games, sony stood tall and took charge of the situation. you just don’t see games like heavyrain, folklore, uncharted, heavenlysword, infamous, flower, valkyria chronicles (from sega), demon’s souls, and flow in other system. i like these guys because they see some games are not profitable, but still support them.

      in conclusion: i hope for them the best, support new ip’s ( games like journey, unfinished swan, and big games like heavyrain & infamous). make the best of the psn, now that they purchase gaikai. and fire the person who is incharge of advertisement.

      p.s. i also hope that sony would bring back old ips like darkclould, medievil, legend of dragoon, and others.

  • Jake_Indiman

    While I was tempted to buy a Vita during the EB/Gamestop/Amazon sale. Sony was trying amp up the numbers, I figure. Somehow, I felt disconnected when I actually held the demo unit in my hand, or maybe it’s just the lack of games that I want with this thing. Sigh…

  • zferolie

    I’m not fully surprised by the Vita and PSP numbers. While I love my vita, I think that not fully dropping the PSP is going to hurt it them in the long run. I know the PSP is still thriving in japan, but having 2 systems competing with one another is going to hurt sells. They should do less for PSP, and more for Vita, or at least start to make more high profile Vita games. PSP is still getting all the big anime games right now in japan.

    That’s my thoughts at least. I hope they pull through. Everyone is suffering right now.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Well with more realistic figures, PS Vita is starting to hits its stride. Not taking an immediate price cut route for the hardware, beyond the indicated prices for the bundle coming during the holidays, seems to suggest they want to remain as profitable and as long as possible even if they have to sacrifice higher sales during his first year. Sony continues to make smart decisions to remain relevant this year and on to the next year as they garner more hardcore gaming experiences for the platform differentiating it from competitors.

    • Tsuna, Tsuna, Tsuna. Why did you come back? :/

      • kylehyde

        I hope that saying his name three times works like in beetlejuice, if not, we can try to make him spell his name backwards.

      • darkfox1

        I was starting to have Tsuna withdrawal though lol 

  • cj_iwakura

    I respect the Vita, and love the region-free ness, but yeah, when your pending line-up consists of all of two games(Persona 4, Soul Sacrifice), and the PSP has dozens more on the way, something’s wrong.

    • xavier axol

      they need to change fast, but how? it’s the third party that can’t see to jump in. sony should also do their part and force naughty dog among others to make ps vita games, after all they have more dev. houses than any other.

      • Solomon_Kano

        It would be foolish of them to force Naughty Dog and other teams to start making games for Vita just for the sake of it. “The new game from Naughty Dog” would only appeal to people already informed about Sony products, that’s why it didn’t matter who made the Vita’s Uncharted game. To the average consumer, who Sony desperately needs to convince, it’s about the brand rather than the developer.

        Making Naughty Dog, to stick with your example, do something on Vita when they’re one of Sony’s PS3 pillars would do little good. Would this game be from a known brand like Jak & Daxter? If it’s a new IP, would it be given the same attention as The Last of Us? These are the things Sony needs to consider for any game coming to the system and they simply aren’t. That wouldn’t change just by throwing some of their first-party devs on the platform.

        Sony’s doing their part by getting the strongest Playstation brands on the system early. Launching with Uncharted, ModNation, or what have you and following through with names like LBP. Development-wise, they’re definitely doing their part. Where Sony needs to step up is marketing. Third parties need to see that the platform is viable, and right now it doesn’t look like it is. Some, like Ubisoft, are taking a leap of faith but it’s Sony’s own job to sell the system. Not just to us as consumers, but to them as publishers and developers.

        • xavier axol

          the way i see it is this: for third party the vita is not profitable why? because it isn’t selling well, why it isn’t sell well? bacuse of lack of software and advetisement. people won’t buy a handheld that’s 250 (not including a large memory stick) that doesn’t even have the game they want. sony has more software development studios than any publisher, if naughty dog don’t want to make a vita game then how about ( sucker puch, santa monica, guerrilla games, or media mulecule). my point is this, if these studios who are own by sony don’t want to make ps vita games. what will make you sure that third party will? and without software you can’t sell hardware. right now the vita will have great games this summer/fall they need to advetise the hell out of it (ragnarok, little king story, sly cooper, littlebigplanet, psasbr,assassin’s creed3, cod, and sound shapes). i hope they listen and advertise these games.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’m sure third parties realize that Sony prioritizes their home console. They do too, for the most part. At least the larger ones. Sony has their teams on PS3 because that’s where they want and need them. Third parties aren’t avoiding Vita because first parties are, but because of exactly what you said in your first few sentences. It’s not about their first parties not wanting to make Vita games, it’s about them keeping their support where its always been. Did Sucker Punch, Naughty God, Guerrilla, Santa Monica, or Media Molecule ever touch the PSP? Nope. Third parties didn’t wait out first parties before they jumped on board the PSP, and that’s not the case here either.

            I do agree that they need to step up their advertising though. That’s undeniable.

          • xavier axol

            ok we do agree on somethig, advertisement is important. but again we’re going back in circles, vita needs software to sell right? but if developers aren’t incentive in making vita games, because consumer don’t seen to invest in the hardware (seen the lack of game or ignore game that don’t appeal to them). then is up to sony to provide consumers a reason to purchase the vita, games like (reality fighters, little deviants, top darts, modnation racers) aren’t appealing to consumers otherwise the vita numbers would had been different. i believe games like uncharted made by naughty dog, little big planet made by media molecule, ressisstance made by insocmnia, killzone made by guerra games for the vita would entice people to buy the vita in a hart beat. sooo…is the constant flow of “excellent” games that makes a hardware successful and sony has to do that (also advertise helps alot).

          • Solomon_Kano

            As I said before, it’s not the creators, it’s the brands. The average consumers don’t care that Golden Abyss was made by Sony Bend rather than Naughty Dog. I agree that third parties want incentive and that incentive comes in the form of Sony themselves getting people on-board first, but you seem to think that’s only possible by using their PS3 development teams. People want franchises, they don’t necessarily want specific developers.

            I seem to recall God of War seeing two smash hit games on PSP. Neither of those were developed by Sony Santa Monica but remain some of the best reviewed games on the system and they both sold well. It’s not about the developers, only the brands. Tying Naughty Dog up in a Vita game when they could be making the next Jak game, the next Uncharted, or another new IP for PS3 just for the sake of it is unreasonable. Notice that the new Sly Cooper game isn’t being made by Sucker Punch and it’s on console. Why? Because that wasn’t a priority for Sucker Punch. They had other things they wanted to do, but they left it in the hands of a team they felt comfortable with. Just as Naughty Dog did with Bend for Golden Abyss. Just as Santa Monica did with Ready at Dawn for Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. The quality of these games is relevant to success, but who’s responsible for them is not.

          • xavier axol

            ok i see what’re saying, though i wanna give you an example (just to see what’s your reaction): we know that golden abyss was made by bend studios, it was a great game with good reviews. but yet people were always mentioning (from reviwers to people in forums) that if the game was made by naughty dog then it wouldn’t felt flat at times (some people felt that it didn’t had the cinematic scene you see in an uncharted game). if sony can make naughty dog in two teams (one made uncharted 3 and the other the last of us) then why can they make a vita game as well? in my mind small developers don’t have the resources to produce game quality like an uncharted or heavyrain games that you could see in the vita.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Alright, so Naughty Dog does indeed have two teams, and that does allow them to work on a Vita game. But they won’t for other reasons. They know how Golden Abyss turned out, but they left it in Bend’s hands because they felt it was a good enough representation of their series. In the same way that Ready at Dawn took Chains of Olympus’ reaction to heart and made a bigger better sequel, Bend can do the same. Having two different teams on the same IP on the same system would be wasteful on Sony’s part. Mind you that, if ND had taken the time out to make Abyss themselves, it wouldn’t and couldn’t have been a launch title. They were, and still are, busy supporting Uncharted 3 while their other team was making a whole new IP. Bend had to work under the constraints of having the game ready by the system’s launch. Under those conditions they produced a handheld Uncharted on par with first PS3 game. ND is simply too important to Sony’s efforts in the console space for them to be put on a Vita game when they have another team that’s proven they can handle the IP. It’s about iteration. Even Naughty Dog themselves didn’t have a system-selling hit with their first Uncharted game, so I can’t see Sony wanting to tie them up there when Bend can improve upon what they have now without worrying about a launch-type time constraint. They pretty much reproduced Uncharted 1 under the same conditions as ND, now they’re free to take their time and give us their Uncharted 2 while Sony gets to keep Naughty Dog alternating console titles every few years.

            It’s not that I can’t see Naughty Dog EVER doing a Vita game but, if and when they do, it won’t be Uncharted anyway. Or they’d be providing support to Bend on their next Uncharted like Guerrilla games is doing for the Vita Killzone game. I understand what you’re saying about small devs, but I don’t think that applies here. What Bend needs to make an even better Uncharted is time, and that’s something they have now.

  • .

    Not surprising; PSP Vita has no killer apps (I can only think of Uncharted and Gravity Rush) and even with their pseudo-backwards compatibility PSP umd exchange discount PSN program in Japan…Why get a vita if you already have monster hunter for PSP or 3DS? They need a new monhon for Japan and maybe a new God of War for the US.

    I’d like to support this system because its region-free, but really there aren’t many games out for it that I’m looking forward to (maybe PSO2).

  • malek86

    In retrospect, one didn’t need to be an analyst to understand that their original 16 millions forecast for PSP and PSV was unreachable. Even 12 millions won’t be easy. The PSP has fallen a lot compared to last year, and the PSV isn’t picking up the slack. In fact, in this quarter, the two consoles combined couldn’t outsell the PSP alone in the same quarter of last year.

    Also, looking at these Q1 numbers, I still don’t know how they expect to make a profit for the full year. That will take some kind of miracle. Either that, or they manage to get a hold of the mobile market.

    I’ll admit, Sony still sells and is still a powerful brand, so I think the problem is trying to reduce costs and inefficiency. That won’t be impossible. However, within a year? It’s looking unlikely right now.

  • I love my PS Vita (imported it from Japan for $500), and Gravity Rush is my GOTY so far. But Sony needs to learn how to properly promote their products. E3 2012 should have been about the PS Vita, but they focused on the PS3–a console that will be replaced in a year or two. 

    The PS Vita needs more original IPs (watered down PS3 spin-offs only appeal to Sony diehards), a $50 price cut, a free 4GB MC, and a huge advertising campaign.  

  • SirRichard

    Again, it’s the issue Nintendo had with the 3DS; there’s simply nothing going for the Vita, it’s an impressive piece of kit and I would love to get more use out of it, but there’s simply nothing that will let me. The 3DS at least has a lot of games on the horizon, for Europe I can only see Assassin’s Creed III and Soul Sacrifice, and those are months apart.

  • Renzouri

    Makes me wonder if the forecast analysts factor in the upcoming games when making sales forecasts — I mean, just because there will be a Final Fantasy looming in the horizon for 2013 doesn’t mean they should raise the console sales forecast by a million.

    Especially for Sony, which used to be dependent on their third-party developer support to market their Playstation brand.

  • Vampiric

    For me sony forgot everything that made the psp so awesome.

    Third parties forgot too.

    We dont want transfarring, we dont want ports, we dont want multiplats

    we want EXCLUSIVES.

    • Kevadu

      You seem to forget that the PSP was also a port machine when it launched.  Heck, go back a year and you could say the same thing about the 3DS (and people did…).  New games take time.

      • Vampiric

         The psp got exclusive metal gear, darkstalkers, lumines, ape escape, and more when it launched

        The vita will never see a mgs exclusive

        • Domii

          “The vita will never see a mgs exclusive”

          Kojima is that you?

        • Solomon_Kano

          An exclusive Darkstalkers that was a mash-up of the not-at-all exclusive previous entries in the series? An exclusive compilation? You seem to miss that the PSP’s launch wasn’t empty of ports and that its life had a good deal of multiplatform titles as well.

          The PSP didn’t get an exclusive Metal Gear in its first year, did it? No, it came in 2006 — one year after US launch and two years after Japanese launch. That exclusive Metal Gear didn’t save its sales did it? There’s a certain series by the name of Monster Hunter that led to the PSP being “awesome”.

          As for arbitrary exclusives, the Vita has Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, LBP, and Uncharted in its first year. What was the point in that argument?

          • Vampiric

            It was still not on any other platform


            Please correct me. Metal gear, am I  seeing things in the US launch?

            I even forgot the exclusive twisted metal

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh. You meant Acid. I was referring to Portable Ops. Well, since you were talking about Acid, having a spin-off at launch isn’t really anything notable. Again, arbitrary exclusive. Actually, not exclusive since it was ported to phones. Twisted Metal was also ported to PS2.

            In any event, your point was to put the PSP over the Vita on account of exclusives, yes? You’ve yet to say something that made its life noteworthy over the Vita’s to date. We’ve now established that they both had ports, multiplatform titles, and exclusives at launch. What else? Naming specific franchises is meaningless if we’re not going to look at their impact, so what is your point in throwing out random launch exclusives?

          • Vampiric


            Ut was very noticable, it was freaking exclusive and a game that pushed units………….

            it was after the fact

            The psp had constant exclusives, the vita is on life support

            The vita probably will never outsell even 1 tenth of psp sales

            I wont talk with you if you wont admit your mistakes………

    • What made the PSP “awesome” was Monster Hunter. That’s what saved the system’s sales and led to renewed third-party support.

      • xavier axol

        i don’t thinking the same thing will happen, even if there’s a monster hunter for the vita. the only reason why the psp was successful, it’s because monster hunter couldn’t be done on the ds. i say they need AAA vita games release one after the another, they have more dev. houses than any other publisher (put them to work!) and make more vita games.

        • Shane Guidaboni

          Well, now 3DS is getting Monster Hunter 4. I haven’t heard any news about Vita getting any Monster Hunter games. Right now the only reason I want a Vita is for P4:Golden and that’s just an enhanced port.

          • xavier axol

            i said “even if”, i doubt that we will get monster hunter anytime soon (or may be it will never come). which is why i would recommend sony to invest in new ip’s like demon’s souls but with vita in mind (you know…take advantage of the hardware). the more AAA titles (from sony’s best studios) heading to the vita one after the other, the better. oh… and advertise them (it’s important that people see these game are heading to the vita).

      • Vampiric

         That isnt exactly true

        even before monster hunter you saw amazing exclusives one after the other……..

        Tell me the truth

        Do you think vita will get 3 semi exclusive gta’s on it like the psp got?

        • Solomon_Kano

          @Ishaan:disqus is talking about sales. Y’know, what the article is about. So what point are you making by mentioning exclusives? GTA most definitely didn’t save the PSP in Japan. That was MH which, as he said, led to renewed confidence in the platform from 3rd-parties.

          • Vampiric

             I am talking about sales too, and it didnt NEED saving

      • cj_iwakura

        For me it was DJ MAX. 

      • Domii

        If you only talking about Japan, then I guess you’re right. But if you’re talking about the west too, then I completely disagree. Just like Vampiric said below, GTA was the true savior of the PSP.

    • “A game is only fun if you can only play it on ONE system”

  • I love my Vita and still got some games unfinished on it but I actually agree that the system needs games to amplify its life support. On the bright side, they’re progressing rather slowly with AC3:L and Soul Sacrifice…

    As long as some first-parties and many third-parties are backing the Vita up, I see a bright future for the system…

    • Mr_SP

       Indeed. Personally, I’m getting a Vita at the end of October for AC3:L, and a few smaller releases around that window.

    • Domii

      Well I’ve been on the Vita’s side through thick and thin around these parks, but the truth is that I’m using my girlfriend’s Vita, I haven’t bought one myself. I do plan on getting one this fall for sure though. 

  • Good luck with that 12 million in the handheld department. In Japan the 3DS will hit 7 million before it hits 1 million. In the US and Europe the numbers are even bleaker. Sony gets some games for your system asap. Not PS3 ports or games that should be on a home console. You need handheld games!

    • Domii

      Where did you get the US and Europe Vita numbers?

    • Solomon_Kano

      “Not PS3 ports or games that should be on a home console. You need handheld games!”

      I agreed with you up until that point. Ports, sure. Who determines “games that should be on a home console” though? That’s purely a matter of opinion. Since you brought up the 3DS, looking at last year’s million sellers, which of those were “handheld games”? Resident Evil Revelations certainly wasn’t, Monster Hunter 3G was a port of a console game, the Galaxy-esque Super Mario 3D Land wasn’t, Ocarina of Time was a port of a console game, and Mario Kart 7 was the latest entry in a series that’s also on consoles. In a more recent example of their success, the Sin and Punishment-inspired Kid Icarus Uprising and New Super Mario Bros. 2 have also done well. According to Nintendo’s own success, not having “handheld” games apparently isn’t the issue.

      What Sony “needs” is intelligent marketing and a good lineup of games in key franchises. Beyond the price drop, that’s what saved the 3DS from its initial stumbling. Not “handheld games”, whatever those are.

  • konsama

    I remember when the PSP came out, it was so advanced to its time, running multimedia stuff, having WiFi online when it was very hard to get a Modem with wireless router and it was a mobile internet browser.

    Now the Vita instead came out with exactly the same features and in the same state, we’re using 2012 and even higher for a while hardware with software that looks like came out of 2005. If i t wasn’t for the Live Area menu with its gimmicky touchscreen it would look just like a PSP with better graphics. Then add the lack of good games (obviously this varies), the lack of not ports and the terrible PSN accounts management which even the PSP was superior on that and even that feature was added MUCH later in its life. This thing came out with that feature implemented and it’s way worse.

  • Domii

    The Vita will be alright. It has AC, LBP, and Blops Declassified coming out this year. I don’t know why Sony lowered their expectations when these games have the brand power to sell a few million Vitas(especially if its bundled). Now for japan, I think Soul Sacrifice will be its savior this year. 

    Oh, and please Sony hire a new marketing department asap. I have a Marketing degree if you guys need me, I am a marketing guru you know.

    • xavier axol

      they have some great games caming this summer/fall here in the u.s. (they need to promoted the hell out of it). in japan they had miku project diva and will have soul sacrifice. indeed they need to fired that person incharge of marketing.

      • MrRobbyM

        The marketing for the Vita itself is actually pretty good. I got a very nice envelope in the mail a few weeks back that had an ad for the Vita and Uncharted: GA which had a REALLY nice poster on the other side. I have no interest the Uncharted: GA, but the poster is nice lol.

      • Domii

        Yeah the last time Ive seen sony do a great advertising campaign for a game was back with Uncharted 3. And look how well that baby sold.

    • badmoogle

      “I don’t know why Sony lowered their expectations when these games have the brand power to sell a few million Vitas(especially if its bundled). Now for japan, I think Soul Sacrifice will be its savior this year. ”

      I think you are seriously overestimating these games…

      • MrRobbyM


        LBP, AC spin-off and a potable CoD aren’t all that great to begin with.

        • Domii

          Just because you don’t think it’s great, doesn’t mean it won’t sell. Cmon Robby, you should know better lol.

          • MrRobbyM

            I didn’t say that, did I? Sure they’ll all sell decently well, they are all well known franchises. I just think you are overestimating the popularity and sales-factor of these games.

          • Domii

            How am I overestimating 2 of the best selling franchises(AC & CoD) in the world? Personal preference and sales potential are two different things. I personally don’t like these games as much, but you said it yourself they will sell well, and that’s what we’re talking about here. Now I do believe that being that these are mega blockbusters commercially, I think that if the games end up being excellent on the Vita, then they will move plenty of systems this holiday.

          • badmoogle

            @Domii:disqus i think the proplem is that the majority of the fans of these franchises (AC and CoD) don’t really care for portable systems.Especially the CoD fans…

            I hope i’m wrong though.

      • Domii

        I might be overestimating Soul Sacrafice because its a new IP, but the others I mentioned are already established franchises. All Sony needs is for them to be good and well advertise.

        • badmoogle

          How much did LBP sell for PSP?

          • Domii

            Not sure because last I check the PSP LP wasn’t that good or advertise. Sony has the weapons they need, now we’ll see if they know how to use them.

          • badmoogle

            Well i hope you are right:) I really want Vita to start doing well because as a system i think it has lots of potential.It’s just that i’ve lost my faith on Sony to be able to take advantage of that potential…

          • malek86

            Well, by the time it was released, the PSP was already pretty much dead outside Japan. So I don’t think it’s a good indication.

            Nonetheless, I’ve never seen LBP as a system seller.

          • badmoogle

            “Nonetheless, I’ve never seen LBP as a system seller.”


    • Solomon_Kano

      AC and LBP I see doing well. I don’t see Black Ops being as big as some seem to think it will. That brand power did little to sell the Call of Duty games on DS. One could make the argument that that didn’t have 2 sticks but, by that logic, one would have no need for the Vita Black Ops when they can already get the real deal on PS360. It’ll sell, and it’ll sell some hardware, but it won’t be a multi-million seller. The PSP already proved that brand recognition alone won’t sell a system. That system’s launch was full of spin-offs from big name series and that did little for it. Throughout the rest of its life it had spin-offs from big name series, really. That didn’t put it up there with the DS, and even the more established DS didn’t get anything out of CoD.

      I just don’t see Declassified contributing as much as people think it will. AC will do well, especially since it’s coming in a bundle. LBP will do well. Black Ops will do alright.

      • Domii

        That’s because the CoD games on the DS and PSP sucked. It’s simple really, if Sony/Activision market Declasified as a portable CoD with console quality, it will sell. Just the thought of playing a console-like CoD on the go will make its fans go crazy. But we can’t say it will succeed or fail like it’s a fact because we don’t have enough information about the game yet.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Well, there were no Call of Duty games on PSP. As for them sucking, well do we know that Declassified won’t? From available information it already appears to be below the level of content present in a console Call of Duty, with its product description mentioning a campaign of Spec Ops missions as opposed to the series traditional story mode.

          We certainly don’t have enough information, that I agree, but I just can’t see this portable spin-off turning out different from the various other franchises that have seen them fail over the years. Even less so considering that Call of Duty is already the biggest gaming franchise out there. Year over year the series outgrosses itself. That being the case, I can’t see another few million people going out and buying a Vita for a game that isn’t even the next “big” Call of Duty.

          • malek86

            I think COD PSV will sell ok, maybe even a lot (the GTA games sold a few millions on PSP, despite being pretty much just PS2 ports). But I don’t think it will drive sales of the console. It will probably sell mostly to existing owners.

            The problem is, I’m not sure how much console users will feel the need to buy a portable version of those games.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I expect it will sell as well but, like you, I don’t see it pushing the hardware to new users. So we’re in agreement. I’m not saying the game won’t sell, I’m saying it won’t do what Domii expects for the hardware.

            The game has been announced twice and we still haven’t even seen it. There are already a few trailers for Black Ops 2 in addition to it having been shown off at E3, and its initial reveal came during a large event broadcast. At this point, realistically, I can’t see this game pushing hardware sales in the shadow of the next big CoD game when there’s not the slightest bit of info on it.

          • Domii

            It should be interesting. Maybe CoD will do what GTA did for the PSP, we just can’t write it off like its a fact it will fail. Like I said before, it depends how Activision/Sony presents Declassified to CoD fans and non fans. I see huge potential for a portable CoD that can be played on the go, specially if it ends up being cross platform compatible like PS Allstars.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Well, it’s pretty much guaranteed not to be cross platform compatible seeing as it has its own story as opposed to being set during Black Ops 2. That would mean one of the two games would have to have all of other’s maps or you’d only be able to play Black Ops 2 players on a select few maps. So, yea, Activision dropped the ball on that possibility.

  • I will be getting my White Vita when it comes out this fall =^_^=

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    These goals are still a little lofty -_-

  • Solomon_Kano

    12 million still sounds damn optimistic. Well, let’s see what TGS brings.

  • MrRobbyM

    Once the Vita gets a Monster Hunter or a Kingdom Hearts, the sales, at least in Japan will sky rocket. But for now, 3DS has the best players on its team.

    • badmoogle

      Problem is it may never get a MH (that isn’t a port) and i think the market is tired from portable KH games.
      Except if it comes AFTER the release of a console release of KH3…

      • MrRobbyM

        We’ll see. I can totally see the new MH on 3DS being ported to the Vita a year or so after it’s release. If that does well then I think they’ll stick with the Vita. I do agree about portable KH games though I don’t even want to THINK about more KH games after KH3 unless they make an entire new storyline and characters.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Well, I’d imagine you’ll get your wish on KH. Partially, at least.

          KH3 is the end of the Xehanort saga. The current story will be through, so I’d imagine that many of the current characters will not be returning. Sora is guaranteed to though, he’s much too important for them to go “we have too many games with this guy, let’s get someone new”. Well, at least he’s not Lightning.

          • MrRobbyM

            My sides cannot contain the laughter.

        • malek86

          Even if MH did get ported to the PSV, I don’t see why people would choose it over the 3DS version (and since MH4 will be an exclusive, at the very least a timed one, most MH fans will pick up a 3DS first). The point of MH on the PSP was that the DS didn’t have it. If both consoles have the game, it just won’t have the same impact on sales.

          I think the PSV needs something else. Some other exclusive game that becomes a sleeper hit and then a success.

        • Vita owners keep saying that they expect “Monster Hunter 4G” on Vita, but I don’t understand why. If there’s a 4G (or equivalent), Capcom aren’t suddenly going to ask all 3-4 million Monster Hunter 4 players to buy a new console for it. 

          They’ll do what they did with Freedom Unite, which is take advantage of that huge MH4 userbase and give them incentive to buy the new version by making their data transferable and so on.

          • MrRobbyM

            I just think it’s an easy sell. Instead of making an all new game, they can port the 3DS version, advertise higher resolution, new monsters and areas and what not. But you’re probably right. The Freedom Unite route is likely too. I think it could go either way if not both systems. If I recall correctly, didn’t Capcom say they wanted Monster Hunter on every system or something like that?

            @malek86:disqus I do hope you’re right. If Sony can’t get the ball rolling with the Vita soon, it’ll end up like the PSP in the U.S. except worldwide. Well, maybe not that bad, but it won’t be all that great for Sony.

          • If they’re adding new monsters and areas, that’s effectively a “G” expansion, and they’ll want the most sales they can possibly get from it. That means it isn’t likely that they’ll move it to a different system. 

            Multiplatform is unlikely because there’s very little to gain in this case. Monster Hunter is a system-seller, and most people that want the game will buy the system its on. 

            Factor in that it shares an audience with Pokémon and other mainstream games that are also on the 3DS, and there’s very little to gain from it being a multiplatform title.

          • malek86

            I think it would be interesting to see how well the upgraded PSN version of MH3P sold to PSV owners. Did it even come out yet? If Capcom sees there’s interest in the series, they might throw fans a bone. In fact, unlike Ishaan, I expect them to eventually do it… although it will probably just be a 3DS port, making it a lot less appealing for potential console buyers than an exclusive game.

            Overall, I think the PSV will eventually get MH, but it won’t be the savior that everyone believes.

  • badmoogle

    Sony needs for once to seriously put their hands deep in their pockets and buy exclusivity of some big IP’s from third party publishers if they want to save Vita from its (fast approaching) doom.

    In Japan they relied too much on the relation they had with Capcom and foolishly thought that this relation would magically continue for Vita as well.But when Capcom shafted them with MH,they actually exposed how much unprepared Sony was for that market…and if you can’t get even Japan to buy your portable system then you have a serious problem.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yea, right now the biggest player on Sony’s side is also probably going to be the slowest working one. This player being Hideo Kojima. He’s expressed his interest in bringing games to Vita numerous times and, being Hideo Kojima, his support would like move a few units. That’s not enough though.

      It’s unfortunate that Capcom shifted away from them so fully when they’re easily the biggest 3rd-party presence Sony could ask for. A Tales game early on meant nothing (though admittedly it was a remake/reimagining of an earlier title), Persona offered temporary relief (also an old title though), and Miku can only do so much. Having Capcom offer something more than fighting game ports would’ve helped them, so now they’ll have to figure something else out.

      Really, they need some new IPs and some strong marketing for said IPs. A whole new title from the likes of Sega or Konami might make some waves, but they need to give these things the appropriate push once they finally manage to secure them.

      • badmoogle

        As much as i personally like new IP’s i don’t think there’s time enough for them to “save” vita at this point.New IP’s need time (and sequels) in order to be considered established and help move lots of system units.Sony should have tried to introduce their new IP’s when the PSP was at its peak in order for them to be established franchises that would help Vita now (or when it launched).

        But as i’ve said before i think Sony relied a bit too much on MH’s success,got lazy and didn;t think much about the future.And since their own IP’s don’t have the popularity of the Nintendo ones, they need the help of big third party franchises more than ever.

        • Solomon_Kano

          True. I can’t think of a third party franchise that could save them at this point though. They lost the PSP’s trump card, and Capcom wouldn’t give them a Resident Evil; an FF spin-off is a possibility, but it took us quite some time to get to Type-0; KH doesn’t move hardware; Tales is debatable; fighters aren’t helping; Sonic is meaningless; etc.

          Without giving it too much thought, the IPs I see helping them on short notice are some of Namco Bandai’s anime titles. That One Piece Musou game moved some hardware units on PS3, that SEED game gave the Vita a slight boost, so perhaps securing a title from one of Namdai’s hit series would do some good. Even then, that would be no long-term solution. So, yea, Sony needs a slew of titles from established IP.  

          • badmoogle

            From my perspective (which could be wrong) it would have been a great move for Vita’s popularity to try to re(vita)lize some popular third party franchises which have been dormant for years and which have also been related heavily with the playstation brand…I think it would have been also a smart move for third party publishers to test the market’s waters with less risky Vita releases of their games before they decide if there is enough demand for high budget console releases.
            So if i was Sony i would have asked Capcom to develop the next main Onimusha game for Vita,a new Breath of Fire game,Suikoden VI from Konami,Dark Cloud 3 from Level 5,a new Valkyrie Profile game from SE and Tri-Ace,the list could go on…
            I think tere are quite many people who are fans of these franchises (both in Japan as well as in the rest of the world) that would happily buy a Vita in order to revisit their favorite series.Even older gamers that are now probably only play on consoles would consider buying a Vita if some of these games happened to be some of their favorites in the past.

            Of course an exclusive spin off Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest could also help,but as you said this would take ages to be released judging from SE’s recent output…Perhaps an exclusive MGS (with a strong MP mode) would have more chances to be released soon enough in order to generate some positive buzz for the system.

            From their own IP’s (developed by Sony) they also need to release a Gran Turismo for Vita as soon as possible.It’s by far their strongest card and i can see it helping Vita significantly.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I thought that could work too. I think Dark Cloud 3 in particular would’ve been something big and I know I would’ve been hype for a new Onimusha. That would’ve been a (relatively) low risk proposition for the developers as opposed to asking for something like a new RE or something. Having several popular series revived would probably convince some people to hop on board and they wouldn’t have to risk hurting a larger brand.

            I can’t see an exclusive MGS happening any time soon. By all indications Kojima’s next project will be on Vita, but it won’t be exclusive. If that project is MGS5, exclusive or not, that would be pretty significant if they put it out on the same day as the console version. Then it becomes an actual choice, unlike MGS HD where it came about half a year later.

            From Sony, Gran Turismo is all that they’ve got left after LBP hits later this year. With Polyphony’s output, despite their recently stated interest in the platform, a GT would be a waaays off. That would be a guaranteed hit though.

          • malek86

            All of this would only work in Japan (if it even does work – I think you are severely overestimating the appeal of old and forgotten JRPG series). But Sony needs an international strategy. Sure, making the console successful in Japan would be a start, but if they only focus on that, it will end up like the PSP again.

          • Domii

            I agree with both you and Solomon, but Malik is right. You guys are only talking about strategies that Will help Sony mainly in Japan, but not necessarily everywhere else. They need titles that will appeal worldwide and I think if good, Soul Sacrifice is a step in the right direction.

          • badmoogle

            @malek86:disqus Well i also think you’re severely underestimating the strength of some of these franchises especially if their production values are ambitious enough (for Vita’s standards anyway). :) I think a new Onimusha and a Dark Cloud 3 would really raised the strength of Vita’s library significantly in terms of big IP’s something the system really needs right now.Even if it’s only in Japan (although Onimusha and the Dark Cloud series are also quite popular in the west too) i think they first need to establish the system there and then start focusing more on the western front.
            For their western strategy i think they need to cater more to specific groups of gamers (for example people who like FF games,action,sports and racing games) rather than everyone.Particularly i don’t think the vast majority of FPS fans really care to play their shooters on a handheld.

            @Domii:disqus As promising as SS looks i don’t think it will do much,just like Gravity Rush didn’t do much before it even though it received praise from everyone.It’s the curse of new IP’s unfortunatelly.
            I think a Demon’s Souls 2 (developed by From and SCEJ exclusively for Vita) would have more chances to drive some big Vita numbers in both west and Japan…

          • Domii

            @ badmoogle

            You see now you’re talking. Demons Souls is something that could really explode on the Vita. The title was as niche as they come and it still manage to sell over 1 million copies because of its world wide appeal and greatness. That’s what I meant about Soul Sacrafice, it has that similar style that can appeal to the world. Although Dark Cloud 3 would be awesome.

    • Domii

      While I think you exaggerated on the whole “fast approaching doom” thing, I completely agree with you. Sony has to start putting more money on building a stronger third party relationship for the Vita. I also think that Ishaan said it best the other day, They should offer extra incentives to get devs to start developing for the Vita instead of the PSP.

      • Nuh-uh, you mistook what I said. I said they should offer extra incentives to PSP publishers to “also” develop multiplatform for Vita in addition to PSP.

        If a publisher is looking to move on from the PSP completely, they have little reason to move their operations completely to the Vita at this point in time. 

        • Domii

          Oh crap my bad. But you do make a great point still. 

  • CasualGamer

    Do they just put some random high number as a goal or something? Cause they didn’t even sell close to their goals.

  • I’m waiting for Ys localization.  That will be my berserk button scrambling to own the handheld.  I certainly have other games I would play, but this is my system seller.

    Otherwise, I want a PS3 still too.  Just a bad moment for me with this handheld.

  • Palmer Nyako

    Waiting psvita and ps3 price cut haha.

    • Solomon_Kano

      The PS3 seeing another price cut any time soon doesn’t sound realistic.

  • Alexander Aubert

    we need more great game on vita

  • Simple answer SONY, put more games to vita.

  • Don’t worry Sony +1 sales for Vita in CNY, lol.

  • ‘They also reported a loss of 24.6 billion yen (approx. $312 million)’
    what a coincidence! sony bought gaikai for $380 million. Does that ring a bell?

    • malek86

      Nope. Sony bought Gaikai in July, and these numbers are for the period until June 30th.

      Also, if the loss had been because of the Gaikai purchase, they would have said so in their financial statements. They didn’t, in fact they didn’t say absolutely anything about Gaikai, so we have to assume it’s been reserved for the next quarter (or maybe, as I assume will be the case, the expense will be spread out in several quarters so as not to impact too heavily on the results).

  • Stranger On The Road

    speed up the release of the new cheaper PS3, also make sure that there is a bundle which include a PS Vita (for US$ 100) with the new PS3!

    as for the PS Vita alone, if you don’t want to reduce the price, then increase what the package contents. The PS Vita is expensive and the user will still have to buy some expensive accessories for it just so that s/he can use it!

    change that package, add a 4GB SD card and a coupon for 2 free games from PSN (Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush). And also reduce the price of those overpriced SD cards.

    P.S. release Soul Sacrifice before the holiday season and consider localizing some of those Japanese only games (Ciel no Surge and Dream Club Zero Portable would be a good start! )

    • Solomon_Kano

      Some of what you’re saying here would be good for Sony to take note of, other parts… not so much. Particularly, Ciel no Surge and Dream Club Zero since, for starters, their localization would have nothing to do with Sony. Giving Uncharted away for free would be very smart of them though. The suggestion that the new PS3 be bundled with a Vita is also a good one. That could be a really smart move as we head into the holiday season later in the year. It would be a smart way to get Vita’s in the hands of more consumers.

  • Rock Volnutt


  • I think the PS3 is doint great. It has amazing exclusive and I have so many games on my “want to play” backlist I’ve stopped counting. The Vita on the other hand needs more games. I don’t understand why Sony launch the Vita with so many game and then neglected it for almost a year now? How come Square Enix and Namco Bandai are making exclusives for the 3DS and not for the Vita? Why did Sony lose the Monster Hunter franchise? Why hasn’t LBP for PSVita come out yet? So many questions, and no answers.

  • Palmer Nyako

    I hope they wise up and put a price cut on the vita.

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