Nyu Media’s Second Wave Of Doujin Games Include Siter Skain Titles

By Ishaan . August 8, 2012 . 4:40pm

Doujin publisher, Nyu Media, have announced their second wave of doujin titles scheduled for release in the near future. Here’s an infographic they sent out, to give one a quick glimpse the line-up:


(click to enlarge)


Here’s the full list of all five games, along with a summary (quoted verbatim) and footage for each game, sourced from various avenues on the net:


Eryi’s Action (Xtal Sword)



• Prepared to be trolled!
• A charming 2D platformer with addictively frustratingly gameplay!
• You will die a LOT, but you WILL keep going back for more!
Japanese homepage: http://xtalsword.com/html/eryi.html


Kamui (Siter Skain)



• Widely acclaimed as one of the best shoot ’em up games ever!
• Classic 2D STG with a lock-on mechanic and gameplay that uses depth-of-field!
• The final chapter of “The Tale of Alltynex” which covers all 3 Siter Skain games.
Japanese homepage: http://siterskain.com/kamui/index.html


RefleX (Siter Skain)



• An advanced 2D STG with an exciting reflection gameplay mechanic!
• Take on Earth’s government forces, then defend the Earth against an alien invasion!
• The second chapter of The Tale of Alltynex.
Japanese homepage: http://siterskain.com/reflex/index.html


ALLTYNEX Second (Siter Skain)



• Battle through the defenses of a rogue AI to retake the Earth for mankind!
• Full polygon, 2.5D shoot em ‘em up with lock-on and melée mechanics!
• The first chapter of The Tale of Alltynex.
Japanese homepage: http://siterskain.com/as/index.html


Croixleur (souvenir circ.)



• High speed 3D action adventure with RPG elements!
• Fight your way through dungeon floors of enemies to reach the deepest level!
• Collect XP and money to level up and buy new weapons and skills!
Japanese homepage: http://lost-identity.jp/souvenir


All five titles will be released this fall through winter across major PC digital distribution platforms, Nyu Media say. Demos for each game will be released ahead of the release of the full version.

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  • Kyle D. Johnson

    Ah, Croixleur. It’s pretty fun, though a little bit short. But there is replay value there.

  • s07195

    Ah, souvenir circ. They created Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou/Chourantou, so I’m sure Croixleur is also quite a good game.

    On the other hand, the first game reminds me of Mario Cat a lot.
    This should be a good appetizer for that first game. Enjoy :D

  • Joseph Santee


    The Tale of Alltynex games are being localized!


    Because I will finally understand what the smurf is going on in the storyline.

  • Code

    rar, awesome, Nyu’s had some pretty good luck netting doujin games for localization owo; And they must have had a fair amount of success so far if they’ve  got even more this time >wo>;

  • 海外版ニュース出とる!!!!!!!!!!

  • *shrug*  It seems like system requirements is hurting me again on a couple of these. T__T

  • WyattEpp

    Aww yeah, it’s nice that we’re finally getting the opportunity to give Siter Skain money!  Kamui and refleX are still really solid.

  • puchinri

    Were Nyu Media the ones that were going to release Freesia? If so, are we still going to see it (er, scratch that if so, I’m curious either way).

    Even though I’m interested in playing any of those games except one, I rather like the line-up. I’m glad they’re still releasing some cool looking stuff~!

    Croixleur looks like a lot of fun. ♥

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