Your Dream Game Idea Could Powerup Your Neptunia V Party

By Spencer . August 20, 2012 . 10:20pm


Gotta love the Genesis / 32X combo in Pururut’s room, which doubles as the main menu in Neptunia V. Before you dive into a dungeon, you can choose to either believe an informant who tells you about the dungeon or not. Items inside change depending on your decision, but the result isn’t always good so choose wisely. Neptunia V’s dungeons have flags inside which you can either destroy or bring back to informants to further change what they tell you.


Neptunia V has a new character customization feature called the Blank Disc System. Players combine idea chips and try to burn a "god game." If you end up with a bad combination like "hover vehicle" and "historical thing" you’ll end up with a useless game. On the other hand, mixing an "action game" and a "mustached Italian man" and you’ll have a god game that decreases damage in battle.


neptuniav10 neptuniav11 neptuniav12 


Neptunia V along with baby Compa, IF, and PC comes out on August 30.


neptuniav2 neptuniav3  neptuniav5 neptuniav6 neptuniav7 neptuniav8 neptuniav9 neptuniav14 neptuniav15 neptuniav16 neptuniav17 neptuniav13neptuniav18 neptuniav19 neptuniav20 neptuniav21 neptuniav22 neptuniav1

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  • gaiahatergaia

    the 6th picture…
    them lolis so close <3

    • Rollersnake

      It depresses me that a large percentage of gamers / anime fans think saying stuff like this is okay.  Does “lolis” not have pedophilia connotations for a lot of people?  If so, WHY?

      • D H

        Probably because they are either pieces of paper or digital creations that typical look and act nothing like traditional children.  I happen to find some of the typical Loli material amazing, but in no way do I see them as real children or anything even remotely resembling such, and have absolutely no desire to see any real life child act in any such way, as even in the more mainstream depictions they are typically treated as just as mature if not more so than older characters in the same series.  

        It’s really no different than saying things like “It’s fun to kill off video game characters in CoD/Gears/Metal Gear/whatever you’re playing!”  All you are doing is hurting a digital character, and I would imagine a great many of you would not care to do such a thing to a real life person even if it is really fun in the game.  

      • gaiahatergaia

        You seem to be under the impression that Lolis are actual children, Loli’s are usually age consent girls who look underage, all of these girls in Neptunia are at a consent age, although the age may vary in countries.

        and really, pedophilia? of all the things you would worry about in modern games, it has to be pedophilia? Lol, bigotry at its best.

        • malek86

          That’s actually kind of creepy. It’s the developers who choose the nominal age of a character. If they make a character who looks 10 and then tell you she’s actually 20, that feels like they just wanted a jailbait character and then made a poor attempt to try and avoid a controversy.

          Can’t you just say “it’s ok because they are not real”? At the very least, I would be perfectly ok with that.

          • gaiahatergaia

            creepy? If you think this is creepy then you haven’t seen what the gaming/otaku or media industry in general has shown us, and i see nothing creepy about a girl who’s appearance is under her age, there’s nothing wrong with that.

          • On fictional characters like these who aren’t constructed into a systematic social structure, age is pretty much irrelevant anyway; it lies on the tip of the developer’s tongue, according to their whim. Setting an age to them is pretty much putting up a shield just in case controversy hits.

          • Fryxell

            They’re fictional characters. They have no age, they are not real, and they do not necessitate any connection to reality.

          • Isn’t that what both me and Malek said?

          • Fryxell

            Maybe, I just didn’t like how both of you phrased it.

          • …That’s frankly none of our concern.

            I’m more than aware that characters in Neptunia series are just humanoid stand-ins. The reason I specified about “a systematic social structure” is because the “age of consent” issue, which some people can’t help bringing it up whenever there’s a young (female) character, relies heavily on social context. If it’s a game in a setting heavily based on the culture of the modern civilization, then age is a valid aspect to consider, even for fictional characters. For this game though, age means nothing – which is why I said its age labels are just “safety shields”.

          • Fryxell

            Ah I get your point now and I completely agree with it — thanks for clearing it up. :)

      • Luna Kazemaru

        And it depresses me that people like you love too come in here and plague the comments with statements like that. Which starts a pointless circle jerking battle that has plagued the comments.So lets all stop this now before it goes off again…

  • Darkrise

    They’ve really improved this game miles from what the first Neptune use to be, everything from gameplay to graphics, characters and concepts within the game. Makes me even more hyped for Feb(?) 2013.

  • Learii

    you can build your own room?  or is that something different

  • z_merquise

    mixing an “action game” and a “mustached Italian man” and you’ll have a god game 

    Of course, it is!

    On the other hand, Pururut baby-sitting those babies looked so cute!

  • IshimaruKaito

    wait who is pc again?

    • D H

      NEC PC-Engine

  • what do we get if we mix an “adventure game” + “young boy with a fairy and flute”?

    • DesmaX

       Or maybe “Stealth game” + “Man inside a box”?

  • Barrit

    Hey… where’s the shower CG? lol

  • Neptunia V is already a “God Game”. GG! lol =^_^=

  • DesmaX
  • Ray Barksdale

    Nep~<3 Just a few more days. xD

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