Time And Eternity’s Heroine Is Actually A Time Mage

By Spencer . August 22, 2012 . 4:20pm

Time and Eternity: Toki Towa only has a girl and a baby dragon in battle. That sounds unbalanced, but Princess Toki is really powerful. She can transform and bend time. You can speed up the flow of battle with "Rapid Time" or…


toki3 toki4 toki5 toki6 toki7


… stop time with "Time Freeze." It looks like Toki’s other skill is "Time Loop," according to the magic menu.

toki8 toki9 toki10 toki11 toki12


The story of Time and Eternity: Toki Towa begins when Princess Toki’s wedding is raided. Her fiancé dies and Toki travels to the past to see how she can prevent the tragedy.

toki28 toki26 toki27


While she doesn’t have other party members, Toki isn’t alone. Drake, a talkative blue dragon, accompanies her and fights in battle. Sometimes you’ll see things through Drake’s eyes, which, well, let’s Imageepoch make *sigh* bathing event scenes.

toki21 toki1 toki2toki13 toki14 toki15 toki16 toki17 toki18 toki19 toki20


Time and Eternity comes out on October 11. The 9,980 yen ($128) limited edition includes a soundtrack/voice drama CD and a 48 page art book with spoiler-ish illustrations from VOFAN.


toki22 toki23 toki24 toki25

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  • Cephrien

    Dat garter belt.

    • Darkrise

      You sir have excellent tastes.

  • I really hope there is a localization announcement soon =^_^=

    • E15
      • Not quite. Look back to Type-0’s “conf(ail)irmation”

        • Well, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that SE considers an enhanced qHD port for Vita and that they’re waiting to announce it at a later time. That FF event in Japan on September 1st or TGS would provide good opportunities.

      • That helps a bit lol =)

    •  I’m more worried about how long it’s going to take to release the localized version…

      • Eh, not to worried about that. I just want them to pretty much say “Yes, we are most definitely bringing this game to other regions besides Japan” a.k.a North America and Europe.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Panty designs?

    Now that’s attention to detail.

  • Oh so she is a wizard. Alright.


    october 10th yet  (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ

    • More like Nov. 10th or you know whatever the actual day is. I keed sort of. I don’t care about the Jap release date at all. English however would be interesting. But it’s 11th not 10th just saying.

  • darkfox1

    Fanservice im always for that :D

  • zferolie

    Spencer, you should expect bathing scenes in JRPGs. They are like a requriment now a days.

    A requirement I have no issue with.

    Still, this game looks fun, and I will keep my eye on it.

    • I expect it, but it’s pandering. Personally, I’d like a well developed plot and battle system over eye candy. Not saying that Time and Eternity won’t tick those boxes, but if you’re going to add fanservice you can probably do something more creative than a bathing scene.

      • zferolie

        You are right, those 2 are the most important things. I hope this game has those things.

        I do agree bathing scenes is overdone for fan service. that and panty shots. It would be nice to have fan service that works with the plot in a good way. Maybe showing Towa or Toki looking sexy but in a lovely scene at the same time, like a confession, a midnight stroll, or a something like that.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Is that a fact? You can definitely name more modern JRPGs without bathing scenes than you can with. Most of them that have it come from the same company.

      • zferolie

        I was just joking. I know it’s not everywhere, but I find it amusing how often I see it brought up when people attack JRPGs

        • rebecasunao

          No one is “attacking JRPGs” though

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Sporty genki girl. twin tails loli, quiet mature girl. ditzy megane girl. They could at least find some other tropes to use, perhaps.

  • rebecasunao

    What can I say? This game just keeps looking worse. I sighed as well.

    Yet another game exploiting its female characters and mainly catering to heterosexual males. Nothing new there, and that sucks.

    • badmoogle

      And it’s a shame really because at least visually it aimed  for something original (the combination of 2D and 3D).
      The environments also look beautiful and colourful and also they probably offer some decent amount of exploration.

      But unfortunately they had to include some fanservice in order to get back at least some of the money they spend for making it. It was obvious from the first moment i saw the main character design. :/ 

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It is interesting for me to see these reactions since in the last generation, when there was that brief flirtation with cel shade stuff (not including Wind Waker here), even though the results were not atrocious, folks were not positive in their reactions.

        • badmoogle

          Well personally i always liked cell shaded stuff if the art direction was interesting enough.
          But yeah i remember that most people weren’t happy about it.Even with Wind waker.

      • rebecasunao

        I completely agree. It was obvious for me too, but I tried to not talk about that since people are usually like “how can you know that if we barely know stuff about the game!11!”.

        • SirRichard

          Wouldn’t that also work in reverse? How could they know it isn’t pervy as hell if barely anything’s known about it?

          Either works especially for this game, given that Imageepoch seem to be determined to reveal as little of substance as possible.

          • rebecasunao

            …You’re right. Next time someone says that to me (I’m looking at you, Wildy), I’ll use that argument.

      • raymk

        Read my above comment, the fan-service isn’t the reason this game will suck. Other games do fan-service that are good games, this one just probably isn’t going to be.

        • badmoogle

          I know that the game has other “issues” as well (even though fanservice is obviously not an issue for most people) like its animation for example.

          Still if it tried to remain more visually original it would have been easier for me to forgive other (more important) issues.

        • rebecasunao

          But that’s your opinion, sir. Other people might think that blatant fanservice ruins everything for them.

          • raymk

            I know its my opinion I never said it wasn’t.  Fan-service is never going to go away just like racism so going through life always saying something ruins something is a bad way to go.  I get tired of not having black people in game or having black people die in movies first,yet its a part of life and people have creative freedom to do what they want.  Sometimes you can’t go through life letting everything get you down no matter what it is entertainment or not.  Yes its your opinion, but opinions can be wrong or not thought through.  All I was trying to do is help you out, yes this stuff I guess could be considered bad,but what about the people that consider it no problem? Sometimes you have to not be selfish about some things.

    • raymk

      The fanservice isn’t the problem.  The problem is the game looks bad gameplay wise and they try to make up for it with fan-service which shouldn’t be the way to go about it.  Just about all games cater to males anyway even with fan-service like this, they just do it my not making any female party members.

      • LynxAmali

        -The problem is the game looks bad gameplay wise and they try to make up
        for it with fan-service which shouldn’t be the way to go about it.  

        We call this an ‘opinion’.

        It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it?

    • Landale

      “5. Express yourself clearly, but not repeatedly: Don’t like a particular game or piece of news and really
      want to voice your thoughts? OK, fine. But if you intend to express
      your disdain, make sure to provide well-articulated reasoning with
      proper grammar, or people will laugh at you. Snarky one-liners will not
      be tolerated. Additionally, once you’ve had your say, let go. You don’t
      need to post the same comments about a game in every new article unless
      there’s a very good reason to do so.”

      You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post something that can’t be summed up as “OH NO THE WOMEN ARE BEING EXPLOITED!” aimed at pretty much any and all possible portrayals of women, including this game. So, yet another rebecasunao post complaining about female exploitations, real and imagined, catering to the game’s target audience and not rebecasunao. Nothing new here.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Yeah Umm lets just leave this one alone hun ok not worth it.

        • I’ve been wanting to say something too but, Indeed let’s leave it at that.

      • rebecasunao

        Here we go…

        So everyone else can talk about that except me, because I point it out more often than other people? Would you ask someone to stop talking about gameplay because they’re being repetitive? Or would you ask someone to stop saying “zomg I luv fanservice, bring it on” too? Because I see certain people commenting stuff like that all the time.

        Also: “But if you intend to express your disdain, make sure to provide well-articulated reasoning with proper grammar, or people will laugh at you. Snarky one-liners will not be tolerated. Additionally, once you’ve had your say, let go. You don’t need to post the same comments about a game in every new article unless there’s a very good reason to do so.”
        I don’t think (most of) my posts didn’t have proper grammar or were snarky one-liners – they are actually the opposite, I usually write a lot. And, in my opinion, my comments are pretty well-articulated.
        Also, it says “Don’t like a >>>particular game or piece of news<<< and really
        want to voice your thoughts?" "You don’t need to post the same comments about a game in every new article". This is only the second time I post in a TokiTowa article, and the first time I said something about females being exploited. So yeah, I don't think that rule applies.

        Why do I bring up this subject often? Because I care about it. Is it annoying? For people who disagree with me or don't care about it as much, yes. Can I blame them? No. But I also get annoyed at certain comments and at certain people and I don't think I should throw rules at them to make them stop saying things that I don't like.

        I also never insulted anyone, I never exaggerate anything I say. I don't preach, I only voice my opinions. Everyone is free to disagree with me, but I think I'm free to talk about this subject as well. Only because you and a few other people get annoyed at me doesn't mean my discussions aren't welcome here.
        I don't go out of my way to criticize games like Neptunia and Senran Kagura because I'm not interested in them. I was interested in TokiTowa and the other games that I complained about. I was voicing my complaints just like everyone else.

        If you browse my past comments you'll see that I bring up this subject from time to time, but it's NOT the only thing I talk about. And every time I talk about it I don't just complain, I write my opinions in the best way possible.You only remember the comments where I talk about it because they obviously annoyed you. If someone mainly complained about any other aspect of a game I'm sure you wouldn't be so pissed off.

        If a mod says I'm crossing the line and I should step back, I'll do so. But I don't think I am doing anything wrong here.
        Also, try to be less rude next time.

      • I really have to agree with you there even though she does make some clear points regarding this particular topic….sometime anyway. I would best leave this topic lol

    • FFmax

      I at least hope that they will downplay the fanservice or condense it into an optional sidequest or something so that it’s there for people that still want it, but it can also be skipped for people who don’t want it as well.

      • rebecasunao

        I hope the same! If people like fanservice, that’s fine. But fanservice is always using female characters to appeal to men, and most of the time not in a “classy” way, if you know what I mean. It’s incredibly limiting, since they’re always assuming most players are heterosexual males and that might be true for certain games/genders, but not for everything. I wish games like this would be more inclusive. :<

  • Bathing scenes! Just what I look for in a video game!

  • Panty shots and fanservice are great, but more gameplay vids, please!

    • Paradox me

      Panty shots and fanservice are great..

      Not really. :(

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        To each their own.

      • Sarcasm, SARCASM, people!

      • How can anyone not like panty shots  and fan service? Blasphemy

    • FFmax

      Sure as long as they are completely optional and not thrown into our faces. Seriously, if I wanted to see that stuff in a Jrpg, I would’ve gotten a porn magazine instead.

  • $30632660

    I can’t remember when the last gameplay vid was released LOL

    Those screenshots make the battle system look like Pokemon’s.

  • Learii

    the battle system look kinda wried anyone know how is work?

  • Darkrise

    I dunno, doesn’t really matter if she’s strong, the lack of more party members makes the game itself lacking. Especially when we had to look at some odd and semi-choppy animation in the last gameplay vid. I’d still get this if it was localized though, and there has been some sort of “confirmation” mentioned on gematsu I think.

    • raymk

      Yep I was really hoping we could play as more characters besides her.  I’ll still get this to support them and I want the artbook.  Not looking forward to actually play the game though. 

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    The little woman and I welcome fan service in our games. It’s usually pretty funny to see.

    Admittedly, when I was like 14, I would’ve had a different reaction, but now, it’s something the two of us giggle over. She’s the one who got me into the Queen’s Blade anime, with “Check out how perverted this is. It’s hilarious.”

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Some games can pull of 2D sprite with 3D backgrounds but this is looking really odd and the battle system looks crazy too. 

  • raymk

    Well at least the art looks very good, I may buy this just for the artbook. I like the wedding dress in the art it looks very good.

  • LynxAmali

    I’m more interested in that gauge with the Dragon head beside it.

    They haven’t talked about what that does yet, have they?

  • Tenno Seremel

    I don’t mind a bit of fan service. But if you want to do it, you need better quality.

  • ruzanco

    Got a question… any chance that this game will be localized?

  • Sal

    New trailer here: http://youtu.be/frMQ6VH-KNg

  • margherita mastropaolo

    yayyyyyy it looks great

  • Fryxell

    “you’ll see things through Drake’s eyes, which, well, let’s Imageepoch make *sigh* bathing event scenes.”
    Game of the year.

    Also those illustrations are gorgeous, want that art book.

  • WTH is tht Grim Reaper thingie??
    Time mage….. OP?? Is the dragon icon Drake HP??
    Sometimes you’ll see things through Drake’s eyes, which, well, let’s Imageepoch make *sigh* bathing event scenes.
    OH YOU, Drake.
    The artbook :D

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