Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight Is Pokémon Developer Game Freak’s Next Game

By Spencer . August 29, 2012 . 4:51am

imageNintendo announced a new IP from Pokémon developer Game Freak during Nintendo Direct. Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight is a music platformer where you jumping and attacking complements the background music.


Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight comes out as an eShop download on September 5. Nintendo will also release a demo for the game on the eShop.


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  • Kinda hilarious how this amazing game is giong to be an e-shop download. I always felt like theatrhythm should have been an e-shop download, and yet this game looks like it could have been more of a 3DS game, 

    • keithmaxx

       I think it is to have a less of a risk on the part of Nintendo, considering that it’s perhaps been a while since Game Freak has released a new IP.

  • SirRichard

    The 3DS loves its rhythm games, doesn’t it?

    Still, good to see Game Freak taking at least a small break from Pokémon. Who knows, they might even learn something about the 3DS for the next one.

  • rinalicat

    Aw man, a download title? If this ever comes out to the EU, I need to rack up some points!! I have a MIGHTY NEED for this game!!!

  • Anime10121

    WHAT?  Game Freaks knows how to do something other than sprites for their game graphics, I couldn’t tell by their constant insistence on  sprites in the last 1000 Pokemon games (mostly sarcasm, mostly).

    On topic of the game itself, looks great!  Seems like a  really fun game and if it is released in the US, I’ll bite.  It looks like a genuinely unique take on the rhythm genre, especially if its at a decent price (bout 20 bucks).  While I’m still waiting on Theatrhythm to get a little cheaper, this game is looking fantastic so far!

    • SantiagodelosSantos

       Well, haven’t the latest pokemon games had 3D models? (for buildings, terrain, etc)? Also, if you look at the pokedex 3D it shows fairly impressive pokemon models. It’s an eshop game, so it will be less than 20 bucks so i guess you are in luck then! Oh, apperantly the game has english voice acting already according to the bit block

      • Anime10121

        I know they’ve had 3D models for buildings and terrain (hence the sarcasm, mostly tag), but its still been extremely basic/mostly simplistic graphically since well, forever.  Im not one to usually  bag on graphics, but with as much cash as the Pokemon franchise brings in, they could at least invest a bit more on how the series looks.  I did LOVE the way Black/White looked, but I’m still waiting for the day where I finally get to play a game with the 3D Pokedex models or something similar.

        From what I’ve been told the 3D Pokedex App for 3DS was made by Nintendo and not Game Freaks, so that has no impact on Game Freaks development (though I’m still hoping that they will use the models in a future game, I mean why create a 3D model of EVERY POKEMON IN EXISTENCE, only to relegate it to a single App and not a game).

        All that said, regardless of whether graphics ever see a big improvement, as long as the series continues in the direction that Black/White started, I’ll likely continue to purchase (mainline) Pokemon games.

        And back on topic of the actual game at hand RH:HK, I’ll likely still buy this for no more than 30, depending on the length of the game.  Like I said, this is a refresher for the rhythm genre, and sadly looks like much more thought was put into this, than FF’s anniversary game Theatrythm (though as I’ve said, Ive yet to play Thtrytm considering they never released a demo for the US, I’m just basing it off of what I’ve seen of both so far).

        • Grenalie

          I dunno, I like that they’re sticking with sprites.  Most companies have already dropped them for 3D models so it’s kind of refreshing.

  • kylehyde

    I watched the trailer and I liked everything that I saw, it was like a mix between rhythm heaven and a sonic game, but overall it appears that this is going to be another great hit for the eshop, I hope that being eshop could improve the chances of being released worldwide.

  • piichan

    There was a part in the video where the music sounded like the pokemon battle theme. I hope they release it in English.

  • wahyudil

    who will win?

    Rhythm Hunter VS Rhythm Thief

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