Here’s What Tales of Xillia’s Jude Mathis Looks Like In Tales of Xillia 2

By Ishaan . September 5, 2012 . 8:30am

Last night’s Famitsu magazine leaks reported that Tales of Xillia protagonist, Jude Mathis, will return in Tales of Xillia 2. Well, now we know what he looks like in the sequel, courtesy of screenshots from say that Jude will be a playable character. Jude graduated from medical school and works at the research facility that studies Liese Maxia. You can read about the skills he uses in our previous report.


As previously reported, Ibal (above) is back in Tales of Xillia 2 as well. He’s described as a “multi-agent” who’s part of the Klanspia company.


Additionally, Famitsu magazine also mentioned that Ludger, Xillia 2’s protagonist, can transform into a couple of different forms during the course of the game. You can see one of these below:



You can find more screenshots of Tales of Xillia 2 at the link above.

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  • MrRobbyM

    Ohai Raiden

    • Daniel Morandi

      His final transformation should be the Big boss.

      • keithmaxx

        Lol, makes you wonder if Ludger will end up fighting himself in the end.

        Money is the root of all evil, after all. >:)

  • neocatzon

    Ludger alt form is fitting for a final boss in Tales of. 

    • s07195

      Who knows?

  • Maumac77

    I thought his name was Ivar not Ibal…..but anyways Jude looks cool <3

  • Oh man the forever loser from Xillia <3 He's so funny xD Also ingame models look infinitely better than character art.

  • Saint_Stahn

    The more I see Ludger, the more he reminds of me Arisu Reiji… The hair(mostly), well dressed and groomed, serious as hell. I gotta say I like that he was probably based of a real badass and not just another shota look alike. (Sorry, Jude) Hopefully Tales character’s are gonna look a tad bit more manly if Ludger is well recieved.

  • CrossZX

    That last pic gave me an interesting idea: Tales of Metal Gear

    • Lazulis

      Box costumes for everyone!

  • Nitraion

    “Behold the power of Debt!!!”
    Lol that is just crossing on my mind XD

  • Ludger other form reminds me of Nocturne MC.
    Jude looks like a (hopefully not so mad) scientist now.
    Ibal looks lk he will backstab the party again.

    Release the 1st Xillia then this. Preferably not too long between release.


    Jude looks smexy like always

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I must draw them now…

  • rinalicat

    Aw, Jude looks so cute! I should say “cool” but I find it difficult to take him seriously with that baby face…

    • l777l

      That is difficult.

  • Akarnage

    Am I the only one who fails at being excited for this game?

    Maybe it’s the color schemes. Everything looks so bland… even the returning characters look like they are my co-workers.

    • I think “modern” is the word here.

      It’s quite interesting that I’ve yet to see anyone reluctantly spoil the ending of the first game to make sense of this modernization of the entire world…um…not that I WANT to be spoiled or anything…>.>

      • Niermyico

        Because we all respect and love each other very much! :D *creepy cute face*

  • LightZero

    I wonder what Millia will look like. Ludger’s transformation starting to remind me of Yuri Hyuga from SH. 

  • Darkrise

    Raiden + Haseo is more like it. There’s still a lot of info that haven’t been covered here, I think. Like Ludger being able to travel to multiple worlds and the only way to escape/leave those worlds is to destroy them.

  • So what, did Jude read too much shonen manga in between the first game and this one?

  • Ladius

    Xillia 2 looks really promising, I can’t wait to play the first one :)

    On a slightly unrelated note, Graces f seems to be doing well in Europe, taking up 10th place in the UK chart and 4th place in the German one. French sales should be even higher than those, and for those unfamiliar with Euro sales charts those are pretty strong results for a non-Final FantasyKingdom Heartsfirst party jrpg, all things considered.

    Numbers could very well be small in each market, but considering the game is charting almost everywhere in the Union I think European sales as a whole could beat the US ones in due time, which would be a nice way to show the fanbase’s gratitude to Namco UK for all its work in the last months (the TalesofU twitter account that is finally providing fans with a direct contact in Namco, the Baba tour, Japan Expo’s show, the promotional contests, the day-one special edition, and so on).

  • I know this is gonna sound wrong, but Ibal looks smexy =P

  • Göran Isacson

    For some reason, I like this “Judes” 3D-model better than the character art. Don’t know why, but I just do. DEFINITELY like Ludgers altered form too- and now I hear he’s got SEVERAL? Yuri from Shadow Hearts just might’ve got some competition in the coolness contest!

    Okay so probably not, but I can dream, can’t I?

    • Nitraion

      Yuri is bad ass legend, father of demon transform and I hope someone make SH games again….

      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha yeah, Yuri is pretty much one of the coolest JRPG protagonists in a long time, isn’t he?

        On the one hand, I hope a new game comes out as well because I really liked that setting… but on the OTHER hand, Yuris story wrapped up pretty well. Playing a game set during WW2 could also be both very cool, and very problematic. Don’t know how well Japan would handle a game exploring both sides of their story in WW2… the side that got bombed by nukes, and the side that initiated projects like Unit 731… don’t think many Japanese developers would want to touch on.

        • Nitraion

          Well then we can go in cold war stories and  meet big boss in jungle and then big boss join a party beating up volgin and shagohod… :p

        • Sadly, Sacnoth/Nautilus have long been dissolved. Most of its members moved on to feelplus (which has sadly also been dissolved), where they worked on Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey.

          I loved the first two Shadow Hearts games a lot, but I thought From The New World was a pretty lame sequel.

          • Göran Isacson

            Yeah, I heard Sacnotch was dissolved, but I guess I simply remain hopeful that someone somewhere out there will pick up the franchise again…

            Truth be told I’ve never played From The New World, only the first two (and watched a Let’s Play of Koudelka). Would you stay it’s still a wortwhile purchase, even if it doesn’t hit the same heights as the previous games, or is it completely skippable?

          • It has the most refined battle system of the three games, but I quit playing pretty early on. It throws all the dark elements out the window for a goofy romp.

            I was annoyed when you go to Chicago to find Al Capone and Elliot Ness are friends/rivals of the Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth variety, started losing it when you find out Al Capone works for a giant talking cat who subsequently joins your party, and had to stop completely when you get kidnapped by a 10-year-old pirate captain girl who puts you in a barrel and makes you play Pop-Up Pirate.

  • All that’s left is to give Ludger some dragon horns. :)

  • seriously disappointed in this game, with the only reason being that THERE ARE NO NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS!!!!

     seriously i would have wanted Ludger’s brother or childhood friend to be at least playable, reusing the old cast is fine (cept Jude, he could go away), but at least let Ludger have his own team doing their thing. 

    • Why not keep Jude? I love the fact that he is a fist fighter… too many characters who using swords in my opinion… And yes, I do agree with reusing the characters from the first and could have added like 2-3 new playable ones… (pretty big cast if you think about it). Isn’t his brother playable? Or did I just see someone else… lol xD

  • Mazdian

    O.O Nice! I thought Ludger’s forms would be minor changes like the visor and gauntlets we previously saw. Can’t wait to see them all, hope there’s a monstrous one. He’ll be like Yuri!

  • Whoa-oh! Ludgar! Very awesome transformation! Oh, and Jude is there too.

  • dreznovk

    Well. that’s kinda like Tales of Symphonia 2 with only two new playable character (and a funny talking dog) but it’s still rock (the reviews are a bit underrated IMO though)

  • isfuturebright

    You gotta be rich in order to keep up with tales of series jumping platforms every new game… Stick with one or go multiplatform for the love of maxwell!

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Considering that i have been following Kingdom Hearts series that also love to jump platform, i can said her it is damn expensive to follow certain franchise lol.

  • that alternate form made me immediately think of KH. lol.

  • Man… Jude’s and Ludger’s… dat outfits :) I want to cosplay now~

  • Calvin Caleb

    Yuri you better enjoy you last moment as Tales of favorite character because LUDGER IS COMING!!

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